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The heavy downpour tossed the trees back and forth in the wind, clumping up in some areas and growing sparse in others. The rain beat down on the grassy field, creating a choir of splattering noises.

Garen sat alone in a coffee shop on school grounds, lightly stirring the thick aromatic coffee in his white porcelain cup, looking at the bleary rainwater flowing straight down the windows beside him.

"Are you alone?" A pretty girl with blonde hair walked up to Garen's table.

Garen looked at her, and reached out his hand to give her a wave, telling her to suit herself.

"The famous combat club president, Garen Thomas, ascended to the throne of the number one combat club's president as a first-year student, and you convinced all the club members as well, tsk-tsk…" The girl said, her tone sounding appreciative.

She had a pair of thin willow-leaf brows, her eyes shining with a naked sense of penetration when she looked at someone, with none of the shyness women tend to have.

"Are you interested in joining our kickboxing club?"

She was wearing a pale yellow dress, her collar pulled down slightly lower, revealing a deep cleavage.

Garen ignored her, picking up his coffee and sipping it slowly, he was still more used to drinking tea, drinking coffee made his mouth feel sour, and really uncomfortable.

He was wondering if he should get Baldy and the others to bring some Asian tea leaves specifically for him.

"The combat club may have a few more people, and a bit more money, but the true strength lies with our kickboxing club. Our kickboxing club's cheerleading team is the prettiest cheerleading team in the whole school, it's jammed full of pretty girls, no matter what your type is, you can find them in there, and you should know, a lot of the members have already admired you for a long time."

This girl was practically a pimp, when she said strength, she seemed to actually mean the number of pretty girls in their cheerleading team.

"Give me a mocha, thanks."

She tilted her face and told a waiter who had come over.

"Will do, please wait a moment."

The waiter was actually also a student of the university who was working here part-time, he looked at this couple strangely, the blonde girl was a famous third-year school beauty, he knew her as well.

"Other than that, I noticed you have the same problem as a lot of first years, your social skills aren't fitting in that well, are you too focused on your studies and not your social connections? No problem, our club will also passionately help out with a member's personal life, are you still worrying over your social skills? We can help you find a perfect clique that will belong to you alone. It'll be a perfect bridge for your social skills."

She was very confident, the kickboxing club's cheerleading team was not made of just girls from their school, there were also the elite beauties from many schools nearby, as a top-ranked prestigious university, many girls were proud to have a boyfriend from this famous school, even beauties had their idle pride and ambition, what was more when it came to someone who had both looks and ability like Garen, if he wanted to be a playboy, a lot of times it was just a matter of intention.

"The way I see it, if you want to be a social butterfly loved by all, if you want to handle all sorts of awkward situations and problems easily, you have actually already fulfilled most of the conditions, you just need a little…"

"Too weak."

Her voice was suddenly interrupted by Garen.

The girl looked at him in shock as he picked up his coffee and sipped from it.

"I just don't like to stay with a bunch of weaklings."

Garen glanced at her, and so the two of them instantly fell quiet, the girl stammered and tried to say something else, but she had no idea what to say. She had not imagined that it was not that he was not good at social relations, he just did not like to communicate with weaklings.

But she had her ways to deal with such prideful types as well, her eyes turned, and she was instantly smiling again.

"True, lions never like to stick with rabbits, but our kickboxing club has exchanges will all sorts of clubs from other big-name schools every year, sometimes we even get the strongest stars of the combat world, such as Graham Christine, Gadar, the Savage Tank Rowden…"

These names she mentioned were all famous Boxing Kings with titles in freestyle fighting, and they were even more impressive than the ones the combat club invited.

This was no longer a matter of money, the kickboxing club naturally was no match for the combat club in terms of finances, but the girl herself came from a family that ran a fighting club, these titled Boxing Kings were actually elites under contract with her family's club, so they would naturally show face at her own club.

Garen looked at her, too lazy to say anything else.

"Uhm… my name is Terri, I'm now the president of the kickboxing club, if you're willing to come to our side, I can give you the position of president, this is not like the combat club where the president has no real power, I have the whole kickboxing club in my hands, whatever you want to do, I will support you."

The blonde girl Terri had long since found out from her informant that back then, Garen had beat the combat club's coach into submission, she was desperate to get such a powerful first year, with such a first year on board, it was not impossible for them to surpass the combat club as the number one fighting club on campus.

"I have the strongest kickboxing club behind me for support, we have the most complete and professional team of coaches, a professional team handling logistics, nutritionists who had worked for champions, a medical team, and equipment team, all of these are things the combat club cannot match."

