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While walking along the road, Garen was also thinking about the recent changes in his mentality.

In a normal world like this, nothing in his surroundings could pose a threat towards him. It was unusual for him to be able to be completely at ease like this.

This world did not have a special dissociating energy like the Totem Powers. Therefore, practitioners and those with unnatural powers could only depend on their own strengths to influence and destroy things. However, there was a limit to destructive powers like these. Moreover, it was also difficult for these powers to be effective in larger ranges.

Although Garen had lived for such a long time, he had yet to clarify the situation here. The density of this world seemed normal on the surface but was actually very high.

This applied to the density of the air, soil, or even the density of the bodies of living things. The effect of higher densities made it rarer for extraordinary individual fighting or destructive powers to exist in this world compared to the past few worlds.

As various materials and environments were hard to destroy, destroying materials and the binding force between particles required an extremely large amount of energy that would be impossible in the previous two worlds. In other words, it meant that the same strength would become much weaker here. However, there was also a beneficial side to this, as it was more likely for stronger life states to appear in this world.

Garen guessed that the higher ranking Upper-level Blood Breeds and Death Apostles probably existed because of this. They were able to live for more than thousands of years without decaying, but an existence like this was extremely rare in the Secret Technique World and Totem World. In comparison to the Totem World, the longevity rates here were clearly much lower.

The concentration of substances in worlds with higher densities would naturally be more susceptible to quantitative and qualitative changes in order to achieve higher levels.

Garen was now even more interested in the mystical elements of this world. So far, he had only come into contact with the cannon fodder level Vampires. As for the true Blood Breeds, he had yet to meet any of them.

While walking towards the combat club's grounds, Garen thought of the Vampire he had caught in Grano and the way he had described the Blood Breeds.

Perhaps his heart's desires would finally become reality.

The beeping noise of a new text message could be heard again. Garen took his phone out and glanced at the screen, before noticing that it was Baldy.

"Commander, I heard some news, or perhaps it's just a rumor…"

Garen's heart stirred and he stopped walking immediately before replying the message quickly while standing under the street light on the main street.

"Tell me."

The other side responded instantly.

"According to our insider, it seems like an internal strife is about to occur within the Blood Breeds."

"Internal strife?!" Garen was shocked. "You mean… The Light Party and the Secret Party?!!"

"Yes, I was talking about them. I heard that the Secret Party had recently gathered a large group of foreign powers in preparation to seize the American Light Party's control. The Light Party's current forces seem very influential, but I personally feel that the old man could just be spouting nonsense." Clearly, Badly did not believe this at all.

However, Garen was in deep thought.

The American Light Party represented the Blood Breed forces that were more inclined towards humans. They had always been relatively amicable with the humans and had even regarded themselves as an evolved version of the humans. However, the Secret Party was different. These Blood Breeds viewed the humans as livestock and a food source. Once they had occupied their territories, the world of the normal Americans would probably be thrown into chaos.

"Besides that, there may be some clues to something that resembles the Cross." Baldy continued sending text messages. "Rumor has it that an antique has been discovered in one of the graveyards in South Africa. The people there call it the Stone Clock of Fortune, and it has been said to bring good fortune."

"Send someone over to try and get it from an auction. Do we have sufficient funds?" Garen replied.

"No problem. There are many of them there, and our group has sufficient money," replied Baldy instantly.

Out of the funds that the Nighthawks' members received after completing quests, thirty percent would be channeled into Garen's account as his coaching fee. Whenever they encountered difficult problems, Garen would obviously come and solve them.

From the perspective of the Nighthawks, a group of people that were bound to Garen because of the Ultimate Techniques, this was a very generous conclusion. They received an extremely strong commander that they could rely upon. Moreover, they were also able to learn powerful Ultimate Techniques, and therefore, seemed as if none of them complained. Or perhaps if they did, they were too afraid to show it as they could not leave these Ultimate Techniques.

"Besides that, we can start recruiting the exterior organizations." Garen pondered for a moment before typing the words and replying the message.


The core members of the Nighthawks that formed their backbone were almost complete by now. Meanwhile, the skeleton formed with mercenary organizations from the outskirts would definitely amplify their influence and increase their occupied territories. However, this process would surely encounter obstructions from the other territorial forces, and when that time came, the outcome would depend on each side's own measures.

Garen put his phone down and stood on the spot while thinking deeply for a moment.

This was not the first time that an internal strife had occurred between both of the Blood Breed parties. Unfortunately, it would always cause numerous casualties and fatalities among the innocent humans every time.

The Light Party's treatment of humans was more normal compared to how the Secret Party treated them, but it did not mean that they would be concerned about the lives of unimportant individuals.

"However, all of these are still far away from me for now, and I just need to focus on restoring and upgrading my powers." Garen rubbed his chin. "The best way to upgrade my strengths quickly is to search for Potential Points and the Stone Clock of Fortune…"

Garen pondered slightly for a while before putting this at the back of his mind temporarily, allowing Baldy and the others time to find a way before discussing this further.

He continued walking in the direction of the combat club's meeting place.

He walked leisurely for more than half an hour before noticing that a few clusters of people were already standing in front of the doorway of the slightly old, grey hamburger-shaped building. They were all members of the combat club that were dressed in their black uniforms who were displaying notice boards in front of the doorway.

