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Chapter 173: 173
Evan D . Sherden, Execute Human Supplementation Plan (3)

A few more weeks had passed since the Human Supplementation Plan became normalized in the Marquis’s family . The day came when Maybell would be awarded her title . She was supposed to have received it already, but it was delayed until Evan had returned from the Duchy .

“How do I look, master Evan?”

“You look pretty . Now you’re wearing something that suits you . ”

“Huh, I’m pretty . ”

Maybell was wearing a stylish beige dress made for the ceremony with the help of the maids . Her warm brown hair rolled over her shoulders, giving her an aristocratic air . Not long ago, Maybell had also been a maid, but after today she would be called a Baroness . Unlike a simple knighthood, the title was different as it was hereditary .

“This makes you an aristocrat…”

Of course, her ability and appearance were better than a common aristocrat, but Maybell, who was always flirting with him, had become the Baroness . Evan looked at Maybell with a distant look, and her cheeks flushed .

“It’s very rude of you to say it . I’m almost 17 years old! In a year, I’ll be an adult! A mature, adult woman!”

“I know that . It’s a problem because I keep forgetting it . After all, I feel bothered when you act childish . If you stay the same until the coming-of-age ceremony, there will be no birthday present . ”

“Oh my god…”

At Evan’s words, Maybell paused . Then, she deemed to say something rather daring, even though she knew Evan didn’t mean his comments on the present .

“Hey, would it be an engagement ring?”

“Oh, no way . ”

“So mean!”

Evan stopped Maybell’s hopes and delusions at once and turned away . He came here because he was worried, but there was nothing to worry about… yet Evan couldn’t leave quite yet . He turned back slightly and looked at Maybell .

“Ah… Maybell? I’m just grabbing a document from my father, so don’t be so nervous . I’ll be watching you . ”

“Oh, yeah! Ehhh…I love you, master . ”

“Don’t confess your love so easily . Save it for a more precious moment . ”

Evan left the room, calmly commenting on Maybell’s sudden confession . However, Maybell couldn’t hide her smiling face even after Evan left . She felt too relaxed now .

“Maybell, too…No, you’re the same as well . ”

When Maybell kept smiling, the maid who was grooming her hair spoke up, dumbfounded . Maybell smiled softly again, checking if her hair were dry yet .

“When we’re alone, talk to me as comfortably as we used to, Jenna . ”

“Then, Maybell . Now that you’re a nobleman, you’re going to stick to Master Evan all the time, aren’t you? You have succeeded in your business, and now you have a title . You are young and pretty, so you can dream of becoming his wife . ”

Evan had been the center of the Brotherhood Corporation from the beginning . However, it was also true that Maybell had contributed greatly to the company’s development in the short-term . Maybell would be able to do well even if she were to start a new business . Her name had already become famous . It was natural that her value was rising . Many young aristocrats sent out invitations to her for their parties, knowing that she would be awarded the title . But Maybell’s had only one motive from beginning to end .

“Right? I’m a pretty good woman now . I’m able to stand in front of Master Evan!”

“It’s all to make you look good to Master Evan . In a sense, it’s great . Great…”

Maybell smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, leaving the bitter smiling maid behind . Maybell had clear blue eyes and healthy soft pink lips . Her eyebrows were also perfectly groomed . Thanks to her daily skincare, her skin was smooth and soft without needing any makeup .

“You’re only 17 years old . Why do you care about your skin so much already?”

“You don’t know . All my competitors are over four years younger than me; I have to take such thorough care of myself from now on if I don’t want to lose!”

It wasn’t just skincare . Maybell had already been secretly following along with Evan’s physical training and Belois’ Mana Sword training for a while now, all to be reborn as a more attractive self . Proper exercise and mana circulation were the best combination for a slim body and healthy skin . The Marquis’s wife had confirmed it . And, in addition to that…

“Huh, master Evan doesn’t know I’m learning alchemy yet . ”

“…Do you have to be this crazy to succeed beyond your status?”

“I told you to talk to me normally . I never asked you to blame me . ”

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“Ayaya, I’m sorry . Maybell, dear Maybell!”

The conferment of the title took place an hour later . It was a ceremony that all the vassals didn’t have to attend, but most of the vassals participated without complaint because of Maybell’s position in the Dungeon city . The business she was running with Evan… if they wanted to get any benefits from the Brotherhood Corporation, they had to look good .

“The daughter of Knight Certa, a commoner, Maybell, is presented with the pseudonym Soleil and the Baroness title . Maybell D . Soleil, I hope you will continue to work as Sherden’s vassal . ”

“It’s my great honor, Your Excellency . I’ll continue to do my best for Sherden . ”

Evan was there as a witness, staring blankly at Maybell’s conferment of her surname by the Marquis . In this country, most aristocratic family names had their meanings, and the “D” before them was attached to all the aristocrats’ names in this country, which was the proper name in the Silk Line . In other words, ‘Maybell D . Soleil’ meant ‘Maybell, a noble worthy of the family name ‘Soleil .

