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("Kurama!") Naruto called out.

("Are we able to access that plane?") Naruto asked.

("Wait!") Kurama said, following which Naruto sat down on the floor and entered into his own subconscious.

< Deeper Tailed Beast Psyche! >

The dark tailed beast dimension within Naruto turned into an Orange one.


The tails on the two beasts in front of Naruto swayed left and right.

Naruto looked up to see two tailed beasts in front of him.

The three tailed beast on the right with the fourth Mizukage Yagura sitting on top of its head, while the second beast on the left was…

"♪ In with a Whee!

I'm Killer Bee ♪ Yay,"

"…" Naruto stared in silence at Bee and Gyūki (Eight tails).

"There you go Naruto," Kurama said.

However, Naruto was surprised.

It had been a long time since he had seen Killer Bee, considering that they did not meet much after the war, as Naruto became busy due to being the Hokage at that time.

"huh…" Naruto looked at Bee staring at him.

("Crap, I forgot that he does not know me in this timeline,")

("I'd better come up with a rap,") Naruto thought.

"Bee, stop expecting this kid to rap," Gyūki said.

"The Eight tails is right," Yagura said as he jumped down.

"I'm the Fourth Mizukage, Karatachi Yagura."

"Name yourself, brat of the Nine-tails." Yagura said.

Naruto was stuck in a position where he had to introduce himself to either party.

("I guess, I can only introduce myself to those two in that way…") Naruto thought following which…

"♪ I'm like you, a jinchūriki too

Naruto's the name; we're the same ♪" Naruto rapped.

("Oh boy…") Kurama and Gyūki felt a headache on its way.

Yagura's left eye twitched upon seeing Naruto's rap.

Hah! Bee got off from Gyūki's head and landed on the floor.

Naruto felt a bit nervous.

*Sound of footsteps*

Bee walked over to Naruto and stood in front of him

"You know something kid,"

"You've got pretty good style…" Bee said as he formed a fist and brought his right hand forth.

Naruto smiled upon seeing this all too familiar gesture of Bee's.

"Yeah, that's me ya know!" Naruto bumped Bee's fist with a smile.

("Ya know?") Bee thought for a moment, following which he pulled out his book of Rap.

("♪ Going with the flow, I'm Bee ya know… ♪")

Bee wrote down this particular line in his book.

"How dare you ignore me brat!" Yagura shouted.

"Lord Fourth, I'm not here on a leisure trip, ya know," Naruto said.

"What do you mean?" Yagura asked.

Naruto took a deep breath,

"I'm investigating the Akatsuki, with my teacher, Jiraiysensei," Naruto announced.

"Damn your village and damn the Akatsuki, their leader Uchiha Madara is controlling my body right now!" Yagura claimed.

"I see…" Naruto nodded.

"…" Bee stared silently.

"So, are you here to help a fellow jinchūriki out?" Yagura asked.

"Sure I can, however, it might take some time…" Naruto said.

"As long as you can help me, I will immediately agree for an alliance with the Hidden Leaf'" Yagura said.

Kurama turned towards Gyūki,

"What's wrong?"

"Afraid of a single Akatsuki member?" Kurama asked.


"Says the one who got controlled in the attack from thirteen years ago," Gyūki said.


"That time, I was prepared to accept anything to get out of my seal…" Kurama said.

"Doesn't matter,"

"Isobu (three tails) and Yagura by themselves could not retaliate in time," Gyūki said.

"Yeah, That man was slippery, not to mention he had the Sharingan," Isobu complained.

"So, How do you plan to help me out?" Yagura asked.

"Hmm…." Naruto thought for a second, following which Bee also turned towards Naruto for an answer.

"For now, All I can say is that the Akatsuki's aim is to take the tailed beast back to revive the ten tails," Naruto said.

"WHAT?" Gyūki and Isobu stared at Kurama.

Kurama nodded indicating that it was true.

"So, I wanted to take the initiative by establishing an order of the jinchūrikis to combat against Akatsuki and other threats," Naruto said.

"You want to establish an order?" Yagura and the other tailed beasts frowned at Naruto.

"We are just looking out for each other while keeping our villages safe."

"Right now, I have become friends with Shukaku's jinchūriki,"

"However, I still need to help him in coming to terms with Shukaku," Naruto said, following which he looked towards Bee.

"Can you help me out?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm…" Bee thought.

"Help him out, Bee,"

"All you do is rap all day anyway," Gyūki said.

"That's not the problem," Bee said.

Gyūki finally understood.

"It's the Raikage, huh?" Gyūki said.

Naruto also overheard the conversation.

