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King Cobra’s reaction was faster than Marvin had imagined.

His attention was focused on the Shadow Doppelganger, but he still managed to use his trump card at the last moment, Basilisk Transformation!

This was a Divine Spell and it was instant cast, so it could save his life on time.

But Marvin didn’t panic, because he had expected this.

He already guessed that King Cobra wouldn’t be so easily killed. Thus he had prepared another plan!

Marvin was like this. He would plan many tricks for each battle. It was this cautious way of thinking that made him into the strongest expert.

‘It’s also good that this guy turned into a Basilisk. He won’t be able to use Divine Spells now!’

‘Killing a Basilisk is somewhat easier than killing a Cleric on guard!’ Marvin thought.

At that time, at the will of the Basilisk, the previously summoned venomous snakes immediately rushed over!

Marvin reacted calmly. Facing the group of snakes, he knew he only had one chance.

After a few seconds, those waves of snakes were about to surround him.

He suddenly pulled out Blazing Fury and used its namesake spell!

[Blazing Fury]!

The ruthless fire spell burnt the snakes, instantly turning them into ashes!

Even that large Basilisk also coiled back with a "Sssss".

Snakes were very sensitive toward temperature, making Blazing Fury their bane.

Even if the Basilisk was just King Cobra’s transformation, controlled by a human and with human thoughts, it was still unable to restrain the instinctive fear.

And suddenly, Marvin’s second plan had already been set in motion!

Flames were still dancing in the cave.

A shadow jumped high up, surprisingly leaping from the ground all the way to the ceiling.

Marvin had used Night Jump, making his jump a lot stronger!

He had a long silver wire in his hand. As he approached the ceiling, Marvin tucked his body in to flip around, and both feet stepped on the ceiling!

Anti-Gravity Steps!

Marvin stuck to the ceiling.

He crouched down against the ceiling, both hands quickly moving, as he tied the silver wire around a special nail and then nailed it into a small crack!

He then kicked off the ceiling, throwing himself toward that Basilisk’s neck.

In an instant, a stretched silver wire was connecting the ceiling and the floor. Both sides were nailed down and it appeared extremely tight.

Marvin’s silhouette was extremely nimble as it jumped around the Basilisk, moving back and forth from the ground to the ceiling!

In a handful of seconds, the fire spell disappeared, leaving practically no snakes behind. And in the cave more than a dozen silver wires had appeared!

These wires were tightly restraining the Basilisk, especially the silver wire Marvin had taken risks to put around the Basilisk’s neck.

Thus, the Basilisk’s movements were extremely restricted. If he thought about moving, that stretched silver wire would ruthlessly cut into his scales, and keep tightening. He would become badly mangled.

The nail securing the silver wire was something prepared beforehand. It had an extremely strong attractive force toward stone. When matched with the silver wire, it was used to trap large monsters.

The only requirement to take advantage of it was for the user to have an extremely high dexterity and jumping ability!

After Marvin advanced to Night Walker, he saw [Night Jump] on the skill list and had thought of using this trick.

Now, the Basilisk was firmly locked in place by Marvin’s frightening silver wire trap.

But he was totally unaware!

Even if he was King Cobra, he didn’t see through Marvin’s strange trick.

In his eyes, these thin silver wires were unable to injure him.

"Are you a clown?" A mocking voice came out of the snake’s mouth.

"I have to say, your moves are exceptionally sharp, but I only need a bit of strength and I can swallow you whole!"

Marvin calmly stood there with a dagger in each hand, making a provoking gesture toward the Basilisk.

The latter suddenly turned angry and opened his bloody maw, ruthlessly throwing himself toward Marvin.

For him, those silver wires would easily break so he didn’t think too much of it!

When the Basilisk moved, the whole cave began to shake!

In an instant, his body was covered in countless cutting wires. He tried to rush forward to swallow Marvin, but he kept feeling an intense pain!

He had barely moved once when at least three silver wires cut into the Basilisk’s scales.

And with the movement, the silver wire ruthlessly cut through his scaly skin, scraping his scales away.

In mere seconds, several spots on the Basilisk body had been scraped away. He let out a scared and pained grieving howl. Bloody scales fell to the ground one by one!

"You might be a bit troublesome to handle as a 3rd rank Cleric."

"But you are nothing more than a huge snake right now."


Marvin sneered and suddenly launched his own assault!

He nimbly moved back and forth between the silver wires, his two daggers ruthlessly cutting that exposed flesh as fast as lightning!

