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Chapter 111: A Special Skill


It was clearly a fake!

In a flash Marvin already concluded.

The summit was only this large, and this Guardian was cream of the crop. He wouldn’t be this foolish.

Because with Marvin’s high dexterity, he would completely be able to dodge that Guardian’s Charge. If that happened, the Guardian might fall down from the peak due to his momentum.

Therefore, this Charge was definitely a feint.

In just an instant Marvin already thought through all this, and his body quickly acted!

The Guardian was troublesome! But the number of Guardians he’d slaughtered in the past was in the triple digits.

He didn’t unsheathe the daggers he was holding onto, and instead rushed toward the Guardian.

The latter was startled, not having expected Marvin’s reaction to be this quick. That Ranger had actually seen through his feint in a split second.

The distance between both sides was shortening, they would soon collide!

The Guardian let out a shout, quickly adjusting!

He put force against the shield, forcing himself to change the fake Charge into a real Charge!

[Shield Bash], Guardians’ signature skill, was the best way to interrupt their enemies.

With that added to his fierce strength, if Marvin hit the shield, he might be directly knocked dizzy!

But, as everyone watched, Marvin didn’t let the Guardian succeed.

Anti-Gravity Steps!

Moving like a graceful swallow, he forcibly stepped on the Guardian’s two meter high shield with his right foot, pulled himself up, and reached the top of the shield in an instant!

He then jumped on the back of the Guardian’s shoulders!

The Guardian remained calm and raised his shield above his head!

His helmet was also covered in sharp barbed tips, making his whole body look like a hedgehog. It seemed impossible for people to do anything to him.

He was very confident in his defenses!

But he was caught unprepared by the next actions.

He only saw Marvin taking out the wishful rope, and under the incantation, the wishful rope started shrinking!

Then Marvin jumped down the Guardian’s back.

"What is he doing!"

"Wishful rope? The Guardian’s armor has a very good protection for the throat. The wishful rope simply cannot strangle him!"

The audience stared fixedly at the scene happening in the magic screen. They didn’t understand the purpose of Marvin’s dazzling moves!

But the answer was displayed shortly after!

The wishful rope was already tied to the Guardian’s neck as Marvin pulled and crouched to tie the other end to the Guardian’s right foot!

The latter accurately kicked backwards!

But thankfully, Marvin’s dexterity was high, letting him narrowly dodge this move and successfully coil the wishful rope around the Guardian’s right foot!

"Left foot is next!" Marvin sneered.

He nimbly crouched again, dodging the angry Guardian’s shield while conveniently tying the rope around his left foot!

In a mere handful of seconds, Marvin managed to complete his plan!

The wishful rope firmly coiled around the Guardian’s neck and feet, making him lose balance and fall down on the floor!

As an uncommon item, the wishful rope’s toughness was extremely high. To break it, you needed at least 22 strength or it wouldn’t work.

Guardians usually don’t have such a high strength.

Marvin killed so many Guardians, his experience told him that no matter what, just tie those tin cans up!

Even if this wasn’t deadly to the Guardians, and only made them unable to move, it would undoubtedly create an opportunity.


In the Snow Mountain, two daggers were unsheathed. A cold ray of light flickered.

The Guardian still had not released his shield. Even in this situation, his reactions and judgement were still correct!

To deal with a Ranger, the shield was a natural barrier. If he

gave up his shield, the Ranger would be unrestrained.

This guy was really an elite.

Unfortunately, he met Marvin!

"I always thought that classes that only know how to defend were trash."

"Even if you wrap yourself up like an iron fort, I can still kill you."

"What’s the use of wearing many layers of armors? You are naked in my eyes!"

Marvin’s daggers turned and suddenly burst out!


One dagger cut at the Guardian’s waist, while the other came in contact with the heavy helmet, sending out sparks.

"You attacks are ineffective!"

The Guardian in an awkward situation angrily shouted!

Indeed, that attack was ineffective. The dagger was simply unable to break through the heavy helmet’s defense.

But Marvin didn’t stop.

His dagger kept sliding on the Guardian’s heavy helmet, making some rumbling noise while sparks flew everywhere!

"What are you doing?"

Apparently sensing something wrong, the Guardian started moving impatiently.He waved his shield, but unfortunately, Marvin’s movements were too quick.

He not only escaped the Guardian’s attack, his dagger stabbed into the small chink in the armor at the waist!

‘It’s show time.’

Marvin smiled.

"Begin timing." He said a sentence that sounded unfathomable to the Guardian!

The next instant, Marvin was like a ghost, coiling around the extremely worried Guardian, the curved dagger in his hand constantly flickering!

"Clank! Snap!"

All kinds of strange sounds echoed!

The Guardian wanted to counterattack when he saw Marvin’s frantic display, but he couldn’t follow his rhythm, or even properly move.

