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Chapter 137: Beheaded

The Spider Crypt was completely silent.

Lola looked at Marvin, still a bit startled, and asked in a muffled voice, "Why are you squeezing my face?"

Marvin ignored her, stood up and looked in the direction the Red Spider took.

"She temporarily retreated," Old Tucker said seriously. "I did say this Matriarch Spider was very cunning. I tried to kill her several times, but it was impossible with only my strength."

"It’s doable if you add me," Marvin confidently said.

Old Tucker took a glance at Marvin and nodded after hesitating for a bit.

He could feel that Marvin’s strength was a lot higher than his rank would suggest.

The next instant, the flexible Halfling quickly started to sprint into the depths of the cave!

"Remember to follow closely!"

Marvin dragged Lola up before following after Tucker.

He knew that Old Tucker was tracking the marks the Red Spider left behind.

This was a very rare skill.

Only the Thief’s advanced class, [Tracker] had this gift.

Marvin’s Night Tracking needed to have something belonging to the target to be able to track the target, but the Red Spider only threw fire, so there was nothing left behind.

Tracking so effortlessly and quickly was something only Old Tucker, a real Tracker could do!

As Old Tucker rushed forward, Marvin followed closely behind. Lola frantically grabbed Little Tucker and said in a low voice, "Protect me!"

The young Halfling blushed. He’d had very little contact with girls, and Lola was such a good-looking girl.

He clenched the daggers in his hands and nodded.

Lola smiled, satisfied, and suddenly said to the young Halfling, "Why are you still distracted, hurry up!"

"What can we do if we lose them?"

"Ah, it’s your fault, I can’t even see their shadows!"

In the depths of the tunnel, Old Tucker slowed down, vigilant.

The way the Red Spider moved was very unique. He had studied it for a long time.

This unique way of walking would leave distinctive marks behind. Old Tucker relied on these to track it.

Marvin, following behind him, grasped his daggers tightly.

Although they were both used to working alone, cooperation between high level teammates was pretty good. Between experts, there wasn’t a need for lots of words, as simple movements could transmit an information to the other side.


This part of the tunnel was more complicated.

The main path was still a deep tunnel, and holes could be seen on the walls. A large number of scattered bones could be seen scattered around the crypt.

These bones were the remains of adventurers.

The appearance of the adventurer’s remains meant that Jewel Bay wasn’t far.

Because these adventurers had all entered the Spider Crypt from Jewel Bay’s entrance.

Most adventurers simply couldn’t get far in before they would end up in the spiders’ bellies.

Old Tucker silently made a sign, pointing at a cave overhead.

Marvin nodded.

He immediately stood to the side, using Hide. Old Tucker also smoothly entered Stealth.

[Summon Night Crow]!

[Shadow Doppelganger]!

Marvin skills were instantly released. The Shadow Doppelganger also used Hide.

And that crow flew into the cave.

After summoning the Night Crow, a completely new field of view appeared before Marvin’s eyes.

He could switch back and forth between his field of view and the crow’s.

And the Night Crow also had Darksight, so he could see everything clearly in the pitch black tunnel.

A few red spots could be seen in the cave.

Marvin knew that these were the old vestiges of the Red Spider’s venomous flames. Each spot contained a violent fiery venom!

If an ordinary person came into contact with the Red Spider’s fire venom, they would instantly die!

This was why this Spider Matriarch was so frightening. In comparison, other spide

rs could be seen as quite gentle.

‘The Red Spider can spit fire venom three times per day. She had already used it once, so if we want to kill her safely, we have to trick her into using it two more times!’

‘The top priority right now is to draw her out of her nest!’

Marvin’s heart moved, abruptly controlling the Night Crow to fly past.

It was purposely moving noisily and was immediately found by the Red Spider!

She suddenly approached in a threatening posture.

She had dwelled in the dark crypt for a very long time, and she had wisdom far beyond ordinary creatures, but a lifeform like that crow was very unfamiliar.

She had never seen that thing before. This made her quite curious.

But the Night Crow flew very craftily, dipping down and leaving the tunnel as if he was escaping.

The Red Spider swiftly crawled down after it.


Marvin was motionless in the darkness. He couldn’t see Old Tucker, but he knew that guy was a Thief. Unless there was a critical situation, he wouldn’t rashly act.

The key was still to rely on himself.

Finding the Red Spider’s cave was already hard enough. In fact, this was the main job of Thieves in many teams.

Thieves were quite inferior at frontline fighting. Even the powerful Phantom Assassin could only burst once or twice. After the burst, if they couldn’t kill the target, they would probably die.

There were three problems with the Red Spider. The first was her wisdom. The second was that she could spit fire venom. The third was her secretive whereabouts.

