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Chapter 141: Human Skin Kite

Tornado Harbor, later that day.

The sun was scorching hot on the sea, everything seemed hot and painful.

Marvin’s group entered the city after receiving a strict inspection. If not for Marvin taking out his Overlord medal from the South Wizard Alliance, it probably would have been impossible to enter the city in such a chaotic time!

Tornado Harbor was already in chaos, people were doing their best to move buildings’ remains, parents were looking for their missing children, and guards were silently receiving treatment.

Quite a lot of people lost a relative, brother or friend after that Dragon’s Disaster. And some lost an arm or a leg.

As for these injured soldiers, they could only lie down and receive medical treatment, it was already a lot better than those who died under the Evil Dragon’s Breath.

At least they still had their lives and the time to feel sad.

The disaster was that ruthless.

Marvin walked down the street, silently looking at children running by, their faces filled with fear.

This disaster might even be recorded in history, but it would leave an even deeper mark in the hearts of Tornado Harbor’s inhabitants.

Especially the children, they met with such a trauma at such a young age. This event was something those who lived in peace for a decade couldn’t imagine.

Marvin heard someone pray to the gods, that was naturally a Priest of the Silver God. He prayed for the god’s blessing, to keep away disaster from this land.

Unfortunately, this low level Priest was unaware that the god he believed in wouldn’t bless him.

Indeed, the Silver God was a 3rd Generation Ancient God. He wouldn’t participate in the attack of the Universe Magic Pool, but he also couldn’t prevent everything.

For the East Coast, as well as for the entire Feinan, the Dragon Disaster was only the beginning.

The true catastrophe and sorrow had still not arrived!

Marvin and Ivan parted ways in Tornado Harbor.

The Elven Prince swore to find the place where the Ancient Red Dragon Ell was hiding, to complete the feat of killing a Dragon.

But Marvin knew the Ancient Red Dragon’s old nest was actually inside a strange cave at the bottom of the ocean. That place was very difficult to find, without coordinates, you simply couldn’t find it in the vast sea.

Seawater couldn’t reach that place, and it was actually quite a dry and warm place because it was deep in the earth and frequently had lava flowing.

The Ancient Red Dragon waged war twice on the East Coast. The first time was the attack on Tornado Harbor. The second would be the world shaking battle with the Copper Dragon, Professor. Both sides would suffer an heavy loss the second time and Ell would escape back to his old nest at the seafloor, but a Master Tracker would find his nest location and spread the news.

This immediately attracted countless adventurers who wanted to become famous as Dragon Killers.

This was Feinan Continent’s "Release of the First Legendary Instance", the opening of the [Lava Palace].

This was a part of the story line Marvin was very familiar with. He even knew how to find that deeply hidden Lava Palace in the seafloor.

But he didn’t tell Ivan that Lava Palace’s location because he knew that the current Ivan was far from being the opponent of that Red Dragon.

That earlier punch was only effective due to catching the Red Dragon off guard.

If the Ancient Red Dragon was somewhat prepared, he would have used a few Dragon Spells, and unless the Great Elven King had put a taboo magic like Rebirth on Ivan, he would have been annihilated!

Even if Ell was now scared away by the restraint of the Dragon Killer Sword spell, he wasn’t something Ivan could handle now.

Marvin naturally knew that the Dragon’s body was extremely powerful, but he was even more aware of his abilities. To get rid of the Ancient Red Dragon, onl

y the Great Elven King, Anthony, the Copper Dragon Professor, or Inheim wearing Void Boots;, that kind of Legend powerhouse could have a chance.

If it was him, even if the Ancient Dragon was lying in front of him, and he executed his strongest move, he wouldn’t even be able to pry a dragon scale open!

This was absolute strength.

Skills and experience were all worthless in front of it.

Marvin watched as Ivan sat on a ship and went out to sea. Afterwards, he started carrying out his plan.

He hadn’t forgotten why he came, painstakingly passing through the spider crypt in order to buy food.

Tornado Harbor was a food port after all.


"Because of the Dragon Disaster, Tornado Harbor trades are all suspended?"

Marvin frowned.

Lola displayed a helpless expression.

Last time she came to Jewel Bay, she looked for that person in charge of Taurus chamber in Tornado Harbor.

Thanks to Lola’s silver tongue, describing the impoverished and backward White River Valley as a territory which had a high potential for development, that person in charge, under Lola’s negotiations (swindle?), agreed to lower the market price by 30% and sell a certain amount of wheat to White River Valley.

The prerequisite was that during the next three years, the Taurus Chamber of Commerce would become White River Valley number one supplier, and required Marvin to let them build some subsidiaries. They also requested an even lower taxation.

