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Chapter 78: Probe 2

There were already several cars waiting near the train station. The silver haired girl walked to a silver sedan and turned to look at Garen and Fei Baiyun and their huge luggage. She hesitated.

"Their luggage looks really heavy, so they must be new to this place. Should we give them a ride?"

The silver haired boy opened the car’s door and curled his lips. "Up to you, but be honest with me, you seemed to get along with those two guys from the small town. Do you have a crush on that lubber?"

"Don’t say that." The girl bluntly twisted the boy’s ear. "So what if they’re from a small place? They seem to be quite well mannered to me. And what crush are you talking about? Are you trying to embarrass your sister over some casual talk?"

"They don’t look like students checking-in to me. They were hiding something from the way they talked, so they’re probably just some countryside hillbillies here for work. These days a lot of people from the countryside come to the cities to do hard labor." The silver haired boy frowned as he lightly pushed away his sister’s hand. "What’s so interesting about talking to some guys from the countryside? You’re just flattered by their compliments."

The girl thought so as well, especially since the two men were powerfully built and had rough hands. They had to have done a lot of farming work. But she was intentionally leaving out the topic about their family and occupation. And it was obvious that they were trying to avoid talking about it as well.

"So what if they’re farmers? What would you eat and drink without them?" She pinched her brother hard again. She then turned to the two strangers. "Where are you headed? Do you need a ride? I’m a local at Hela, and I could introduce you to our town."

Garen and his master Fei Baiyun were both flattered. It was nice for the girl to offer, but they already had other plans.

Fei Baiyun blinked at Garen, telling him to deal with his own trouble. He hadn’t interfered with Garen’s and the girl’s small talk on the train. He could see she was well educated, although he didn’t expect for this to happen.

Garen was dragged out by his master and looked reluctant.

"Actually, it’s fine, someone is coming to pick us up. But still, thank you very much for your offer."

The girl did not expect they would reject her, she nodded back. "Fine then, you guys take care. Goodbye."

"Farewell! Maybe we’ll see each other on a train again next time."

"Yeah, we might." The girl laughed and winking turned around and got back to the car.

"What happened? You got rejected?" The silver haired boy gloated.

"How do you know?"

"I’m telling you, people like him have big egos. He won’t accept help from a girl, especially a girl that he likes," the boy answered with confidence, sitting in the driver’s seat. "Did he say he has made plans and someone is picking him up? Guys who want to save face all do that. Even if he doesn’t have a ride, he wouldn’t want to disappoint his beauty."

The girl speechlessly glanced at her brother and got into the car. "Yeah, yeah, you are the all- knowing saint, all right? Most intelligent man on earth. And, I’m not a ‘beauty’, don’t try to give me a tall hat. Now drive, we should get home and rest. I’m really tired after riding the train for so long." She laid back in the passenger seat, her expression revealing her exhaustion.

The silver car slowly drove out of the train station, turned at the exit, and merged into the traffic outside.

Garen turned his gaze from the silver car and looked at his master.

"What do we do now, Master?"

"We wait," Fei Baiyun said casually. " The folks from the Celestial Circle Gate are coming to pick us up, so bring out your vigor and don’t let our White Cloud Gate down. Even if we are a small sect, we’re still the strongest in Huaishan City. If we lose our cool, Huaishan Secret Martial Arts get disrespected as well."

He looked at Garen. "You’re not only representing yourself now, but also thousands of disciples at the White Cloud Gate and the entire Secret Martial Arts community at Huaishan. Your senior brothers and sisters have already graduated, so technically, you are the eldest senior brother at the White Cloud Gate. Don’t lose our White Cloud Gate’s prestige."

"Yes, Master!" Garen answered sincerely. He vaguely understood his main goal on this trip.

Fei Baiyun was treating him as the White Cloud Gate’s next successor. He was treating him like a true heir to his mantle.

Garen adjusted his body form and lifted his spirit. He waited at the station with his master.

There were less and less passengers getting on and off at the isle. Soon, three young men came out of the entrance. They had great body forms and wore different clothing. The one who walked in the front had a hard-edged aura around him. He had blond hair and blue eyes, his expression cold. 

The blond man approached at a fast pace and stopped in front of Fei Baiyun. The three of them bowed down and saluted.

"Is it master Fei Baiyun from Huaishan’s White Cloud Gate?"

