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Chapter 144: King Cobra

The Officer Cleric’s cave was very large and had a lot of hiding places. Even though there were a lot of braziers on the walls, they still left many shadows.

This was very convenient for Marvin’s Stealth.

With his vast experience, Marvin easily sneaked into a relatively safe spot and hid amongst the shadows.

The Cleric Officer had his back facing Marvin and was standing on a protruding platform, apparently talking to someone through a basin.

Marvin knew of this method. This was a kind of long distance communication ability used by the Crimson Patriarch’s faction.

When enough human blood was poured in the basin, it would start a secret Twin Snakes Cult Technique and allow conversation with someone far away.

This secret technique had the same results as communicating via crystal balls, but the materials used were a lot more cruel.

Marvin stayed calm, quietly listening.

"I’ve settled your previous task," the Officer Cleric respectfully said toward the basin.

A light exuded from the basin in response. "You did well. We’ll not only create panic, but also destruction. Food is a very important resource. Our forces were previously under a lot of pressure in the East Coast."

"Now is a good chance for you to expand your power. You must grasp it."

The voice suddenly became distorted.

"What happened?" The Officer Cleric was shocked.

Marvin suddenly thought of something!

Only two people could make an Officer Cleric so respectful, and one of them didn’t use the basin to communicate.

That guy he was talking to was definitely the Crimson Patriarch of the Twin Snakes Cult himself!

The Twin Snakes Cult’s two leaders were very mysterious and powerful, and at least at the Legend level. Many people were killed by them, but even many years after the Great Calamity, there still hadn’t been any mention of natives or players who managed to kill them.

Of the two, the Crimson Patriarch was the most active, frequently creating some world-shaking frightening massacre.

And the Green Sky Leader was a relatively low-key one. A lot of people searched for him, but never found him. The sinister and stealthy acts of the Twin Snakes Cult could be represented by this person.

The basin’s communication was apparently cut off for a moment. Marvin hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to endure.

The Crimson Patriarch was a Legend. If Marvin was seen by him, his future would be very bleak. Even though this guy was on Marvin kill list.

The twelve Officers were divided into two groups of six, and the top group of six were 4th rank half-Legend powerhouses. The lower group of six were 3rd rank Clerics.

An Officer from the lower group was protecting East Coast’s Hidden granary. That was the only reason Marvin would dare to try an assassination.

He patiently waited for a moment as the voice of the Crimson Patriarch once again emitted from the basin.

But this time he seemed somewhat in a hurry.

"It’s nothing. Keep plundering, keep slaughtering, make the East Coast aware of the great World Ending Twin Snakes."

"You’ll soon receive your reward."

The Officer Cleric seemed somewhat surprised, because the Crimson Patriarch’s voice was odd!

He immediately didn’t dare to stall and said, "I understand. I’ll continue to take advantage of this opportunity to spread news of a second coming of the Ancient Red Dragon Ell. This way, regardless of whether it’s the Six Pearl Harbors, the City of Thousand Sails or Bass Harbor, they won’t dare to relax their strength. There are a lot of small villages with great prospects on the coast."

"In addition, I report a final thing… I originally planted a pawn, but he was removed by someone."

"In that place I found a very important secret. I intend to go in person to…"

But suddenly a burst of noise echoed from the basin!


The Crimson Patriarch then roared.

"Next time! Those damned Night Walkers and Druids…" He cursed.

The basin instantly became calm and no sound could be heard. The Crimson Patriarch had cut off the call.

The Officer Cleric was standing there in a daze, subconsciously finishing his sentence.

"...That small territory called White River Valley after a while…"

Marvin had listened to the conversation between the two shadows, but those last words rang like thunder in his ears!

White River Valley!

When Miller had returned to White River Valley, he indeed had someone behind him!

Whether it was Toshiroya or the Twin Snakes Cult, they weren’t the final mastermind. There must be a deeper secret.

In that simple castle, regardless if it was that mural left behind by Marvin’s grandfather, or that frightening singing voice in the hidden path, they were both extremely strange.

This gave Marvin a very big headache.

A small White River Valley, why would it attract the sight of these large powers?

Fortunately, the Officer Cleric’s last sentence wasn’t heard by the Crimson Patriarch, or it would have been really troublesome for Marvin!

‘This guy is screwed!’

Marvin stared at the back of that Officer Cleric, his eyes showing an ominous glint.

The person who performed the induction ceremony of putting two snake seeds in Miller’s eyes was definitely him.

‘But then again, my luck isn’t bad. That Officer Cleric was reporting to the Crimson Patriarch and that one was actually in a difficult situation…’

‘From his tone, he is apparently being hunted! And on the hunting side was a Night Walker and a Druid!"

