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Cece felt the frustration pent up in her heart that threatened to overspill, she tried her best to control herself, but she still could not stop her chest from rising and falling hard.

She looked around her, there was a student that she had met before in the crowd, but sadly that person just stood there watching, with no intention of helping, and even took out a phone to film the scene.

"All of you!!" Her personality had always been on the cold loner side, and she only had one good friend in her circle, she barely contacted the rest of them, so she was not close with any of them at all. Friends who were not even in her circle were even less likely to help her.

In that moment, she suddenly felt all cold, she was surrounded by so many people, but not one of them could help her, it was as though there were only herself and her parents in this world, and everyone else was their enemy. They surrounded them, laughing, rejecting. Without a single hint of friendliness.

She had encountered racism before, but this time, when it happened in front of her parents, and she saw how her father and mother were watched like animals in a cage, terrified, Cece felt as though there was a sharp knife digging away at her flesh.

"Take out the things you stole! Or else we're calling the cops!" The staff member pulled her hand, refusing to let go.

The university police officers opposite them had also noticed something happening there, but to Cece's despair, they just gave the situation a few glances and fell quiet, eating their own food there, with no intention to interfere.

Quite a few people had taken out their phones to record the whole thing, just there for the show.

These even included the white people who had their shopping bags checked just now, in an instant, they were also in the crowd, playing the role of audience.


Suddenly, one of the students who had been filming was knocked hard from behind, and the phone instantly fell to the ground.

A black boot stomped right on it, grinding it down nonchalantly.


The phone instantly disintegrated into shards.

With a few more roars of commotion, some people in the middle of the crowd were shoved aside by a tremendous force, falling to the ground.

Two tall and slender figures walked out from behind them.

One man and one woman, both blonde-haired students, the boy pushed out both hands, stubbornly shoving aside the crowd.

"My phone! Bastard!!" That student yelled.

"Hmm?" Garen threw him a glance, and his voice was abruptly cut short.

That student was like a choked rooster, his face instantly turning white.


"What did you say? Just now?" Garen picked the student up by the collar, and suspended him in mid-air, his height of over a hundred and eighty centimeters was more than enough to pick the other person up with one hand, like an adult manhandling a child.

That student just happened to be the white classmate that Cece knew, he gulped down hard, waving his arms and legs about to try to touch the ground, but to no avail.

"A bunch of wimps."

He tossed this person aside carelessly, and glanced at everyone around them.

"What are you looking at, scram! Weaklings!" He looked at the crowd condescendingly, his body emitting a terrifying air like a male lion.

"You motherf*cker!!" A stout white man rushed out, aiming a fist at his back.


He grabbed the man's arm with one arm, straight as an arrow, and let the man flail his arms uselessly, while Garen's own arm was as motionless as a steel pillar.

"Trash should act like trash." Garen pinched his head and flipped him backhanded.

The stout man immediately slid a distance away, his head colliding into the shop's door frame with a bam, and he instantly fainted. Dots of bright red leaked out from under him slowly.

Some people had been spooked, and were about to run.

"Your phones." Garen looked around at everyone.

"Allow me!" Exhilarated by Garen's display of violence, Terri rushed over and quickly took one round around the crowd, grabbing all of the phones that had been filming, throwing them to the ground, and stomping on them mercilessly.

With the sound of crisp cracking, there was also the sound of glass shattering, and five or six phones were all ground into powder. Terri even crouched down to check carefully if there were any memory cards left intact, if she found any that still seemed whole, she would add on a few more stomps, just for kicks.

There were people cursing in the crowd, but she just caught them and gave them a kick too, so soon enough everyone who had gathered to watch promptly scattered.

The university police seemed to know her as well, so they just all pretended not to see anything.

"Pres… President…" Cece looked at Garen with moist eyes, looking as though she was going to burst into tears, and her father walked up to her in a fluster, hugging her lightly.

"You're still too weak." Garen looked at her mildly, and turned to leave. "Do your best to get stronger."

Looking at Garen's back, Cece's tears finally overflowed, and she nodded hard in that direction.

Terri whistled, and looked at Cece with pity.

"Poor Little Dumpling." She turned around and hurriedly followed Garen, walking directly towards the restaurant where the university police were sitting.

"Little Dumpling?" Cece could not comprehend what that meant.

She could only look on in confusion as the two of them entered the small restaurant opposite.

"What are you doing!? Assaulting the police!!"

"Subdue him!!"

"Requesting for back-up! Back… Bleurgh!!"

Soon, there were the sounds of crashing cutlery coming from the restaurant opposite her, as well as human cries of pain and anguish.

In no time at all, Garen and Terri walked out without a care in the world, Terri even looked excited, continuously working her reddening fist.

As the student passersby and Cece's family watched on in a daze, they slowly disappeared down a distant grassy slope.

