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After a long while, Garen slowly regained consciousness, everything looked blurry as if something was wrong with his eyes and could barely catch a glimpse of the moonlight with his right eye.

Someone was pulling him by his hair, and he felt like he was being

dragged on the floor.

His vision was too blurry to see anything, after getting knocked unconscious, he felt as if his brain was disconnected with his body.


He could vaguely see the dirt and the sand move below his legs.

After a short while.


He was thrown into a deep dirt hole.

"Universal nerve damage, 80% bones broken, cardiac rupture, internal bleeding."

"Poor guy, why did you have to piss off people from Immortal Palace. Which one of those crazy bastards isn’t a psycho, yet inhumanly strong?"

An aged voice came from above the dirt hole.

"Young man, if you reincarnate in the next life, try to be a common folk, don’t get involved in these things."

The person exclaimed and started shoveling dirt into the hole.

Garen laid quietly in the hole and felt his whole body being buried slowly. He didn’t need to breathe, but he was paralyzed and could only feel a small part of his head.

"I did it… I tricked him." He waited until he was fully buried and hearing that the person burying him had walked away. He could faintly hear the "hoot, hoot" sounds from owls.

Garen waited a bit more and slowly adjusted his breathing to lift the technique.


He puffed out all the gas waste inside his lungs.

His body still felt powerless.

"I should put the saved attribute point to use."

He had one point of attribute unused, in case something like this happened.

His focus landed on Vitality, and after three seconds, the last attribute point was slowly added.

His Vitality went from 1.88 to 2.08


In an instant, Garen felt a hot stream from his brain flowing down his spine into his back. The stream spread into every muscle in his limbs like a wildfire.

The once weak body suddenly regained power. The warmth from his whole body felt comforting.

He lifted his leg and kicked up.


The still soft dirt above was kicked open.

Garen quickly dusted off the dirt that covered his body, even though he was seriously injured, he still had enough strength to clean up himself.

Climbing out of the dirt and sitting on the grass, Garen looked around himself.

The dim moonlight shined on the grass, and the shadow of the trees crisscrossed each other on the ground while the night wind stirred up the leaves.

As Garen sat in the dirt and grass, he felt and itch in his nose and ears, he blew his nose hard, and a few ants flew out of his nostrils.


He quickly found a small branch to clean his ears, a fat worm that looked like a maggot rolled out of his ear.

This worm was stuck on the inside of his ears trying to bite off some of Garen’s flesh, but his skin had been hardened by the Explosive Fist Arts, so the worm could not even bite into the surface. In the end, it was squashed by Garen’s hands.

Sitting on the ground resting, Garen’s body gradually recovered. He felt a little strange, there was a numbing feeling coming from his limbs.

He distinctly remembered that his bones were mostly broken or fractured before he fainted.

Other than a few ribs that were still not healed, they had almost recovered by themselves without the attribute point’s help.

He reached and stroked over some of the bones in his body.

"They are all joined? Is this the effect of Master’s medicine?"

Even though his bones were set, some of them had grown together without aligning correctly, Garen broke them again, and bearing the pain, the hot stream from the attribute point quickly covered the broken bones and started healing.

The strange thing was that his regeneration from the attribute point was usually not this strong, but now, it has grown a lot stronger for some reason. The broken bones had healed together after twenty minutes.

"This has to be the work of that medicine…" Garen was sure the medicine caused the quickened healing. "Looks like Master gave me something incredible…"

After resting for about two hours, the bones had fully grown together. As to his nerves, they were the first to recover.

Garen stood up, dark and bloody sweat oozed out of his skin. It was the congested blood from his internal organs which, after the healing process, discharged from his skin.

"Sylphalan…" he murmured the name. This was his first defeat, and a tragic one, without the help of his master’s medicine and his attribute point, he could still be seriously injured. He might have even suffocated under the ground.

He started thinking about the words from the old man who had buried him.

At that moment, within the technique pane at the bottom of his vision, the words "Explosive" for his Mammoth Secret Technique finally condensed and became opaque.

A strange feeling emerged in his heart. It felt like blood formed a spherical and scorching hot blood ball in the center of his body, the ball radiated hot stream and warmed his body.

Wherever the hot stream touched, brand new power emerged. His recovery speed had returned to normal, and his injuries had mostly healed.

"The Immortal Palace…" Garen clenched his fists as he lowered his head. "I will find you…"

He covered the hole on the ground again and strode out of the forest.

