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Isaros did not think too much and kept firing her handgun while she instinctively retreated.

Bam bam bam bam bam!

Her left hand was tightly gripping her dagger and she made a crescent-shaped slash in front of her as a defensive maneuver.

Firing a handgun while operating a knife simultaneously had almost become a second nature for her. Isaros' eyes followed the silhouette tightly as it sped around, but her handgun was almost unable to catch up to the opponent and could only barely hit its afterimage.

She saw that shadow circled around the second floor's living hall once, and then immediately rushed towards her at an incredible speed while it maintained an S-shaped evasive maneuver.

She fired two consecutive rounds that missed before she tossed the handgun aside and rolled onto the ground to avoid the pounce, then countered that attack by throwing the dagger out. She didn't even manage to see what the outcome was, but had already hidden in a room on the side and slammed the door shut.

With her back against the window, she quickly took out a few black colored parts from her pockets and assembled them with a speed which seemed like a series of afterimages was assembling it, and then taped it on the door behind her.

She then rolled over, ran towards the window in front of her and jumped out after smashing the window, while both her hands held onto the ledge of the window.

Just as she hung onto the ledge, the little device taped to the door started blinking red.

The black shadow suddenly barged into the room.


A strong explosion happened instantaneously.

The flames engulfed everything in the room like a surging flood, including the black shadow. An immense amount of heat rushed through the windows with large clouds of smoke, and the interior of the house began burning following the large explosion.

"Beautifully done."

A composed, male voice was suddenly heard beside Isaros, with a hint of admiration.

She immediately turned to her side, while her right hand was positioned like a serpent to choke the opponent's neck.

Isaros had not anticipated at all that she would miss someone right next to her.


The fingers were accurately caught by her opponent, and the opponent licked her fingers.

Isaros was then able to see that person's true colors.

He looked just like a regular young male, clean, with a tidy attire and wore gold-framed eyeglasses, which made him look like a lawyer from a law firm. He looked gentlemanly, but his eyes had a hint of judgment. That black suit that he donned was definitely not low-class but was an elegantly-tailored suit.

This handsome man with fair skin had pitch-black irises like two magical whirlpools which carried an oddly strong attraction, making people unable to resist staring into his gaze.

"Hypnosis!" Isaros suddenly escaped the technique, twisted her body and her lower half then bent upwards before her body nimbly flipped back into the room. But that man seemed to be agiler than her and hopped into the room just right after her.

Both of them stood in the middle of the sea of flames.

"Such a beautiful lady… Outstanding, charming, seeing you feels like looking back at my daughter…" The man sighed with a hint of nostalgia. "If she wasn't killed by the damned light party, she would probably be as outstanding and beautiful as you."

"Blood Breeds have reproductive abilities too?" Isaros cautiously observed her opponent, while replying him in a casual tone.

"No, not Blood Breed, she was a pure human." The opponent didn't seem to be willing to talk more about his past, he was looking at Isaros, "To be able to escape my hypnosis, I suppose you're no regular human too."

Isaros kept feeling that this man seemed oddly gracious, this odd feeling made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

"No, you're wrong, I'm a pure human."

"Is it?" The man smiled. "My name is Laers, I'm the person in charge of this territory's secret party. I had originally intended to take a walk, but I would never have expected such an outstanding girl like you."

As Isaros felt that something wasn't right, the opponent's gaze turned stern, much like a beast's calm before pouncing on its prey, which made people put down their guard.

Suddenly, she dodged to her left.


She heard something being torn from the location where she originally was, but she didn't stop to look. As she hit the ground with her right palm to support her weight, she swept her surroundings with a windmill kick.

The pointed leather shoes on her were as sharp as the tip of a knife, which let out a sharp ferocious howl as it spun with a high velocity.

With two thumps, Laers was hit, but both his arms shielded his body with a speed exceeding Isaros'. Even he couldn't anticipate that his opponent would have such moves hidden, and it would have been too late to react if not for his own overbearing speed, which instead allowed him to proactively approach and hit her feet.

With two consecutive hits, his face seemed unwell. The elegance from before could no longer be faked, and his face slowly started to show a shred of impatience and ferocity.

With two bloody holes pierced on his arms, even though there was no blood flowing out, it was a thorough insult to a pure-blooded Blood Breed to be injured by a regular human.


He let out a loud roar and rushed at her after transforming into a black shadow, as he took advantage of the timing that Isaros needed to recover to close in on her.

