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While midair, God Cloud single handedly carried the unconscious hellfire, his eyes pointed toward the far end of the battlefield.

There was a hint of surprise within his eyes.

"Eight-headed Cloud Crow?"

He smirked at the corner of his lips, as he pointed with his right hand.


A black chain suddenly flew out from his hands, and disappeared into a void.

The sharp claws touched Demetrius’ neck slightly.

Garen’s expression changed all of all of a sudden, and he retreated without hesitation.

Jii Jii Jii! With three successive evasions, he appeared several metres away in a flash, counterattacking with a palm strike


The demonic blade clashed fiercely with the red claws, but it was not a frontal impact but a mere redirection, causing it to miss. Garen smirked, his free right hand cast a bolt of lightning.


The Totem’s Light on Antharella’s abdomen shattered, she was pushed back lightly from the impact. Large volumes of blood spewed from her mouth, the skin on her abdomen quickly turned to a charred black with signs of burns, which smoking fumes with clear palm-shaped brand on her abdomen.


At this moment, multiple black chains appeared suddenly, right under Garen’s Totem’s Light, which bound him tightly.

Ancelora tried her best to swing her blade.

"Kunta!!" She roared.

That tremendous horrid quake happened again. Its power was actually several times stronger than before!

Garen’s expression changed, this tremendous force was enough to threaten him.

"Die!!!" Antharella’s berserked blade fell upon Garen’s face. The vibration condensed and closed inwards, like a bent ray of purple light.


In a loud thump, Garen’s head was shattered, splattering into a paste of blackish-red mixture of flesh and bones.

Purple rays of light scattered, releasing a bright flare in an instant, blinding everyone in the vicinity.

The black chains were also completely released due to the impact. Garen’s body exploded into smithereens, turning into a blackish-red pool of body parts, splattered across the snowy grounds.

Oddly, Garen’s silhouette appeared once again at the forest nearby. He seemed completely fine, backstepping quickly away.

In the air, countless dark clouds congregated and formed on God Cloud’s body.

He calmly looked at Garen from afar.

"Running, eh?"

He extended his arms and clenched his fists, multiple black chains instantly appeared from the void; shooting towards Garen with overwhelming density.

Hua huaaaa…..

In an instant, the entire sky was filled with the loud noise of clashing chains rubbing into each other.

A bit of fresh blood leaked from the mark between Garen’s brows, and he looked at God Cloud, who was far away in midair. Garen raised a pointed finger at him.

A giant scarlet silhouette appeared behind Garen. The attribute points that he had accumulated over a long period were all instantly added to Intelligence.

The Eight-headed Dragon roared ferociously, the growth on its back popped, and a golden colored dragon head shot out, ferociously rushing towards the chains.


The golden dragon head howled, the other eight dragon heads regained their vitality and simultaneously flew towards the sky-filling chains.

In that instant, the Nine-Headed Dragon clashed ferociously with the countless chains. Numerous dragon roars and the clashing of chains filled the air around them.

A loud thump echoed throughout the snowy mountain cap.

The large snow cap exploded, bringing down large volumes of snow, crushed boulders and uprooted trees.

From afar, it seemed as though the white mountain top was sliced by an unfathomable force; it's broken upper half exploded into countless bits of debris.

A giant red nine-headed dragon was entrenched in the mountain top, its nine heads howled all at once. Countless chains were bound onto it, much like a trapped demon dragon from the folklores!

In an instant, the demon dragon secreted a translucent liquid akin to blood plasma. These plasma flowed along the chains, completely dyeing them red.

Pa! Pa! Pa pa!!

The chains broke one by one, as though the plasma corroded them loose.


The Nine-Headed Demon Dragon roared once again, Badum!!

With a humongous bang, the Demon Dragon turned into extremely luminous crimson rays, so bright they outshined the sun itself for an instant, casting the entire mountain valley in a shade of red.

Garen’s silhouette was moving quickly towards the right side of the mountain, and vanished from the horizon.

"As expected from Commander God Cloud! I will repay your kindness in the future!" A cold voice reverberated from the top of the mountain.

God Cloud could not help but to cover his eyes as he waited for the rays to disappear. The snow peak was in an incorrigible mess, with the opponent nowhere to be found.

As he observed the ranks of Antharella’s men dropping like flies, God Cloud extended his arm, recalling the demonic blade Kuna, which flew up and landed in his hand.

"From here on, in this vast land, comes another formidable opponent …" As he looked towards the direction which Garen fled, his eyes filled with lament.

Without a sound, God Cloud vanished into intangible dark clouds, along with his demonic blade.

In a dark cavern, deep within a vast desert far away.

Innumerable chains extended from a dark void, binding a man in the center like prey within a spider’s web.

There were two holes pierced into his shoulders, but there was no blood flowing out at all.