"Waiter, bill please." Garen stood up and waved at the water nearby.

"Sir, this lady here has already paid your bill." The waiter walked over to them and replied politely.

Garen glanced at Terri.

"Then I'll be on my way, you can stay here longer, the ambiance is pretty good."

"What a coincidence, I was planning to go too." Terri stood up with a smile, picking up her handbag and walking beside Garen. Looks like she was determined to stick to Garen.

"It's raining right now, and you didn't bring an umbrella, wanna walk with me?" She propped up her rack, and looked at Garen teasingly.

"I'm fine." Garen walked straight out of the coffee shop, and the heavy rain outside was actually rapidly lightening, and as soon as he walked into the rain, the heavy downpour just stopped completely.

Terri, who was just preparing to open up her umbrella, was completely struck speechless as she watched Garen walk out nonchalantly, surprise flashed through her eyes, and she quickly kept the umbrella, rushing out after him.

Leaving the coffee shop and walking down a small path, going across a slope, they saw a row of cafes and restaurants in front of them, there were several university patrol cars stopped at the side, and a few of the university police were chatting as they ate.

There was also a yellow-skinned female student with her parents, just walking out from the mini mart opposite the restaurant after buying something.

Garen walked to one of the patrol cars and stood there, his black-gloved-hands in his pockets, as he looked at the girl at the mart opposite.

That girl had long hair tied into a black ponytail, and wore a white dress, her features pretty and pure, it was the girl from the combat club that Garen had the highest hopes for, Cece.

Every few days, he would come to observe Cece's progress, and each time he would receive a small but pleasant surprise.

Just like Dahm, this girl did not seem like much at first, but she got faster and faster as she went, her speed increasing tremendously.

He was not wrong, Cece and Xander were the most suited to study the Two-Faced Waterbird Fist.

"You like that type of girl?" Terri walked up to him, following his gaze, and instantly saw the girl Cece buying things with her parents at the mini mart opposite.

She looked at the girl's chest, it was much smaller than hers.

"So you like this kind of little dumpling?"

"Little dumpling?" Garen could not help but curve his lips slightly.

"Isn't she? That yellow-skinned girl's chest not even half of mine! Why don't you touch and see?" Terri leaned her body closer towards Garen.

"Unfortunately, I do prefer little dumplings." Garen returned her words exactly.

"Hmph." Terri crossed her arms in front of her chest, and watched Cece opposite them quietly, together with Garen.

The two of them did not speak for a while.

On the other side, Cece had not noticed them there, she was just taking her parents, who lived so far away, on a rare trip around to look at this internationally-acclaimed school, to see the place where she usually lived and studied.

She was not a self-sponsored student, and her family was not that well off economically, she was truly reliant on her scholarship, and was an excellent student who had worked her way here from her home country. As for her family situation, her family only had basic jobs, and they did not have much in the way of a family background or savings either, they were simple, honest normal people.

Every time she saw the pride on her parents' faces, her heart would be filled with a sense of achievement and joy. She felt as though everything she had sacrificed up until now was worth it.

Since young, she had been independent, and every time she saw how hard her parents had to work so that she could live a normal life like the students around her, her heart felt heavy. This time she had finally entered a famous school, and her fees were all paid by the scholarship, plus she even had enough for living costs, so she could finally let her parents relax.

"Wait a sec." Just as their family was about to leave the store with their items, a white store staff ran out after them, frowning as he stared at them.

"Could you cooperate with us for a bit? We misplaced something from the store."

"Misplaced something?" Cece frowned. "You have sensors at the door, won't the alarm ring if something was misplaced?"

"There are ways to avoid the sensor, please cooperate, please bring out your bags so that we can check again."

It was not just them, there was another white couple, and some other customers who had bought things had been politely stopped, but what Cece could not stand was how the staff had only checked the others' shopping bags, whereas they insisted that Cece and her parents open their school and handbags, allowing their personal belongings to be checked.

"What's the meaning of this? There are so many people here, why are you only checking our personal bags?!"

The two of them started arguing, both trying to reason it out, neither giving way, and both attracting more and more attention as they went.

After arguing for some time, she saw that her parents' expressions were somewhat awkward, with more and more people gathering around them, until the elders' faces were so red that their original color could barely be distinguished.

The father held the mother's hand, but since they did not know the language very well, they could only watch as their daughter tried to debate with the staff member, until her face was completely scarlet.

"Filthy chinks!"

The father did not understand the foreign language at all, so he could only force out a friendly smile.

That scene instantly caused a few people gathered around to burst into laughter.

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