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Chapter 122: Ancient Red Dragon's Awakening!

Celina died!

She died in such sullen way just like her pet Great Winter Wolf.

Marvin’s slap seemed as fast as lightning. Even if Leymann wanted to save Celina’s life, he had no way to do it!

Moreover, the Battle of the Holy Grail had always been a very ruthless competition.

The winner would not only receive the Holy Grail, the supreme symbol of glory, they would also receive many rewards, including the Three Ring Towers’ and their respective Academy’s rewards.

Most of these rewards were obviously for Wizards.

All of the competitors in the Battle of the Holy Grail were ready to die.

Both sides were already in an irreconcilable relationship. Marvin killing Celina was completely understandable.

The dust settled!

What remained wasn’t ruthlessness, but just an adorable bear. The audience shook their heads inwardly.

You really can’t judge based on appearances in this world. An Asuran Bear had a lovely appearance, but that wolf’s death was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

That was simply a slaughter machine!

The competition had already ended. The winner this time was the perpetually losing Ashes Tower.

All the spectators were moved. They then congratulated the people of the Magore Academy one by one.

Magore Academy’s teachers also felt like they’d gained face. Especially Hanzel, who had wanted to strangle Marvin during the competition; he now had a whole new level of respect for Marvin.

This kid was indeed skilled!

Worthy of Wayne having so much trust in him.

No wonder Dame Hathaway treated him favorably.

Just as everyone were getting ready to welcome the Battle of the Holy Grail’s winner, someone suddenly yelled.


"It’s not over yet!"

Everyone immediately turned toward the magic screen.

After just a glance, everyone was startled!

They only saw a large number of shadows appearing.

Snow Demons.

Marvin’s battle with the wolf pack shook the ground too much.

The whole mountain had been alarmed.

After the wolves ran away, another group of monsters came stalking.

They were Snow Demons and a Snow Demon Leader!

The nest Marvin had cleared earlier wasn’t the only nest in this mountain. On the contrary, there were countless Snow Demons on this mountain.

These Snow Demons were prepared for the 2nd rank Wizards’ Battle of the Holy Grail.

But they were startled out by Marvin’s thunderous movements.

They slowly approached under the leadership of a Snow Demon Leader.

The Asuran Bear stood on the snowy slope, giving out a sense of loneliness!

"No way! Don’t tell me this Battle of the Holy Grail will finish with all the competitors dead, without any winner?"

Someone among the Wizards let out a surprised yell.

It wasn’t that they didn’t have faith in the Asuran Bear. It’s just that there were too many Snow Demons.

When the numbers reached a certain level, personal strength would become very useless.

The condition for the victory was very simple, to grab that Holy Grail.

Even if you killed all the other competitors, it would be of no use.

These monsters were also part of the Battle of the Holy Grail.

"We must trust Baron Marvin!"

"He’ll certainly create another miracle!" a noble young lady stood up and firmly said.

The others also stood up one after the other, watching the magic screen attentively.

On the magic screen, Marvin the Asuran Bear was extremely calm.

He only looked at those waves of Snow Demons approaching and lowered his head.

The next instant, he raised his head and opened his mouth!


A roar containing a powerful mystical power spread through the snow mountain!

The snowy slope kept shaking, but thankfully the mountain had been magically enhanced or else it would have lead to an avalanche!


Intimidating Roar]!

The Asuran Bear’s only skill.

It also was a very large AoE Intimidation skill!

Hearing the roar, all the Snow Demons stopped moving.

Some Snow Demon that were too close collapsed into a pile of snow after failing the willpower check!

Many more Snow Demons were frightened and began running away, screeching!

That group of Snow Demons immediately went wild.

This also included the Snow Demon Leader which displayed a extremely pained expression.

Their minds turned chaotic, as some directly collapsed into snow, and some began killing each other!

But most still barely managed to stay clear-headed and fled while shrieking in fear.

Marvin had only roared.

Countless Snow Demons collapsed.

In less than a minute, there weren’t any living Snow Demons on the slope.

All the surviving Snow Demons had fled to their cavern.

The originally quiet snow mountain became even quieter!

The spectators could only see the image on the magic screen, and couldn’t hear the sound.

But they were felt shock.

A roar directly shattered hundreds of Snow Demons!

Moreover, it defeated the Snow Demon formation and made them voluntarily escape.

How overbearing!

Everyone was convinced by the astonishing strength Marvin had displayed.

There would obviously be someone raising the question:

"The strength displayed by Baron Marvin is on par with 3rd rank class holder! Is he really level 7?"

This question was soon answered.

And by none other than Wizard Leymann!

