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Chapter 120: Roaring Beast!

"How did his strength suddenly recover?"

"Yeah. He was clearly in critical condition earlier. How come after taking a fall, he not only woke up, but is also moving fine again?"

"How is he running so quickly? Heavens! Is he going to challenge that completely unscathed Celina?"

In the Three Towers, everyone was shocked as they watched Marvin run!

They had thought that the outcome of the Battle of the Holy Grail was already decided. Marvin and Wayne had no strength left after all.

The two fell in a hole in the ice. Their situation was very miserable.

Despite that, the brothers’ display of toughness in this competition sincerely convinced the majority of the audience.

But in the end, it was a competition.

In the eyes of the majority, even if Celina didn’t act, she would still become the winner of the Battle of the Holy Grail!

The Wizards of the other two towers had shaken their heads, sighing.

"Damn. It’s the Thunder Tower once again, it’s always like this!"

"Although Leymann is an upstanding Wizard, he still cares a lot about every Battle of the Holy Grail, doing his best to create an opportunity for his apprentices, tsk…"

"Yeah, if that Marvin hadn’t met that Guardian right off the bat before being chased by the Gemini, maybe Magore Academy’s brothers might have won the competition."

But their sighs were unable to change the outcome of the competition.

The referees in charge of the competition weren’t Wizards from the Three Ring Towers but enforcers from the South Wizard Alliance.

According to the rule of the competition, if Marvin and Wayne didn’t move for 30 minutes, they would be considered inactive and disqualified.

Just as those enforcers were about to take a magic carpet to fly into the snow mountain, Leymann’s strict voice echoed beside their ears:

"The competition isn’t over!"

Not over?

The few enforcers froze.

One of them took out a crystal ball and through the shared magic screen, ended up noticing that Marvin, who had been unconscious, had actually jumped out of the hole!

He couldn’t help but rub his eyes!

‘Is there a mistake?’

‘He’s this lively already? This guy’s constitution clearly wasn’t great. Surely even a Barbarian wouldn’t be able to recover that fast?’

Everyone was puzzled.

However, Marvin’s previous miraculous performances already made them somewhat used to it.

Taking liberties with a Guardian, violently killing a Gemini, and now recovering from such a bloody state was also not too strange to believe!

In the Thunder Tower, veins were throbbing on the angry Lohart’s forehead.

He hadn’t thought that his carefully picked Gemini would be defeated!

That was a monster able to kill 3rd rank class holders. If not for his clan’s high level Wizards using a slave contract on it, he wouldn’t dare take it out.

Marvin was merely a level 7 Ranger surprisingly managed to get rid of a Gemini.

This completely overturned his understanding of Rangers.

‘Damn, those teachers were completely bullshitting me. Saying that Ranger was a trash class, a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none, very mediocre.’

‘Seems like they completely misled me. What tutor? South Wizard Alliance’s most prestigious scholar… Ptui! When this heir returns, I’ll ask my father to fire these old swindlers!’

‘Ranger is clearly a very powerful class!’

Marvin’s performance greatly twisted that Unicorn Heir’s worldview.

He had always stayed in the family headquarters, training on Crystal Island Before he came to the Three Ring Towers, he had few contacts with the outside world.

Though he wasn’t a Wizard, he was an expert in swordsmanship, and his knowledge was taught by the best teachers of the clan.

As he trained his swordsmanship, he naturally looked down on Rangers that used curved daggers. Before today, he had always tho

ught Rangers were the kind of dejected people sleeping and eating in the wilderness, having dishevelled hair and covered in bugs. This was what his teacher had taught him.

And from a certain point of view, it wasn’t wrong.

He had met a few Rangers on his way and they were all rough good for nothings.

This made him look down on his dead younger brother who was actually killed by a Ranger. What has he been doing all these years in the Three Ring Towers? Was he training his magic, or was he playing around with women?

Before the start of the competition, he was still considering whether using the Gemini was making a big fuss over nothing.

But when Marvin crazily cut the Gemini into mince meat, he was thoroughly stunned.

Those frightening daggers’ shadows, he knew he wouldn’t be able to block them!

Even Lohart himself was already a Fighter on verge of entering 3rd rank, and the advancement was only a matter of time.

But he was still frightened by Marvin’s fierce and awe-inspiring dagger skills.

It was to the extent that he actually sighed in relief when Marvin lost consciousness.

When the brothers fell in a hole in the snow field, he couldn’t help but cheer, making the surrounding people roll their eyes at him.


What happened next almost made Lohart collapse!

Marvin recovered and jumped out from the hole, fiercely charging toward Celina!

