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Madeline was really a source of trouble!

Marvin could feel that among the forces she gathered outside River Shore City, many men admired her.

Some nobles from a vassal territory even rushed over to help, bringing along many of their family knights.

But these people didn’t even get a glance from Madeline.

Instead, it was the unknown Marvin who actually got the City Lord’s personal invitation and was able to ride in her carriage!

This definitely made people jealous.

It’s safe to say that Marvin wanted to avoid being in the spotlight. But he looked at these people and they were mostly good for nothing guys.

They wouldn’t pose a problem.

He wanted to know Madeline’s plan, so he didn’t hesitate and directly entered the carriage.

Marvin snapped her fingers with a smile on her face.

The carriage automatically closed and no one knew what would happen inside.

"Set off!"

At the City Lord’s command, the whole army slowly marched toward the northwest.

That small nameless mountain in the heart of the Hall Mountain Range was bound to receive a group of unwelcome guests.

The cart was quite spacious.

It could be seen that this place had been remodeled by Madeline. The inside had been expanded at least five times.

Her carriage was divided into multiple rooms, and Marvin faintly made out signs of alchemy.

This was a mobile laboratory!

Marvin sat on a velvet sofa, yet didn’t feel the summer heat.

There was definitely a [Cold Air] enchantment. Marvin took a rough look at this luxurious carriage and could see the idea behind it.

‘The cost must be considerable…’

Marvin was envious.

In this Wizard Rule Era, Wizards really possessed resources that were far beyond the reach of ordinary people.

This carriage’s cost… Even if the entire White River Valley was sold, it would still not be enough to afford it.

"Want a drink?" Madeline’s voice echoed from a room.

Marvin didn’t have to answer before Madeline suddenly came out of that room.

She had a bottle of red wine and an empty cup in her left hand, and a cup of wine in her right hand!

She brought the cup of wine to her lips and sensually played with it while flames slowly covered her sensual and curvy body.

The wine slowly entered her mouth as the flames started raging.

The seething flames looked like they wanted to engulf Marvin.

Marvin shivered and suddenly closed his eyes!

Purple hair… Flames… Abyssal bloodline...

Everything fit together.

Wayne’s vision!

Marvin suddenly felt that his decision to get on the carriage was a bit careless.

"Are you afraid?"

Madeline walked over, looking magnanimous. She put down the wine and cups and sat down, cross legged while looking at Marvin.

"It’s a long trip, aren’t you bored?"

"Or… You aren’t a man? Let me see your reaction…"

Madeline sensually laughed.

Suddenly, she threw herself at Marvin.

But, at that time, something flashed in Marvin’s mind.

He suddenly felt a hot sensation in his chest.

It was the ornament, Vanessa’s gift!

‘Damn, an illusion!’ Marvin cursed inwardly.

He suddenly understood and hurriedly took out the Holy Grail!

With the Holy Grail in his hand, an extremely calming sensation spread through his body. He broke away from Madeline’s illusion in an instant.

This was one of the Holy Grail’s powerful properties.

Resistance to illusions of Legend level or less.

Marvin opened his eyes only to see Madeline wearing a sexy nightgown, coldly watching him.

Seeing the Holy Grail appearing, she smiled, "You finally took it out."

Then Marvin felt his hand become lighter as the Holy Grail unexpectedly left it.


An invisible force wrapped around the Holy Grail and brought it to Madeline’s hand.

That was her true goal!

Using an illusion to put Marvin on guard and thus forcing him to subconsciously rely on the Holy Grail to escape the plight.

Marvin was startled. Maybe she didn’t plan to keep the Holy Grail, but at least for this expedition, she wouldn’t return it to Marvin!

‘Can’t let her snatch the Holy Grail.’

Marvin’s reaction was very fast.

He suddenly ruthed toward Madeline, Burst!


A powerful force suddenly sent Marvin flying!

He was pushed against the carriage wall, his body twisted!

Madeline held the Holy Grail while smiling. She looked at Marvin’s painful appearance and licked her lips, "I do want to eat you now."

"But before I settle the problem of the Scarlet Monastery, you’ll have to stay patient."

"Be at ease, I’m only borrowing your Holy Grail. You don’t need to participate in this fight, you can do what you want in this carriage, or you can also take a nap."

"Wait for me to return victorious…"

Madeline was very pleased with herself.

Fury flashed through Marvin’s eyes.

This woman had no sense of honor. Both sides had clearly came to an agreement, but how could he have expected her to change her mind!

As expected from the Abyssal bloodline… No wonder Hathaway told him to be vigilant.

