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Garen who was at the side started to become impatient. "Cohen, What's the secret of the Stone Clock of Fortune? Furthermore, where is Levi? Tell me."

Cohen shook his head.

"I don't know. Levi should be tailing me but with all the fuss, I don't know if he's still around. Everything that had happened here must have been out of his imagination. The Secret of the Stone Clock of Fortune? Frankly, there's no such treasure." He smiled wryly. "We made that out to trick you guys. The so-called treasure was the fear of unable to steer your attention with the Stone Clock of Fortune. So we made up some lies so that everyone would be in the dark."

At the other side, the old man had planted his crutch on Rose Dahm's chest as they whispered swiftly between them. It seemed like an ancient language as none of them could understand what they were talking about.

As both of them were being interrogated by Garen and the old man, Garen took out a white porcelain bottle which resembled the Stone Clock of Fortune as he listened to Cohen's explanation.

The small bottle was similar to the eastern white jaded porcelain bottle. It had a thin neck and was only the size of a palm. One could hear something ringing inside as one shook the bottle.

"Is this the Stone Clock of Fortune?" Garen frowned.

He could feel that this small bottle's surface was covered with a thin layer of cool qi. It was the qi of the potential points.

He tried to absorb it but the layer of qi was glued onto the surface of the bottle and wouldn't budge at all.

"Yes. Legend says that there's a mysterious story hidden inside the bottle. However, it looks like an antique to me." Cohen was helpless. "Believe me. We are not responsible for what happened to the Nighthawks. It was all Levi's doing. That guy is manipulative and worked with everyone to ambush the Nighthawks…"

"I know that already, which is why you're still alive." Garen butted in. "Next I would need you to lure Levi out for me. That fucker had killed quite a number of my patrols…" His eyes were filled with rage.

Cohen couldn't help but emit cold sweat. "What do you want me to do?"

"Simple. Bait him out." Garen smirked as he reached out his right hand and tapped even to eight locations on his body.

Tap tap tap tap!!

A series of clear taps could be heard and Cohen started to scream as if he was being slaughtered.

Instantly, at least ten bones in his bodies were broken as he flopped down onto the floor. His head and neck were covered in tiny droplets of sweat.

"No… Stop… I have a better idea to lure him out…" He begged.

"But I believe this is the best idea, no?" Garen smiled gently but it was a horrifying one in the eyes of Cohen.

He picked up his leg and kicked him without any mercy.


Cohen was hit by the waist. He flew and tumbled about and crashed into the stone wall by the side. Coincidentally, his leg was smashed into a sharp corner of the stone wall.


He still had the energy to scream.

"Oh my god! Oh my god…"

Garen walked towards him and picked him up.

"I'm going to create a scenario where you're severely injured and was left alone in an empty wide field which was the most obvious to be spotted. To go against an enemy that could be dealt with from a shot from afar, I believe Levi would most likely make his move."

He picked up Cohen's head which was in immense pain.

"He will be dead the moment he makes his move."

The Nighthawks was his first trial and his first step in building a certain deterrence to let other forces know that he was unstoppable.

Buzz buzz..

The walkie-talkie suddenly rang.

Garen took it out and a girl's voice came out from it.

"Captain, boss Baldy has found and obtained five Stone Clocks of Fortune. However, we have lost a few people, do you need us to go to your location immediately?"

"Oh?" Garen's eyes flashed. "Another five Stone Clocks of Fortune?"

"That's… right. Excluding the Stone Clock of Fortune that has been broken, there.. Should be six more…" Cohen replied with agony.

"Bring him here, send him my location."

"Yes." An engine could be heard from the walkie-talkie.

Garen pulled Cohen back to where he was kicked as their tussle had resulted in them leaving the dead end.

As Garen arrived at the dead end, AG was conversing with Rose Dahm calmly in front of the big hole Garen had created with his bare hands. What's strange was that Rose Dahm seemed to be in agony as tears were flowing out from AG's eyes. AG was shivering as if he recalled something very sad.

"I didn't know… never thought of…" AG looked contradictorily sad as he looked at Rose Dahm with a strange gaze. There were love, sadness, and pain in his gaze.

"Love? What is with this development?" Garen frowned as he muttered while pulling Cohen to a corner, waiting quietly.

"I… I have some information…" Cohen whispered slowly.

"Garen looked at him, reached out his hand and tapped onto his neck to temporarily seal Cohen's sense towards pain.

"Let's hear it?"