For Marvin, White River Valley businesses were lacking and the taxation was already pretty low. Taurus Chamber of Commerce’s conditions were something he could completely accept.

Thus, if what Lola said was true, he would definitely agree.

However, this morning, when he had Lola go look for that person in charge, he received this news.

– Trades are strictly prohibited in the city. Everyone has to help with the debris. Outsiders aren’t allowed in the Business District, the Noble District and the Docks. –

This ban was said to be lasting for at least a week.

In other words, within a week, Marvin couldn’t buy Taurus Chamber of Commerce’s food!

Marvin quickly checked this news.

Lola didn’t lie.

Tornado Harbor’s announcement board clearly had a trade ban, it especially mentioned the trade of food and products used daily.

‘This is troublesome.’

‘The territory will run out of food in six days at most. To get Madeline to send some food, I would have to give the Magic Holy Grail, it’s too much of a loss!’

‘The other five harbors in the north, even if they didn’t suffer from the Dragon Disaster, they might have been affected by the tsunami. They might also have the same policy, going there might be a waste of time we can’t afford.’

Marvin frowned, thinking for a while before finally making a decision.

There was only one way.

Trojan Town’s black market.

Half an hour later, Marvin bought a good horse at a high price from a merchant and was ready to leave Tornado Harbor.

He rode with Lola toward the west, disappearing in the dust.

Lola didn’t know horsemanship so Marvin could only let her ride in front of him to prevent her from falling off the horse.

But, heaven knows what this overthinking talkative girl was thinking about.

The reason why Marvin took Lola along was simple.

Lola was a very good speaker, this meant she had the potential to become a great merchant. Her accounting and bargaining ability were very high, this was very important during negotiations.

Of course, out of all her skills, the fiercest one was [Bluff].

Even if Marvin somewhat trusted her right now, he wouldn’t completely hand stuff over to her.

If it was Anna, he would have already felt relieved to have the Half-Elf take care of the matter, why would he need to act then?

Main road at noon, people were scattered and the scorching sun made people annoyed.

After a while, Marvin left the main road and went on the field

Further west was Trojan Town.

Trojan Town was closer to the entrance of the Spider Crypt, that’s where the pair of Halflings went. They didn’t have much to buy, so that place was fine.

Marvin knew that Trojan Town had an underground black market which sold quite a lot of stuff, food was naturally included.

But it was very expensive and there was also the risk of robbery.

Thus he made preparations to go through the proper channels.

How could he have expected the Ancient Red Dragon would attack the Six Pearl Harbor at that time, even just a few days later would have been fine!

While Marvin was thinking, Lola suddenly cried out, "There is a strange shadow!"

She pointed far in the distance. That was in the direction of Trojan Town.

Marvin froze, he looked up, the sun hurting his eyes, but he noticed that big shadow.

His expression suddenly changed!

That was a human skin kite!

‘Twin Snakes Cult… No good! Trojan Town!’

This kind of thought suddenly flashed through Marvin’s mind.

Lola didn’t know, thus looking at Marvin extremely solemn expression, she couldn’t help but be somewhat nervous.

Ten minutes later, outside of Trojan Town.


Lola threw up.

What was displayed in front of her was a horrifying scene!

A pillar of human flesh hanging by a rope. On the other end of the rope was a kite made of human skin!

These human flesh were all inhabitants of Trojan Town when they were alive. In the end, their skin was peeled to make a human skin kite.

Needless to say, this certainly was the handiwork of the Twin Snakes Cult.

Only corpses were left in Trojan Town.

A strong bloody smell that would make people feel sick. This scene was more horrifying than the one in Thousand Leaves Forest!

Last time was a small elven village.

This time was the entire Trojan Town, it had about 600 to 700 inhabitants!

They were all dead, and they died in such a cruel way.

"Twin Snakes Cult!" Marvin ground his teeth as he uttered that frightening name.

These damn bastards!

They definitely took advantage of the South Wizard Alliance dispatching the guards of the neighboring towns to the Six Pearl Harbors, leaving the village defenseless. They thus attacked those elderly and children!

He didn’t know how shocked and tormented those soldiers guarding the East Coast would be when they return to their town and see their own relatives murdered and made into a human skin kite.


‘This Lord must dismember these scums ten thousand times!’

Marvin endured the bloody smell and dragged Lola forward.

Since the human leather kite was hanging there, it was proof that Twin Snakes followers had already left.

But they should have left something in the small town he could use to track these bastards with Night Tracking!

The situation inside the town was even more sickening and Lola kept throwing up.

Marvin was looking at his surroundings, alert.

Suddenly, he heard faint footsteps!

To the left!


He instantly threw a dart.

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