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Chapter 123: Shadow Prince, Legend Monk!

Everyone in the Three Ring Towers, and even all of the East Coast was panicking.

They simply didn’t understand what was happening!

The Wizards were solemn. They might be able to perceive something, but due to divination magic losing effectiveness, they were unable to specifically find out what had happened.

Even the Three Ring Towers’ Legend Wizard Leymann was solemn and perplexed.

Hathaway who had just exited her Teleportation Door also looked toward the East.

As a Seer, she had some special abilities!

"Red Dragon…"

"I wonder if it’s an Elder Red Dragon or an Ancient Red Dragon!"

"Such power, Crystal Island might not be able to keep defending against it!"

Hathaway mumbled to herself. Her eyes were vacant, as if she were looking through time and space, watching the bitter struggle happening on Crystal Island!

Marvin’s heart sank. The emergence of the Ancient Red Dragon was a sign that the world was becoming more and more chaotic.

Even though that dragon would destroy his enemy, the Unicorn clan, it would also wreak havoc on the East Coast!

From that point on, the East Coast’s inhabitants would no longer be able to feel that tranquil sense of security.

An Evil Dragon, the plague spreading, the Twin Snakes Cult’s human skin kite!

Fear and blood everywhere. No one was able to protect themselves.

The disaster was imminent.

Hathaway was currently in a trance, looking far away towards the East Coast.

Marvin suddenly noticed something strange.

The sun’s orientation in Leymann’s incomplete plane was somewhat different.

Hathaway’s shadow seemed a bit too long based on where she was standing.

‘Hold on…’

Before Marvin could say anything, Wayne pulled him and said with a voice full of panic, "Brother, that monster has come!"


Marvin’s brain worked very fast, as he instantly grabbed Wayne and yelled, "Hathaway! Dodge!"

Hathaway was suddenly startled.

Marvin went so far as to call her directly by her name without using any title. It showed that the situation was truly serious.

The next moment, her shadow quavered and a frightening man emerged from it!

He was hiding in the shadow, wearing a cloak.

He had just left the Shadow Plane with that step.

The dagger in his hand was called [Nightfall].

If someone was hit by [Nightfall], their body would receive twelve different curses. Even gods would be cursed.

Nightfall only had one master! He was the most active during the Great Calamity, the creepiest god, The Shadow Prince!

The Shadow Prince appeared behind Hathaway at lightning speed, Nightfall ruthlessly aiming at her head!

But Marvin’s warning shout was effective.

Just as it was about to be dangerous for Hathaway, she tore her necklace.

Her body instantly turned into nothingness.

The dagger pierced through her but didn’t injure her!

Before the Shadow Prince could act again, Leymann’s voice echoed in the sky.

"You actually dare to try to assassinate Hathaway in my plane!"

"Glynos, you have guts!"

Six streaks of lightning appeared out of nowhere.

Legend Spell – Lightning Cage!

Purple lightning wrapped into a cage, firmly sealing the Shadow Prince!

"Tssk, a mortal dares to call me by my name."

"You weren’t on my kill list and could have lived a few more years, but now, hehe. Just wait for your assassination, day and night."

Glynos was smiling when suddenly, he completely disappeared on the spot.

The Lightning Cage was unable to keep him sealed!

He directly escaped into the Shadow Plane.

Hathaway instantly became corporeal again, her complexion deathly pale. She immediately stood in front of Marvin and Wayne, carefully checking her surroundings.

She was worried the Shadow Prince would take it out on these two.

She extended her arm

s and wrapped the three in a strong barrier.

"Rest assured, he can’t hurt you in my plane."

Leymann also appeared on the snow mountain summit.

But his expression was also uneasy.

Catching the attention of a god was a very troublesome matter.

Especially if it was the kind that would kill before asking questions like the Shadow Prince.

"He ran?" Hathaway couldn’t help but ask.

She still hadn’t become a Legend, so she was simply unable to participate in the battle against the Shadow Prince.

If not for Leymann helping, she might have been harmed.

Marvin’s heart sank.

History was gradually changing after all.

Hathaway getting the Book of Nalu earlier was definitely noticed by the Shadow Prince.

He was afraid of Hathaway’s abilities as a Seer and had already thought of killing her. But in the game, she wasn’t assassinated until after becoming a Legend.

But now her rank had moved forward a few spots in the kill list because of the Book of Nalu.

That was why he appeared today!

This guy must have hidden for quite a while, waiting for the chance to make a certain kill.

For a god’s incarnation, killing a Half-Legend was very simple.

If not for Wayne’s warning and Marvin quick reaction, Hathaway might have already died!

If not for Leymann coming to help, Glynos might have succeeded!

That really was too dangerous.

"Immediately return to your Ashes Tower!" Leymann solemnly told Hathaway.

