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Chapter 121: Asuran Bear

Asuran Bear!

A creature of the Astral Plane. In the legends a branch of the Numen signed a mysterious contract with this race, thus receiving the ability to shapeshift into bears!

This was a creature with the build of a peak 2nd rank hero!

Strength and Constitution exceeded 20 points. Even though Dexterity was lower, it was still at 15 points.

Most importantly, even though the Asuran Bear had only one skill, [Intimidating Roar], its body was highly resistant toward magic!

Most spells could even be ignored.

As for physical damage, that bear was covered in fur as hard as steel that was very difficult to break through. Even if it was somewhat inferior to the Gemini’s skin, it wouldn’t be torn by those wolves in front of him.

This was Shapeshift Sorcerer’s first type of Shapeshift!


Before Shapeshifting, Marvin already knew he would turn into an Asuran Bear, so he unhesitantly charged toward that wolf pack!

Because even if the wolf pack was frightening, once they were thrown in disorder by Blazing Fury, it would be trivial for the Asuran Bear to take wreak havoc on them!

Shapeshift Sorcerer’s Beast-shape didn’t only have the Asuran Bear’s shape. As the Sorcerer advanced, even more powerful creatures would become available.

This was a Shapeshift Sorcerer’s strong point!

Marvin’s only regret was that a Shapeshift Sorcerer’s awakening was very random. This time for instance, he had only awakened part of his bloodline, thus only receiving part of his Shapeshift Sorcerer abilities.

This meant he could only raise the Sorcerer level through battle experience, to level 5 at most. Advancing from there would rely on providence.

In other words, a Shapeshift Sorcerer’s awakening and advancement were a bit like relying on fate.

Despite this, Marvin was already very satisfied. Shapeshifting into an Asuran Bear already completely made up for the previous flaws in his ability to be a front liner.

He was crazily stomping forward in the wolf pack, his four limbs his most powerful weapons!


A palm slap directly sent two wolves flying, landing 10 meters away in the snow field.


His foot stomped down, turning a wolf into meat paste. His fur, bones and the melting snow combined made it look like chili con carne on flatbread.

The 3 meter tall Asuran Bear was very frightening, his sharp claws tougher than curved daggers and his paws even more powerful.

Wolves were howling here and there in the blaze while Marvin kept reaping forward!

It really felt too amazing!

Even if these wolves jumped, they couldn’t even scratch his neck.

He could fight completely casually.

He could forget all his careful preparations, all his plans and strategy. It was a pure contest of strength, making him feel incomparably wild!


The Asuran Bear’s roar spread through the snow mountain.

Marvin dove forward, his huge figure landing impactfully, before rolling on the ground.

A wolf was crushed.

The weight of something like an Asuran Bear was at least several tons!

This was totally a live tank!

In this world of fire and ice, a vicious slaughter had just begun.

The formerly domineering wolves were being thoroughly destroyed!

In the Three Ring Towers, the audience were totally speechless.

Some people with bad hearts no longer dared to look at the magic screen.

Today’s competition could only be described as having a surprise at every corner.

Just when everyone thought Marvin and Wayne were completely hopeless, Marvin jumped out once again and shocked everyone!

The people who felt worried about Marvin’s charge were now happily standing up!

"Turns out Baron Marvin is a Druid!"

"Yeah, a very big bear. Those wolves look like insects in front of him."

"So powerful! Truly powerful! Our Wizard’

s strength was completely overshadowed in this Battle of the Holy Grail."

"Celina might not necessarily win!"

Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

They stretched their neck upward to get a better look. Even if their neck felt sore, they didn’t dare to miss anything.

Because today’s competition was really too amazing.

Marvin’s powerful display thoroughly conquered the audience.

Lohart’s complexion was deathly pale.

‘As expected, this Marvin is a complete monster!’

Ranger, subclass Druid? He wasn’t a fool. Was there such a strong 2nd rank Druid in this world?

That damn Marvin had the strength of a 3rd rank Druid right?

Kate at his side actually looked very calm.

When Ding blessed Marvin, she had already noticed his hidden Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline.

And Ding told Kate.

This had increased Kate’s favorable impression of Marvin by a bit.

Maybe the reason was the feeling of sympathy for being fellow Sorcerers suppressed by the Wizards.

But she sighed in relief when she heard people on the side mistaking Marvin for a Druid.

After all, Sorcerers weren’t really liked by Wizards.

"Druid?" Hathaway in her Ashes Tower sneered disdainfully, "If Druids were that powerful, the Twin Snakes Cult would have already been exterminated."

Naturally, she was able to see through Marvin’s mystical Shapeshift.

