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"Kid, what did you see? Can you tell me?" Garen used a Secret Technique to telepathically transmit his voice by bundling it into a string and transmit it to Kid’s ears.

"Something extremely beautiful nice." Kid looked at Garen and naughtily winked his eyes. This exchange was also silent, without a sound. Just by that glance, he made Garen aware of his message.

Garen pressed his chest to control himself.

"Can you tell me what exactly?"

"I don’t want to…. Even if i did, you wouldn’t believe me, you’d call me an idiot, crazy. I’m not crazy." Kid decisively declined.

"I actually could see a little bit, just not clearly as you."

"I don’t believe you." Kid pouted.

Garen laughed as he saw Kid’s insistence, so he changed the approach. "Then, can you tell me….what is that golden-colored thing?"

"Golden?" Kid had a suspicious expression, " really see the.."

"Just a little bit." Garen nodded.

The two of them, one used his Secret Techniques to transmit his voice, while the other used his glances and expressions to return the message, could actually communicate at a level that even Old Man, though he was closest to them, was unaware.

Kid scratched his head, and showed a frustrated look. " I also don’t know what that was. I saw them often anyway, in the clouds, only when the land was covered in golden fields, only then can we see them."

Garen had a clue.

"Is that thing a human?"

Kid only shook his head

"They? Does that mean there’re a lot of them?"

Subsequently, no matter how Garen asked, Kid would only respond by shaking his head, and refused to comment further.

"If i said more, even I would become slowly become unable to see them. You have to be careful too, these are the rules; their rules." Kid got anxious from the bombardment of questions, so he answered this final sentence, then stopped replying altogether.

Garen also didn’t want to press on too much, obviously Kid had already told him as much as he could. Looking at Kid’s attitude towards him, it almost felt warmer than how he was with Old Man. Almost as though he thought of Garen as the same species.

Normally, only Old Man had the patience to listen to him spill out his secrets, but he understood that Old Man just wanted him to cooperate in the squad’s movements and operations, and therefore had to be patient. He wasn’t actually interested in what Kid said, neither did he believe him.

Kid was not actually stupid, he was well aware of all these.

Although Garen’s persistent questioning was somewhat annoying, Kid knew that Garen was genuinely inquisitive, which made him really happy.

As he observed Kid’s change in attitude, Garen knew that he didn’t have to rush the discussion; there would be many more chances to interact with Kid anyway, perhaps those would lead to unexpected outcomes.

Riding on the white rhino, he once again activated the eye of Isaiah and gazed upon the sky, but that sliver of gold had disappeared.

He then looked at Kid again to realise he had long lowered his head and started humming to that unknown tune again. In his hands were some strands of wheat that Garen’s didn’t know the origin of, weaving something that looked like a garland.

"This is getting more incomprehensible…" Garen sighed and deactivated the eye of Isaiah.

At night

The white rhinos were tied to a few aging trees, and laid beside in the fields to rest.

Six people were seen surrounding a bonfire, the yellow light from the flame illuminated everyone’s faces in a shade of red.

"Do we have anything entertaining to do?" Kitten asked as she yawned.

"Cards?" Red Umbrella answered first.

"I don’t want to, Fox always wins." Kitten rejected decisively.

"Then, chess? The three of you come at me; I’ll take out two of my pieces." Old Man smiled as he stroked his beard.

"Sure! But you have to take out 3!" Kitten acted demandingly.

"Alright alright." Old Man shook his head.

Garen fiddled with the bonfire as he looked at the remaining 4 people setting up the chess board and preparing themselves for the chess games. He politely declined their invitation, instead spending time sitting with Kid, who was alone on the side, quietly listening to Kid humming to the unknown tunes.

"Kid, can you tell me your real name?" He asked as he picked up some firewood to be placed on the fire pit.

"Real name?" Kid took a twig and drew on the ground. "Isn’t my real name Kid?"

"Kid is just a nickname in our group, a real name is the name you had before joining in." Garen explained.

He observed that Kid was drawing a human on the ground, and he began drawing the next one.

"About that…" Kid thought, "I think it’s Mason? I don’t really remember…."

"Don’t you have any relatives?" Garen frowned slightly.

"Relatives? I’m not sure." Kid was drawing something attentively as he was answering. "I grew up in Pumpkin Farm. There weren’t any other people there.. The strawberries there were good, I always ate those when i grew up"

"Those strawberries?" Garen wanted to ask further, but suddenly he squinted his eyes and stood up.

"Who’s there!"

The four people playing chess got slightly shocked and stood up. They looked towards the direction that Garen was gazing on.

From within the dark fields, a slender silhouette gradually walked out from within the shadows.

This person had a well-balanced body figure, and was donning a light green robe, under the robes was a white shirt and long straight black hair reaching his waist.

The most eye-catching, however, was the long thin green sword sheathed on his waist.

His appearance was handsome, his eyes amber-green, his face was devoid of any expression of coldness, but he let out a chilly and unsettling vibe.

At Garen’s first glance on this person, if it weren’t for the opponent’s long silver-patterned boots, he would have thought an Eastern Warrior from his previous life have appeared.

"Green Dragon Swordsman?" Old Man reacted first, a hint of wariness was shown in his eyes.