("Looks like it has to be the Five Kage conference way after all…") Naruto thought.

"You can leave the Raikage to me," Naruto said to Bee.

"huh?" Gyūki stared at Naruto, following which he looked towards Kurama.

"Oy, Kurama,"

"I thought you and Shukaku could never look eye to eye,"

"How did this brat become friends with that Jinchūriki?" Gyūki asked.

"I'll explain it later," Kurama said.

"…" Gyūki stared in silence.

("Looks like I can only wait till things proceed for a bit…") Naruto thought.

"Lord Fourth,"

"I'll see how things proceed for now,"

"In the meantime, I'll come to rescue you as soon as an opportunity appears," Naruto said.

Yagura was silent.

For some reason, he felt like he could believe in Naruto's words.


"Do what you can,"

"We'll also try to bring in our remaining pals for this cause," Gyūki said.

"Thanks," Naruto smiled at Gyūki.

Bee walked towards Naruto.

"You're pretty cool for a jinchūriki, yo!" Bee brought his fist up.

"Hehe, you're cool too Octopops," Naruto bumped his fist.

Following which Naruto turned towards Kurama while waving to the other two.


"What is he doing?" Tsunade asked.

"He's probably trying to contact the other jinchūrikis," Shikaku said.

Everyone then recalled how the jutsu worked from Naruto's memories.

"So, He's going to meet the fourth Mizukage and that Eight-Tails brat," Tobirama said

"I'm not really certain if it is a good thing for him to meet the Mizukage…" Hiruzen murmured.

"He's the leader of the Bloody Mist after all," Orochimaru said following which everyone in the room frowned.

"From what we have seen in the memories, he seemed to be an outspoken and a friendly boy," Hiruzen said.

"We cannot guarantee that he will be the same when being controlled by Obito right now," Shikaku said.

"Kakashi," Gai called out.

"Hmm…" Kakashi responded slowly.

"Were you not surprised to hear that Obito is alive?" Gai asked.

"How do I put this…" Kakashi stalled.

"I wanted for him to survive that from the bottom of my heart…" Kakashi said as he thought back to the time where only half of Obito's body got crushed under the rocks.

"It pained me when Rin told me her feelings," Kakashi said as he thought back to the time he had rejected Rin.

"Even now, I feel that it was right to give respect to Obito's feelings after all he loved her with all his heart," Kakashi said.

Gai empathized with Kakashi.

"After everything that had happened, if he were to survive, He would probably go crazy after knowing about Rin's death which kind of explains his reason for emmpathizing with Madara's ideal world," Kakashi said.

Gai finally understood why Kakashi was not surprised, after all during that war he forced himself to kill Rin due to which he felt responsible towards the mess that Obito had created.

It was pretty much obvious that, Obito who was watching from the sidelines would go crazy which slowly brought Akatsuki to where it was now...

Hiruzen quietly nodded upon hearing Gai and Kakashi's conversation.

Minato also felt equally guilty for leaving his subordinates alone for that mission, but during the fourth ninja war he had already commented his feelings on the matter and stood by Obito's side as Madara betrayed him.

Minato then looked towards Naruto who was sitting on the floor.


Naruto's eyes opened.

"Naruto," Hiruzen and Shikaku called out.

"The Mizukage is willing to support us, but first I need to find a way to help him out," Naruto said.

Shikaku frowned following which he turned towards Kakashi,

"Are you able to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan of yours?" Shikaku asked.

"Hmm…." Kakashi thought for a few moments as he closed his eyes.

After about two minutes of waiting…

Kakashi opened his eyes.

"How'd it go?" Shikaku asked.

Kakashi shook his head.

"Looks like it was too soon for him to reawaken it…" Shikaku thought.

Naruto looked towards Hiruzen.

"Please contact Itachi as soon as possible," Naruto said.


"I will do it," Hiruzen said.

"So what's the plan for now?" Jiraiya asked.

"We sit and wait as things proceed naturally until it's the right time to act," Hiruzen said as he took a whiff out of his smoke pipe, following which he looked towards Orochimaru.

"From now on, you will be hiding within this village,"

"You are not allowed to leave unless we require your help," Hiruzen said.

Orochimaru smiled,

"Guess, I cannot complain much about that…" Orochimaru sighed following which he looked at Hiruzen in the eyes.

"I hope this condition of yours is not permanent?" Orochimaru asked.

Hiruzen smirked.

Soon the discussions were over…

Naruto left the room, however,

The others remained behind.

Hiruzen looked towards the people in front of him, especially at the Hokages, the past and the future.

"I want to discuss one more thing before you all leave…"

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