‘Soleil… Was it the sun in French? No, doesn’t it mean sunflower? In this country, the language is mixed up in English, French, and Greek, so I don’t know the meaning . ’

Mostly, family names were made according to where people were born, regardless of the east or the west . But this country was the opposite . In short, the nobleman who came to rule Sherden did not have a surname Sherden, but rather a city ruled by a nobleman named Sherden had the name of Sherden . As the landowner changed, the land or city’s name changed along with the ruler’s .

‘If Maybell gets her own territory, that’ll be Soleil . ’

But it wouldn’t happen . Maybell was busy enough with running the Corporation . Of course, the lack of land didn’t mean that the nobility’s authority would disappear, and among the nobility who worked for the royal family, many had great power without land . Maybell’s power, which ran the Brotherhood Corporation, would certainly not be inferior to any aristocrat .

“Congratulations on getting a new name, Maybell . You followed your father as a knight and came into this mansion at an early age, have grown up and become a pillar of support for this Marquis’s family . ”

“Your Majesty, Marquis…”

The ceremony itself was simple, so it ended quickly . The Marquis Sorain smiled warmly at Maybell, who carefully embraced the documents of her appointment as a noble in her arms .

“You’ve been really good so far . We will continue to provide support to maximize your ability . ”

“Yes, Marquis . I will continue to do my best for Master Evan!”

As the Marquis spoke more comfortably, Maybell’s tone naturally became more comfortable as well . She could have said ‘For Your Excellency’ or ‘For the Dungeon City,’ but it was like this as soon as the ceremony was over .

“Huh, I’m glad you’re always honest . Yes, that’s all you have to do . Please help Evan by his side . ”

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Evan was glad the Marquis was a generous man . Evan, along with the vassals around him, sighed loudly and flicked Maybell’s forehead .

“Argh . ”

“Maybell D . Soleil, Baroness, now you are noble, speak and behave more carefully . ”

“But in reality, all my things are yours…ouch . ”

“Also, don’t use such misleading expressions . ”

The vassals became embarrassed . Evan sighed again and vowed to find out who had taught Maybell liberal arts and punish them severely .


“For the future of Maybell D . Soleil!”

“For the sake of Maybell D . Soleil!”

That evening there was a small party to celebrate Maybell’s ascension to the nobility . No, it would have been a small party, but this family made it into a big party with more people than the ceremony . Maybe they wanted a big party, or perhaps Maybell was that popular .

“Let’s dance, Master!”

“Okay, I’ll do whatever you like, so hold on and don’t shake . ”

Wearing a red party dress that boldly revealed her chest and showed off her fresh beauty and attractive figure, Maybell was indeed a splendid figure that matched the image of today’s main character . Many wanted to dance with her, but Maybell only had eyes for Evan . It was the only thing that remained unchanged even though she had become an aristocrat .

“Maybell, you should take care of the others at this party . They’re gathered here for you . ”

“That’s why I called a band and prepared some drinks and food for them . It’s a sumptuous spread you probably can’t even find at a decent social party . ”

“No, you need to step up and serve the guests… forget it . You know that already, right?”

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“Yes! I’ve already spoken to the people whom I need to say hello!”

In other words, she would focus on Evan only because she did not have to join the social affairs at the party . Evan was dumbfounded, but he decided to give Maybell today because it was her day .

“One more song, master!”

“This lady is too energetic . ”

Evan couldn’t help but recall when he had first danced with Serena while he waltzed several songs in a row with Maybell . It wasn’t only Evan, as, on one side, Serena was staring at them with her mouth full of skewers . Maybell must have felt the gaze as she pouted her lips and mumbled .

“Hoo-hoo, today is my day . ”

“Don’t provoke Serena for nothing . I’ll be the only one to be bothered by it later . ”

“Are you going to just hang out with me today?”

“Ah, it’ll be busy again tomorrow . ”

Maybell’s face instantly crumpled, but Evan continued .

“You need to go on a business trip to the Duchy of Leonine tomorrow . ”

“Uh, that’s right . ”

Anastasia succeeded in obtaining Menaton from the Duke as agreed upon with Evan earlier than originally scheduled . Evan intended to establish a branch of Brotherhood Corporation in Menaton . This time, Maybell had to travel there herself because it was so intertwined with many of their interests, including magic metal . It would probably be a long-term project .

“… . You’ll have to dance to another song . ”

“Yes, as much as you like . ”

Evan hung out with Maybell until the party was over . Countless people who tried to talk to Maybell, several of which were rising and emerging aristocrats, were frustrated at their inability to do so . But, they had to give up because he was Evan . Evan’s plans were executed efficiently one by one, from strengthening the Marquis’ forces to entering the Duke’s territory with his corporation .

The Human Supplementation Plan was proceeding successfully .

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