Fortunately, he still had a card to play!

Marvin’s expression became calm.

After he obtained the Holy Grail, and before he left the Three Ring Towers, he had Hathaway ask a Wizard from the Craftsman Tower to add a minor enchantment.

This was a temporary enchantment which only lasted three months. But it would always be active during those three months.

This enchantment was called [Return to Rightful Owner]!

Within three months, even if someone stole Marvin’s Holy Grail, he only needed to chant an incantation and the Holy Grail would automatically return to his hand!

Unless the other side was a Legend.

But Madeline wasn’t, she was a Half-Legend. A level 20 Wizard.

She couldn’t impede this enchantment.

Marvin said in a low voice, "Since it’s like that, can you let me go?"

Madeline took a surprised glance at Marvin.

She thought Marvin would still flip out. Her Calm and Sleep spells were already ready. But Marvin’s reaction was surprisingly composed.

"Didn’t you cheat me into getting in your carriage for the Holy Grail?" Marvin looked her in the eyes.

"Now that the Holy Grail is in your hand. Isn’t it meaningless for me to stay here?"

Madeline rolled her eyes. "No. For your safety, I think you should still stay in the relatively safe carriage."

"I know of your Legend friends. I dare not let you die at my side."

‘House arrest?’

Marvin sneered. He now had some understanding of Madeline.

This City Lord was really not that easy to control.

He had to think of a way to leave this carriage.

Unfortunately, the carriage was completely sealed, locked by magic. Unless Marvin could use Blink or Vanish, he wouldn’t be able to escape at all.

‘Looks like I can only risk it.’

He already thought of something.

But an unexpected person appeared just as he was about to act.

A little girl walked out from another room of the carriage.

The girl was very young, her eyes were crimson and she had a vacant expression. She slowly walked over dressed like a maid.

Marvin’s pupils shrank.

Madeline didn’t notice this change. She handed the Holy Grail to that girl and told her, "Put it away."

The girl whispered a "yes," turned around and walked toward the back.

She didn’t even glance at Marvin.

But Marvin suddenly asked, "How is your mother?"

Silence suddenly appeared in the carriage. A bad feeling suddenly appeared in Madeline’s chest.

Marvin’s sentence seemed irrelevant. Only he and the little girl understood!


Marvin still clearly remembered that name. The deep red irises along with her bold stubborness in the face of overbearing bullying.

This was something very rare for a 6 year old little girl.

Isabelle suddenly raised her head. She heard Marvin’s voice!

She reacted very quickly, "This item is yours?"

"Isabelle!" Madeline shouted in a stern voice before pointing at the girl!

She instantly cast a Bind to catch that girl.

Marvin was worried, but he soon relaxed.

Because the girl suddenly disappeared!

Madeline’s Bind missed.

Isabelle appeared next to Marvin and the Holy Grail once again returned to Marvin’s hands.

"Mom died," she said.

"The money you gave me was also taken away by bad guys."

"That’s how you thank your benefactor!?"

Madeline angrily looked at Marvin store away the Holy Grail in the Void Conch once again.

Even if she stole the Void Conch, she couldn’t get the things inside.

Storage items could self-destruct and her way of handling things wouldn’t work..

Isabelle calmly said, "Sir Masked Twin Blades is my benefactor."

"Lady City Lord, you aren’t."

"I’m grateful for you sheltering me. But you're not my benefactor. You simply want to train me into one of your weapons."

"I’ll give back what I owe you. Your training did help me uncover my gift. As for today… Sorry."

She then grabbed Marvin’s hand under Madeline’s furious gaze and the two disappeared from the carriage together!

In a carriage that was even more luxurious, a middle-aged Priest was sitting upright. The entire carriage was completely deserted.

Suddenly, two shadows appeared in the carriage.

The middle-aged Priest opened his eyes, only to see a young man and a little girl.

Isabelle’s body suddenly turned limp. Marvin helped her up. She was sweating!

It was clear that using this kind of mystical secret skill was too much of a burden for a young child.

"You…" The Priest suspiciously looked at Marvin.

"We will pay," Marvin concisely said, conveniently giving the Priest a wizard gold.

He knew that this was enough for Priest of the Silver Church.

As expected, the latter immediately stopped talking.

His gaze focused on Isabelle who was almost unconscious.

Marvin hadn’t expected that the girl who never showed up to his territory would be in Madeline’s carriage.

‘As expected, she was a descendant of that bloodline…’

‘That group of people hailed as [Innate Assassins] in the myths…’

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