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"I take back what I said just now, your discipline is not bad."

He walked straight into the empty clearing.

"As we discussed on the phone before, which one of you wants to go first? Come on."

He stood boldly in the area, looking around nonchalantly.

"I'll do it!!""Me!"

Two of the Elite Team's members stepped out, they were both boys with clean-cut short hair, one of them wore black leather trousers, and had an excited smile on his face.

"Xander, Candyce, both of them are the club's strongest rookies, they always train together, and complement each other well, they might even stand a chance." Serena said quietly to her older sister Quentin.

But Quentin just shook her head. "There is a huge difference."

"Hmm?" Serena looked at her sister in confusion.

By then the two boys were already standing in front of Garen, and they exchanged a glance.


The two of them took one step forward at the same time, throwing a fist each at Garen from either side. Their shoes made a sharp sound as they scraped against the floorboards.


Both of their fists were blocked by Garen on both sides, and he made it look effortless.

They were not surprised at all, and with one on the left and the other on his right, they surrounded Garen and showed off all their strength and speed, swings, hooks, kneeling him, each attack strong enough to break normal bones, but he received each of them easily.

The three of them blurred in a flurry of fists and shadows, Garen not moving from the spot, and the two of them continuously turning around him.

Unbelievably, Garen never even turned around, he just used his gloved hands to steadily receive the fists and kicks coming from all directions.

"Velociraptor!!" Xander finally could not stand it anymore, he leaped back slightly, turned around, and kicked up a powerful shadow with his right leg.


This side kick cut through the air as loudly as a whip, and it had a powerful force behind it too, with the sharp-tipped shoes Xander wore as the focused point, it came towards Garen fiercely.

Xander's oft-trained killer move, Velociraptor, was his strongest comeback maneuver, the key to this move was instantaneously using his explosive and substantial speed.

"Double Lock!" The other person, Candyce, also made his move, pouncing onto Garen from the other side, his two arms acting like a pincer, twisting around Garen's right arm fiercely, while one of his legs was jammed towards the empty space between Garen's legs, trying to trip him.

"Rather interesting."

Garen retreated slightly by taking one step back, and his body instantly twisted, and somehow mysteriously darted behind the two of them, his arms spread wide and flapping lightly, like a flying bird spreading its wings.

"There it is! The Two-Faced Extermination!!"

Quentin's expression grew tense, and she quickly glanced at Jamie's direction, last time he had lost to this move, so he was paying extra attention this time.

Right now it was not just him, even the president and some other powerful members of the club who had not seen Garen in action before were all now paying rapt attention to this scene.

There were two light smacking sounds.

Garen's hands tapped the backs of his two opponents' heads lightly.

The whole area was quiet.

Even if some of the people here were seeing this move for the second time, they still felt as mystified and unbelieving as they did the first time.

What was up with that weird footing and turning? That stance was completely unsuitable for exerting and releasing strength, so how did he display such powerful strength?

With two sounds of impact, Xander and Candyce stumbled forward a few steps, and they finally could not help it, one fell to his knees, and the other leaned on the wall, supporting himself with both hands so he would not fall.

Both of them had instantly gone rather pale, as though they had not recovered enough, and could not speak at all.

Garen put his hands into his pockets, and looked at the others quietly, nobody else dared to meet his gaze, each of them subconsciously avoiding him or lowering their heads.

"How disappointing." Garen looked at these club members who did not even dare to meet his gaze, feeling a hint of disappointment well up in his heart. "It's one thing if you're not strong, but even your hearts are so weak."

He turned around and was about to leave, if there were only such weaklings and wimps in the combat club, he would also have to find another way to carry out his plan.

"W-wait a second!!" Suddenly there was a weak voice from the corner.

It was Xander!

He held onto the wall with both hands, pushing away his clubmates who were trying to help him up, his eyes reddening as he stared at Garen.

"I haven't lost yet!!" He squeezed out the words and propped up his body, this rookie who had just joined the combat club last year was now covered in sweat, the black combat club clothes plastered to his chest and back, his face was pale, and he was obviously dead tired.

"I! Haven't lost yet!!" He repeated again, staring hard at Garen.

Garen turned around, looking at this young man who was at his very limits, and actually had a minor concussion.

It was the first time he had properly looked at a normal person without any unnatural powers in the eye.

His seemingly condescending aura was completely gone, all that was left was a determination to never give up that bordered on madness. He was going to fight to the death!


Someone was yelling his name, their voice trembling.

"Blood!! You're bleeding!!"