Just as God Cloud’s body vanished, this man slowly opened his eyes.


"Here." A silver lady appeared from within the darkness, much like a statue carved from white silver. Oddly, the lady does not have a face, instead only having a slab.

"To everyone from Obscuro Society, once you encounter Nine-Headed Demon Dragon Garen, report back to headquarters immediately, I will personally create a clone to deal with him."

"Yes sir. General, must we pay such close attention to a single person?" The lady could not comprehend the attention this man warranted.

"His abilities in and of itself are comparable to my clones. This person has embarked on similar paths as we. Unfortunately, the totems that he chose were not considered strong; its potential has been maximized. Otherwise, we might find ourselves with another commander-class character."

The lady did not ask further, but bowed and went off.

On the snowy peak was Antharella, lying on the snow covered ground. Demeritus squatted beside her, slowly smothering a green medicinal cream onto her abdomen.

The burned palm mark was recessed in her abdomen, like carvings on rock.

"Sister…" Demeritus looked at the wound on Antharella’s belly, completely clueless as to how to handle it.

Even with the strongest Elemental General’s Totem’s Light was only capable of mitigating most of the damage caused by Garen, the little bit of power left that penetrated Antharella’s Totem’s Light and hit her had actually caused such devastating damage.

Garen’s speed was too fast. Even if Antharella had many tricks up her sleeve, in that instance of close quarters combat, the only thing that could defend her was the Totem Light. She hadn't even managed to spiritualize, yet she already had her totem’s light shattered by one palm strike, sending all of her totems into a state of heavy damage and injury.

Even the demonic blade Kunta was unable to hurt Garen with its strongest, non-blade tip attack; concussion.

Demeritus had chills to her bones as she recalled the scene just now.

Immense speed, strength, phantom-like movements. He could even revive after being slashed by the demonic blade.

"Rumour says he has eight heads, according to the analysis by the Grand Obscuro, he should have 8 chances of revival. Now that he has nine heads, we need to kill him another eight times, only then can we destroy the monster once and for all!" Antharella said with a defeated look. "My attack previously should have denied one life from him"

"Killing him another eight times…" Demeritus looked around, out of the five elemental general mobilized, only two were missing in action, likely to have fled. The remaining three who launched frontal attacks on Garen were thrown off the peak after having their totem lights shattered. They were likely dead as well.

The totem users of the outer ring had sustained major injuries due to the knockback from the broken tactical array. Adding onto the damage sustained from being within the blast radius of the explosion, it’s unlikely that they will survive.

"Just to kill him once, we had to give up so much….. Eight more times….." Demeritus didn't know how to go about this problem.

Her face wore the expression of shock as she stared at her elder sister Antharella. From her eye sockets emerged streams of warm, red blood.


"I’m fine, don’t worry, I’ll recover after a while" Antharella smiled in a comforting manner, then she felt that her face was wet.

She reached out to touch her eyes, her hand suddenly turned bloody red.

"No….no… No way! What is happening!!!??" Antharella got frightened, both her hands tried to wipe her bloodied tears dry, but her eyes just kept tearing with more blood.

She felt her eyes bulging, getting dryer, as though there was something stuck inside her eyes. She rubbed her eyes vigorously with her hand.

She put down her hands, but her eyes bulged even more instead.

The bloodied tears flowed more and more, eventually….


With a muffled explosions happening simultaneously, Antharella’s eyeballs exploded. She remained stiff, and did not move.

With a bang, she looked up, then fell again.

"Sis...sister..!!??" Demeritus covered her mouth, and took two steps back in fright. She saw that within her sister’s bloodied eye socket was some reddish-white grey matter!


The battle of the snow peak had spread across the entire East Continent’s forces without any form of reconnaissance within just two days.

The obscuro society mobilized seven generals, two Ultimate Heirlooms, two sets of tactical arrays. General God Cloud’s clone was mobilized, ambushing the Royal Alliance at the peak of the snowy mountains.

The master of the Geometry Service, Hellfire is missing, his status unconfirmed. Secret Service Eight Headed Cloud Crow, who walked into a heavy ambush, actually killed the leader of the ambush against Royal Alliance.

The evolved Nine-Headed Dragon totem had a single clash with God Cloud’s clone, and managed to retreat after breaking free from the chains.

Indeed, The Eight-Headed Cloud Crow shook the East Continent, and the order which came from God Cloud within the Dark Maze had also been spread far and wide. The pocket watch belonging to Eight-Headed Cloud Crow was broken, The announcement from God Cloud indicated that the Nine-Headed Demon Dragon is obviously more indicative of Garen’s totem characteristics.

At this moment, Garen’s nickname changed once again. The Nine-Headed Demon Dragon shook the world.

On the third day after the battle at the snowy peak, Black Prince arrived at Kovitan’s capital, officially meeting Emperor Avic.

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