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Before long, there was the sound of gunfire.

The laser guns were made to imitate the sound of real gunfire, making the converted hall really sound like a battlefield.

"Blue #4 has ‘died.’ Please leave the field. Blue Team has 19 people remaining."

"Red #7 has ‘died.’ Please leave the field. Red Team has 19 people remaining."

"Blue #2 and #13 and Red #17 have ‘died.’ Please leave the field. Blue Team has 17 people remaining, while Red Team has 18 people remaining.

These announcements continually sounded throughout the entire battlefield.

This also informed the current ‘survivors’ of the current situation and created a sense of tension.

Seiji was getting excited about this. He wanted to rush forward and look cool while defeating all his enemies!

But that was impossible, since this was a team game.

Even in the games where characters had ultimate abilities like League of Legends and Overbutt—whoops, Overwatch—carelessly rushing into the enemy would result in one’s death.

As for his vast personal experience involving first-person shooters... Fine, he was only familiar with Counterstrike—he hadn’t played many others besides that one. What was the Golden Gun supposed to be? He felt that the best way to play this game together with five female players that were playing for the first time was…

"Everyone, don’t casually move around; stay on guard and stand where you are. Just fire at will if you see an enemy, that’s it. Does everyone copy?"

"Blue #9 copies." This was the cold and calm Saki.

"Blue… #10 copies." This was from Mayuzumi beside Saki.

"Blue #12, copy!" This was from the excited Chiaki.

"Blue #11 copies." This was from Mika, who was beside Chiaki.

"Blue… Blue #8 copies." This was from Kaho, who was right next to Seiji.

Their team had six people, which was perfect for separating into three small groups of two that could watch each other’s back.

Their three smaller teams separated into a triangular formation, a basic and safe defense formation. They just had to take care of any enemies that they saw.


A gunshot sounded from Saki and Mayuzumi’s direction. It was the sound of Saki’s laser sniper rifle opening fire.

An announcement immediately rang out. "Red #14 has ‘died.’ Please leave the field. Red Team has 17 people remaining." 

Wow, a single shot did the trick?

This was a game with HP values, and even the sniper rifle could only one-hit KO someone with a headshot.

"Nice shooting, Editor Yoshizawa," Seiji praised.

He heard her chuckling.

"It was just a coincidence." Her voice was filled with delight.

She seemed to be having fun. It was good that she was enjoying this.

"Please keep up this condition, #9."

"Aye aye, Captain."

Cool! This was the type of conversation he enjoyed having in games.

"Harano-san!" He suddenly heard someone shouting for him.

Seiji returned to his senses and saw that Kaho was firing in the opposite direction. He instantly located the enemies and rolled as he dove behind a wooden board for cover.

As he peeked out, he saw… more than one enemy!

"Team 1 has met two enemies… no, more than three, in the nine o’clock direction!" He hurriedly reported the situation and began firing.

"Er… what direction is nine o’clock?" asked Mayuzumi sheepishly.

"Mayuzumi, it’s that direction," said the editor. "You don’t need to do anything—let me. Chiaki, over there!" 

"I know—just watch me!" came Chiaki's reply.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Two sniper rifles provided cover fire for them.

The sounds of gunfire covered the area.

"Miyamoto-san, don’t strain yourself! Take cover!" Seiji shouted.

When he heard the beeping sound of Kaho’s vest, which indicated that she had taken damage, tried his best to suppress the enemies with his own gunfire.

"Red #20 has ‘died…’"

"Red #18 has ‘died…’"

"Red #19 has ‘died.’ Please leave the field. Red Team has 14 people remaining."

After defeating three enemies, they didn’t see any sign of other Red Team members for the next few minutes.

It seemed that the remaining Red Team members had retreated.

"Miyamoto-san, how are you doing?" Seiji asked.

"I… I’m alright," she said. "I still have some HP left."

"Use your medicine immediately."


Kaho used some HP recovery medicine on herself. While Seiji was reloading his ammunition Chiaki spoke up on his walkie-talkie.

"Hey, hey, Captain, are you still alive?" she asked playfully. 

"Of course, the announcement didn’t say that I ‘died’ after all, did it? Miyamoto-san is still ‘alive’ as well."

"I know, I just wanted to ask. Don’t you feel moved by the fact that I care about you?"

"Of course. Then, let me ask as well. Are you still alive, #12?"

"I’m still alive, Captain. There’s still a beautiful girl fiancée waiting for me in my hometown, so I can’t die just like this!"

"Stop intentionally raising death flags like that! And shouldn’t you be saying male fiancé!?"

Their joyous banter helped to dissolve the feeling of tension.

Everyone else chuckled at their playacting.

What none of them realized was that there were many people watching and listening to them.

There were many cameras and microphones installed in the entire gymnasium, which transmitted all of these images and sounds to the control room.

The students in the control room that could listen and watch to all this shared the parts that they felt were interesting or exciting to the big screens and projectors in the school, so that everyone who was interested in this activity could watch what was going on.

Seiji and his friends’ antics attracted many spectators’ attention.

His team had five girls in it, with four of them being definite beauties. Seiji, the captain, was also a handsome boy. This type of team would naturally attract attention, not to mention that they were also performing well and had such amusing conversations.

Seiji and his friends didn’t realize all the attention they were receiving and soon entered combat with the enemy again.

This time, the enemy attacked from the direction that Mika and Chiaki were guarding against.

"Wah! I’ve been shot…" Chiaki wailed. "Captain, please take my belongings back to my hometown…"

"Stop joking around! Fight seriously!"

"I really did get shot, though. It doesn’t seem good… Ah, Mika was also shot as well."

"If it doesn’t seem good, then retreat towards Editor Yoshizawa’s location!"

"Don’t we need to guard this place to the death?"

"What the hell’s with that!? This isn’t a base defense game—hurry up and move!"

"Understood! Mika, let’s go."

"Miyamoto-san and I are approaching your location, and we’ll provide cover fire for you guys."

Seiji hurriedly moved to an appropriate position to ambush from and readied his laser assault rifle.

"Miyamoto-san, wait for an opportunity. Don’t shoot immediately upon seeing an enemy, and listen to my command."

"Okay." Kaho nodded her head.

Kaho was currently having a lot of fun. It felt awesome to be partnered with Harano-san and fight together with him!

She definitely wouldn’t allow herself to be a burden on him, and she would do her utmost to fight! Kaho was burning up with passion.

Seiji observed the situation.

The serious look on his face was shown to everyone watching, and it even caused several girls’ eyes to light up.

The scene changed to Mika and Chiaki’s attempt at escaping.

Red Team members were chasing after them and continuously firing. The rapid sound of gunfire sounded like a thunderstorm and definitely made people think of a bullet-filled scene from a movie.

The students in the control room had excellent editing techniques, and they managed to make the scenes from the hidden cameras like something from a television show, attracting everyone’s attention.

"Get ready…" Seiji whispered to Kaho in a low voice when he decided it was time to launch his ambush.

The scene instantly flicked back to him again and even enlarged his face for a close-up.

His eyes were burning passionately. His mouth suddenly arced upwards as he grinned with hot-blooded passion.


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