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Marvin suddenly turned around, only to see a masked man standing there, coldly glaring at him.

The area was shrouded in darkness, but Marvin could naturally see the other man clearly thanks to his darksight.

But it seemed like the masked man could also clearly see Marvin.

Marvin was startled.

"Blood Race?"

He knew that there were some Vampires living in the Deathly Silent Hills, north of River Shore City. These guys were members of the Bright Party and had some dealings with the higher ups of River Shore City.

This time, Madeline had definitely gathered every force possible to attack the Scarlet Monastery. So it wasn’t strange that the Vampires had joined.

The man was slender, and his movements were quiet. To be able to tail him but not be detected, apart from this special lifeform, Marvin didn’t know who else could hide from a Night Walker’s perception during the night!

The masked man seemed surprised. But he soon sneered, "Madeline is pretty good to you isn’t she? She tells you everything."

"She didn’t tell me, I made a wild guess." Marvin retreated half a step, both hands pressing on his curved daggers.

This was a bit different from what he’d planned.

In his plan there was no crazy Vampire suddenly coming out to play tricks.

Though he had left secretly, he had intentionally not completely concealed himself. But the one he was trying to draw out was a different person!

The one he expected didn’t appear. What appeared instead was an odd Vampire.

"Your distinguished self apparently has some enmity toward me," Marvin said in a low voice, "I don’t understand."

The masked man arrogantly declared, "You made me lose a fresh blood slave. Isn’t that enough?"

Marvin frowned. "I am clueless as to what you mean."

"Wait until I turn you into my blood slave, you won’t be so clueless then," the masked man said with a low laugh.

The next second, he pounced at Marvin.

Marvin saw a flash before his eyes. ‘So fast!’ His eyes surprisingly couldn’t keep up.

In a corner of the First Hall, a battle quietly began.


The assailant abruptly swept past Marvin. If not for Marvin dodging and sending out a rather threatening reverse slash, the Vampire’s fangs might have already bitten into his neck.

That guy’s speed was too astonishing; his Dexterity should be at 27 points!

‘Damn, there is actually someone with Dexterity rivalling mine here.’

‘Definitely a 3rd rank Vampire Count.’

‘Night Walkers aren’t afraid of Vampires, but my level is too low. I’m being suppressed.’

Marvin was somewhat annoyed.

27 points of Dexterity was only a conservative estimate. From the masked man’s sudden increase in speed, he should definitely have some secret methods.

These Vampires weren’t to be messed with. Vampires were inherently a lot stronger than humans.

Marvin’s daggers protected his vitals and then he took the initiative during a gap in the Vampire’s attacks.


Anti-Gravity Steps!

He leapt onto the stone wall and ran across it like a deft acrobat.

Competing in speed? Night Walkers would never be afraid to do so!

In an instant, Marvin leapt out of the Vampire’s attack range.

But the masked man disdainfully said, "Anti-Gravity Steps?"

"Mankind is only a second rate race after all. If not for the Wizards, this world would have already belonged to us, the Blood Race."

"So what if you have Anti-Gravity Steps? Today you won’t escape!"

He suddenly jumped, his body actually flying up.

Marvin completely defying gravity by running on the wall, while the Vampire Count was flew towards him!

[Low Flight]!

3rd rank Blood Race’s racial specialty. This specialty let them fly in their regular form at a low altitude for some time.

In Feinan, there weren’t many ways to fly. Wizards had magic carpets, and 2nd rank spells could let them fly at a low altitude. Most classes couldn’t fly even at the Legend rank.

This was also a reason Wizards could lead this world.

– One flying in the sky, one chasing on the ground, unable to touch even a feather – This was what the players used as a mockery in the past.

It clearly showed the importance of flight in battle!

Legend Monk Inheim could crush the Shadow Prince’s avatar thanks to the help of the Void Boots.

And the 3rd circle Low Flight of the Blood Race could similarly suppress other classes and races.

But as the Vampire rushed over, Marvin wasn’t flustered.

Other people were afraid of the Blood Race, but he wasn’t worried. In fact, if he had known about this fight and prepared for it ahead of time, he might have been able to easily get rid of this Vampire Count.

It was night, the time when Night Walkers were the tyrants.

‘Even if I can’t kill him, I should still be able to teach him a lesson.’

A light flashed through Marvin’s eyes. The next second, he kicked off the wall with his left foot!

‘Anti-Gravity Steps should end about now!’

The masked man flying using Low Flight sneered. He calculated Marvin’s path, sped up and pounced at him.

But something shocking happened.

After Marvin lost the Effect of Anti-Gravity Steps, he actually crawled up the wall in a weird way!

His body had twisted eerily and his footsteps were exceptionally strange but he moved up the wall as if he was defying gravity!

