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Chapter 55: 55
Evan D . Sherden . Hunting for Treasure (5)


“Ah, Evan Oppa . The gift I promised before my departure . ”

Serena brought the promised goods . It was a dagger in the shape of a black nail, and when he accepted it, Evan gave a deep emotional sigh .

“It really was there . And this is really… I can get it now . ”

Originally, in Yo-Ma Great War 3, you could only get this after completing countless quests and raising the royal contribution before heading to the dungeon where you would kill a fake boss once and see its ending .

“What is that? It was obtained a long time ago, but nobody knows how to use it . ”

Evan did . In all series, the protagonist went on a quest to unlock the Limit Breaker’s secret, and then he unlocked the secret and got such treasures . Until then, they were only kept hidden in places such as the Royal Palace treasury, ruined temples, and other places .

“This is called a Limit Breaker . It is a very valuable item . It’s an object that breaks the limits . ”

“What limits?”

“I’ll tell you about that later . ”

Limit Breaker was commonly called equipment breaker . Players of Yo-Ma Great War were familiar with it . Because without this, seeing the true ending became extremely difficult .

The final dungeon was so hard . Since the later dungeons’ difficulty rose sharply compared to the earlier dungeons, if you entered the dungeon and didn’t have it, there were cases where it was extremely difficult to progress .

But after ‘using’ the Limit Breaker, it became possible .

‘By nature, all beings, including the protagonist, can only wear five artifacts . ’

It was an absolute law . There were five limits on the number of artifacts that one being could accept . But, with the Limit Breaker, the total number was increased to six!

It could be said that the difference between wearing one artifact and not wearing it was truly enormous .

If the rest of the conditions were the same, between the one who wore the ghost bracelet and the one who didn’t wear it, the one who wore the ghost bracelet would have overwhelmingly higher chances of winning!

‘Will I be able live until I get that far? Is it right to get this and not just leave it for the main character who will take it in the future?’

In fact, not seeing the ending did not mean that it would be a big deal . Even if you weren’t able to look at the ending because of this, the world would still end as it was going to end anyway .

And if the protagonist of Yo-Ma Great War 3 had some terrifying talents, he could conquer as much as he wanted with the acquired artifacts for the fake ending .

‘If I feel like it’s going to be really hard, I just need to get a little help from others . I would have tried to do that in the first place . ’

Of course, he had no intention of going to the front . Not only did he not have the ability to do so, but the only things that waited for him were the countless signs of death, even if he was not deeply intertwined!

However, he had decided to acquire the Limit Breaker anyway .

‘As I don’t know when I will die, if I cover my entire body with artifacts that enhance defense, I must have the sixth artifact just in case . ’

Evan was wearing a leather glove that he would eventually replace with another weapon, as was the case with the necklace . The Snow Mountain Spirit’s Earrings were also going to be replaced with another artifact . There were now only two places left to wear artifacts for defense!

‘I’m not satisfied, but with these, I can still wear three at least!’

Evan was determined, so he put out one arm in front of himself . Then he lifted his finger as high as he could and muttered, “Lee Mitris” . The spell to drive the item worked successfully, and the nail began to sparkle .

When Serena noticed what he was trying to do, she began to speak with a twinkle in her eyes,

“Is Oppa a monster tamer too? Where is your monster, is it an earthworm?”

“No, I’m not a tamer and there are no earthworms . This is the way to use this item . Shine, Lua, it’s not dangerous, so you can just watch . ”

“Oh, I see . ”

“…Yes, Master . ”

Without hesitation, Evan struck the nail into his arm, preventing Shine and Belois from trying to come forward and interfering .

At that moment, it reflected in their eyes . Something like a black chain appeared, got hit by the nail, and broke apart . Of course, with that, the nail also disappeared .

“… What?”

“What was that, Master?”


When the party realized that they had seen the same thing, they exchanged looks and were dumbstruck .

With this, the limit of wearing artifacts had increased to six .

“There you go . Today’s schedule is hard to follow, so if you can’t adhere to it, it’s okay to return to the Palace on the way, Princess . ”

“I can follow . My physical strength improved thanks to the exercise my Oppa taught me!”

‘Yes, in just two days,’ Evan laughed at her reaction; she seemed to be lying to him .

“Then, let’s move on . ”

“If you get tired, you must speak right away . ”

But surprisingly, the Princess really had improved her physical strength . Since then, even though they walked or ran for nearly four hours without a break, Serena did not get tired and followed the party .

A blacksmith in the corner of the royal road, a library where you couldn’t enter without a noble ID, a tool store where adventurers usually gathered, a clothing store that sold clothes for the common people…

They went around and did weird things or bought goods .

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Serena, who watched Evan with her sparkling pink eyes, remained undisturbed .

“I didn’t have a lot of practice or training today . ”

“That can be left alone for one day . So, are you okay with that?”

“Huh . I’m fine . ”

Ruby also circulated on her shoulders in response to Serena’s answer, who answered calmly and looked around . It had only been two days since their contract, but the relationship between the two had gotten very good .

‘What, did Tigris Glory have a function to improve physical performance too? It could be that the hidden function was released because she is a monster tamer…’

If she practiced continuously according to the special instructions Evan had given her, she would definitely grow up to be a monster tamer, and her existence level would rise a little, but it was not possible to grow that much in two days . He convinced himself with this analysis and nodded .

“Good for you . Physical strength is your own power, so keep working hard . ”

“I hate doing things that are not fun, but what my Oppa taught me is fun, so I will continue . ”

“That’s it . Then let’s eat first . There is a place I know well around here . ”

“So, how come the Master knows about such a place, who himself is also a first-timer of the Royal City? And what have you been doing today?! It’s easier to understand yesterday’s gems and artifacts sweeping!”

