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Chapter 182: Third Rank!


Marvin nearly fell from his chair when he heard this word.

What’s going on?

Since when did he have a fiancée?

"Anna, with circumstances like this... shouldn’t you immediately report it to me?"

Marvin felt a bit odd. "You should know of our family’s circumstances, from my Grandfather to my father, then to Wayne and me."

"White River Valley didn’t maintain a favorable relationship with other nobles… How could I have a fiancée?"

Anna nodded. "It’s true that it’s like that."

"But this woman seems somewhat different."

"Moreover, her words made me unable to drive her out."

Marvin couldn’t help but frown. "What do you mean?"

Anna took a deep breath while looking at Marvin, before responding, "She said this marriage wasn’t arranged by your father or grandfather. It was actually an arrangement of your great-grandfather."

"She said your grandfather was the second son of the Lavis Dukedom’s Duke in the North. That year your grandfather left his home to establish White River Valley in the South."

"But his name still exists in the Cridland’s genealogical record."

"They had always been looking for him, and they found out about White River Valley just recently."

"Thus, that fiancée who was arranged for you was in a hurry to meet you and came to White River Valley."

Marvin was stunned.

Wasn’t this huge news?


The North’s Lavis Dukedom?

Cridland clan?

Hold on… Marvin massaged his temples.

"Young master Marvin? Are you okay?" Anna cautiously asked.

Marvin took a deep breath and said, "I’m good, I was just thinking. How did these things suddenly pop out? Why wasn’t there any rumor about it before?"

"Maybe this is related to your performance in the Battle of the Holy Grail?" Anna solemnly said.

"When I heard that young lady talk about that matter, I was also very surprised. But she even described your grandfather’s appearance."

"White River Valley is a bit too remote after all, and it is quite far from the dukedom in the North."

"It was quite normal for them not to find your grandfather."

Marvin nodded as he tried to recall some information about that dukedom.

There were countless cities in the North. And it wasn’t like the South which had one huge Wizard Alliance leading everything.

The North’s cities would frequently battle each other.

Large and small countries could be found throughout the vast lands to the north of the Millenium Mountain Range.

Whether it was the Lavis Dukedom or the Cridland clan, Marvin had heard a bit about their reputation.

This was an ancient country, and even if its domain wasn’t especially large, it had never fallen. Although, that might be because of its superior geographical location.

The Cridland clan was also very mysterious. People said they were a group of people that dealt with devils.

They controlled a mysterious power which didn’t seem to be magic, but there were many Wizards willing to work for them.

In short, they could be considered an influential force in the North.

"That young lady also brought some news. She said that your great-grandfather wanted to see you and that if you were willing to follow her back to the North, you would regain your right to inherit Lavis Dukedom."

"Apparently, based on the current circumstances, you should be among the first six positions in the right of inheritance."

Anna said this very cautiously. She knew it sounded too absurd.

Marvin was a real Overlord, but compared with a monster like the Lavis Dukedom, a small place like White River Valley was too rural.

This news seemed very suspicious.

But according to what Marvin knew, his grandfather really was born in the North.

Unfortunately, Shadow Thief Owl had already left his territory, or else he could look for him to confir

m it.

Making a wild guess was useless right now, so it seemed that he really needed to meet this so-called "Fiancée" tomorrow.

"Oh yeah, did she say her name?" Marvin asked.

Anna nodded, "She said her first name, but not her family name."

"Her name is very strange, she is called [Bamboo]."


Strange name.

"Miss Bamboo it is?"

He didn’t know why, but Marvin felt his heart palpitating.

His intuition told him that everything wasn’t as simple as it looked.

In the a house inside the castle town at night.

"This White River Valley is really poor."

A girl wearing an azure dress turned toward a mirror and looked at her dress billowing. She chucked, "What kind of expression do you think Baron Marvin will make when he sees me tomorrow?

A man wearing black clothes was kneeling behind her.

"Lady Bamboo, with your looks, that country bumpkin will definitely become infatuated," he said.

"But I’m not sure why you want to do this. Isn’t it best to kill him now that the Legend Wizard left?"

"Idiot!" the girl coldly yelled.

"You think our target is only this Marvin?"

"Every person who participated in killing Lord Crimson won’t be able to escape responsibility. We can easily find Legend Wizard Hathaway in the Three Ring Towers, but the others are different. Right now, I still don’t know how this country bumpkin managed to get in touch with four Legends, I need to properly investigate."

"All those who helped kill Lord Crimson will die."

The man wearing black clothes slightly bowed his head and hesitated, before asking, "But, despite Dame Azure giving you a lot of Divine Power, you still aren’t a Legend."