Old Tucker was able to help him deal with the third issue, and this already satisfied Marvin.

The Night Crow flew out flapping its wings, followed by a huge spider crawling in a ridiculous manner.

The Red Spider Elizabeth was a Black Spider who had undergone a mutation. She was the same as other Black Spiders, not able to spin much silk, and mainly relying on crawling.

Marvin deliberately let the Night Crow slow down. As a result, it was caught by the Red Spider and brought to the spider’s jaws!

The next instant, a shadow suddenly burst out and rushed toward the Red Spider from the front!

The Red Spider opened her jaws and frightening flames were shot out, directly hitting that shadow.


That human silhouette turned into a ball of shadow, dissipating on the ground.

The Shadow Doppelganger was used!

Marvin had already made preparations. His firepower could be considered as pretty good, so he didn’t need the Shadow Doppelganger for that. This skill’s most important use was still as a body double, able to save his life.

They’d tricked the spider into expending the second use.

Marvin inwardly counted.

But at that time, the Red Spider apparently noticed something wrong and started to return to her cave!

‘Can’t let her leave!’

Marvin ground his teeth, firmly prepared to act, but a shadow abruptly dropped from the ceiling!

Old Tucker!

Marvin looked at the Halfling dropping from the ceiling of the tunnel, extremely surprised. It looked like that guy had been walking upside down on the ceiling.

This was a very rarely seen move, and Marvin had only seen vampires use it!

Old Tucker’s movements were even more nimble than Marvin’s!

He gently landed on the Red Spider’s body and ruthlessly thrust two ancient green daggers at the Red Spider’s head!


An unpleasant screeching sound echoed. The spider’s legs immediately softened, making it directly fall from the ceiling and crash on the ground.

And the cautious Old Tucker took advantage of the situation to turn and vanish once again from Marvin’s sight!

‘No wonder that guy lived for so long, he is indeed very cautious.’

‘The daggers were dipped in poison… But the Red Spider’s Poison Resistance and HP are very high.’

‘That attack certainly didn’t kill her.’

Marvin looked at the Red Spider as it struggled on the ground for a moment before trying to climb back up once again. He took a deep breath and suddenly lifted his Hide!

A dart accurately hit the Red Spider’s head!

The latter was suddenly angered and directly sprayed her fire venom.

‘Terrible!’ Old Tucker who was hiding in the dark was startled.

He hadn’t thought Marvin would be so rash!

But the next instant, Marvin’s body suddenly shifted to the right.


Shadow Step!

Followed by… Anti-Gravity Steps!

The frightening fire venom brushed past Marvin’s ear, as he ran on the tunnel ceiling, steadily avoiding the Red Spider’s attacks.


The Red Spider bristled aggressively.

Marvin kicked off of the hard tunnel wall and quickly descended, his two daggers chain attacking!


The Red Spider barely managed to block with her forelimbs!

Marvin’s power was average, but his attack speed was really too high.

It only took him a handful of seconds to land 20 slashes!

21st slash!

A faint mark appeared on the Red Spider’s forelimbs!

22nd slash!

The Red Spider’s left forelimb was cut off, making her lose her balance.

Reckless Dual Wielder’s bonus property was perfectly displayed. Marvin’s chain of slashes had dealt such a frightening injury to the Red Spider!


Finally, Marvin leapt high up. The Red Spider who lost a part of her protection could only attempt to prick Marvin with her jaws.

Marvin lightly dodged before landing on its back.

He turned and slashed with his two daggers in a cross like a pair of scissors while adding in Reckless Dual Wielder’s bonus property!

The Red Spider’s head fell to the ground!

"Pop!" The body fell back a bit before finally spreading out on the ground.

Marvin walked down from her body, satisfied.

Old Turker also left Stealth, displaying an amazed expression. "Even outstanding Warriors don’t have such exquisite blade techniques!"

He couldn’t finish his words before a worried small silhouette appeared from one end of the tunnel.

Little Tucker!

"Not good!" Little Tucker anxiously said, "That big sister has been caught by a Black Spider!"


Marvin was dazed, he had nearly forgotten about the remaining Black Spider!

"Where is she?" Marvin grabbed Little Turker and asked in a heavy voice.

"She was grabbed and pulled into a cave." The small Halfling’s face turned red as he angrily stomped his feet. "It’s my fault, I couldn’t protect her."

Marvin hurriedly turned back and immediately used [Night Tracking]!

He had kept something belonging to her, prepared for that kind of situation. He should be able to track her!

‘Please make it on time!’

For the first time on this trip to Jewel Bay, Marvin felt anxious.

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