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The black clocktower in the distance looked like a gigantic upright pencil, with only a faint light flickering on the tip.

The orange-yellowish light of a plane slowly gliding through the night sky could be seen.

Through the open window, a gentle breeze blew, bringing a cooling sensation, along with the fresh scent of grass. There was also a hint of perfume from somewhere in the distance.

The chirping of the crickets plagued the night, along with the occasional calls of birds. A faint semblance of singing could also be heard from afar, gentle and harmonious. It was almost like a chant of some sorts, and it was all the voices of children.

Garen now felt more clear-headed than ever.

Thinking back to the dream he had just now, his mind was completely hazy.

He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt this type of fear. Was it 10 years? 20 years? Or even 50 or 60 years?

That feeling came almost naturally and he had no control over it, almost as if it was his body's reflex action. He definitely didn't encounter anything he could have feared recently.

"What a strange dream." He used a wet towel to wipe his face as he slightly shook his head.

Taking a deep breath, Garen hung up the towel, grabbed his violin, and returned to his bedroom. He glanced over at his laptop, but he had no intention of turning it on.

Without even turning on the lights, he sat at the edge of his bed.

Checking the condition of his body, as he found nothing out of the ordinary, he had no choice but to disregard it as something unimportant and pushed it to the back of his mind.

In the upcoming days, he would only head for class, train his secret technique - Slaughtering Hand, observe Cece's development, and train his 5 vice presidents.

The progress of the 5 vice presidents was extremely impressive, especially the 2 - Hochman and Dahm.

The two have started showing signs of becoming top-tier martial artists, one domineering, the other suppressed. The two have also developed their own fighting style and ideals as martial artists.

A few months later.

Bam bam!!

4 arms were interlocked with one another; Hochman and Dahm were furiously grappling with each other. Their feet pounded loudly on the ground, even causing the dense spiderwebs to shake.

Garen was clad in a white gi, silently observing the sparring from the sidelines.

Hochman sacrificed his defense for more offensive power, putting immense power behind every hit. His body was getting stronger every day and he had his hair trimmed into a buzzcut. When he removed his glasses he looked even fiercer, emitting the aura of a lion. Every attack was infused with fearful killing intent and aura as if he wouldn't back off before utterly destroying his opponent!

On the other hand, Dahm focused on defense more than offense; he would stall for time as he waited for opportunities to strike. Every strike of his was deadly, they were definitely loaded with the intent to damage Hochman.

This was not sparring, it was pure combat!!

Jamie, Quentin, and even Raelan were looking on from the sides, completely terrified, occasionally glancing over at Garen. The president seemed to have no issue with it, it even seemed like he had a look of satisfaction on his face.

They could only hope that Garen could stop the fight in time before any major damage had been done.

In the empty gymnasium, multiple bodyguards of the five vice presidents surrounded them. They'd bought the entire gymnasium over as their personal training facility.

At the middle of the gymnasium, Hochman and Dahm's blows were creating shockwaves through the Gymnasium, pushing back even Garen, Jamie and company who were watching on the sidelines.


Hochman swung his right fist, causing his entire body to whip around. His attack was as like a cannon firing, landing a devastating blow on Dahm's left arm.

With that blow, Dahm flew back through the air, spinning to a distance away.


With a roar, Hochman lunged forward, putting all his body's strength into his elbow.


A hole was created on the thick wooden floor.

Dahm dodged away just in time, but the right side of his forehead had been split open with a small trickle of blood. Yet, his cold gaze was still fixed on Hochman.

"Hehe…" He suddenly let out a cold cackle, his 2 index fingers tapping lightly on his chest.

"Spinning Moon…"

Suddenly, with a flash, he vanished without a trail.

"Up there!" Quentin loudly shouted.

The other two followed suit and looked up, just as Dahm leaped down, not making a sound. Both his index fingers aiming for Hochman right at his eyes. His fingers looked like it was wrapped with a layer of white air in the form of sharp claws, looking extremely mysterious.

"A Level 3 Ultimate Spinning Technique? Don't think only you have such a skill…" Hochman laughed. He raised his right arm, suddenly his muscles started expanding, becoming darker and larger, covered with numerous black and blue veins.

"Dragon Spin!!"


White gas billowed out of his arm, and almost as he was propelled by a cannon, Hochman catapulted towards Dahm who was flying right at him.


It was as if a ferocious beast's roar was ringing through the air, from an unknown beast of the same ferocity as an enraged lion.


With a loud shout, Garen appeared between the two.

The two shockwaves were immediately negated as Garen caught both of their arms at the same time, separating the two from each other.

