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Keeping his phone, Garen held on to the fragment tightly as he put it into his pocket. In a distance there was a red building that looked like a research lab, there was almost no people around that area.

Walking through the field, the building looked like 3 rectangular wooden blocks stacked together, Garen walked in from the left entrance, entering a rustic-looking corridor.

On the walls were circular stone windows, sunlight was sieving through the layers of leaves outside, shining onto the corridor. A few students were sitting by the window panes reading or studying something.

Garen slowly strolled through the corridor, walking through the sunshine, feeling the changes in temperature as he walked in and out of the sunlight shining through the windows.

"I wonder how long will this kind of lifestyle last…"

He walked up to one of the circular windows and sat down, the window was almost 2 metres tall, from the inside it looked gray, but under the bright sunlight, it was splashed in a warm beige color.

He looked at the clock, it was almost 10 in the morning.

His life has once again back in peace.

Everything with Baldy, with the Combat Club, with Blood Breeds and Witches, were all momentarily tossed away from his mind.

Sitting with one of his legs raised up, he leaned on the window pane, basking in the sunlight. The warmth of the sunlight was caressing his body, giving him the urge to laze around.

"It's been such a long time since I had a good night's sleep." A girl said out loud from somewhere behind of him, she had a thick Dorian accent.

"Then why don't you just sleep a bit more?" Another girl laughed.

"I don't have a choice, if only I had the time, I would even sleep till the next night if I could!"

The two left the corridor while cheerfully bantering.

Garen did not look over, he just silently listened to the conversation.

"How long has it been since I had a good night's sleep?" Garen asked himself.

He had been training his Slaughtering Hand since he was young, this was a demonic technique from one of Ancient Ender's 42 Demon Kings that bestowed upon him a mysterious power, but it also made him unable to have a good sleep for all these years. Even back when he was in the totem world, he still had a somewhat regular sleep cycle, but now, it seems that it's impossible.

He was spacing out at the window pane for almost 2 hours, only snapping out of it when he was awakened by the sounds of people exiting the building.

His phone suddenly beeped, he had received a text message. He whipped his phone out.

It was by Messi.

"Wanna have lunch? We're planning to have a group lunch with the babes from the girl's dorm, we're gonna drive out and have a picnic, how about it, wanna come?"

"You guys enjoy yourself, I feel like going back to the dorm to have some rest." Garen answered directly after thinking for a brief moment.

He already attained Level 3 of the Slaughtering Hand for quite some time, but it seems like the progress hasn't increased since then, in fact there seems to be no signs of progression at all.


"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit tired."

"Alright, then I'll be heading off."

"Enjoy yourselves."

Garen put down his phone and looked to the distance. Across the field, there was a teapot-shaped red building, with students walking around, mostly walking towards the canteen or out of the school grounds.

A peaceful life, without any extraordinary powers, surrounded by nothing but normalcy, he enjoyed this kind of life quite a bit.

Buying a sandwich and a juicebox, he had a simple lunch. Garen then went back to his dorm. Since it was the weekend, the dorm was quite empty, with barely a few people in sight.

On a bench beside the entrance, there was a guy in a white T shirt and a pair of jeans, he had a guitar on his lap, silently playing it.

The music was clear and moving, he was completely concentrating on his music, completely ignoring Garen and the few people gathering around him. After listening for a bit, everyone could feel that their feelings have become more calm and tranquil.

Having nothing to do, Garen lazily walked upstairs, he could hear the sizzling of a guy frying eggs in the communal pantry, the was also a scent of its fragrant aroma slowly radiating from the pantry.

Using his key to open his unit door, he walked in. It was empty as he had expected, closing the door, he walked to his own room and grabbed his violin case, walking to the balcony.

From the violin case he took out his violin, carefully applying rosin on the bow then tightening it. After placing a shoulder rest on the violin, he moved the violin to his shoulder and rested his chin on the chinrest.


A short and crisp note could be heard.

Slowly turning the pegs, he tuned the strings one after the other, and finally doing some fine tuning when he was done. It was better to loosen the strings slightly when it's not in use, only tightening it when you're going to play.

"What should I play?" He was thinking back to all the songs he knows how to play. Suddenly, he felt some inspiration and started playing.

In an instant, the melody of "Walking in the Rain" started flowing out of the violin.

The music was elegant and clear, with perfect dynamic expression and timbre, almost like a stream calmly flowing through the mountains, continuously flowing with no end.


Out of the blue, a piano was being played from somewhere else in the dorm, creating a sort of harmony, softly latching on the the violin's rhythm.

Garen closed his eyes, the violin on his shoulder almost seemed like it was crying, as his bow swiftly moved, he unconsciously yet naturally unleashed some of his strengths.

