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Translated by: Rinkage

Chapter 47 – The smell of cologne from the inland merchant

That said, I wasn’t sure how I should go about opening a shop in that market, so I decided to enquire about it at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (guild).

It seemed that all the vendors needed to do was to set up the stalls themselves. It wasn’t clear to me as to whether the market is under the jurisdiction of the guild, but I suppose I should still be paying a certain amount of fee to them.

I arrived at the guild after travelling for about 1 km from the market. What with one thing and another, I had been under this place’s care many times…

Certainly, when I was accompanied by only Marina today, the strange looks that people had been giving me did make me feel anxious. That would probably mean that there are quite a lot of people who discriminate against the Turk tribes…..

Well, if I were to put aside the questionable fact that he had suddenly said something like this to someone whom he had just met, this guy was probably saying all these things with good intentions. No, even if that might be true, I couldn’t just stay silent when Marina became depressed due to his words. I had yet to comprehend how the people in this world treat their slaves, but I would not be an adult if I were to keep quiet even after he ridiculed our member.

“I see. Your opinion is well justified, but I had purchased her while being fully aware of it. You see, this is exactly how I could discover a cowardly racist in this condition.” [Jirou]

“Wha-!?” [wealthy merchant]

“Besides, unfortunately it isn’t what you think. It wasn’t that I could only afford a slave from the Turk tribe. I could actually purchase any slave I wanted, but I chose this girl here because she is cute. So, mind your own business. Also, from my point of view, when you’re walking with a group of slaves like this, I had a feeling that you’re like birds of a feather.” [Jirou]

And, I wounded up blurting out something preposterous.

I became annoyed without realizing it…..

Chubby wouldn’t have dreamt that I would say something like this. There was a look of annoyance on his face for an instant before he breathed out.

“I see, I see. I just came from the Imperial Capital today too. Just a little—There might be just a little gap in the common sense of the people in the vicinity of this rural area…. Well, just keep at it as you are now, Bumpkin-kun.1” [wealthy merchant]

“True. Even if I become a wealthy merchant, I’ll be cautious so I would not end up being a vulgar upstart merchant who prances around while being accompanied by a large group of slaves. Hahaha.” [Jirou]

I gave him a tit for tat response.

He still looks young, so it might be possible that he is just a bonbon2 who appears like a wealthy merchant. Since he has the slaves his father bought to protect him, he could freely travel to the free cities around to trade…or something like that. Well, even if that is true, I am actually in no position to say this about someone else, considering that I was quite dependent on the house of Solo too.

“Hohou. Then that would mean that you’re travelling around with only a small number of slaves, right?” [wealthy merchant]

“Well, my ideal number would be around three to four slaves, I guess.” [Jirou]

On hearing my reply, a grin stretched across his face. What’s up with this guy?

“I see, I see. I’ve blurted those out based on my own hunch, but you look like the type who would only transact business within Erishe. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t have any problem with only that number of slaves. Oh, please pardon me. I had spoken out of turn unintentionally based on my feelings as an imperial merchant who had been travelling to different places to conduct my trades. My bad, my bad.” [wealthy merchant]

What the heck is with this guy!? Are you taking the piss out of me!? We were not travelling to different cities, but we were travelling between two worlds, dammit!

“Sorry, but you’re wrong. I’m planning to travel to other cities to conduct my trades too.” [Jirou]

“With only 3 to 4 people? Oh really? That’s quite a courage. Can you handle thieves or demon beasts with that number? ..…It would be different story if you have magician or elf though. Ah, or are you planning to hire hunters? The merchants-dono from the considerably prosperous Erishe city sure are doing well.” [wealthy merchant]

“….I do have one. An elf.” [Jirou]

“Haa?” [wealthy merchant]

“I was saying that I have an elf slave. Also, we will have a magician soon too.” [Jirou]

I am the magician though. Rather, I have just realized that magicians would be such great war potential. Although, the magic show performed by that geezer in the show booth previously, was terrible in every respect…

“……Ah. I see, I see. You have associated the ones from the Turk tribe as elves too, I see. As expected of a rural area. You’re the same as those from the Country of Fire. As long as they have pointed ears, they’re all elves to you.” [wealthy merchant]

“Nn?” [Jirou]

“It’s regrettable, but those from the Turk tribe are not elves. Elves are limited to having only blonde hair.” [wealthy merchant]

“Oh really? So aside from blonde hair, there wouldn’t be any others?” [Jirou]

“No.” [wealthy merchant]

“Our young woman here might not be an elf then. Well, what should I do, what should I do?” [Jirou]

As I thought, he wouldn’t believe it even if I were to say something like, “I have one! I do have an elf slave!”. Since the price of an elf slave is astronomical, only nobilities and wealthy merchants could afford one.

“That misunderstanding is embarrassing even in rural areas. You should correct it and keep it in mind, alright? Hahaha.” [wealthy merchant]

Then he left as he laughed.

He seemed to be unfamiliar with the circumstances in Erishe as well.

The moment the chubby left the place, Marina timidly asked.

“….Why didn’t you tell him about Hime? In that case, wouldn’t he still be making a fool of my liege? It doesn’t matter what he said about Marina, but Marina wouldn’t be able to endure it if he looks down on my liege.” [Marina]

“Nn? I don’t care about that. He would absolutely not believe it anyway, regardless of what I said….That aside, Marina, don’t say something like, 『It doesn’t matter what he said about Marina』.” [Jirou]

Having heard what I said, there was a mysterious look on Marina’s face.

“I understand.” However, she, tentatively gave me such reply after.

She might not really understand it, but considering that she had been a victim of discrimination for a long time, it wouldn’t be possible for her to perceive my words immediately. But, I hoped that she would be able to lose that line of thought, if possible.

Well, as someone who had purchased her as a slave, I have no right to say something like this, though.


The market is indeed under the jurisdiction of the guild.

It appeared that she had secretly taken the measurement of my sword and placed the order with Hetty-san, since I did not have a sheath for my magic sword.

At this rate, I had a feeling that Japan would gradually be of no significance to me soon.

“….Thank you. I’m really happy, Diana. I’ll treasure it forever.” [Jirou]

When I grasped her hand as I conveyed my gratitude, she was stunned for a moment. Her face then turned beet red as her body stiffened.

“Y-Y-You’ll treasure….forever? P-P-P-Please take care of me!” [Diana] 4

“? A-Ah, of course I’ll treasure it.” [Jirou]

I had a feeling that we were not on the same wavelength, but her overwhelming cuteness had unexpectedly made me feel embarrassed as well, so I did not pursue it.

“Iyaa~ How innocent.” I could hear Hetty-san’s squealing while giving us a distant look in her eyes.

After thanking Hetty-san, we decided to leave for the day.

It seemed that the long-awaited horse market will be held tomorrow, so Hetty-san will be coming over to pick me up in the morning….

1. Country Bumpkin

3. Tsubo 坪 = A Japanese unit of areal measure, roughly 3.3m2 or 35.5ft2, equivalent to the area of two tatami mats.

TL Note: Sorry for the delay. Was supposed to have this posted up last month but I was really busy lately and things were rather hectic for the editors too in RL.

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