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This invisible energy surrounded Garen instantly.

This energy was extremely strange as it would change based on Garen's strength. The more strength he used, the more powerful it became. It was similar to a glue as it stuck tightly to Garen's body.

With his amazing speed, it was strange for Garen to let the opponent shout within this wide area.

Under normal circumstances, he would have choked the opponent before he could even shout.

However, it seemed that there was something that was creating distance between him and the old man.

This made him recall those unique ones back in the totem world. Those unique ones were usually troublesome as if he didn't have enough power to disrupt or influence the field, then he could only be played within the opponent's palm.

Only when he exerted a force strong enough to disrupt the surrounding, only then could he break out from the effect.

Back in the days, he made use of the strong force exerted from the Totem Light to disrupt the stability of the surrounding so that it would be non-effective against him.

However, he currently did not have such strength.

Garen squinted his eyes as he grasped his right fist firmly. If there's a need, he would immediately go for the kill.

He had yet to truly release all his power in an instant before. However, he had been able to predict his strength based on small amounts of release and it was near towards his peak in the totem world.

Although it was just an instant, it would most likely injure his body and would require some potential points to recover.

If he were to release half of it… It shouldn't be any problem… However, he should use his normal strength to test it first.

Without any hesitation, Garen's right hand was filled with explosive energy as he sprinted towards two o'clock from his relative position.

He combined the energy with the Slaughtering Hand Secret Technique as his fist exploded.

He lunged forth like a swordfish and with a gentle roll, he landed in an empty space a few meters away from the old man.

However, that energy was still glued to him.

His every action, which started from attacking to retreating was about two seconds long. Then, the old man raised up his crutch once again and slammed it down once more.

Garen felt that his speed had reduced tremendously. His eyes flashed red as he increased his Slaughtering Hand to its maximum. Although it didn't make use of his life force, its potency was on the same level as he was at his peak in the Secret Technique world.

He immediately pressed his shoulder muscle with his right hand.


The muscle sunk and a gas leaked out from it as it whistled.

Garen seemed to be in pure pain. It was a natural reaction after hitting an acupuncture point.

After mastering the Slaughtering Hand, he had developed a lot of unique techniques and one of them was this acupuncture point.

He found out about this point from an ancient book. Combined with the characteristic of the Slaughtering Hand with a special activation method, he was able to produce an extraordinary amount of power. In an instant, his physique would increase greatly and be able to release a great amount of life force. Although it wasn't as powerful as the life force produced by the Slaughtering Hand, he was able to merge the life force together and form a single source of power.

As this acupuncture point was able to bring out the most life force after excitation, Garen had named it as the Life's Secret Point.

As he searched through his memory in the Secret Technique World, he was able to find nine of these secret acupuncture points and had left two of them as hidden points. No one was able to use it except him. The remaining seven points were collected together and he had formed it into a set of secret skills.

The potency of this secret technique was terrifying as he would instantly increase the status of the practitioner.

For example, if he were to open a point, he could increase his speed by one fold. By opening two points, he was able to increase it by two folds and three folds if it were three points. This wasn't just simply adding up the strength of the practitioner. What made it different from other secret skills was that it could be superimposed.

It could be superimposed with other secret skills!

This was why it was terrifying!

If one's physique was strong enough, one could activate the Shooting Shadow Secret Skill and Two-Faced Waterbird Fist before activating the Life's Secret Point to achieve a strength that stood at the edge of the body's limit.

Perhaps he had missed the life he once had back on Earth. Since the number of points was seven in total, Garen named this secret skill as the Seven Star Life's Secret Point. It was directly named from the Big Dipper from the ancient days of China.

"First star!" Garen muttered.


He growled as his skin started turning black. His muscle quickly expanded and his height increased from 1.8 meters to at least 2 meters.

It was different from the time when he had Mammoth Secret Technique and was called the King of the Century. He wasn't as big as before but he definitely looked more fit as his black skin shone like metal.

This was the result of activating the first star and the entangled force was immediately suppressed. It didn't disappear but rather its effect did not affect Garen any longer.

As he raised his legs and was about to rush towards the old man.

"Delay!" The crutch hit the floor once more.

The old man shouted and the invisible force surrounding him flew out and disappeared in the air between Garen and him.

Suddenly, Garen could feel an invisible force holding his limbs. He couldn't figure out where the source of the power was from as if it was air that was resisting him. This made him frowned.

As he just got off from the entanglement, he now had to experience an obstruction towards his movement.

However, due to him being two times stronger than before, he didn't feel much of an inconvenience.

The Seven Star Life's Secret Point was a secret skill came about due to the life force created from the Slaughtering Hand. To him, the life force could be accumulated via the Slaughtering Hand. He was distressed over the fact that the life force accumulated from the Slaughtering Hand had to be used all at once, even though it's powerful, instead of using it economically. After some series of thought, Garen had developed the Seven Star Life's Secret Point, which was the most effective way to use the Life Force. It was the most efficient way to convert the life force to actual strength.

However, this sort of secret skill was a life depleter for others and shouldn't be used carelessly, as it would require life force to be able to use it.

To others, life force was their lifespan.

However, as a secret skill that could be superimposed with other techniques, it definitely possessed terrifying strength.

Garen smiled as he twitched his body under this state.

"Polaris Fierce Arts!!"

He expanded once more as he pressed his chest with his finger once more and the air that was pushed away from his body could be clearly seen.

The Polaris Fierce Arts, which was a plain secret method, was completely terrifying under his modification.

One Punch!

Garen threw out a right punch and in an instant, a line of vacuum was formed in the air from the extreme speed and power. His fist was so fast that the air couldn't move in time to fill up the space he'd created, thus creating a vacuum.

"Vacuum slash!!"

Garen's right fist stirred up the air in the underground.

His golden short hair waved about like a lion's mane as the wind blew.

His fist reached the old man instantaneously as he opened up his fist and shaped it into a knife. He then slashed down like his hand was the sharpest knife on the planet.

The sound of the fist in the air changed into a sharp tone.

"Speed enhancement!!" The old man didn't panic at all as he shouted loudly before Garen attacked. At the same time, his body moved slightly to the left and by the time the hand knife reached in front of him, the invisible force had surrounded Garen's hand knife.

In that instant, a strange phenomenon occurred.

Garen's hand suddenly grew much longer as his slashing speed had tremendously increased. On the other hand, his body's speed remained at the same delayed speed.

In that instant, due to the difference of speed between his hand and his body, it had torn his body.

While his hand knife hadn't even touched the old man, Garen could feel that his right hand was about to be torn away from his body.

It was his first time experiencing such a strange phenomenon.

With a mysterious force added to his powerful slash, its strength went overboard as the momentum was too powerful, causing a difference in speed between his hand and body. For a commoner, this would cause an instant injury towards the muscle and worst, he would have torn his hand apart, decapitating it in the process.

However, Garen scoffed.

He stomped hard to put in a new source of energy, increasing his body's speed and reducing the strain on his hand. He had always casually exerted strength on his body. As he had surpassed the realm of the King of the Century, he had total control over his body and wouldn't be affected by external causes!

He instantly regained control of his hand knife.

The duration of them exchanging blows was instant. It was so fast that one wouldn't even have enough time to inhale or blink.

With this exchange at such speed and reaction, both of them had acknowledged one another.

Both knew that they were on the same level.

The hand knife ultimately missed as it cut deep into the stone wall, leaving a deep gash on it.

The old man unknowingly returned back to his original position two meters away from him.

"Mortal…" He gently caressed the mountain goat's skull on his crutch. "I have never seen such a strong mortal…"

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