The snakeskin which lost the scales’ protection was unable to endure the fierce attacks!

The Basilisk kept howling in grief, overwhelmed by Marvin’s unrestrained assault! It could only back away instinctively!

But he couldn’t have imagined that this would only speed up his death.

Because there were also countless silver wires behind him, ruthlessly scraping more scales away. Flesh and scales were flying around making the scene in the cave extremely frightening!

Marvin wasn’t the least bit concerned, only focusing on slashing away, his daggers extremely ruthless as they cut the Basilisk’s weak areas.

In a minute, Marvin almost slashed a hundred times!

Reckless Dual Wielder’s frightening property was brilliantly displayed by him!

The lower half of the Basilisk’s body had already been cut into pieces by him!

The upper half wasn’t much better, with only the head remaining on the ground, constantly squirming. With his body already cut like that, he simply couldn’t turn back into his human body!

Marvin’s arms felt numb.

The Basilisk’s vitality was very high, but the strongest part was still his defensive ability! Thankfully, he had that silver wire to scrape off his scales.

Otherwise, today’s fight would have been extremely annoying.


The snake’s head on the ground stared at Marvin with extreme rancor. Marvin rushed over, mercilessly raising his dagger to keep slashing!

Suddenly, the Basilisk opened his mouth and used up his last bit of strength at death’s door to spurt out a small poison fog!

Even if Marvin immediately stopped breathing, the poison still spread to his skin. His skin immediately started to blister!

A series of "Poisoned" reminders popped in front of Marvin.


Marvin only felt the sky spinning!

He exhausted the last of his strength and thoroughly finished cutting down the Basilisk’s head.

The entire cave was in a mess. Silver wires were everywhere, some snapped because of the Basilisk and some still firmly nailed on the walls.

‘I have to find a way to detoxify immediately!’

Marvin stood up with difficulty and shook his head, trying to stay awake.

This poison mist was still within his calculations. After turning into a Basilisk, King Cobra’s poisoning and cursing abilities had been greatly weakened.

He could still withstand it.

‘I should still be able to support it for a few minutes.’

Marvin ground his teeth, relying on his memory to go to the deepest part of the cave.

There was a hidden cupboard there with an antidote inside.

Marvin groped around for a while before finding that cupboard.

It was fortunate that he had repeatedly farmed the Hidden Granary instance for a Poison Resistance set back then, thus knowing each area like the back of his hand. Otherwise it might have been difficult to find this cupboard while poisoned.


The hidden cupboard’s door was opened.

‘Third on the left.’

Marvin took a glance and finally found that red colored potion.

This red potion known as [Extra Grace] was something bestowed by the Crimson Patriarch, it was made in case of their own were accidentally poisoned.

This potion could remove all of the Twin Snakes Cult’s poisons!

Marvin took out the red potion and drank roughly a third!

The signs of poisoning slowly began to disappear and his skin gradually returned to normal.

He sighed in relief.

Marvin leaned on a wall and slowly sat down, feeling weak.

This fight really used up a lot of stamina!

He was still in a poisoned state. Even though he took the antidote, he still needed half an hour to regain some strength.

But the fight just now had caused a great clamor.

‘There will definitely be some people attracted by the noise!’

Marvin forced himself to focus and hid the snake’s corpse and the silver wires deeper in the cave as fast as he could.

As expected, not long after he finished, someone respectfully asked from outside the cave, "Sir King Cobra, we heard some commotion, has anything happened?"

Marvin’s heart tightened!

Those who came were at least 2nd rank Clerics.

In his current state, he was definitely not their match.

He immediately checked around him and noticed a clean purple gown on the wall!

Outside the cave, the two 2nd rank Clerics were somewhat puzzled.

King Cobra rarely ignored them.

They patiently waited for a moment. They then looked at each other and then ground their teeth as they went in.

What they saw was that familiar purple gowned silhouette standing on top of the stone platform. He was in front of a basin.

"Sir…" One of the Clerics cautiously said.

How could he have thought that the person wearing a purple gown would suddenly turn and ferociously look at them!

That expression was very vicious!

The two men were startled and soon noticed the basin was filled with blood!

‘King Cobra was in the middle of communicating with the Crimson Patriarch!’

‘Then the noise we heard might have been coming from…’

The two were suddenly extremely frightened. They repeatedly apologized and hurriedly withdrew from the cave.

And Marvin on the stone platform silently touched his cheek.

‘The Mask of the Deceiver is really useful!’

‘Now, it’s time to loot.’

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