Pap pap pap pap!!

The two of them had gotten themselves into a brawl. Isaros' speed was leagues below the opponent, but her attack accuracy was frighteningly pre-emptive as she has a honed sense of danger. She seemed to be able to predict Laer's attacks before they happened and launch a pre-emptive strike, which made Laers feel uncomfortable.

With a bang, the two of them knocked down the remaining wooden wall which had been blown apart by the earlier explosion and burst into the hall.

With a lunge, Isaros' finger violently slashed at Laers' right cheek, the poison on her nails instantly entering his body.

His face changed in that instant.

"How dare you!!" He roared and instantly gave up his plan to toy with his opponent, and a strong force suddenly flowed throughout his body.

His entire person was slowly dyed an odd hue of grey, while his skin became as tough as a boulder.

His speed has suddenly increased twofold, and just as he raised his right arm, it would hit Isaros' shoulder.

The immense power crashed upon Isaros' shoulder, sending her flying.

Laers turned into a shadow once again and closed in on Isaros, choked her and lifted her high. She could not do anything even as she struggled. His skin was as tough as a boulder and was nothing that a mere human could damage, even her dagger could only scratch the skin without dealing any significant damage.

Laers could feel the poison spreading within his body, and as he glared at Isaros in his grasp, he turned violent.


Suddenly, a large explosion erupted from the tiles behind his body.

The huge explosion flung away both Laers and Isaros at the same time.

Isaros took this opportunity to escape the opponent's choke, and she jumped out of the window pane after two coughs. Suddenly, a black shadow sped by and threw her downwards by grabbing her waist.


With yet another loud thump, her nose and mouth began bleeding, but the anti-stab garments that she wore before the entire incidents were useful in greatly reducing the damage that she received.

"Damn it!!!" Laers' voice could be heard from behind her.

Isaros' consciousness was beginning to blur, but the many years of fleeing from death's door had unfazed her, hence she turned her body away from her original position decisively.

Just as she rolled away, the flooring at her original position had been stomped through by Laers. The shards of wood and cement littered the ground floor.

The house had ignited once again at this point.

Isaros wasn't aware that she'd rolled into a flame, which ignited her body.

Flame, rollover, roar, sirens of a fire truck, a soft voice transmitted over a communication device.

All of these noises weaved together into Isaros' ears, as though it was a muffled orchestra.

In that instant, the scene where she'd practiced with Garen resurfaced. Those unknown emotions suddenly surged through her, as though it was merging with her innate prediction ability.

Aura began flowing around her slowly and after a few rolls, the flames on Isaros was quickly extinguished. By this time, Laers was already standing next to her, lifting her up by her neck again.

"You mortal! To actually humiliate me to this extent! Such accomplishment!" Laers smiled deceitfully, "Perhaps I should make you my treasured collection, keep it until… Jii!"

A crisp noise had broken his speech.

Laers was stunned with an unbelieving expression and Isaros slowly looked down at his chest.

That slightly darkened arm has been stabbed into his body, much like a spear piercing into his heart. The arm which was smoking and black was supposed to be clearly visible to him, yet oddly enough he hadn't noticed any movements from before. Just a light hit and his chest had already been pierced, as though his Blood Breed skin was a useless decoration.

"Silent Killing Art…" Isaros had a flashback of Garen showing her this technique, there was no ripple within her heart, her head was blank, ahead of her seemed to be the scene where Garen had pointed his dagger at her own forehead.

With a thump, Laers let go of Isaros and staggered back by a few steps. He shapeshifted once again into a shadow and disappeared from the scene.

In the house, there was only Isaros left barely managing to stand as she stared at her right hand, stunned. On her hand was a hint of Laers' blood.

Silent Killing Art.

Such a technique…. Was indeed too horrifying…

This was the first time that she'd felt the impression that the ordinary Garen was shrouded with a layer of mystery.

At this time, the sirens of the fire truck outside were approaching. As she snapped back into focus, she quickly jumped out of the window pane and nimbly landed on the ground with a forward roll, dispersing the majority of the landing impact. Without concern for her own injuries, she swiftly pulled open the car door.

Arisa came out from beneath the seats, she was frightened to see that her sister was covered in blood stains and burn marks.

"We have to leave!" Isaros said quickly.

Arisa did not dare to speak much, she immediately took over the steering wheel and left the location swiftly.

The house was left smoldering.

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