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Chapter 146: Eleven Golden Bulls

The Officer’s loot was originally very abundant, but after turning into a Basilisk, his storage item automatically became sealed.

Marvin killed King Cobra while it was in a sealed state, so his good things would naturally disappear in the void.

This made Marvin feel a bit sad. But the Twin Snakes Cult’s Clerics had this kind of character. Only higher ranked Clerics could use mind control skills to make them take out their stuff.

Marvin looted the cave, sweeping away the bottles and pots in the hidden cupboard.

There were many outstanding potions there. Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance, Attribute Increasing, with a total of roughly 20 bottles of all sizes!

This was the biggest harvest!

Potions were usually very rarely seen. Potion-making was a branch of Alchemy, but in this Wizard Era, people able to make potions would also have the talent to become powerful Wizards. Very few were willing to make potions for others.

Together with material limitations, high level Potioneers needed a great amount of money, energy and time. The price remaining constantly high was understandable.

Some potions were able to save your life at the crucial moment. That potion of Dragon Strength Marvin drank before for example, had helped him three times at key points.

And even though these potions he obtained from King Cobra’s hidden cupboard might not be as strong as Dragon Strength, there were a lot of different ones which could be used in many different situations.

This made Marvin very satisfied.

As for the Uncommon items, Marvin found three items which could compare with his equipment, but their effects were very ordinary.

Typical uncommon items already didn’t enter Marvin’s sight. Only items like the Rock Giant Belt could meet his grade, while the rest would just be thrown into his Void Conch after a simple glance.

But what made Marvin pleasantly surprised was that he unexpectedly found a Nature Leaf on the Officer Cleric’s desk!

The Nature Leaf was the only way for Rangers to learn spells. Marvin naturally didn’t hesitate and used it to obtain his second spell!

[Basilisk Transformation]: You can transform into a Basilisk for 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, the spell will automatically be lifted. While transformed, it takes 5 seconds to remove the transformation.

This spell could definitely come in handy at some point. It was a 2nd-circle spell after all, so its strength was still very high.

But its use seemed a bit inferior to the Transformation Vine to Marvin, because he could only use it once every day.

But having more spells could only benefit Marvin.

Apart from this, Marvin found many other good things in the cave.

But Marvin didn’t dare to touch those things!

Because these items had the Twin Snakes Cult’s brand on them. After what happened in this Hidden Granary, the Crimson Patriarch would definitely investigate in person. If Marvin left any traces, the other side would come look for him.

When the time came, the Crimson Patriarch would deal with Marvin in person. Even if a powerhouse like Ivan was closely following Marvin, he might not escape the Crimson Patriarch’s deadly attacks!

After all, wanting to kill someone was really easy in this world. Especially for the Twin Snakes Cult’s two Patriarchs.

These items included a very good Poison Resistance set, [Fearless]: Set of 6 including Chest piece, Pants, Gloves, Belt, Shoes and Headgear.

Once equipped with that [Fearless] set, one could even resist a Wyvern’s poison cloud.

Marvin looked at it enviously. If he was in the game, he would have directly taken it!

But in this real world, he had to be careful of the retaliation of the Twin Snakes Cult!

‘Really troublesome… These brands aren’t something many people can wash off…’



Marvin suddenly thought of something!

‘Hold on… I can ch


He hurriedly opened his data log and looked at a few logs.

Half a minute later, Marvin displayed a pleased smile.

‘I’m somewhat impressed, turned out I have a way!’

‘As expected, every class as its uses. I was too contemptuous.’

Marvin then unhesitantly took the Fearless set into his Void Conch.

He didn’t take much of the rest, as the method he just thought of could only target a few precious items. Even if the other things were pretty good, they were still unworthy of Marvin taking any risks to get them.

After properly clearing King Cobra’s cave, Marvin immediately began the second part of his plan.

"Sir King Cobra, may I have your orders?"

Inside the cave, a 2nd rank Cleric respectfully approached and looked at the purple gowned silhouette on the stone platform.

But without waiting for him to finish, a shadow leapt in from the side, suddenly arriving behind him!

Two daggers slashed down!


The 2nd rank Cleric didn’t have the reactions of King Cobra, and his head was directly stabbed by Marvin before he could even turn!

‘First one.’

Marvin silently dragged his corpse to the side, checking for a bit and finding an Uncommon Item and a large amount of money. Satisfied, he rushed to the stone platform and pulled on the 2nd cord!