"There was no issue with Baron Marvin’s registration for the competition. He truly is level 7."

This caused an uproar!

The person that raised the question felt rather stupid.

He would have never expected that his careless question would actually be answered by Leymann himself!

This Wizard who rarely appears in public actually treated Marvin favorably?

In the end, who is this Marvin!?

This question lingered in everyone’s mind.

On the snow mountain, Marvin regained his ordinary shape.

Shapeshift Sorcerer is really too powerful.

Having such power at just the first rank, no wonder Feinan’s other races were naturally afraid of Numen!

Even if the increase in strength would be relatively random, it would be able to crush other classes at the same level.

It was this point that made people rabidly envious. Unfortunately, this was a bloodline, so envy would never get it for you. Only by gathering blood from some forbidden experiment and then using it in an evil ritual to change their own bloodline could someone possibly become such a Sorcerer. But the failure rate for this method was extremely high!

After Shapeshifting for the first time, Marvin not only felt his body become rather weak, but his Beast-shape option also became grayed out.

This meant he wouldn’t be able to use the ability again in the short term.

Although Shapeshift Sorcerers were extremely strong, they had quite a lot of restrictions. For instance, after using Shapeshift, they had to let some time pass before they could use it again.

The cooldown period was unknown, so Marvin could only find out by fumbling about.

Moreover, there was still the Shadow-shape. Marvin intended to test it, and it surely wouldn’t be too weak.

After the Snow Demons retreated in fear, Marvin went to find Wayne. The latter was still unconscious.

He hurriedly carried him on his shoulder and slowly moved toward the summit!

Though he had help from the Thunder Fairy Boots, this whole journey up was very difficult!

His constitution was ordinary, not to mention all the stamina that had been used when Shapeshifting into the Asuran Bear.

And climbing a mountain was a very strenuous matter, especially in the snow.

It took him no less than an hour to reach the summit while carrying Wayne on his back!


He tiredly gasped. Wayne was still unconscious. He hurriedly took out the keys and inserted all six in the keyholes.

The Dissociation spell instantly faded away!

Marvin sighed in relief. He took a step forward and grabbed the Magic Grail!

He instantly heard countless whistles and cheers.

The spectators in the three towers all applauded the brothers’ performance!

Marvin pulled Wayne up with one hand while carrying the Holy Grail in the other.

The name of that Magic Grail was [Lance’s Holy Grail]. It had quite a lot of powerful abilities.

Such as the [Rejuvenation] spell!

Marvin used Rejuvenation without hesitating. Wayne gradually regained consciousness thanks to the powerful spell.


"We won?" Wayne noticed the Holy Grail and smiled happily.

"Yes, we won." Marvin gently said.

Wayne stood up and hugged Marvin, extremely excited!

They finally won!


The first rate wine glass in Lohart’s hands was dashed against the ground.

His anger had boiled to the point that he was unable to keep his calm in front of Kate.

‘He won like this!’’

‘This… Is a loss!"

He gnashed his teeth while looking at the two brothers on the magic screen. He almost gone mad from anger!

His failure to complete the task would lower his value to the clan and his place among the heirs.

How could he not be angry?

On the contrary, Kate at his side was exceptionally calm. She gently looked at Marvin and Wayne and finally superficially remarked, "That was a wonderful competition, thank you for your invitation. I’ll head back."

Then she directly left without paying any more attention to Lohart.

Lohart shook his head. How could he still think about picking up girls at this time?

He had to find a way to cope with the clan’s fury!

At that time, that follower ran back.

Lohart’s eyes shone. ‘Did the clan answer that fast?’

He was about to ask, but the follower urgently said in a low voice, "A disaster is happening!"

"A volcanic eruption happened not far from Crystal Island, it apparently woke up a dormant red dragon!"

"That red dragon is currently going all out against Crystal Island! The clan asks you to go back!"

What? Volcano? Red dragon?

Lohart only felt his head spinning and his sight went dark. He suddenly fainted.

On the summit, the two brothers had obtained the Holy Grail.

A teleportation door appeared in front of them. But who could have thought that Hathaway would suddenly appear!

Everyone was in an uproar! The Ashes Tower’s Master personally came to welcome them. This wasn’t something that would happen to ordinary winners.

Hathaway didn’t have time to say anything before a frightening dragon’s roar was heard far away in the East, echoing through half of Feinan.

Even Leymann’s incomplete plane was affected due to it being opened!

Everyone felt dread from the bottom of their heart!

That roar was full of evil power. People with weak willpower would faint from fear!

Marvin was startled!

That Ancient Red Dragon has finally awakened?!

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