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Chapter 180
Never Die Extra Chapter 180


Evan D . Sherden Turns 14 (5)

Evan’s attention in the dungeon up to the 20th floor was on the three rookies’ combat ability, tactics, and swiftness . All three were already at a high level, but whether they could be applied properly to a fight was another question .

‘First, Serena . ’

A sense of maturity could be felt in Serena’s battles . It was clear she hadn’t experienced much of real battle, but her ability to cope with the situation was perfect as if she had received a thorough education . Evan couldn’t dare touch it . It was also because her sense was excellent, although that wasn’t the sole reason . Evan had a guess that it was related to her necklace, the Tigris Glory, which was an artifact dedicated to tamers . The necklace, which was believed to contain the will of the demi-human Urakea from Yoma Great War 1, likely supported her growth as a monster tamer .

‘It must be why I can feel the seasoned beauty behind her movements . If she is taught by Urakea, there is no room for me to interfere . Then, next is Jhin…that guy is also doing very well . ’

It wasn’t as much as Serena, who naturally linked the three slimes movements to her own to perfectly cope with almost any situation, but Jhin, having studied under Iloin, displayed no wasted movements . His eyes, which could capture detail far away and grasp the core and weaknesses of all things, harmonized well with the archery of the wind that was passed down from the elves . Originally, Jhin mainly dealt with ultrlong-range sniping, but currently, he was also capable of rapid-fire . He still was a bit confused about prioritizing his shooting when there were a large number of enemies present, but that could be taken care of with a little advice .

‘That leaves Ena…of course, compared to those two, it’s not enough . Unlike those two using already completed techniques and tactics, she is only vaguely moving with that goal of harmonizing her spear with every move . ’

That was why Ena was even more important . Evan was firm that she would somehow get the unique skill of dealing with spears .

“Ena, focus a little more . Don’t lift your left foot there! Your spear is disturbed by the movement of your feet . ”

“Oh! My, I was doing it right, but suddenly an enemy appeared from behind…”

“If it doesn’t work in practice, training is meaningless, you know?”

“Ah…yes, yep!”

When Ena realized that he was focused mostly on her, she was quickly moved to tears, but she was desperate to follow his instructions, knowing that she was less capable than Jhin and Serena .

“Okay, you’re doing well . The next battle, no break!”


There were so many monsters to fight . Evan touched every trap that would summon a monster and forced the party to fight . He let Serena move freely, carefully checked Jhin’s shooting and Ena’s movements, then gave accurate instructions . In the meantime, he was in charge of making a map, so from those who might’ve seen it, one might doubt Evan had less than eight eyes .

“it hasn’t been a day since we entered… we’re already on the 17th floor . ”

“Because your guiding ability has developed . ”


It was because Serena, Jin, and Ena were able to keep up with his standards, even though he was leading them at a breakneck speed . Eventually, the party found the staircase leading down to the 18th floor that very same day . Serena, Jhin, and Ena all safely grew to level 18 .

“My physical ability has suddenly increased so much I can’t adapt . ”

“You don’t need to worry much about it as a tamer . Jin and Ena, who deal with physical abilities and are new, have it more difficult . ”

“It’s okay! I’m fine!”

Ena was screaming valiantly that she was fine, but she seemed a little depressed . The reason was that even after reaching level 18, Serena and Jin had received one or two skills related to their aptitude, while she alone hadn’t . However, Evan thought it was a good sign .

‘Her performance is by no means lacking; her achievements are overflowing . Maybe the gods are wondering which ability to give her because the combat method she uses is so unique…if they can’t pick one out, they’ll make one . Obviously, now, Ena is at a crossroads . ’

Evan didn’t tell her that directly, of course .

“Everyone’s been working hard . Let’s do this and take a break . Tomorrow, we will break through the 20th floor in one go, so make sure to rest up . ”


“I want to go with you after that!”

“Yes, if you can prove your abilities . ”

Evan led them to the safe room near the stairs to eat and camp . After checking the safety devices in the room to prevent other parties from entering, he called Ena over .

“The others will rest . Ena, train with me a little more . We’ll improve the parts that were lacking in the fights today . ”

“Oh, I see!”