There were six cords hanging there, and each cord was linked to the perception of one of the six Clerics in the Hidden Granary.

King Cobra would usually pull on one of these cords to summon a subordinate.

Marvin killing King Cobra first gave him a great advantage.

He kept following the pattern with the rest of the cords, and in less than an hour, the six 2nd rank Clerics had tragically died in the cave!

Although these guys were 2nd rank Clerics, they weren’t a threat to Marvin at all.

But the loot they yielded was also pretty bad. Apart from a considerable amount of Wizard golds, there were three Uncommon items in total.

And among those three Uncommon Items, only one entered Marvin’s eyes. That was a necklace raising perception, it just happened to replace his already useless [Mark of the Moon].

[Keen Necklace]: Perception +1

Marvin’s perception was average. He could only raise it bit by bit.

After the six Clerics died, a huge turmoil swept through the Hidden Granary.

Those mind controlled civilians immediately became clear-headed. They clearly remembered what they did before. Some were unable to accept it and turned crazy or depressed, while many others didn’t think at all and just fled.

The entire granary sank into chaos.

Only Marvin was calm as he left the cave. He didn’t pay attention to those people running all over the place as he went straight for his objective.

If it was the game, his goal would have already been accomplished. The Officer Cleric and the six 2nd rank Clerics were all dead. This instance would have nothing that he would want.

But this was a real world!

This instance was called the [Hidden Granary]!

The thing that Marvin didn’t care about in the past was now the most valuable commodity.

And that was food.

In a cave in the depths of the Hidden Granary.

Marvin cautiously avoided a few traps and opened a door.

There was darkness behind the door, but since Marvin had Darksight, he simply didn’t need torches.

This was a relatively wide room with a slowly flowing underground river in the distance.

Surprisingly, there was a tall treehouse on this left!

There was no lock on the treehouse, so Marvin easily entered.

There was no one in the wooden house, only eleven golden bulls.

Indeed! Golden bulls. These eleven golden bulls had a gravity spell added onto them, which made it so that no matter how heavy they were, they would become a lot lighter.

Seeing these eleven golden bulls unscathed, Marvin was overjoyed.

Finally got them!

If anyone else saw these eleven golden bulls, they might merely consider them simple artwork made from molten gold.

But Marvin was different.

He knew that these eleven golden bulls were a product of alchemy!

Each golden bull was seamlessly casted from gold, but could opened or closed with an incantation.

The inside was only filled with a great amount of food!

Marvin had previously farmed the Hidden Granary many times and the golden bull was a rare drop. He simply sold them when he got them.

But this time, these golden bulls would alleviate his territory’s food crisis.

But, how could he take all of these golden bulls away?

Marvin hesitated for a bit before finally coming up with a plan.

His eyes fell on the underground river.

At dawn, the sound of horse hooves could be heard approaching the Shrieking Mountain Range.

A garrison from Black Dock Harbor was sent out at the last moment, accompanied by a 3rd rank Wizard.

This was the outcome of Old Tucker using his contacts. Naturally, it was also related to the South Wizard Alliance paying attention to the Twin Snakes Cult’s increasingly more rampant behavior.

"The Twin Snakes Cult’s base is in front?" that 3rd rank Wizard solemnly inquired.

Old Tucker nodded. "No mistake. My Tracking has never gone wrong."

"You said one youthful noble rashly charged into this base yesterday?"

The Wizard frowned, "Why did you not stop him!?"

"The Twin Snakes Cult’s people are very dangerous, you know that more than me."

Old Tucker helplessly said, "I’m not very good at convincing people, and that youth was already quite resolute."

"Courage from ignorance."

The 3rd rank Wizard harshly said, "I hope he won’t become one of the hostages of the Twin Snakes Cult when we rush inside."

"Go, let’s go."

The party followed behind a few roguish classes toward the entrance of the Hidden Granary.

But what surprised them was that they didn’t meet anyone at the entrance!

They would definitely not doubt Old Tucker. The braziers on both sides of the cave indicated that this was really a base of the Twin Snakes Cult!

"What are those damnable evil followers doing?" The 3rd rank Wizard was carefully looking into the depths of the cave.

The party kept moving forward, gradually approaching the center of the Hidden Granary.

On the other side, in a pitch black underground river, eleven golden bulls were tied together by two ropes, slowly floating along.

A shadow was lying on the golden bulls’ back. It was Marvin!

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