Marvin already knew from the old blacksmith’s mouth that besides him, the other Night Walkers were all experts able to take care of themselves!

A few of them had already advanced to become Legends and were already tracking more powerful forces.

There weren’t many Night Walkers, but they were all elites.

The Night Walker that was killed by the Crimson Patriarch was also a Legend!

Night Walkers would definitely be informed of their foes. They might not necessarily meet but when they did, they were brothers blessed by the Night Monarch.

Logically speaking, the Crimson Patriarch should be killed by Marvin. But it was very clear that someone in the Night Walker’s organization couldn’t repress his anger and hunted the Crimson Patriarch.

And he also called a Druid friend in order to restrain that frightening Twin Snakes Cleric.

To be able to fight against the Crimson Patriarch, it had to be at least a Great Druid.

That fight certain had to be very lively.

Marvin’s thoughts stopped there.

Because at that time, the Officer Cleric turned and came over. Marvin was able to clearly see his face.

Marvin knew that guy!

He didn’t have a name, but everyone called him King Cobra!

King Cobra slowly walked down the platform.

He was somewhat in a bad mood. He originally wanted to report a very important matter to the Crimson Patriarch, but he hadn’t expected something like that to happen.

To be fair, he did a good job on the East Coast. Anthony’s death was partly due to his long term plan.

Even though that 3rd rank Wizard brainwashed by the Twin Snakes Cult didn’t manage to complete Anthony’s assassination, and the latter was killed by the Shadow Prince’s dagger, but his plans had greatly contributed to the turmoil in the East Coast and people panicking because of the Twin Snakes Cult.

The Shadow Prince was a god, and ordinary people didn’t know much about that.

But the terror of the Twin Snakes Cult was deeply engraved into people’s hearts. The Twin Snakes Cult had originally been kept under control by Anthony and couldn’t act. Nowadays, the rumor of Anthony being assassinated by someone of the Twin Snakes Cult was spreading among the common people.

He had secretly been supporting this rumor.

The fear and reverence of people toward the Twin Snakes Cult had intensified somewhat. Deep in the empty Spirit Plane, the World Ending Twin Snakes would become a lot stronger. And they also would free themselves faster from the Wizard God’s seal.

When the time came, the entire world would sink into panic and destruction!

He would also get more rewards.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t the day. The Crimson Patriarch seemed to have ran across some troubles.

He gloomily shook his head.

He suddenly felt something wrong with the shadow on his right side!

King Cobra had a pretty good perception for a 3rd rank Cleric. That shadow on the right side seemed like a hidden Assassin!

‘Someone actually stealthily came in.’

‘Wanting to assassinate me, truly naive.’

‘But it’s time to change those two Oss Dogs at the door.’

King Cobra silently moved forward, before abruptly taking a big step and starting to chant loudly!

[Divine Spell – Summon Venomous Snakes!]

In an instant, countless snakes rushed out from his sleeves, aiming toward that shadow’s location.

The other side apparently noticed something wrong and directly jumped out of the shadow. He jumped really high, almost reaching the ceiling!

This frighteningly powerful jump also startled King Cobra.

An outstanding Assassin.

He immediately used another Divine Spell!

[Divine Spell – Hundred Poisons Infection!]

This was the fiercest of the Divine Spells King Cobra had. The target was unable to dodge and could only be infected by the poison!

As expected, the other side’s agility was directly hampered and was immediately wrapped in snakes after he fell to the ground.

More and more snakes kept throwing themselves at him.

"Haha… Truly courting death."

A hint a viciousness flashed through King Cobra’s eyes. He would never show mercy to his enemies!

But at that time a cold wind suddenly gushed behind him!

The Shadow Doppelganger was really too useful!

It looked exactly the same as Marvin and it was hard to notice it was a fake. It could be used to shift the enemy’s attention during an assassination. It simply was a god-level skill!

When King Cobra’s attention was completely on the doppelganger, Marvin who had been hiding on another side, immediately started his attack.

Burst + Shadow Step!

In an instant, he rushed toward King Cobra’s back.

Both daggers raised up, ruthlessly slashing down!

With the Rock Giant Belt, Marvin was convinced his slash was strong enough and he would definitely behead King Cobra!


A muffled sound echoed.

Marvin’s expression changed.

The two daggers had slashed, but they didn’t slash through a neck, instead clashing with black scales!

In an instant, King Cobra turned into a incomparably thick and strange snake!

"Sssss!" His long tongue was slithering. He turned his body and the snake’s head coldly watched Marvin.

"So that’s your true face."

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