For some reason, Cece suddenly felt a wave of hot blood rush to her brain, she suddenly sort of idolized Garen's back, that tall figure was just that suave, that powerful and broad, as though it carried a golden corona like the sun, so blinding you could barely open your eyes.

"It feels great to cause trouble!!" Terri giggled as she followed beside Garen, her face full of excitement and exhilaration.

From the very first moment she saw this man, she sensed that he was no ordinary man. And she was right.

Just two minutes ago, not only did she beat up the gathered onlookers with this man, they even beat up the university police and security personnel who patrolled the school, and it was practically like beating up kindergarteners.

That dominating aura, to be able to give no shits and forgo all the rules, made Terri feel as though she was going to orgasm.

"Are you worrying about the consequences?" Terri giggled as she rushed in front of Garen.

"Consequences? What consequences?" Garen retorted.

"Not only did we hit innocent bystanders, we even beat up the university police, you should know that these are officers sent from the town police station, they're not just here for security. Aren't you worried?" Terri was so excited that he face was blushing.

"I'll leave it to you, any problems?"

Terri shrugged helplessly.

Garen ignored her, assaulting an officer could be trivial or serious, but naturally his methods were beyond the imagination of normal people.

Forget his parents' connections, just those Elite Team leaders from the combat club all had powerful families, this little bit was nothing. Since they all wanted something from him, these people would stop at nothing to settle matters for him.

Even if it got a little more complicated, he just had to make a trip to the police station himself, there were many secret techniques that had a hypnotic effect, although the control was only temporary, but once the matter blew over, who would still remember these few tiny officers who were beaten up by students? Perhaps by then they would be unemployed, for all he knew those tiny officers would have been fired by then.

To him, this problem was not even a problem.

To his slight comfort, this incident might have sparked a new thirst for power in Cece, even if things did not go that way, at the very least it would have ignited her spirit and determination.

She had good talent and a good heart, she just lacked a heart that desired to grow stronger, she lacked a strong enough motivation. Perhaps this incident would give her the push she needed.

On the other hand, he had been an Asian as well, so he did not really like this racism either, this was one of the key reason he had gone straight up and used violence. Right now, he could do as he liked, no one could hold him back, or stop him,

But this world was like his breathing space, he did not really want it to end up like the past few worlds, where he was just killing and killing all day without rest. He would still need to summarily obey some rules, otherwise he might change his peaceful life irrevocably.

"What are we doing now?" Terri was dead-set on following Garen from now on, it was just too fun, compared to any orgies or crazy parties, this was much more exciting.

"Going to a fixed location with the combat club, it just happens to the promised time." Garen replied offhandedly.

"Promised time? I'm going too!" Terri did not shirk back in the slightest. Right now, her desire to pull Garen into the kickboxing club was growing stronger and stronger.

The two of them took twists and turns on the school's grassy fields, until Terri was growing dizzy, but she noticed that Garen was not looking at the signs at all, he seemed to be simply turning about, carefree.

After quickly taking out their phones to get someone to help settle that incident, they soon reach a small grassy field next to a little river.

There were people from the combat club on guard here, one glance would tell you that they were not students, each of them thick and burly, they were evidently the bodyguards the Elite Team leaders had invited here personally.

This field was surrounded on all sides by barren hills, it just happened to be in a sunken swamp, like a small mountain valley.

There were already several people standing on the grass, they all wore the neat black combat club attire. Dressed all in black, they had a black belt tied around their waists, and were dressed very neatly.

Quentin, Jamie, Dahm, Hochman, and that auburn-haired girl Raelan.

All five vice presidents were here.

Garen brought Terri past where the bodyguards stood, the guards glanced at Terri, but probably because Garen was the one bringing her, they did not stop her.

The two of them walked down the slope slowly, standing on the field where the others were.

"Today we begin the first official training." Garen looked at the five vice presidents in front of him and said calmly, "Are you all ready?"

The five of them exchanged glances, said nothing, but nodded hard towards Garen one by one.

The five of them had truly become fanatics of the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist, after experiencing that unbelievably intense pleasure, their previous lives had lost all their color, non-stop training was the only rhythm in their lives.

Feeling themselves growing in the midst of the pleasure, was a sense of addiction several times more intense than drugs!

"President, you brought Terri here because…?" Quentin asked.

"She's just here to observe our regular training." Garen smiled ever so mildly.

In this time, in order to have the five of them keep up with Cece's and Xander's progress, Garen had used a special skill, allowing them to keep up with the two prodigies while in a certain state.

Under this special training, even Dahm, who always harbored hatred towards Garen, had utterly given up on getting revenge, and was instead unbelievably terrified. Of course, this was also well within Garen's predictions.

"Special training?" As expected, Terri was instantly interested. "Can I join as well?"

"Unfortunately, your body has yet to reach the bare minimum requirements." Garen shook his head slightly.

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