A girl ran up to him and tried to support Xander's body, but he pushed her away obstinately. The overexertion caused the skin on his right fist to crack, and blood dripped onto the floorboards.

"I haven't lost yet!!" Xander's eyes were red, as though he has remembered something from the past, his eyes were already losing focus, or perhaps he could not even see Garen's face clearly anymore.

This was a boy with a story.

Garen looked at the black president at the side, his expression was complicated.

None of them truly looked concerned, only a bespectacled boy with a noble aura slowly walked out of the crowd. He walked up to Candyce, who was still sitting on the floor, and helped him up.

"Xander, you've lost."

He pushed up his glasses.

"But even though you've lost, that doesn't mean we have."

There was a cold glint in his eyes underneath the glasses.

"Do it!"

The black president yelled abruptly.

Bzzt, there was a piercing sound of friction from the floorboards, and six shadows flew rapidly towards Garen.

The five leaders of the Elite Team, as well as the black president, all of them attacked at the same time, surrounding Garen.


In that instant, there were several explosions around Garen, several sounds of impact occurring at the same time, stacking into one very loud bang.

Fists, palms, legs, and knees came at Garen from all directions, his arms were like that of a Thousand-Hand Guanyin, countless after-images appearing in that instant, stacking on top of each other, instantly apparating at the places all six of them attacked, and blocked their attacks precisely.

"Not bad, not bad! Hahahaha!!" Garen laughed happily. "You all are not bad!! This is a seed!!!"

Nobody understood what he was saying, right now everybody! All the club members were all looking at the powerful figure surrounded by six others, their blood boiling.

This was a fight for the glory of the combat club, each of the club members gripped their fists tightly, clenching their teeth, wishing it was them out there on the battlefield.

There was the constant sound of flesh meeting flesh, echoing through the room, jolting all the members' hearts.

"Let me show you what real martial arts are like!"

Out of the blue, Garen's voice came from the middle of the barricade.

His arms instantly carved out countless after-images, blurring and stacking like the white wings of a bird in flight.

"This is the true, Two-Faced Extermination!"

In that instant, when he waved his arms with the black gloves, everyone seemed to see the spreading of a pair of white wings.

This discrepancy gave everyone an unconscious feeling of disgust, a disgust and nausea similar to dizziness.

The white feathered wings flapped lightly.

Bam bam bam bam!!

There was a series of dull collision sounds. The six figures were each sent flying backward, crashing into the floor and skidding for quite some distance.

All six of them were in exactly the same condition, their faces deathly pale, without even a hint of color, lying on the ground for some time and unable to get up.

The white bird's wings closed slowly, leaving several after-images in the air.


A cold breeze spread with Garen in the center, blowing his golden hair about, as though it was a lion's mane.

Xander's mouth hung open as he looked at his six bosses in the same state as him, and for a moment he could not say anything.

Just then it was not just him, even the club members watching in on the battle had their fists gripped tightly, their expression shocked, but they did not know how to react.

"You all… are all not bad." Garen stared at the six people lying on the floor, as well as Xander beside them.

Just then, that Asian girl from before that had left a deep impression on him helped Quentin up quietly, and even though she acted calm, under Garen's gaze, her body still could not help but shudder.

In that instant just now, Garen's presence was truly rather terrifying, to these regular students, he had already held back his aura as much as he could, but he still could not help but reveal some of his true presence, it was a quality that made these students feel as though they were facing a natural enemy.

That was the air of a Grandmaster of Combat, a natural enemy to all creatures, the true strength of the ultimate human fighter.

"That's all for today." Garen held open his right palm lightly, and gripped it abruptly.


There was the dull sound of a gaseous explosion from his hand.

It shocked everyone present into a jolt, all the members here were not ordinary students, they were at least straight A students, so when they saw that a human could make a gaseous explosion with just one hand, their eyes opened wide, their bodies going cold, looking at Garen as though he was an alien.

Only then did the black president and the other five understand, they were not at the same level as him at all. But the despair had barely risen in their hearts, before it was drowned out by their even more enthusiastic passion and pursuit for combat.

That was a new level of understanding regarding the human limits, before Garen came here, no one ever imagined that the human limits could reach such a step, such a level!

This was hope!

Garen looked at their gazes, and knew that the seed had been sown.

Indeed, humans could not achieve the level of a martial artist as he was showing here. But Blood Breeds were different, something of this extent was merely child's play to them.

It was just that these students had yet to come into contact with such a level.

"Welcome to the true combat world…" He looked at Xander and the Asian girl meaningfully, and then glanced at the six strongest fighters on the floor. Turning around, he strode out of the training center.

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