"Green Dragon Swordsman?" Garen realized. Green Dragon Swordsman was rumoured to be Blood Queen’s strongest subordinate, and had been playmates with the queen since they were kids, a man who followed Jean Earnest to the end.

Soon, rustling sounds from the quick footsteps sounded around the Crimson Team, squads upon squads of veiled swordsmen in green heavily surrounded the team of six as they walked through the field.

"Green Dragon Swordsman Darkla. What is this supposed to mean?" Garen glanced around the people around him.

"It was rumoured that the Nine-headed Demon Dragon had exceptional abilities during the battle at the snowy peak, the one who could retreat without harm in such a harsh environment. I wouldn’t expect such an expert to be appearing during my night patrols so easily." Green Dragon Swordsman said very calmly; it seemed that he is someone with strong self-control.

"You mean, you wanna see if I’m the real deal?" Garen looked at Darkla coldly, realizing that the opponent’s right arm was slowly reaching for the sword sheathed by his waist.

Aside from being famous for all the weird plant-type totems, Blood Queen’s Avision City was most known for Instantaneous movement totems like Green Dragon Swordsman’s totem.

If it wasn’t because Garen had seen a history of the futures before, he may have been surprised by this man’s attack.

Green Dragon Swordsman’s totem was not an independent attacker after release, instead it is completely controlled by the totem user. His sword was the storage device of the totem, and in that instance of unsheathing of the sword, the totem will be released for attack, and when he sheathed it, it would be when the totem returns to him.

The stronger the stored totem, the stronger the sword. Naturally the swordsman himself would be stronger.

Green Dragon Swordsman’s title came from the sword on his hand. It was also his core totem -- The Green Dragon!

By the looks of it, the people around him were all elites that uses the instantaneous movement totems.

Garen suddenly recalled the Demon Blade Kunta that he encountered at the snowy peak . That blade...might have the similar structure as the Green Dragon Sword It should most likely be totem storage device.

"Since you came to our Avision City, we haven’t been able to give you a good tour around, and Her Highness and I a chance to treat you generously." Green Dragon Swordsman was extending these invitations of courtesy, yet his face showed zero hospitality, instead giving people a stone cold look.

"This is unfortunate, but I am rushing for an errand at the capital. Maybe next time, I’ll personally visit Avision City once I have the chance. It’d be great to see the rumoured Green Dragon Sword and Blood Queen’s powers." Garen answered with a half-smile.

"No need to delay, let’s go now!"

Before the word "now" ended, Green Dragon Swordsman instantaneously pulled out his sword.

Clang !!

Kong !!

The thing that was pulled out from the sheath was not a sword, but instead a green ray!

It was a giant green dragon, just like the Eastern Dragon. The green dragon flew towards Garen, its roar flattening the surrounding wheat field away from the direction of the shockwave produced.

Waves of green light completely illuminated the surrounding, blinding everyone with the bright green.

A green light path was formed by the green dragon midair, the dragon head which spanned over a meter in height opened its jaw and shot straight for Garen.

The dragon left a powerful wake as it rushed forwards, deafening everyone around it.


The green dragon’s head fiercely crashed onto thin air in front of Garen, a transparent spiral-shaped whirlpool appeared, definitively blocking the dragon’s path. The force dissipated into incessant ripple-like waves away from the impact.

Garem smiled lightly, extended his index finger, and softly tapped on the dragon’s head.

Instantly, the green light shattered. Everything in front his index finger in front of the index finger, broke into a million pieces, including the dragon’s head, turning into innumerable light shards,returning into the long sword on Green Dragon Swordsman’s hand like water to its source.


The thin sword was sheathed again.

"So it is indeed Sir Garen, I thought it was someone impersonating you, hence I decided to test the waters a bit, surely you won’t hold it against me?" Darkla’s face remained emotionless.

"Of course not." Garen smiled. He then put his index finger down. " I had the chance to ascertain your identity too."

"I heard that Sir is hurrying back to Kovitan Kingdom, I shall not delay you then, hope to see you again."

"Likewise" Garen looked at the opponent’s right hand, and then smiled again. "Let’s go"

He turned around and left first. The remaining Crimson Team members warily followed suit. Although, they weren’t clear of who won or lost that exchange within that instant. However, the leader had given his orders, so they naturally had no need to question.

Garen and his troupe slowly disappeared into the darkness in the distance.

The Green Dragon Swordsman Darkla slowly let go of the sword in his hand. He flicked a drop of blood away, and it shot into the darkness without a sound.

"Let’s go, fall back." he stuffed his right hand into his pocket, then turned around and left.

"Squad Leader?" A female swordsman asked him out of concern.

"I’m fine." Darkla shrugged the female’s support away. "What a strong Nine-Headed Demon Dragon! He is not an ordinary Form 2 anymore, I originally though our difference was small." His face showed a sliver of apprehension.

"Notify all swordsmen within Avision City along with the Queen and I immediately at the sight of Nine-Headed Dragon. This man cannot be fought head-on."

"Is he that strong?..." The female swordsman was stunned.

"Stronger than you can ever imagine." Darkla picked up his speed, and disappeared into the darkness among the escort of swordsmen.

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