His expression immediately changed as he stopped feeling pain instantaneously. Disbelief with what he just experienced, he tried to move his hands and leg but to no avail, as if his limbs did not belong to him. He couldn't do anything once he realized what happened.

"Rose Dahm is the descendant of AG…"

"?" Garen didn't even how to react to it. They're trying to kill each other just a moment ago and now they're families?"

"Rose Dahm and his siblings believe that the Best Book Page has corrupted AG. Hence the reason why they had stolen the book. He was trying to use the sealed knowledge inside purely as a tool. However, AG couldn't comprehend it as he views the book page as his strongest source of energy. He risked his life to obtain it and it was his most precious treasure." Cohen spewed everything out.

"I don't care if you're his cousin. I have seen the killing intent in AG's gaze." Garen butted in.

"No way…?" Cohen's eye widened.

Garen quietened down for a moment as he attempted to sense the number of potential points inside the Stone Clock of Fortune. He estimated that a bottle had about five points, which was more than he expected. Based on this calculation, if every bottle was similar to each other, then he should have twenty-five more points with the other five bottles. It was more than he had anticipated.

He pondered for a moment and shouted towards AG.

"AG, how do I contact you in the future?"

AG turned around and looked at Garen and Cohen, who was in his grasp, strangely.

"Of course through the telephone? My phone number is 8224-657930****." While he didn't say out the last four digit, the voice was directly transferred into Garen's ears.

Garen memorized it instantaneously and nodded towards AG.

Although it seemed weird that an ancient old witch was able to use a satellite phone, everything seemed possible for this guy.

Garen felt that the witches and witch doctor he encountered during this expedition were weird as their relationships were a mess.

With Cohen in his hand, he stopped pursuing the Best Book Page as the most important he should obtain right now was the foundation of energy AG possessed and the Page was not something that might not benefit him at all.

Furthermore, He had the Stone Clock of Fortune and Cohen as a bait. Garen planned to deal with the hidden Levi immediately.

That guy wasn't willing to meet him in person and had been killing his patrols from afar.

The elite members went out to try and search for him but to no avail. His hiding ability was out of this world.

As he revealed his location via the walkie-talkie, Garen brought Cohen to the left side of the tunnel.

It was pitch black. He placed down the walkie-talkie and punched upward.


Huge chunks of stones and rubbles were ejected outwards as a beam of light shone down.

A huge hole spanning a meter wide appeared before them.

A few huge stones fall down but Garen casually pushed them away as the stones were pushed into the stonewalls like canons.

Cohen gulped as he saw in horror. He was afraid that the stone would crash into him if Garen were to be careless. It was a force that would instantly kill him!

Without saying any word, Garen carried Cohen and jumped out of the hole swiftly. He then landed on the right side of the hole.

It was a very spacious field with wilted yellow and green leaves rustling as the wind blew. A few brown antelopes which were frightened by their appearance were running away.

The sky was incredibly blue and the sun rays were red hot.

The giant sun on the horizon far away looked like a huge orange balloon.

Garen was carrying Cohen across the greenish yellow field as he moved in a certain direction at great speed.

Soon, the sound of a car engine could be heard up front and a huge group of cars appeared before them.

Garen threw Cohen on the ground as he welcomed the team.

"Captain!" Baldy was wrapped like a mummy. He was the first one to get down from the car as he carried a black package.

"I didn't disappoint you!" Baldy said as he stood in front of Garen with his back straight. Although his some part of his white bandages were seeping with blood, he didn't mind at the very least.

Garen took the package in his hand and looked inside. There were five identical white porcelain bottles.

He patted Baldy's shoulder as he nodded with a smile.

"Not bad."

"Captain, Jay has found Levi's trace and he was pursuing him alone. Perhaps they are even fighting against each other as of this moment." A black haired ponytail woman walked towards him and said softly.

"Let's head over there together." Garen's eye turned dim as he recalled Levi. "Looks like it's time we capture this mouse…"

He turned his head and looked at Cohen.

"Bring that man along. Levi hates this person the most. Perhaps he can save me some trouble."


Two soldiers went over and picked up the strengthless Cohen.

"Be careful. I broke some of his bones and will die from hemorrhaging if not careful." Garen smiled as he ordered.

With the five small bottles in his hands, he felt a lot better.

The next thing he should do was to absorb six of these Stone Clock of Fortunes. He didn't expect that his subordinates would be so useful. Although he didn't know how Baldy obtained five of these Stone Clocks of Fortune, he could see that he had put in a lot of effort from his wounds.

As he cleared the issues here swiftly, he decided to enter the strength of that world for real.

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