“You are too noisy, Shine . ”

Evan did not repeat yesterday’s mistakes . The route was thoroughly configured so that meals could be eaten at an appropriate time . However, unlike yesterday’s café, the place they went to was not a place that nobles would likely go to .

“Oh my God… Master Evan, when did you ever come here?”

“I just heard a rumor that it was good . ”

One of the escorts sent from the Royal family was staggered by his admiration for Evan, but in fact, this was all knowledge Evan had already gained from the Yo-Ma Great War fansite .

When the description of the food was too long, there were some people who got hungry in the real world and ordered delicious food to eat, and some just ate their common foods while looking at the awesome, mouthwatering CGI of the simulated food in the game .

‘And while the taste of the food was amazing, this place is…’

It was a gathering center for mercenaries with the best quality talents in the whole of Royal City .

It was common to recruit colleagues, form parties, or host major events in classic RPG games . That was also common in the Yo-Ma Great War series .

In the days of Yo-Ma Great War 2, most incidents mainly occurred in this place, but in Yo-Ma Great War 3, Regular characters appearing after the middle part usually went through this place at least once during the game . Even Silent Night Shine came here!

“This place holds a very high reputation . Everyone says that the taste of the food is definitely good, but it is also a place where a lot of strong people come…Every one of us has to be cautious . ”

“Sure . ”

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The escort knights were quite nervous, but Evan, who was used to being nervous in the past every time he came to a strange place, wasn’t anxious anymore .

This was a place where all the powerful people of the Royal City flocked to, and as such, there were many cases where he failed here . Of course, Evan didn’t have to worry about having his food or drink poisoned . Even if he got poisoned, he was safe due to his poison resistance training .

“Welcome! Uh, aren’t you nobles?”

“What? The noblemen are here… Hey, it’s the Princess!”

“Her hair is crazy pink…is she a real Princess!?”

The moment they entered the place, the customers inside the store who were having either a drink and or just having an escape from the daily life, looked at them .

Everyone opened their mouths in surprise .

It was a more intense reaction than yesterday’s café, and it should have been like that . Although many of the aristocrats had seen the Princess in person, most of the people here had heard only the rumors that “the Princess in our country is terribly pretty with her pink hair” .

“Hui, she is really pretty, she is gorgeous . ”

“By the way, all the people who came with her are also beautiful . What, are they all Royalty?”

“I don’t think they are all noble… Look at the escort knights . ”

“Shh… Shh!”

While the bar guests were evaluating the appearance of the group with a rather vulgar language, the three escorts, including Dain, stepped forward slightly .

Even though he was an extra character in the game, Dain was definitely one of the strongest people here, and those who saw the escorts lowered their voices . Even if they were stronger than the escort knights in power, they only watched them all quietly as they knew that getting entangled with the noblemen would get them in trouble later .

“Please guide me to a large area so that everyone can sit at the same table . Oh, also a special for 7 people . ”

In the meantime, Evan quietly asked the waiter who looked at the party, he was bowing . His extremely comfortable and familiar attitude made the waiter a little more at ease .

“Okay, I’ll take you inside! Special for 7 people will be there!”

“Huh, who is that noble master now?”

“What, he is a boy? Not a girl?”

“Oh, I’ve heard it before . Isn’t that little boy ‘Sherden’s jewel’? He is extremely famous in the dungeon city . He really looks pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl . By the way…”

“Did you feel it too…? Doesn’t he look a little too strong?”

Evan was also just an extra character, but the guys who said that Evan looked strong just because he was been the representative of a noble family were probably the ones he didn’t care about at all .

Evan shook his head .

He led the group and headed inside . Serena looked around with her twinkling eyes, Shine and Belois wriggled in their clothes uneasily, and the escorts followed, nervous at the thought of being unable to protect them .

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“Evan Oppa, this is a really cool place,” Serena looked around and said in a pure voice .

“Is it possible to tame these people? That’s why you brought me, right?”

“What, Princess? No, please be quiet for a little bit . ”

No matter even if she was the Princess, if they found out that all the people in this area were being called monsters, they wouldn’t get over it easily! On the other hand, Shine was a little bit excited, all the while a little agitated too .

“It seems like there are some very strong people here, Master . ”

“Exactly, Shine . All-powerful people from all over the country come to this place . ”

“Why, Master? And in such a dangerous place?”

Belois also seemed to have similar questions as Shine . However, she was different from him, in that, she was tense with the thought of ‘what if those strong men tried to hurt Evan?’, but Evan said with a big smile,

“People who come here, you don’t need to worry about them because they won’t do that, Lua . ”

“If you say so Master…”

“… Wait, Lua? What?”

And only then Shine noticed that Evan had changed the way he usually called Belois . When had their relationship progressed enough to call each other by nicknames!?

“Huh . ”

However, she responded with a cold expression to Shine, who was looking at Belois with his eyes wide open . Her agitated countenance barred from being any more inquisitive .

Shine felt like how a brother would feel when his younger sister brought her boyfriend home . His expression stiffened greatly .

“Lua . It’s even prettier because it’s small . Can I call you Lua, too?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like it, Your Majesty . ”


Belois’ stern rejection caused the Princess to almost die inside . As he burst with laughter at the Princess’ appearance, Evan lifted his gaze and looked around at the place, which wasn’t small at all .

Powerful people, indestructible people…

His purple eyes sparkled with fascination .

“In fact, I’m looking for a treasure here . ”

A treasure named ‘man’ .

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