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Chapter 11

11 . Chapter 11

The inn where I was introduced to by Laila and decided to stay was unbelievably cheap .

Laila says, “The amount is decided depend on the person . ” and the reason I pay less money was simply because I didn’t seem to have a lot of money .

……I mean, it’s a fact, but still, it makes me feel really sad .

Anyway, I decided to stay in the room on the second floor . Then, I decided to eat the dinner prepared by Meruku-san at the dining room on the first floor .

“Yeah, it’s delicious”


Schiff, who emptied the plate on which the food was placed, shook his tail in a good mood .

Lime’s meal is my mana, so he’s only watching next to Schiff .

“… . Thank you for the meal”

After finishing the meal, I also join hands .

The dinner that Meruku-san made was more delicious than I had expected . Other than the soup of this world, this is a decent dish that I had for the first time here . But, the cooking culture seems to be comparable to my original world .

On the contrary, because the food use ingredients that are unknown to me, I’m suddenly interested in this food .

“The food made by Meruku-san is delicious . So, even if other people out from this inn, I just like it so much that I keep stay . ”

“You, you should go out from here soon too . ”

“No matter what you say, I’ll remains . Rather, I’ll makes this place as my nest . ”

Meruku-san leans against the cafeteria counter and glares at Laila .

Ignoring that line of sight, Laila talks to me, who is organizing the empty dishes .

“Kaito-kun, why don’t you go check out your Magical System tomorrow?”

“… Is there a machine or something to check that?”

“Machine? No, no, you can always look it up in the guild . ”

Oh, there was no machine in this world . I see . .

But… My magical system, huh? It seems that it is a necessary thing I need to do to live in this world, so it should be investigated .

“I’m curious about yours . So, Kaito-kun, let’s find out tomorrow . ”

“That’s right . It seems, I’ll be in your care again tomorrow…”

“It’s okay, I don’t think it’s as someone else’s affair when it comes to you . ”

Laila shook her hand and turned her gaze to the cup at her hand, looking a bit shy .

“You see, I was born in the countryside, though not as much as Kaito . I was so disgusted with my life at home that I left the village and came here about three years ago . ”

“Wow… . ”

“I didn’t think much about it at that time . but because of that, I didn’t know right or left, so it was easy to get lost . Still, I was able to become an adventurer with the help of various people . ”

She raised her face and her eyes were looking straight at me .

“That’s why I couldn’t leave Kaito-kun alone because when I see you, it remind me about myself at that time . And when I found you injured… You seem more lonely than I am . That’s why “



When I heard that word, I finally realized my own feelings .

I know there will always be Schiff and Lime beside me .

But, the world I’ve lived in until recently, my parents, my friends, may not be able to meet anymore . While I’m still not thinking about it, I tried not to lost on my own thoughts


I unknowingly refused to be in some kind of position in this world .

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「“Maybe I can go home”」

I still had thought about that, somewhere in my heart, so I can only think vaguely about the future in here .

“…First, Maybe I should try to take the first step… . ”


“Kaito, What’s wrong?”


They look into my face worriedly, so I smile to reassure them .

“I decided . I’ll take the exam to become an adventurer . ”

“What!? No, wait, I think it’s good, but isn’t it too sudden!?”

“Yeah . I made a decision just now . ”

Schiff is surprised at my declaration, but nods with satisfaction .

“It seems that something has changed within you, my Lord . ”

“… . . Just keep thinking, will not get me anywhere . So, Let’s start with what I can do first . ”

“Good, but before that, it’s better to investigate your Magical System . After that, let’s review the cooperation that we did at the ruins . ”

I just declared that I would try the exam, but right now, I’m not ready at all .


With that in mind, Meruku-san, who was silently watching over me with her elbows on the counter, called out .

Frightenedly, I looked at Meruku-san, and she still showing annoyed expression .

“If you make a noise while training or something, do it in the backyard . Just don’t do it inside, okay?”


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“Did you understand?”


“Good . ”

When I replied while still being confused, she looked away from me, maybe she was convinced by it .

is it okay for me to take it as her providing me a place to practice?

She’s a bit scary, but she’s a very kind person… . . But scary .

After finishing the meal, I lay down on the bed in the room where I going to live from today, staring silently at the ceiling .

A room with no sense of life, where nothing like furniture are placed .

Perhaps it was cleaned while no one was staying, there was no noticeable dirt, and I could lie down on the bed with peacefully, but I still can’t sleep .


Under the bed, Lime who was wrapped in a towel is sleeping, while quivering .

I was wondering if slime would need to sleep, but because it is a monster so it’s still count as a living thing, it seems that it need to sleeps a certain amount of time .

“Kaito, you can’t sleeping?”

Schiff, who should have been curled up and sleeping as a black cat near my pillow, speaks to me in my ear .

“Yeah . ”

“Did you think about your original world?”

“… . . No . I’m thinking about how should I live in this world . ”

I says so, while looking up at the ceiling .

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If I keep thinking about my original world a lot but don’t know anything about how to go back there, I can’t help thinking about it forever .

“My Lord, When you live in your original world, did you live there while thinking like that every time?”

Schiff asked such a question to me .

In my original world, huh?

Now, If I think about it, I just lived normally and didn’t think about my goals for the future at all .

“No, I lived without thinking about that . ”

“To keep living is a duty given to living things . Even monsters also given that duty . My lord, You just think too much . ”

Schiff’ tail hits my forehead to warn me .

It doesn’t hurt at all .

Rather, it was a little soft .

“You are thinking too hard because you just entered the new environment that is, the another world . You should think not how to live, but you’ll keep living, so what to do from now on, what is your purpose . Like that . ”

“Right… . ”

Think about the purpose, huh .

Became an adventurer to live in this world, and confirm the safety of Shishiharsan, who has been summoned to this world too .

In the current situation, I can’t find where Shishiharsan is, so I have to know this world to some extent .

“And for that, I have to become strong . ”

“Yeah . But, don’t be too tense . ”

“I know . ”

After I answered my caring partner with a bitter smile, my eyelids become heavier .

And just like that, I closed my eyes, which is suffering from the drowsiness that finally came .

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