It made her remember her Seer specialty.

She had also been on that kind of path after all.

‘Seems like that boy wasn’t just talking big, he really had great confidence in winning the Grail.’

‘Ashes Tower has never won a Battle of the Holy Grail before. Won’t I appear stingy if I don’t reward him properly?"

Thus, this young beautiful Tower Master began worrying about the reward for Marvin’s victory.

The fire gradually died out on the snow mountain.

The wolf pack scattered.

The huge body of the Asuran Bear proudly stepped out of the blaze.

Celina watched that scene, extremely shocked. She couldn’t accept what happened!

‘How could this be?’

‘This guy, how could he be so strong? He is only a Ranger, how could he suddenly turn into a huge dreadful bear!’

But she didn’t get much time to think, as Marvin had already charged once again!

He couldn’t stay in Beast-shape for too long, so he had to make every second count.

Asuran Bears can stand on their lower limbs when fighting.

But when running on four limbs, their speed was even faster!

He bolted forward like a madly rushing elephant!

The ground and snow for five meters around him shook incessantly.

He instantly thundered up the slope!

Celina barely managed to recompose herself.

‘I still haven’t lost!’

‘I still have spells!’

She took a deep breath and brandished her dazzling golden magic staff, aiming it at the madly rushing Marvin.

1st-circle spell – Ice Cage!

A few icy fences began materializing around the body of the Asuran Bear, before being crushed by Marvin.


Those few fences shattered into pieces.

Control spell ineffective!

Celina clenched her teeth and chanted once again.

1st-circle spell – Odin’s fist!

In an instant, a huge clenched fist made of Force Magic appeared in Marvin’s path.

The Asuran Bear silently knocked his head against it!

The huge fist disintegrated on impact, disappearing into thin air.

Force spell ineffective!

Panic flashed through Celina’s eyes.

But suddenly, the Great Winter Wolf let out a roar, his body suddenly swelling up!

He grew quite tall compared to his original small build!

Without Celina’s permission, this Great Winter Wolf dashed forward regardless of the danger.

This was the pride of the Great Winter Wolf.

Everyone was someone moved. This Great Winter Wolf cub really had a kingly temperament.

He resolutely revealed his teeth and claws, charging into the Asuran Bear.

A trace of hope suddenly rose in Celina’s heart.

Maybe I can still win!

All of the spectators watched this scene extremely nervously. There was way too many reversals today. Could the Great Winter Wolf’s strange transformation restore Celina’s morale?

On the magic screen, the Asuran Bear and Great Winter Wolf wildly charged at each other.

One wolf, one bear. Meeting face to face!

Afterward, the bear threw a slap… And killed the wolf.

Indeed, only one slap!

The audience members were shocked silly!

They saw it very clearly. When both sides met, the Great Winter Wolf jumped high, trying to bite Marvin’s neck.

But unfortunately, Marvin raised his large paw and slapped it onto the ground, as if swatting a fly.

This frightening power directly put the wolf into a near death state!

Marvin didn’t stop moving forward after that and directly stepped on his body.

His movement seemed very pleased and happy.

In the spectators eyes, it even felt a bit enjoyable!

But the Great Winter Wolf who was trampled under his body didn’t feel the slightest positive emotion.

He was directly crushed!

Celina gasped!

The Great Winter Wolf was regarded as a king among beasts. With time, it could turn into a Legend creature. But this Great Winter Wolf was just a cub.

The pitiful young animal had only been born six months earlier.

It was sent by the Unicorn family to Celina as a present a week earlier. Celina’s ambition was to raise it into a frightening Magic Beast that would shake all of Feinan!

Then it was slapped to death by Marvin.

Everyone was left speechless.

Too overBearing!

At the same rank, maybe only peak Assassins could be able to deal with the Asuran Bear!

Class advantages was still very important.

Celina’s spells were resisted by the Asuran Bear, she had already lost!

On the snow slope.

"Wait!" Celina suddenly shouted.

The madly rushing Marvin stopped his footsteps and said in a muffled voice, "Are you conceding?"

Celina took a deep breath, her eyes were full of ambitions.

"No, I want to make a deal with you."

"You and your brother concede, let me have the Grail and win the competition."

"Afterwards, you can have all of me, and I’ll do everything for you."

She then made an enticing pose.

Marvin slowly walked to her side.

Expectation filled Celina’s eyes, "One Witch at your service, don’t tell me it’s not tempting…"

She didn’t finish her sentence before her field of view suddenly turned dark.


Marvin ruthlessly slapped down, turning her into meat paste.

He mumbled while slapping:

"Something is wrong with you…"

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