She would be the safest in her Wizard Tower.

Hathaway nodded. She gathered Marvin and Wayne closer and was about to use a Teleportation Door when that shadow once again appeared in front of everyone!

But this time, it seemed like he was forced to appear!


The air vibrated and Shadow Prince Glynos once again appeared on the snow mountain summit.

He awkwardly fell on the ground!

It felt as if someone knocked him out of the Shadow Plane.

They were all very startled.

Then, a tall man slowly walked out of the void.

His upper body was naked and he was wearing a simple pair of pants.

His muscles were bursting with power, possessing a sort of beauty.

This was a Monk!

A Legend Monk!

"It’s actual you, Inheim." Leymann seemed to know that person.

The Legend Monk walked out of the Shadow Plane and calmly landed on the snow mountain summit.

Marvin clearly noticed those two black boots which let him travel freely from the Shadow Plane to the Thunder Tower’s Master plane.

Legendary item [Void Boots]!

And this equipment also let him walk in the air!

Inheim didn’t say much, charging toward the Shadow Prince instead!

"I hunted down this despicable god because of the death of my friend Anthony!"

"Glynos, no matter where you go, I’ll chase you to death!"

"For you, I gave up on my vow. I put on the Void Boots, you won’t be able to run away from me!"

Each word of the Legend Monk was calm but powerful, directly echoing in their hearts.

The Shadow Prince Glynos fiercely stared at Inheim. He then turned around, once again escaping into the void.

And Inheim’s boots also activated, letting him go through the void and vanish!

Hathaway was looking at Leymann, worry in her eyes. The latter calmly assured, "I already turned off the magic screen."

"No one saw that assassination attempt of the Shadow Prince."

"These two children also won’t be at much risk. Glynos is busy assassinating us Legends, he wouldn’t put a hand on them."

"What’s more, he has already been targeted by Inheim…"

His hadn’t finished talking when the air shivered once again!

Marvin’s eyes shone.

This was Monks’ signature skill, [Quivering Palm]!

The space twisted and a huge shadow spread out as Glynos appeared once again!

He seemed in an even worse shape this time, spitting blood on the snow from the hit!

Inheim walked out of the Shadow Plane once again.

"Today is the day you die!"

Marvin hid behind Hathaway, erased his breath and attentively watched Inheim’s tall silhouette.

He had some impressions of that Legend Monk!

It was said that his advanced class was Avatar. He and Anthony, as well as a few other Legends, formed the [Alliance of the Seven Orders]. This was an organization to protect Feinan. Each member was a powerful Legend in charge of defending an area, ensuring evil forces wouldn’t spread.

Anthony was in charge of the East Coast.

And Inheim was the protector of an area in the West!

This guy was very powerful! His physical body was already immortal, the bane of assassins.

It was said that he made a vow when he stepped on the Monk’s path: He wouldn’t use worldly things during his lifetime.

His clothing was the most simple, and he lived the simplest life. His willpower was frighteningly resolute.

Even if a Legendary item was put in front of him, he wouldn’t blink.

Because that wasn’t among his ambitions.

But this time, he renounced his vow in order to chase the Shadow Prince!

The Void Boots were originally a Legendary item from a Great Druid in the north. It was probably borrowed by Inheim.

The Shadow Prince came and went as he pleased. No one could chase him, and pursuers wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

But there was Inheim. This Monk just happened to be the natural predator for the Shadow Prince’s incarnations.

Even Nightfall was unable to break through Inheim’s [Immortal Body]!

The only issue was that the Monk couldn’t cross the Shadow Plane, and was unable to fly.

But Inheim wearing the Void Boots could undoubtedly firmly restrain Glynos!

Marvin remembered that Inheim killed at least 4 incarnations of the Shadow Prince in the game!

He eventually died to the Shadow Prince’s trap. That was because Glynos requested the help of other gods. They worked together and got rid of this righteous Monk’s defenses before erasing him from the surface of Feinan!

Inheim’s death was an enormous blow to Feinan, and lead to a great amount of evil forces appearing in the west.

"Hehe, you can kill my incarnation today, but tomorrow I can use another incarnation."

"Does all your hard work hold any meaning? Hahaha…" Glynos mocked.

Glynos’ incarnation had a few shattered organs due to Inheim’s Quivering Palm, and began to constantly vomit blood.

But he kept laughing all along. No one was able to clearly see his appearance because he was wearing a cloak and a mask.

This laugh was too frightening.

But Inheim still firmly walked up, grabbed Glynos by his collar and then sent a palm to his head!

The next instant, the Shadow Prince’s incarnation broke into pieces!

"However many times you come is however many times you’ll die."

"As long as you so-called gods set foot on Feinan, I’ll send you back."

"Filthy creatures, how do you dare call yourselves gods?"

Inheim’s voice was steady as a mountain.

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