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Chapter 183: Exciting Matter

In the reception room in the castle’s second floor.

A girl wearing a blue dress was calmly sitting by the window sill, as the sun shining through the window offered a look at the beautiful scenery of White River Valley.

"A very beautiful view isn’t it?" A gentle voice echoed behind her.

A hint of a smile appeared on Bamboo’s face.

"I’m sorry to have kept you waiting." Marvin, who had changed into more formal clothes, slowly came over. "To be honest, you really gave me a big surprise."

"Life is always full of these kinds of surprises."

She was still looking outside the window. "It was the same when I was told by my clan last month that I had to marry a man I had never seen before."

"I was also very surprised at that time. Even if I always knew I would become one of my clan’s chess pieces to consolidate their power, when the day came, I still panicked."

Marvin walked past, unmoved. "Then why did you come?"

"Apart from this, what else can I do?"

Bamboo’s voice was very weak. It seemed helpless and it would make any man feel that she was pitiful.

Marvin silently looked at the willpower check in his logs and inwardly sighed.

‘Starting with a mild charm, is it a probe?’ He maintained a certain distance with Bamboo, leaning against the window sill.

"You don’t need to do so, as I have no knowledge of my grandfather’s clan. I’m not necessarily interested in accepting their arranged marriage."

Marvin feigned indifference.

"See, this is what I was the most afraid of." Bamboo softly smoothed her hair, exposing her fair skin.

Marvin raised an eyebrow. Just from seeing her face from the side, he could see that she was a beauty from far away. She had charming eyes with long eyelashes, a special glint in her eyes.

"If you say no, it won’t change my fate. This would only force me to rush to see my next fiancé," she calmly said, her tone carrying a trace of grief.

He didn’t know why, but Marvin actually felt sad. It really looked as if that woman was powerless against fate.

But when his eyes fell on her wrists, his heart immediately froze!

It was the extremely hot summer right now, so Bamboo’s fair wrists were exposed.

On one was a light azure tattoo, a very pretty flower.

"This is my clan’s tattoo, this must be your first time seeing it." Bamboo playfully told Marvin, "My mother once told me that she spent half a month to convince me to get the tattoo when I was a child."

Clan tattoo?

Marvin sneered.

If he still didn’t know the girl’s purpose now, he would be an idiot.

That tattoo was really are.

Even most people in the Twin Snakes Cult might not necessarily be able to recognize it.

It’s a pity that Marvin wasn’t among those.

She was a subordinate of the Azure Matriarch.

Marvin quickly estimated the other side’s strength and his heart sank. She was at least at the 4th rank.

This woman had come for revenge. But from the way she almost flawlessly told her story, her goal wasn’t simply to kill him.

‘She should be trying to find clues from me and then follow it back to the other Legends.’

‘I made a mistake. In the game, the Azure Matriarch woke up after the Great Calamity, when she finished training her Nine Head Snake Body."

‘But the Crimson Patriarch’s death might have woken her up!’

Marvin quickly thought while staying polite on the surface. "You must certainly be someone very difficult to convince."

Bamboo gently smiled, "This depends on who the other side is."

She had a pure expression, carrying a bit of expectation. If Marvin didn’t know who she really was, he really might have been deceived by her.

"You are a lot better than I expected. At least it wasn’t a wretched middle-aged man waiting for me. This was already very satisfying."

As she gently approached Marvin, a strange smell filled Marvin’s mouth and no


"Tell me, my fiancée, what kind of person are you?"

She smiled. "I really want to know."

Marvin turned his body and faced the outside.

He could clearly see the scenery below the castle.

He saw something from the corner of his eyes and immediately crafted a plan.

"Me? I like excitement," Marvin said, while his hand lightly held Bamboo’s waist.

The latter’s body obviously stiffened, before gradually relaxing.

"You want to know what kind of person I am? I’ll use actions to show you!"

Marvin laughed, holding Bamboo while kicking off the ground. The two suddenly jumped down from the window!

Bamboo shrieked in anger, wasn’t there a problem with this Marvin’s brain?

How could he carry a girl he just met and jump from a building?

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that her identity had already been seen through. She appropriately stopped her dress from flying up while shrieking.

Suddenly, she felt something wrong.

"Let’s play something exciting, my fiancée…"

Marvin had a wide smile on his face and abruptly sent power through his right hand, forcefully smashing down on Bamboo!