Evan immediately began a complex practice of using a spear with Ena . Of course, he had no aptitude for the spear, but he had enough insight to give advice to Ena as he had played a spear master before . In addition, his training as an alchemist and his genius sense of fighting harmonized to allow him to play the role of Ena’s teacher…Evan didn’t yet know how great he was .

“When it comes to training, Evan is also quite strict . ”

“I would like him to take care of me like that . ”

“…You are very honest with yourself . ”

“Yes, I definitely want to give my soul to him . If I do something wrong, I want to be scolded by him . ”


Raihan felt like he was learning something dangerous, but Arisha intervened to stop Serena from continuing .

“If you want to receive the care of others like that, how about returning to the palace?”

“Ah, I want to be cared for by him . Arisha loves jokes too, haha . ”

 “Huh, I’m not kidding . A joke is too much for your empty brain . ”

“Like Arisha’s flat chest? You’re a girl like me, but it’s really weird! Ahahaha!”



 Arisha and Serena had a light argument while Belois, who was watching the two exchange gloomy smiles, turned to look at Evan . She felt a moment of intense jealousy as she watched Evan instruct Ena, but she struggled to suppress it . If she endured a little more, rewards would await . The reward…!

 “Ah…okay, I think I can get a sense of it now . ”

“Yeah! I think I can do it with this…! No, I will definitely do it!”

“Okay, see if you can move like this tomorrow . ”

“I will try my best, sir!”

Two hours later, Evan declared Ena was ready, and the rest of the party had fallen asleep with the exception of Belois .

“You had a hard time, master . I’ll wipe your sweat off . ”

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“Yes, thank you . Ena, you also rest now . We have to get up early tomorrow…Oh yeah, would you like a potion?”

“Ah…thank you!”

Ena cherished the potion she received, cradling it in her arms . However, she felt sorry to hear Evan tell her to drink it right away . Then, surprisingly, the fatigue that had accumulated in her body through the day was relieved . It felt like she could sleep comfortably .

“Commander, thank you very much…”

 She looked up to express her gratitude to Evan but then flinched to see Belois approaching him . Even though she was standing next to Evan, she felt an aura telling her not to disturb them, and she stepped back without saying a further word .

“Well, then…good night . ”

“Alright, good night . ”

“Young master, I will take off your jacket . ”

“Yes, thank you . ”

Belois carefully removed Evan’s top, took a towel soaked in warm water, and gently wiped his body down .

“Are you itchy?”

“No, I’m okay,…Lua, you can go to bed first . ”

“No…raise your left arm . ”

“Okay . ”

Ena wiped off her sweat and slipped into her sleep bag sneakily . Belois was only gently wiping away Evan’s sweat, but an odd atmosphere had surrounded them, so she couldn’t stop her gaze from lingering on them .

‘Belois…you probably like him . ’

Ena was convinced that loyalty alone wasn’t the reason behind her expression . She felt as if she could hear Belois’s quiet breath . Ena closed her eyes tightly, feeling it weird if she continued to watch . It was too stimulating of a sight .

“Huh, it’s okay down to the waist, Lua . ”

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“But your sweat . ”

“I’ll do it! Go to bed first, Lua . ”

“I’m fine, but…”

“I’m not!”

“…Okay, then please clean it . ”

Soon, the turmoil ceased, and Evan and Belois went to their own sleeping bags . Then, Ena opened her eyes again to look over at Evan . It sounded like he had already fallen asleep .


She didn’t intend to be greedy; she just wanted to get closer to Evan because she was happy to be near the person she admired . However, with those impulsive thoughts, Ena cautiously wriggled out of her sleeping bag . Beyond her, however, she noticed a floating sleep bag moving toward Evan .


Ena, startled, barely held back her scream . The levitating sleep bag soon landed near Evan’s own . Of course, the owner of it was Belois .

“…Huh . ”


Ena started blankly as Belois took her position, facing Evan with a satisfied smile . It was absurd, but at the same time, she was envious…at that moment, their eyes met .


Belois, expressionlessly, put a finger near her mouth . When Ena nodded, Belois seemed satisfied and then turned back to Evan .

‘…I really don’t think I can win . ’

Ena sighed again .

The next day, after seven hours of exploration, the group had the room with the hidden boss on the 20th floor before them .

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