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Chapter 119: Shapeshift Sorcerer


TL: Shaman -> Sorcerer. Explanation at the end.



When those logs flashed through Marvin’s eyes, he suddenly shivered. The cold and the pain made him regain consciousness.

Wayne was calmly lying to the side, apparently unconscious!

Marvin looked up.

‘This is… a hole…’

‘Thankfully this hole isn’t too deep. Seems like Wayne carried me after I lost consciousness, and we ended up falling in!’

Marvin hurriedly examined Wayne’s condition. His skin was red and his limbs ice cold. The situation wasn’t very good!

Wayne’s constitution was even weaker than Marvin’s, only at 7!

Even if he took the cold resistance potion, the effect wasn’t that outstanding, let alone now that the medicine was slowly wearing off.

His temperature was too low, and once it fell down further, it would be life threatening!

Marvin took a deep breath and stretched his muscles.

He thought his body would be in a bad state, but surprisingly, he found no major issues after moving for a bit.

‘Hold on…’

That subclass!

Marvin immediately checked his own logs.

Sure enough, among the Ranger, Night Walker, Noble, and Blacksmith classes, there was one class firmly occupying the first subclass spot!

This class name was very strange, and at least 90% of people in Feinan weren’t aware of the existence of this class.

Shapeshift Sorcerer!

‘It’s actually Shapeshift Sorcerer!’

‘I thought it would have been Shadow Sorcerer. But still, I didn’t expect my bloodline to awaken at that time.’

Marvin was overjoyed.

This Battle of the Holy Grail had somehow exceeded his expectations. He had boasted in front of Hathaway, but he hadn’t expected to meet something as abnormal as a Gemini.

He was confident in settling it if it was only Guardians or Wizards.

But Geminis were really too frightening. That kind of build was simply not possible for humans, and even a Hero build wouldn’t be that strong!

After killing it, Marvin himself had also half given up. Before passing out, he was still considering whether or not he should concede!

Unfortunately, he had no time to talk to Wayne before he passed out.

Marvin didn’t know what happened next, but he could only make a rough guess.

‘This kid is too stubborn. Unwilling to concede.’

He looked toward Wayne on the side, smiling pleasantly.

Even though that little guy was only 9 years old, his willpower was extremely shocking. Marvin had to help him overcome the Universe Magic Pool’s fall. With this kind of willpower, he might even become stronger once the new Wizard class surfaced!

Marvin was sitting in the ice hole, not feeling the cold. He began to carefully study this new subclass suddenly appearing from his bloodline.

When he had talked with the Ancient Elven God, Marvin understood that he was a Numan’s descendant.

Numen didn’t last long in Feinan’s history.

They had an inherent ability to cast by themselves and didn’t need the Universe Magic Pool.

They came from another plane.

The suppression of Sorcerers¹ by the Wizards wasn’t unrelated to the Numen. Numen were tyrants in Feinan and were ultimately banished by the people rising up against them, eventually becoming exiled.

But Feinan still had a small amount of Numan blood descendants. These people would become part of the great Sorcerer family. After all, the Sorcerer class was divided into a lot of different classes. Fate Sorcerer, Fiend Sorcerer, Ghost Sorcerer, Evil Spirit Sorcerer… Hidden among the Sorcerers, the Numan blood descendants wouldn’t be noticed.

Although the Southern Wizard Alliance had rescinded the command to chase the Numen 300 years ago, most people would still be suspicious of the Numen.

Many ignorant people thought Numen were a kind of devil.

As a result, most of the remaining Sorcerers also suffered, a

nd no matter how they would explain, people wouldn’t believe their class was [Draconic Sorcerer] or [Celestial Sorcerer], thinking it was [Fiend Sorcerer] instead.

Ignorance is frightening.

And in reality, even among the Numen, there were many branches.

When Marvin used the Book of Nalu, he obtained that shocking [Shadow Doppelganger] skill. That innate skill was a major help during his fight with the Gemini.

When he got it, he guessed that his hidden bloodline was [Shadow Sorcerer]!

But that turned out not to be the case.

‘Shapeshift Sorcerer is a class even rarer than Shadow Sorcerer!’

‘I don’t remember meeting a lot of Shapeshift Sorcerers in the past…’

‘Hmmm. That Diggles of the [Six Evil Overlords] in the Evil Spirit Plane seemed to be a Shapeshift Sorcerer.’

Some knowledge about the class gradually appeared in Marvin’s mind.

But this knowledge was really too pathetic when compared to his knowledge of other classes!

He only knew there were few Shapeshift Sorcerers among the Numen, that this class could switch between different shapes, and they had very few spells.

‘In any case, let’s check the attribute changes.’

Marvin carefully checked the attribute panel.

The logs were as follows:

[You received your first subclass – Shapeshift Sorcerer (Bloodline)]

[Personal Specialty – Versatile in effect. No penalty for the first subclass.]

[1000 battle exp automatically withdrawn. Subclass Shapeshift Sorcerer successfully acquired.]