That expression, that movement, Lohart already couldn’t accept it!

‘Everyone says that Geminis are monsters! But isn’t that guy the true monster!?’

If there weren’t people nearby, Lohart would have been unable to stop himself from roaring!

He originally had great confidence in Celina and the Great Winter Wolf.

But it didn’t look like much now.

He had a bad feeling.

This Marvin was simply outrageously strong!

Marvin was the true winner of this Battle of the Holy Grail!

This thought gave him a sense of defeat.

"Immediately contact the clan. Say that the estimation of Marvin strength was mistaken. He was able to kill the Gemini and has at least the strength of a 3rd rank!" He grabbed one of his followers and growled in a low voice.

The latter swiftly went to work.

An influential clan like the Unicorn clan naturally ways to communicate quickly.

The clan would soon send a stronger expert to kill Marvin!

Lohart calmed down a bit as he thought of this.

Kate came back at that time.

"I am sorry for leaving just now. How is the competition going?" she asked with a smile.

Lohart forced a smile. "Looks like my people’s luck was a bit bad…"

"It doesn’t matter," Kate comforted. "Luck isn’t something people can control."

Ding in Kate’s embrace couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice:

"But an adorable Fortune Fairy like me can…"

At the bottom of the slope, a cold gale passed by, cutting like knives across Marvin’s face.

He didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain.

Celina coldly watched Marvin rush toward her.

She didn’t know what happened to the Gemini but she had confidence in being able to defeat that guy!

Because she had the strongest class, Wizard!

And there was the Great Winter Wolf protecting her. She didn’t believe Marvin would be able to reach her through waves of wolves.

Although Marvin had madly rushed over, the young Great Winter Wolf had already managed to summon many wolves before he arrived.

More than 200 wolves had already gathered next to them, their green eyes coldly glaring at Marvin.

Many more wolves were on their way to join the pack!

"You are screwed!" Celina murmured.

She pet the head of the Great Winter Wolf Cub.

The latter immediately let out a long howl!

In an instant, all the wolves moved together.

That scene was simply too frightening!

Fighting one lone wolf wasn’t too terrible.

But a wolf pack was utterly scary.

They were born soldiers, and under the command of the Great Winter Wolf, they actually grouped together to form something looking like a square shaped formation.

This wasn’t a wolf pack.

This was an army.

Even if their average level was 3 to 4, there were enough to rip apart any 2nd rank class holder!

Even if a Wizard met so many wolves, it would be a major headache.

The wolf pack rushing, the earth trembling, the sharp wind blasting!

The audience silently looked at this scene.

Marvin was like a lone reef standing against a wild tide.

No, not a reef, because a reef was motionless while Marvin actually charged toward the wolves!

He greeted the waves of wolves alone, and started the assault.


This was the word in the mind of the audience.

This was a real fighter!

This was a real… Man!

His two daggers, and even Marvin himself, moved as if they were flying!

He collided with the wolf pack!

He then waved his right hand, but didn’t hit a wolf.

The next instant, a frightening flame erupted in a circular area in front of Marvin!

[Blazing Fury]!

This was the powerful spell that Marvin had been holding onto all along.

At long last, he used it.

After the flame ignited the fur of the wolves in front of him, the pack formation suddenly turned chaotic.

The flames burned on the snow, and howls of grief could be heard from among the wolf pack.

Such a tragic scene was rarely seen!

The blaze of fury was burning across a wide area, and the Great Winter Wolf constantly howled to try to calm the wolves burnt by the fire.

A lot of wolves began to roll about in the snow, trying to extinguish the fire on their bodies.

And the wolves coming from behind were thus obstructed.

The wolf pack was in chaos!

"Turns out he still had a spell like this!"

"Blazing Fury was perfectly used. This guy is obviously not a Wizard, but his control of magic isn’t inferior to Wizards."

"Where did Baron Marvin go?"

Everyone watched attentively the flame covered scene, trying to locate any sign of Marvin.

At this time, a tall shadow appeared on the magic screen!

That shadow was growing at a speed visible to the naked eyes!


A loud roar echoed through the snow mountain.

After Blazing Fury, Marvin rushed into the wolf pack. He put all his belongings away into the Void Conch.

The next second, he activated the active specialty [Boundless Shapeshifting]!


This time, he chose a Beast-shape!

His body swelled up instantly, turning into a three meter Asuran Bear.

He felt strength coursing through his body.

Those wolves had become completely insignificant in his eyes!

He swiped in front of him, making more than ten wolves fly away!

In the fire, the wolves howled in grief as Marvin began to savagely roar!

The slaughter had just begun!

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