‘I was seen through!’ Bamboo was puzzled until the appearance of the killing intent.

Since she was seen through, she would attack!

But Marvin’s attacks had already arrived one after the other.

It’s true that Divine Spells would be very powerful if she had enough time to prepare, but in the air, Marvin’s control over his body let him have the upper hand.

He quickly moved and kicked Bamboo’s leg!


Bamboo Divine Spell was interrupted and she fell like a rock!

"Thump!" The place where she fell was quite good, not far from Marvin’s calculations.


Not waiting for Bamboo to get up, Marvin briskly lifted the stone coffin’s lid and resolutely pushed it down.

Then he quickly locked it. The pitiful Bamboo didn’t even get to use a Divine Spell and she was locked up by Marvin in the stone coffin!

Marvin jumped up and stepped on the coffin.

He solemnly looked to the side.

Two dumbstruck men were standing next to the stone coffin.

Just two minutes ago, they were angrily debating something.

Even if Marvin was at the second floor, he could hear some things like, "Aujissen Ritual", "Senma formula" and others.

The two were very noisily quarrelling, and were close to starting a real fight.

Then they saw this mystical scene: Marvin landing and Bamboo being locked up in a coffin.

"Hold on… Marvin, what did you just throw in this coffin?" Necromancer Fidel gulped and asked in shock.

The other one was even more direct.

He was somewhat crazily pulling on his hair, shouting, "Heavens! You are an abnormal emotionless Overlord! You just threw a beauty in a coffin!"

"Do you have a special hobby?"

The turkey alchemist looked at Marvin with a "You have an issue" look on his face.

Marvin frowned, and was about to reply when an extremely shocked voice echoed behind him.

Anna stared at Marvin with her eyes wide open. "Young Master Marvin, did you just lock your fiancée in a coffin?"

At that time, the stone coffin suddenly fiercely shook!

This shake nearly made Marvin lose his balance!

"Anna, take a horse and go find Sean, tell him that the Azure Matriarch’s people arrived!" Marvin impatiently said.

"Fidel, and Alchemist guy, do you have a way to send this coffin away from from the castle town?"

This was the Corpse King’s stone coffin, and it had some particular abilities.

It could be used to trap Bamboo, but it definitely wouldn’t last long.

He had to shift the battlefield to a safer place.


"That’s simple."

Both coincidentally agreed.

Fidel used Float and the stone coffin slowly flew up.

The alchemist walked over with big steps and hinted at Marvin to come down. He took a metal coin from his pocket and asked, "Which direction?"

Marvin immediately pointed south!

That was the direction of the White River.

"So easy." The alchemist lightly stuck the metal coin under the stone coffin and then proudly snapped his fingers.


A huge and powerful rune burst from under the coffin and the stone coffin flew out from the castle!



The people on the side were all watching with shock, and even Marvin was surprised by this skill for a moment.

"I am guilty!" the Alchemist said with extreme grief.

"I actually participated in the murder of such a beauty!"

"She came to kill me," Marvin said.

The Alchemist’s expression didn’t change. "It’ll be five Wizard golds to thank me for helping you when you were in a hurry. In consideration for Miss Anna, it’ll be 20% off."

"I’ll have Anna write you a certificate of debt later." Marvin sincerely patted the Alchemist’s shoulder. "That little thing was really interesting."

"Thank you."

Then Marvin suddenly sped up and rushed to the bottom of the castle.

"What are you going to do? Marvin?" Fidel loudly yelled.

"Killing," Marvin simply answered.

Looking at the back of Marvin leaving, the Alchemist displayed a disdainful expression. "Killing, killing again."

"The first time I saw him, he also hurriedly left to kill."

"This guy is simply a killing fanatic. Oh, telling you this is useless, you Necromancers are also killing fanatics."

Fidel angrily retorted, "You can’t deny the entire group because of the extreme actions of a few Necromancers."

"As far as I know, there are quite a lot of peace loving Necromancers!"

"Peace!?" The Alchemist exaggeratedly laughed. He wanted make a snappy comeback, when suddenly, a loud noise echoed from the bottom of the White River!

Then, a delicate silhouette rushed up out of the river!

Marvin reached the river bank and looked at the ashen faced Bamboo and shrugged. "The Twin Snakes Cult arranged my marriage, but it looks like I had better forget about it."

Then, his body quickly rose!


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