On the summit, two shadows were locked together in a chaotic situation.

"Eh? That’s interesting." In the Ashes Tower, Hathaway was displaying a curious expression.

She was one of the few people able to clearly see what Marvin was doing.

"Worthy of being a Seer. This is a very skilled technique."

"It’s getting more and more intriguing, even a restraining class like Guardian is unable to do something to him?"

As she was talking to herself, Hathaway couldn’t help but peel an orange and stuff it into her mouth.

It seems like she had been liking oranges more and more lately.

"This Marvin’s dexterity is pretty good. But what’s the use of having high dexterity when facing a Guardian?"

A few Apprentice Wizards were discussing, "It’s a complete waste of stamina."

"Yeah, he can run around to avoid the Guardian for the time being, but his stamina won’t be able to keep up! When he is out of stamina, he’ll be done for!"

"If I were that Guardian, I would just stand there without moving, looking at what he is doing."

These few people were clearly rejoicing in other people’s misfortunes.

But who could have thought that an ice-cold voice would suddenly echo next to them, "If you were that Guardian, you would have already died."

The people in the audience were stunned, and looked at where the voice came from.

That was a Wizard Enforcer!

It was said that person had a lot of battle experience, and even if she was a woman, she was overwhelmingly better than most men in the battle field.

That day Marvin created a disturbance at the door of Magore Academy, it was her Enforcer’s team that rushed there.

"Greetings Dame Lucy…" The few apprentices lowered their heads.

"Watch carefully." Lucy indifferently continued, staring at that magic screen, her eyes displaying the wish to battle, "This guy is far more powerful than you imagine."

"A lot stronger."


The final cut was made and Marvin rolled to avoid another of the Guardian’s attacks. This time he rolled far away!

The Guardian blankly looked at him. He was very surprised that Marvin suddenly increased the distance between them.

But at this time, Marvin suddenly said, "32 seconds, a lot slower than before…"

He hadn’t even finished talking when the Wishful Rope automatically came off the Guardian’s body.

The next second, "Clang!""Clang!" could be heard from the Guardian’s body!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, that full body armor that the Guardian was so proud of, unexpectedly fell to the ground!

It fell!

It turned into pieces of metal, scattering on the ground!

Marvin smiled.

"I’m not very good at taking girl’s clothes off."

"But I’m very good at taking Guardian’s clothes off."

In the Three Ring Towers, the audience who were watching the magic screen were in an uproar!

They blankly looked at the Guardian’s clothes fell on the ground layer by layer, leaving him on the ground in his undergarments in this world of ice and snow.

"Hey Mom! That uncle was stripped of his clothes." From a corner, the young voice of a small girl echoed.

Everyone was taken aback!

It actually can be dealt with like this?

How exactly did that Marvin do it!

He really cleaned that Guardian’s clothes away completely!

"Fuck! This guy has done this before!? There is actually a special skill like this…"

"This skill, is too frightening, right?"

"Tsk. You see that Guardian? He appears tough on the outside with his armor, but his underwear is actually pink. Couldn’t tell before that it was someone cold on the outside but passionate in the inside…"

Everyone was chatting.

There was so much to talk about from that display!

Marvin was not simply fighting the Guardian, he was humiliating him!

All the Guardians watching felt cold. They felt that their strong and reliable armor turned into a layer of cloth that could be removed at anytime!

Those few Apprentice Wizards were thoroughly stunned.

They hadn’t expected the situation to end up like this!

Guardians were obviously the bane of Rangers, why was it the opposite with Marvin?

At the summit of the snow mountain, the Guardian was almost going crazy!

The snowy wind blew on his precious pink underwear, so cold it made him constantly shiver.

What made him unable to stand it the most, was Marvin looking at him with ridicule.

"It’s fine, I understand," Marvin spoke first. "There are some people in touch with their feminine side."

"Drop dead!" The Guardian was thoroughly angered.

He completely lost his reason, both hands raising his shield and fiercely rushing toward Marvin!

But this kind of action was exactly what Marvin expected!

Shadow Step!

A simple turn and Marvin instantly arrived at the Guardian’s back!


Perfect combo.

Blood spurted from the Guardian’s throat. He painfully covered his throat, but there was no use, because this slash had dealt a fatal injury!

The Guardian collapsed.

Dying such a depressing death at the summit of the snow mountain. His key fell into Marvin’s hands.

Blood dyed the snow red as the icy wind became stronger.

Marvin calmly sheathed his daggers. No one noticed that the dagger he used to strip the Guardian’s armor off was Blazing Fury, the gift from the old blacksmith!

"Already got half of the keys."

"But the competition has just started."

Marvin standing at the summit gazed downwards.

Soon in the distance, he saw two people, one chasing the other!

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