[Constitution +1, HP +10]

[Bloodline awakening (1/5). All 1st-circle spells acquired.]

[You obtained a class specialty – Boundless Shapeshifting.]

[Boundless Shapeshifting]: Active Specialty. You can switch between various shapes. Currently two shapes available – Shadow-shape, Beast-shape.

After looking at it for some time, Marvin got a general understanding of this class.

This was a very mystical class.

There were actually all kinds of shapes. He currently could use two shapes; one was Shadow and the other was Beast

After getting his Shapeshift Sorcerer subclass, his default shape was human.

And using another shape would consume a lot of stamina, it would cost at least half of his stamina to shapeshift.

With Marvin’s current constitution, it would roughly last 10 minutes before he had to switch back to his human shape.

As for his abilities when in a non-human shape, Marvin had no idea.

And in human shape, in addition to his bonus attribute point he’d received, the [All 1st-circle spells] was merely two spells!

One was [Charming Looks]!

This spell could give +3 Charisma to the target for 30 minutes. In other words, it was used to look good to seduce young ladies.

The second spell was [Transforming Magic Cube]!

This spell was actually a control type spell, making up for Marvin’s lack of control abilities!

A total of two 1st-circle spells, was this even a damn Sorcerer class?

Marvin couldn’t help but ridicule it a bit.

But he noticed that after getting the subclass, his body’s weak state apparently disappeared.

The previous injury caused by the Gemini had already completely recovered.

This should have something to do with the Shapeshift Sorcerer Bloodline.

‘This bloodline, can’t tell if it’s bad or not. And the world is full of dangers, I can’t get careless again.’

‘If not for being lucky… Wait, luck?’

Marvin suddenly recalled something.

He carefully looked at the attribute window. That [Luck +1] line from before had already disappeared!

‘It disappeared?’

‘What does this mean?’

Marvin wasn’t stupid, he immediately understood.

‘Turns out it was like this! I wasn’t lucky… Rather, the Luck bonus helped me awaken!’

‘The blessing of the Fortune Fairy Ding!’

The Fortune Fairy was an incarnation of a Fate Tablet fragment. Her strength was extremely frightening. Her blessing would naturally be hard to imagine.

Even if Marvin only had 1/10000 chance of awakening his bloodline, after using the blessing’s Luck, it could raise the odds to 99%.

This was the effect of Luck.

But Luck didn’t have unlimited uses. After helping Marvin awaken his bloodline, the point was used up.

Next time Marvin fell into a similar crisis, he would have to rely on his actual luck!

In any case, luckily awakening his bloodline subclass already made Marvin very satisfied.

At least the Shapeshift Sorcerer class wouldn’t waste one of his subclass spots, and it saved his life.

He raised his head to look at the opening in the ice. This hole wasn’t very high, so he used a bit of effort and jumped out of it.

He had [Anti-Gravity Steps] after all.

From the color of the sky, it should be late afternoon.

They hadn’t been rescued, meaning that the competition was still underway.

‘There is still that Celina.’ A hint of killing intent flashed through Marvin’s eyes.

If not for her, would there be a Gemini in the competition?

Marvin would definitely not be lenient toward that woman!

‘Let’s get out first.’

Marvin took out a Wishful Rope and tied it to Wayne, preparing himself to jump out and then pull his younger brother.

But a loud, mournful wolf howl suddenly echoed outside the hole.

Marvin felt something wrong.

He used Anti-Gravity Steps and rushed outside.

He saw a small wolf standing on the snowy slope, continuously howling.

And a delicate figure was standing next to it!


Marvin noticed that even though that wolf was small and skinny, cold air could be seen coming out when it howled.

‘Great Winter Wolf!’

‘Even though it’s a cub, to be able to have it as her pet! The Unicorn family is really investing in this!’

Marvin suddenly realized something really bad.

A young Great Winter Wolf was fine, he could handle it. The problem was that this thing could summon a large wolf pack!

A wolf pack is a very frightening thing.

Far away on the mountain, low howling sounds could be heard answering.

This was the sound of low level wolves answering the summon of the Great Winter Wolf!

Once the wolf pack was formed, it would be very difficult to escape!

‘No good. I have to kill Celina and that wolf cub first!’

A hint of killing intent flashed through Marvin’s eyes. He decisively went to hide Wayne in a relatively more concealed spot in the hole.

he put on Wayne’s Thunder Fairy Boots for himself, and used the fastest speed to charge at Celina standing on that slope!

‘It’s time to display the power of the class I just obtained!’

As he thought, he was ready to shapeshift!


T/N1 – Sorry for the change. The description for the class so far fitted Shaman and Sorcerer, I picked shaman as the safe choice (sorcerer sounds more wizard-like than shaman) and thus that’s what I used. With the introduction of Dragonborn Sorcerer and Celestial Sorcerer, I decided to correct this mistake. It is now Sorcerer/Warlock, following proper D&D classes.

Sorry Sofaking, more work for you.

ED/N - Yaaay.

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