His music started to sound more mysterious, devilish even, affecting even the piano. The piano's melody started to lose his own style, becoming the pure accompaniment of the violin.

Garen snapped out of it, suddenly stopping his violin.

He held his violin at rest and looked up at the reflection of the sunlight.

This was a melody with demonic powers…

Death Waltz.

Tang tang tang tang!!!!

The sound of the piano also came to an abrupt stop, leading to a sudden silence.

Soon, a commotion could be heard from afar, the school infirmary ambulance sirens could be heard getting closer.

Garen walked up to a window, looking down at a long-haired girl being stretchered off into the ambulance.

The sunlight was shining on his face, revealing his complicated expression.

This was the reason he started playing the violin less and less. It was as if his hands had some sort of demonic power, anyone who gets engulfed in the music he played would go through intense suffering and pain.

Garen held up his violin, staring at it, when suddenly, at the center of the backboard he could almost see a red eye.

It was a fierce demonic eye, completely white, yet covered in blood capillaries.

It was his eye…

"So even this violin has been infected by me?" Garen helplessly caressed his violin.

This violin was a present from his mother of this world, it was priceless and even said to be the one used by the great musician Richard Wagner.

Now, this exact same violin has been infected by the aura from his demonic techniques.

"The 42 Demon Kinds huh… They're so hard to master." Garen muttered as he kept his violin.

Lying on the reclining chair at the balcony, basking in the golden sunlight, he felt warm.

There was a warm breeze on his face, Garen opened his eyes, noticing that he fell asleep on the balcony for quite some time.

He stood up and walked to the sink at the balcony, splashing some water on his face.

The water was warm, with no cooling feeling.

He raised his head to look at the mirror.

"Hey brother, you said you'll bring me to play."

A charming voice could be heard from the living room.

"Where's Papa? Mama's not here, didn't you promise that you'd bring me out to play?"

It was a small girl's voice, it sounded very familiar, but Garen couldn't quite remember who it belonged to.

He wanted to turn his head, but for some reason, at this moment, he couldn't even execute such a simple action. His neck was as stiff as a statue, nable to be moved.

He used his limited vision to look over at the living room with the corner of his eyes, there was a black shadow over in the living room. The shadow was slowly moving towards him, coming nearer and nearer.

"Brother, you promised to bring me out to play."

"Papa is not here, Mama is also not here. Brother, you promised to bring me out to play…"

The girl's voice came from the shadow.

Garen felt that the shadow was approaching him even more, getting closer and closer. An indescribable fear of the unknown started to gush into him.

He could feel the shadow's closing presence, but he wasn't able to turn his head to look, only seeing it in the corner of his eye.

He felt that the shadow was right behind him, the voice was right behind him. His skin started getting goosebumps, almost as if it was hit by a sudden chill.

"Brother, you promised to bring me out to play…"

Garen didn't understand why he was scared, he could feel it, something getting closer and closer to him. He didn't know what it was.

"Garen… Garen…"

It seemed like someone was calling out his name.

"Garen… Wake up, Garen!"

He was right, someone was definitely calling his name.

"Brother, you promised to bring me out to play…" The black shadow was right beside him, surrounding him, he could feel something getting closer and closer to him.

"Garen! Wake up!"

Garen forcefully opened his eyes, he saw a white Caucasian face right in front of him, with a pimple on his nose, brown eyebrows and short hair.


He noticed that he was still sleeping on the chair, lying alone on the chair, with his head tilted off to one side.

"I fell asleep?"

"Of course." Messi was in a somewhat formal black tuxedo. "I've just returned from a dinner event and I see you sleeping out on the balcony."

"Really?" Garen stood up and rubbed his face a bit.

That was a dream just now…

"What's up with you? Had a nightmare? Want me to call a chick over to comfort you?" Messi grinned while blinking at him.

"Screw off, I'm fine." Garen jokingly said, he felt that his face had a weird sense of numbness, he didn't know why.

"Well, you take care now, to be honest, you look terrible." Messi said with a concerned look.

"Really?" Garen was surprised, he stood up once more and walked to the mirror, looking at his appearance.

A pale white face entered his vision.

"You should really get some R&R. I'll be using the bath if you need me." Messi shook his head, Garen looked a bit off today. Well everyone has their own issues and privacy, it's better not to dig to deep in other people's business.

"I'm fine." Garen used his secret technique, manipulated his blood and qi, returning the colour to his face by hastening his blood circulation.

Listening to Messi's footsteps as he walked away, Garen opened the tap and used some water to wash his face. He felt much more awake, the water was cool, gushing out of the tap.

He grabbed a towel and wiped his face and looked down from the window. On the field, there were various couples sitting under the street lamps.

A white car slowly approached the dorm, it was driven by a girl in a white shirt, who was waving happily at the guy who was coming out of the car.

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