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The lights in the Hidden Granary were flickering. There was a strange feeling.

This place was completely deserted, there was no shadow.

The people who were controlled by the 2nd rank Cleric had all rushed out after their deaths, only leaving a deserted base for the Black Dock Harbor’s guards.

"What the hell, did that youth leak our imminent attack?"

"Leading them to retreat in advance?"

The 3rd rank Wizard was checking the surroundings, somewhat annoyed.

The entire Hidden Granary felt dead, there wasn’t a single living creature.

The only thing they saw was the dead bodies of two Osse Dogs, cut down.

There was nothing else.

"Sir, it looks like there really is nothing."

A few rogues came back from their scouting and reported.

The 3rd rank Wizard threw an annoyed look at Tucker. The latter’s face turned serious and shook his head.

"You should trust my skill, Old Friend." Old Tucker said.

The 3rd rank Wizard immediately covered his pouch, on guard. Finding that it was still there, he sighed in relief and said, "I naturally know your skills."

"Let’s go on ahead."

But at that time, a rogue suddenly rushed back, startled, "Sir, I found something!"

Three minutes later, everyone arrived at the Officer Cleric’s cave!

There was the Basilisk body and the six 2nd rank Cleric bodies, along with the traces of a chaotic fight that couldn’t be cleaned up...

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock!

Looking at the traces, it was clear that there was a big battle here.

However, those six 2nd rank Clerics wounds were all deadly.

It was more or less the same blade wounds as those two Osse Dogs.

"This Basilisk should be an Officer Cleric of the Twin Snakes Cult who transformed…"

The 3rd rank Wizard’s face was grave, "To be able to make him turn into a Basilisk and still cut him down into mincemeat… Did a Legend act?"

Old Tucker silently shook his head.

He crouched next to one of the 2nd rank Cleric and carefully examined the evidences of death, ending up with a shocking conclusion!

"Hey! Old Friend, would you believe it if I said those guys were single-handedly killed by that noble youth?"

The 3rd rank Wizard sneered, "Isn’t he a Ranger close to 3rd rank?"

"This is impossible."

But Old Tucker’s tone was very firm, "It’s the same dagger wounds."

The Wizard froze, he looked at Old Tucker’s extremely serious face and the surprise in his eyes deepened.

He didn’t know much about the relation between Old Tucker and that noble, but he knew Old Tucker would rarely lie.

This Halfling Tracker’s skills were also not to be doubted.

"He has been here." Old Tucker looked that the faint footprints on the ground and said so.

The 3rd rank Wizard stayed silent.

Even if he couldn’t accept it, all the clues led to him!

A "2nd rank noble youth" eliminated a branch of the Twin Snakes Cult by himself!

This was something a lot of 3rd rank class holders couldn’t do.

But that man managed to do it.

He couldn’t help but ask, "Who is he? What’s his name?"

"His name is…" Old Tucker subconsciously answered.

But suddenly, the 3rd rank Wizard abruptly cut him off, "Stop!"

Old Tucker also reacted.

The two glanced at each other and stayed silent.

They knew this name couldn’t be shared, even in private!

There were all kinds of people in the guards and the ability of the Twin Snakes Cult to infiltrate ranks was very strong, what if by chance, there was someone listening?

If they really said that youth name, the Crimson Patriarch might try to kill that talented youth while he was developing!

Even if the 3rd rank Wizard’s mouth was harsh, since he was able to become friends with Old Tucker, he definitely wasn’t bad-natured.

He immediately said in a heavy voice, "Search everywhere, check if there is any remnant of the Twin Snakes Cult."

"If there isn’t, start a fire and burn everything."

"Announce that this base was taken care of by the Black Dock Harbor’s garrison. The rewards will naturally not be small when we return!"

Everyone silently nodded. They naturally knew the Wizard was protecting that youth, attracting the attention of the Twin Snakes Cult.

Black Dock Harbor didn’t fear the retaliation of the Twin Snakes Cult. They had the support of the South Wizard Alliance, there was no need to worry!

Old Tucker unhurriedly stood up, still somewhat shocked. But he recalled Marvin killing that Red Spider Elizabeth that had been causing problems for him for a long time, and was somewhat relieved.

There was no shortage of geniuses in this world.

The ice-cold underground river was slowly flowing, the endless darkness had finally passed as a ray of light appeared in front of Marvin.


Marvin felt pleased, he lied on a golden bull’s back, following the underground river.

He only took this path once in the game. At that time, he was running away from a faction’s pursuit. He escaped straight toward River Shore City, mingling in River Shore City for a while, mainly farming the Scarlet Monastery instance.

As for White River Valley, he didn’t pay attention to it at the time. It was only a very small area, which also had no real interest.