Garen stood beside a school bus stop sign on a faraway street corner and glanced at the combat club's activities instead of going there straightaway.

He waited for awhile until it was almost time for the event to begin before making his way towards the Asian restaurant on the right side of the combat club slowly.

The whole restaurant was white and shaped like a round teacup while the interior was bright and spotless. Some yellow-skinned Asian students sat inside with a few black and white students. It seemed that the business was pretty good.

Garen found a corner seat and sat there before ordering a cup of green tea and a plate of fried rice.

As he observed the entrance of the combat club from the other side of the French window, the memories of the previous plan flashed in Garen's mind once again.

However, it seemed that this plan would now require his power to reach a certain level and be restored completely before he would be able to have the proper reassurance that it would work. Otherwise, his current self would not be able to take on the enigmatic and mystical Blood Breeds and Witches that he would encounter.

Adding manpower was important to ensure the safety of his own people. Sometimes, it was impossible for him to do many things at once, and added powers would be very beneficial in times like these because he would not have to do everything on his own.

His fried rice was served to him quickly. There was a golden fried egg that was sprinkled with pepper and a fennel-like spice on top, making it taste rather odd. However, the green tea made it easier for Garen to finish the large plate of fried rice in a few mouthfuls. Next, he took the napkin and wiped his mouth, stood up and paid the bill, before heading in the direction of the combat club.

A few people who stood in the doorway of the combat club seemed to recognize him at once. Some of them turned around frantically and ran inside before shouting for the others.

Admiration and fear flashed through the eyes of the two remaining members. Looks of disbelief were also present on their faces, but they merely stood on the spot and watched him walk over.

Garen ignored those two club members and walked right past the announcement board before entering the old large dance classroom.

The wooden panels that he had damaged earlier were now completely fixed. Furthermore, a layer of elastic bubble-like soft material had been placed on the surface of the floor as well, turning the entire floor of the large dance classroom black.

A row of people stood in the center of the room and was gathered around a black male student as if they were the stars and he was the moon.

Within the crowd stood the black male student while Vice President Jamie, Quentin, Serena and three other people that Garen had not met the last time stood behind him. There was a total of six to seven people, and behind them was a crowd of club members in black clothes with white spots who stood like a dark mess as it seemed like there were more than thirty of them.

The people that stood in a separate row clearly revealed that they were from a different grade, as there was a serious division between levels now.

When Garen entered through the door, ten lines of sight focused on him instantly. Some of them scrutinized him and others looked at him warily, but most of them were merely sizing him up normally.

"You're here," Serena stepped forward and opened her mouth after receiving the signal from her older sister Quentin. "The President heard about your recent accomplishments and decided to come over and take a look at you personally…"

"I came over today to say that I was planning to quit the combat club," Garen interrupted her suddenly.

"What?!" Serena's face became shocked at once. Other than herself, the faces of Quentin and the others changed slightly as well. Even the black President was slightly shocked and at a loss.

"I have absolutely no interest in a combat club that's made up of weak chickens…" Garen spread both of his hands out and made an impatient face. "All of you are too weak and I don't have the heart to keep defeating you."


The surrounding members exclaimed indignantly but were immediately held back by others.

The entire area became silent. Some of the club members' glares became colder while others began to crack their joints, the crunching sound of bones echoed slightly.

The faces of the President and the five team leaders and Vice Presidents of the Elite Team became unsightly. 

"Every day is leisurely to me, so if I were to come over and play house and do some rubbish training, tch tch tch…" Garen sneered contemptuously. "Initially, I arrived with great expectations. I never expected that…"

The anger of youths could be easily provoked. These few sentences caused the sound of the breathing sounds in their surroundings to become more ragged at once.

Only the President and the team leaders of the Elite Team remained as stern as they were before but did not react immediately. However, it was obvious that everyone was extremely unsatisfied by now.

"If I were to let you become the president, how would you train?" The black president spoke suddenly. His eyes were ablaze with rage, but it was obvious that his self-control was even stronger.

"Me?" Garen had never expected him to say this. "The little chicks would not be able to defeat an eagle even if their numbers increased. Only a strong rooster would stand a chance of being a worthy opponent." He had initially planned to provoke the little fellows in the club for a while to see if there were any usable seedlings in the club. However, it was obvious that the other person's self-control was quite good, as he was able to restrain himself from using physical force.

These provocations were probably caused by his evil inclination, but he had never expected that the effect would be different from his wishes.

"Garen, you're saying all of this on purpose, but what for?" Serena spoke suddenly. She knew Garen's true personality because she was the one who had come into contact with him the most.

Garen glanced at her and said: "If I just said that I was bored, would you believe me?"

Serena's little mouth did not know what to say next.

At this moment, the black student stepped forward and walked in front.

"I'm planning to leave the university to go into practice immediately. According to the rules, the president's position must be held by the strongest member of the club. If you're unhappy with the situation of the combat club, you're allowed to come forward and change things as you please immediately. How about that?"

When Garen saw that the president did not get angry even when he was provoked, he was slightly surprised.

"Your patience is exceptional." He stopped speaking in the contemptuous tone from earlier before glancing at the members of the Elite Team.

This group of people possessed above average characters as they were able to suppress their own anger without interrupting the president's speech at all.

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