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Chapter 1360: 1360

“Mmh . ” Bo Jiu had no qualms about voicing her opinion . “I want meat . ”“You want meat?” Qin Mo laughed, his eyes bright and clear, like freshly brewed alcohol . “Wait till you have recovered . ”

Bo Jiu wanted to move but Qin Mo reached out and held her down, glancing over to make a call .

After a while, his assistant came in with an exquisite looking takeaway box . To her disappointment, it was porridge . Bo Jiu had been a meat lover since she had been young, which made porridge seem bland in comparison . Since she was hungry though, she didn’t bother about the taste .

Bo Jiu had wanted to eat by herself but Qin Mo’s assistant watched as his boss reached forward and opened the takeaway box before her . He held the spoon and arched his brow . “Open your mouth . ”

With such a good-looking person feeding her, it seemed to add flavor to her meal . The porridge was still warm, perfectly seasoned . Soon, she finished her food and the drip was complete as well .

Before she could stand up, however, Qin Mo leaned over and carried her in his arms . “It’s cold outside . ” These three words were said in an emotionless tone .

Bo Jiu could smell a light fragrance, her senses drowned out by her heartbeat . She squeezed her fingers and smiled .

Qin Mo glanced down at her . “Hide your face . ”


As Bo Jiu didn’t seem to understand his intentions, he added in the same emotionless tone, “It’s too striking . ”

Assistant Li pulled open the door at that moment and coughed lightly, barely suppressing his laughter . Boss Qin’s dating style seemed… indescribable .

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The sky was dark and winter had arrived in Jiang City . The temperatures had fallen into the negatives . It was exceptionally cold when the wind blew but Bo Jiu didn’t feel it since Qin Mo protected her from all the wind . As they approached the car, she could still hear his voice saying, “You’re still warm . ”

The fever couldn’t go away so quickly . She would need to rest for one night even though she had taken an IV .

Qin Mo specialized in psychology and had basic medical knowledge – hence, he knew . But whenever he felt the warmth coming from her, he couldn’t help wishing the fever would go down .

Bo Jiu was enjoying it . In the past, she had been sick before but the only time she had been treated so preciously by him was when she had been younger .

Thereafter, she had become the Young Lord of the Hacking World and had to face everything by herself . She would usually sleep off her illnesses . But today, there was someone here to pamper her .

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Bo Jiu tilted her head and bumped straight into his long and slender neck, looking elegant .

“Cold?” He noticed her gaze . He lowered his gaze and planted a kiss on her eyes . “We’ll be reaching soon . ”

The sweet sensation and fever were affecting her thinking . She didn’t know Qin Mo had remembered the memory from when they had been kids but there seemed to be an indescribable familiarity . It was probably because he was taking such great care of her .

Besides, the Almighty didn’t bring up the dark history from the memory loss, which made the fever seem more worth it . Perfect!

But reality proves her naivety as the Almighty debunked that thought instantly . “After we arrive, I would like to hear how I fell in love with you at first sight and how I chased after you . ”

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Bo Jiu: …

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