"Yes, I am Fei Baiyun, and you must be Jaden. Last time I visited you were still an apprentice to your senior brother. But after all these years, you now take charge of things on your own," Fei Baiyun smiled and answered politely.

"You are exaggerating, sir, I wouldn’t say I’m ‘in charge’. This way please, the driver is waiting for us at the exit," Jaden answered respectfully, lowering his head.

"Very well, lead the way." Fei Baiyun nodded, following Jaden and the other young men.

Garen strolled along behind his master. A handsome young man behind Jaden took a step back to walk in parallel with him.

"Senior brother, your luggage looks heavy, let me help you carry it," he whispered and reached out with his hand, clawing toward Garen’s wrist.

His movement looked like he was trying to help. But in reality, his fingers were held together and fast like a thrusting sword, stabbing toward Garen’s wrist silently.

Garen’s heart skipped a beat. He knew this was the Celestial Circle Gate trying to probe his strength. Master must have noticed, but did not turn around. He knew this would happen.

The opponent was too fast, there was no time to react.

With a faint sound of impact, the young man’s finger hit Garen’s wrist. Both of them froze.

"So weak." Garen watched speechlessly as the young man blushed. "Is this for real? A mosquito’s sting could be stronger than this."

The young man’s face was completely red. He raised his head and gazed at Garen with astonishment.

Both of them were speechless.

Garen had no words. What should he say, "Wow I’ve heard so much about you, your finger strength is truly unmatched!"? He planned to say this before, but now if he said this, they would think he was sarcastically mocking them.

"So- sorry." The young man’s face turned white and red. He walked up to Jaden and his shoulders began to shudder. He was crying.

Garen was out of words again. "I was the one that got hit … Why are you crying?"

Fei Baiyun turned around and gave Garen a scolding stare. Garen looked back with an innocent expression.

"It’s none of my business, Master… I didn’t even hit him back. Is standing still and taking the hit a bad thing to do now?" Of course he couldn’t say it out loud, but he was puzzled in his mind.

"Isn’t this the Celestial Circle Gate disciple too fragile? …" He looked at the young man again, suddenly seeing his long and slim legs together. There was no gap between them at all, and he had an amazing S curve around his butt and waist.

He looked again at the youngster’s neck. The skin was white and smooth, and there was no Adam’s apple.

"So he’s a girl…" Garen realized. "Now I’m in trouble."

Sure enough, Jaden turned around and looked at him. There was fire in his eyes.

Garen straightened his face and back. He narrowed his eyes and stared back at Jaden, trying his best not to show any sign of weakness.

The group soon exited the station, and there were three cars parked to the right of the exit. They looked luxurious, and there were even decorative silver linings on them.

"Master Fei, would you please ride in the first vehicle. I will accompany your esteemed disciple in the second." Jaden respectfully opened the door for Fei Baiyun.

After settling down master Fei, he came back to Garen.


"Thank you." Garen nodded, ready to get into the car.

"Your luggage is a little too big. It’s not easy to fit in there, so why don’t you let me help." As Jaden’s voice came, his right hand turned into a white shadow, jabbing toward Garen’s wrist.

This move was a lot faster than the girl’s earlier, and it felt powerful too. His fingernails were emitting a sharp, knife-like aura.

Jaden’s eyes turned cold. His fingers split up, the white shadow turning into five, and simultaneously grabbed toward Garen’s wrist. There was no chance to dodge, Jaden’s hand was like five steel knives slicing down.

Garen’s face turned cold. His wrist suddenly swelled, and his skin and muscles instantly turned blue and dark. He was ready to take the hit without dodging.


After a thud, Jaden felt pain in his fingers. But he acted like nothing had happened and took his hand back. He sneered and sat in the front passenger seat.

Garen looked down at his wrist. It had five distinct white marks. He felt a stingy pain as the attack had almost scratched his skin.

"Worthy of the the Celestial Circle Gate’s name, this should be fun." Even though he did no use the secret arts to strengthen his body, his resilience at a normal state was extremely strong already.

Right now, the two were just trying each other out, and the first round was even.

"Looks like I have to keep working hard, a disciple from the Celestial Circle Gate is this strong. If I faced someone stronger from other places…" Garen thought as he entered the car with his luggage.

"Drive," Jaden whispered to the driver.

The luxurious silver lined black cars slowly accelerated. There were even two police cars in front of them, whom the traffic avoided dodging in both directions.

Three cars formed a line and drove steadily forward.

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