[Demon Hunter Steps!]

This was the beginner part of the strongest footwork of Demon Hunter Constantine that Marvin had learnt.

He deliberately used Anti-Gravity Steps to lure the enemy just for this moment.

In fact, relying on the Demon Hunter Steps while indoors, he could completely toy with the Vampire Count!

The Vampire Count pounced at an empty space.

Moreover, Marvin turned his body to kick off the wall with both feet!

The next instant, the masked man howled in pain as Marvin leapt at him, making him fall to the ground!

Low Flight wasn’t a true flying skill.

At that moment, he was like a hammer being swung, reaching the highest point in the middle before crashing down!


The Vampire awkwardly fell on the ground. His white skin turned extremely bloody as Marvin stomped on his waist and his two daggers emitted a "Clang" as they were stuck into his neck.

"It’s rumored that Vampires can’t be killed."

"Do you think I should try?" Marvin asked in a low voice.

The masked man was unable to restrain his anger, but the two daggers were lodged in his neck, making him unable to move!

The Blood Race wasn’t like that freak Corpse King who had no vitals.

The Vampire would die if he was beheaded.

He didn’t dare to move!

What depressed him the most was that the Blood Race had a secret technique that could let him transform into a bat to escape, but he couldn’t use it right now.

Because Marvin foot was placed on his lower back.

That place was where the transformation would start.

Only people who knew a lot about the Blood Race would know this weak point!

As long as this place was restrained, they couldn’t use the secret technique.

This bit of general knowledge, how could Marvin forget?

But dealing with this Vampire Count was truly bothersome.

Killing him was clearly not a good idea, since Madeline had clearly invited many Vampires and it could be troublesome if he angered that crowd.

Not killing him also wouldn’t do. This guy took the initiative to provoke him. Even if Marvin humiliated him, releasing a tiger back to its mountain wasn’t in his nature.

While Marvin was hesitating, a lovely voice suddenly emerged.

"Turns out the arrogant Vampire has to lie on the ground today."

Marvin was inwardly relieved. The person he was expecting finally arrived!

This would be properly handled now.


Marvin’s goal in stealthily slipping away from the camp was in order to draw out this City Lord.

This scheming woman had nearly pushed Marvin into a hole before, and Marvin would definitely retaliate.

The difference in strength between both sides was extremely great, so Marvin could only use some special means.

And turned out there was a way to teach Madeline a lesson in this First Hall.

As for this Vampire, he had come to get beaten all on his own.

Marvin faintly laughed and retrieved his two daggers before decisively retreating.


The Vampire Count angrily got up from the ground and threw himself at Marvin.

But then his body was firmly locked in midair.


Madeline gently said, "Karnoth, haven’t you lost enough face already?"

"Baron Marvin left you a path to survival and you are still ungrateful? To be frank, in the current generation of the Blood Race, even though your talent is among the best, your strength is far from enough to rival Gwen’s. What brings you down is your heart."

"A loss is a loss, scram. If something like this happen again, I’ll kill you."

Karnoth’s body suddenly flew out!

Not far away, another shadow flashed across.

That was the cloaked man. He grabbed Karnoth who had been sent flying by Madeline and bowed his head to her.

"Thank you Lady."

He then glanced at Marvin in the shadows and hesitated for a moment, before unexpectedly smiling. "Baron Marvin, my younger cousin is too arrogant. I’ll thank you on his behalf for not killing him."

"You are someone very interesting, I hope we could become friends."

"Oh right, I am Gwen."

After Gwen finished talking, he directly carried Karnoth and disappeared from where they stood.

Leaving only Marvin and Madeline in a corner of the First Hall.

"If they are cousins, how could the differences be this huge?"

Madeline walked over with a smile.

The way she walked created a mysteriously attractive atmosphere.

Marvin kept retreating.


He knocked his head against the stone wall.

"What are you doing here?" Madeline softly asked.

"Nothing much…" Marvin gave a hollow laugh. "It’s quite late, I think I should go back to bed."

"There is only a six year old little girl in your tent, don’t tell me you want to sleep with her?"

Madeline slowly walked closer as she smiled.

Her clothes were very loose, from this angle Marvin could see the mountains hiding.

Night Walkers’ vision being too good was a bad thing here...

Marvin’s hands were pressed against the stone wall as he gulped.

Madeline’s hand softly touched Marvin’s body as she said in a low gasp.

"Tonight, you are mine."

With a weird expression on his face, Marvin suddenly said, "Sorry?"

"Maybe you meant it the other way?"

He glanced at her and corrected, "Tonight, you are mine."

His right hand then pressed an unstable brick while his left held Madeline’s waist, pulling her toward him!

The two suddenly lost their balance.

Because both of them fell through a secret door!

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