The facial muscles of Hochman almost seemed to start concentrating on his brow, forming a ferocious frown.

His right arm was being held by Garen's single hand. Although Garen's arm looked normal and a lot thinner than his, with just one grab, Garen managed to negate all of his arm's strength.

Hochman's skin on his entire body started to flush red, ever slowly turning darker. His body felt like it was boiling, the white air radiating from his body was his sweat being instantly evaporated from his body.

On the other hand, Dahm's two fingers were held tightly in Garen's hands while he stood firmly on the ground. The killing intent in his eyes suddenly got suppressed, his facial expression returning to his gentle smile. Although he was a burly man covered in muscles, at this moment he had a gentle feminine smile, giving people around him goosebumps.

"Well since master insists, let's end it here for today, I have some stuff I need to do, so I'll take my leave." He took back his hand, narcissistically rubbing his own fingers.

"What a heartless guy, I can't believe we used to have such a close friendship."

Hochman pulled back his arm as well, his facial muscles returning back to usual.

Behind them, the bodyguards of the two started helping them wipe off their sweat and treating their wounds.

"I also have some stuff to do, so I'll be heading off as well," Hochman said as he put on a black windbreaker handed to him by one of the bodyguards.

The gymnasium door was opened by the guards, revealing a snowy weather.

"Master, I'll be taking my leave then."

Garen nodded. Ever since he'd initiated the primer, the duo's potential had increased rapidly, far exceeding the other three who were training together with them. They were infinitely better than Cece and Kaedun, whom Garen had placed high expectations on in the beginning.

At this point, the duo had created their own styles of combat methods, and even after participating in Garen's training, they'd hired top-tier experts to help further hone their skills.

Hochman had even fought Polar Bears and African Lions with his bare hands.

Dahm on the other hand, there were rumors of him often going into primitive tropical forests, sometimes losing contact with the world for tens of days, or even more than a month, then suddenly reappearing while dragging crocodile corpses, scaring his family.

Both of them also set up their own Black Organizations, and the entire Nottingham underworld was dominated by their two factions, their power spreading to even other nearby states within a short period of time.

Ever since Garen noticed that they managed to initiate the primer and create a seed, he'd stopped forcefully controlling them, most of the time only meeting them to teach them new skills. To be honest, at this point, they don't even need that anymore, most of the time, because of the power of the seed, Hochman and Dahm would engage in lethal combat.

They both felt that, if they manage to kill the other, it would let them attain a whole new level of strength. That sheer power would make them invincible!

As they train more in the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist, reaching the highest levels, the more they truly understood how absurdly powerful this secret skill was.

They had extreme levels of energy and as a result, they could support faster and clearer brain functions. Originally already elites, this allowed them to get even better results and more respect as people of higher importance within the family.

They haven't even graduated, yet they were already slowly taking charge of their households' internal affairs.

Walking out of the training facility, Hochman raised his head looking at the snowy scenery.

"Dahm… Hmmph."

His ten bodyguards followed silently behind him.

The row of people walked through the snow-covered grounds and entered a few black cars, the motorcade slowly leaving via the road.

After a while, Dahm walked past in a red windbreaker and a fluffy white and brown scarf wrapped around his neck.

His hands were casually placed in the pockets of the windbreaker as he was being surrounded by the same men in black. The only difference with Hochman was that his men had a red armband on their right arm. In the sea of these tall men, all standing at almost 2 meters tall, he was standing out even more in the middle, with his short stature.

Reaching his hand out, one of the men immediately handed him a custom-made lipstick.

Applying the lipstick naturally, Dahm took out a small cosmetic mirror to check his appearance. After making sure that he looked perfect, he kept the mirror with a satisfied look.

"Hochman left in such a rush, I wonder why? Did something happen to that little apple of his?" Dahm placed his finger on under his chin, making a thinking pose.

"Maybe there has been some problems with his business." A man in glasses suggested to him.

"Oh? Then what about that little apple he cares so much about? His dear cousin?" Dahm raised his eyebrow.

"It seems like she fell in love with a guy outside, a North European."

Dahm nodded, revealing a bright smile.

"Do you think I should add some spice? It sounds like it'll be fun~~~"

"In my humble opinion as your servant, now is the best time to strike at Hochman. Hochman loves his cousin, but this type of love is too overbearing and selfish, he doesn't let her go out for activities, not even for work. All she was allowed to do was to wait patiently at home for him, this kind of life is naturally miserable and suffering. It is only natural for her to want to get out."

The man in glasses replied gloomily, as he adjusted his glasses.

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