After getting back to his room, it was already late in the night, Garen took a shower in the bathroom and changed into a white training suit.

He found it odd that other disciples were not present.

Garen drank a cup of water on the sofa and relaxed his muscles. He couldn’t deal with Sylphalan at this time, he had to leave the thought in the back of his mind to improve himself, and one day he would be strong enough to go and find him.

Even though he had a new breakthrough with the Explosive Mammoth Secret Technique, thinking about the opponent’s mysterious moves, he still wasn’t sure if he could beat Sylphalan. It was a type of power he had not seen before, and he needed more preparation.

"But at least, I know how the old man died…" He reached in the collar, to his surprise, the necklace was still there, but the letters on it were gone.

He snapped out of the gaze and got a little worried.

"Where did Collin and the others go this late in the night?"

Suddenly he heard some footsteps nearing... a group of men were approaching.

Knock Knock Knock!

"Senior brother, are you there? Have you come back yet?"

"I just heard the door shut, he might be back!"

Garen’s expression turned cold, he rushed over to open the door.

The door cracked open, Collin and Carrie were standing at the door.

Collin had his fist raised, ready to knock again. He froze for a second as he saw Garen opening the door. Then, he could not hold his tear anymore.

"Se… Senior Brother… Someone wounded master!!"

Collin’s voice choked up with tears, Carrie was also crying on the side without a word.

"What!!" Garen’s eyes shook and asked, "Where is Master now!?"

"He is at the tournament platform we used during the day!!"

"Come!" Garen rushed out without closing the door, pulling the two disciples with him.


"Ahhhh!" Simon’s arm got snapped by a young man with short and green hair, the arm was instantly bent backward and slumped on his back.

The young man pushed Simon and kicked him on the ground.

People from different sects surrounded the white platform in the night, the masters of Celestial Star Gate and Crimson Sand Sword sat next to each other, and watched the battle with their brows wrinkled.

Whispers and chitchat noise came from the crowd.

"White Cloud Gate is done," the master of Celestial Star Gate, Rolexia, said. "Fighting Association’s president had historical conflicts with White Cloud Gate’s master. To ask for a battle today, he is taking advantage of White Cloud Gate’s distress."

"There are reasons." The master of Crimson Sand Sword was a handsome man with red hair, he held a glass of wine in his hand without drinking it, appreciating the beauty of the wine’s color through the crystal-clear glass.

He had a faint smile on his face as if nothing mattered to him.

"White Cloud Gate’s senior disciple Rosetta defected, second disciple Farak had gone missing during a mission. If I were the president of Fighting Association, I’d chose to challenge them at first instance as well. Not to mention someone had just challenged the Southern Twelve Gates and injured Fei Baiyun."

"Indeed, when strengths are equal, the deciding factor for victory is the status. Combined with getting challengers previously, the Fighting Association’s President is a wise man."

Rolexia nodded in agreement. "Now that their master was injured, of the two backbones, senior disciple defected, second senior disciple had gone missing, the White Cloud Gate is over. I heard that Rosetta is affiliated with Behemoth Gate."

"I’m not sure, but not only the White Cloud Gate but also the Southern Twelve Gates will all take a toll." Crimson Sand Sword’s master shook his head.

At this time, the green haired man stood with his hands in the back and watched as Simon was carried down.

"So much for the formidable Southern Twelve Gates. The masters can’t beat ours, disciples are all worthless too!"

This had caused commotion and noises around the platform, the disciples of Southern Twelve Gates gathered together, surrounding Fei Baiyun and eleven other masters, some of them were unconscious, some were bleeding, some had their arms broken, they were all injured at different levels.

The disciples hearing what the young man said, though very angry, dared not to speak up. Some other sects had already stepped away from these twelve gates.


A red haired man was about to rush onto the platform but was stopped by his companions.

"Don’t! You are no match for him!!"

Fei Baiyun’s face was pale like a sheet of paper, he slumped in a chair, Simon was taking care of him bearing the pain from a broken arm.

"Si.. Simon.. Go! Go find your senior brother… Tell him to get everyone out… out of here!" his head was injured, he held on to the last bit of consciousness and ordered.

"Master! Senior brother can definitely beat that guy!" Simon gritted his teeth and said.

"Those challengers… are not what I’m afraid of… they weren’t heavy handed with us, and we can recover if we get back… the true danger is our enemies!"

Fei Baiyun pushed Simon with his shaky hands. "The Southern Twelve Gates have too many enemies, this is not our territory, we must… get back now!!"

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