Bamboo cheerfully laughed. "Who said that one needs to be a Legend to kill a Legend?"

"Besides, Dame Azure’s order was only to keep track of these people’s whereabouts."

"When needed, she will give me more power. Even the World Ending Twin Snakes might send a projection."

"I think White River Valley is a pretty good place…"

The young lady once again looked at the mirror, her eyes narrowing in a threatening way. "Suitable for a bloodbath and an offering."

Next morning, Marvin was handling some official business in his study.

Wayne woke up earlier than him, this was something really are. Every since becoming the Proxy Overlord, this small guy was clearly more conscientious than before.

After the two had a brief discussion about the territory’s matters, Anna came over.

"Lord, that young lady requested to meet you once again." Anna said.

Marvin nodded.

He then suddenly said, "Oh yeah, yesterday I forgot to ask you. This so-called Miss Fiancée, when did she arrive at White River Valley?"

Anna thought and then replied, "More or less after Hathaway’s departure."

‘So it was like this?’

All kinds of ideas flashed through Marvin’s heart.

A fiancée appearing right after the Legend Wizard’s departure, this was too big of a coincidence, wasn’t it?

Isn’t it acting as if countryside people are fools?

Wayne pulled on Marvin’s sleeve and softly told Marvin, "Brother, I don’t like that woman."

"I met her. Even though she is very nice to me and her smile looks very nice, I always have this kind of ill feeling."

Marvin became even more alert.

Currently, only he knew that Wayne was a seer. Not only could seers see the future, they were also extremely gifted. Their innate perception would sometimes be very precise.

Apparently his fiancée came with evil intentions.

"Make her wait in the reception room for fifteen minutes."

"I’ll go meet her," Marvin said.

Fifteen minutes were enough for Marvin to make some preparations.

After Hathaway left, there wasn’t any high level fighting strength in his territory, so if it really was some frightening enemy, they might be unable to withstand it.

He first took a trip to the old blacksmith Sean.

Only to find out that the old man was dead drunk.

He managed to wake up the old blacksmith with difficulty, and then explained his plan but was cursed as a result.

"Do you think the Demon Hunter is your subordinate, that he would come and go at your whim?"

"He is a great Legend. Helping you kill the Crimson Patriarch last time was already showing you some respect."

Marvin calmly said, "I only want you to try getting in touch with him. With Hathaway’s recent departure, the territory seems somewhat unsafe."

"If he is free, he could come and stay here. Taking Endless Ocean along is also a good idea. White River Valley’s beautiful scenery is very suitable for a honeymoon…"

Sean was speechless, he had a whole new level of understanding toward Marvin’s shamelessness.

"I’ll try my best. But don’t have too much expectation."

Marvin nodded.

The next step was to increase his strength.

In the battle of the Scarlet Monastery, Marvin harvested a great amount of experience. Originally, his leveling speed had already slowed down due to constantly leveling.

But the Two Headed Basilisk Shapeshift was perfect to counter the Demon God Enforcers while at the same time giving him double the experience. This made Marvin fiercely farm them.

He opened his interface and found out that his battle exp had already reached 55755 exp!

This would definitely be enough to advance to 3rd rank!

He thought for a bit before quickly beginning to distribute his experience.

It would be very difficult for Marvin to attain a 3rd rank class before he advanced to the Legend Class, Ruler of the Night. Therefore Night Walker and Ranger would be his main classes before level 20.

First, he naturally had to level up his Night Walker class.

After using 25000 exp, Marvin’s Night Walker reached level 4. He obtained 36 Skill Points, and 80 HP.

Then he used 8000 battle exp to level up his Ranger to level 7. He obtained 24 SP, 48 HP, +1 Attribute Point.

After that, he used 20000 exp and leveled up his Shapeshift Sorcerer subclass twice, making it reach level 4.

The Shapeshift Sorcerer level ups gave a total of 72HP, along with a new spell, [Disguise].

[Disguise]: One daily use. For 20 minutes, you can disguise yourself into any humanoid lifeform (Including Goblins, Dwarves, and other type of small sized humanoid lifeforms.)

The specific effect was that Disguise’s priority was above 100. This was quite a fierce Disguise effect. It had to be known that the Mask of the Deceiver’s disguise only had a priority of 150.

In any case, Marvin finally reached the 3rd rank!

His total level reached 13! (Level 7 Ranger – Level 4 Night Walker – Level 4 Shapeshift Sorcerer/2 = 13)

After he quickly assigned his Skill Points and Attribute Points, Marvin arranged his equipment and unhurriedly headed to the reception room.

It was time to meet his fiancée.

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