Now that he thought about it, that underground river was one of the branch river flowing into the White River.

But because its origin was relatively desolate, near the Shrieking Mountain Range, no one cared about it.

These golden bulls would arrive straight at White River Valley by following the river!

‘Looks like apart from the Spider Crypt, the river can also be used to return from Jewel Bay.’

Marvin secretly thought.

He sat on the back of the golden bull, floating all the way.

A familiar landscape gradually appeared in front of his eyes. A dense forest, the small river converging in the White River.

The river had become wide. Marvin checked the Wishful Ropes, making sure each golden bull was following him back home.

It was currently early morning. A lot of farmers in White River Valley started to cultivate the land.

This summer wheat yield was extremely important. Even if quite a lot of people were already starving, they still persisted in farming.

If they didn’t cultivate the land properly, they would be unable to harvest in autumn. As for this year’s winter, they were unable to do anything.

A few days ago, Dame Anna told them that Lord Marvin personally left for Jewel Bay to get food and would definitely buy enough food for everyone to last through this winter.

But most people were still doubtful about this.

Even though Lord Marvin seemed different from before.

After recovering White River Valley he was still a recluse, but his decrees still had some pretty good effects. The killing under his castle to establish prestige also gradually changed his image adding some prestige to his original gentle and kindhearted attitude.

And regarding the rumors of Baron Marvin being Masked Twin Blades, they were also more believable.

For most people, the current Marvin was truly looking more like an Overlord able to defend its territory.

But they still didn’t believe Marvin would return with food on time.

Jewel Bay was a distant region after all.

For many farmers, they lived in White River Valley for all their lives, and the furthest they went was the northern mine.

They heard that a big mountain was separating White River Valley from Jewel Bay and that making a trip around it would take at least half a month.

Lord Marvin was fierce, but he wouldn’t be able to cut through the big mountain, would he?

This was what most of the people had in their mind.

The aged Old Tom also thought like this.

As one of the ordinary old farmer from White River Valley, he was one of the first generation of farmers to follow Marvin’s grandfather to White River Valley.

He had a bit more knowledge than the other people, he at least went to River Shore City.

He knew that unless Marvin turned into a wizard like his grandfather, and had many mysterious spells, he wouldn’t be able to succeed.

"Unfortunately, the one who truly inherited the Old Lord talent seems to be Young Master Wayne and he is still learning magic far away."

"Looks like we won’t be able to wait for Young Master Wayne’s magic."

When Old Tom was cultivating in the field, he was smoking on a homemade cigar as he talked with his son.

The latter answered with an agreeing grunt and kept focusing on his work.

Old Tom looked at his son’s figure thinning day by day, feeling some pain. Even if Dame Anna gave food everyday, there wasn’t enough to begin with!

After the gnoll invasion, the days became increasingly more difficult.

He sighed and lifted his head. Suddenly, he noticed a shadow floating on the White River.


‘What’s that thing!’

Old Tom couldn’t see what that was and hurriedly called his son.

Little Tom raised his head, surprised, and look at the White River. There was a golden thing, and a man standing on it.

After some time, he yelled, "That’s Lord Marvin!"

"Lord Marvin came back!"

Lord Marvin came back!

This created a major event in White River Valley!

Soon, all farmers in White River Valley were looking at Marvin, they were extremely shocked. They spread the news to one another, and in a short time, the originally silent White River Valley became bustling with noise and excitement!

A dozen minutes later, Marvin leisurely stopped on a relatively flat area on a river bank.

"Lord Marvin!"

Countless people stood around. And when they heard the news, the garrison and Anna rushed over to welcome Marvin.

Especially Anna, she didn’t think Marvin would use such an outstanding way of returning to White River Valley!

Didn’t he take Lola with him to buy food in Jewel Bay? Why did he bring so many golden bulls back?

Before Anna could react, Marvin dragged the golden bulls to the shore by pulling on one bull’s head!

Everyone was in an uproar!

Lord Marvin was actually this strong, these bulls looked so heavy but he managed to pulled them on the shore on his own!

This was simply too magical!

But many people were still surprised, "Lord Marvin didn’t buy food?"

"These golden bulls, how much does it cost in the end… How much food could be exchanged for one golden bull!"

"But the question is, where could he exchange it?"

Everyone was doubtful.

Marvin dragged one golden bull and told Anna to get someone to spread a woven mat on the river bank.

Marvin chanted an incantation, and under everyone shocked sight, the golden bull slowly opened its mouth.


Golden wheat poured down as if it was raining!

In an instant, the entire river bank became extremely quiet.

"Be at ease." Marvin faintly smiled, "I came back, no one will go hungry."

Cheering voices immediately rose up and covered everything else.

The entire White River Valley was in a frenzy!

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