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The snow filling the sky slowly scattered down. Like white cotton, softly and gently.

Amidst the snowy ground, the five people in black had Garen surrounded. The purple crystals in their hands were emitting a faint silver light.

The purple light slowly formed a semi-circular membrane of purple, slowly enveloping Garen in the center as they stretched to merge above the top of his head.

Garen raised his hand, but couldn’t move an inch. Before he had noticed it, many translucent silver strings had penetrated his whole body.

His arms, the backs of his hands, his shoulders, knees, all his joints were being yanked at by those silk threads.

The source of these silk threads was a black-haired woman in front of those people in black.

"Poison again…" The crimson mark on Garen’s brow looked like it was about to drip blood.

Antherella smiled lightly. "Honeysuckle poison, enough dosage to fatally kill a beast twice. Aren’t you already starting to feel weak, and isn’t your Totem Light already diminishing?"

Garen didn’t speak.

Antherella’s voice grew more gentle.

"Honeysuckle poison isn’t that powerful, but when mixed with the existing poison in your body, it becomes a brand new, more powerful, and even more stubborn poison."

"If I recall correctly, the strongest Elemental General among you Obscuro in the East Continent uses ice, right?" Garen said calmly.

Antherella’s expression flashed with a hint of unnaturalness. But she immediately recovered. "Ice, is it? That traitor has already been confined to a lightless prison, for revealing Society secrets and ruining the Marshall’s plan, acting out of order. That is his fate."

"In other words, you lucked into this NO.1 position, huh?" Garen’s lips curved, his expression contemptuous.

Antherella’s expression grew unfriendly.

"You’ll be our prisoner soon, and yet you speak insolently!"


Just then, the purple membrane of light finally closed up above his head, emitting a strange buzzing sound.

In the veil of light, looking from above, a silver needle appeared in the entire circle, turning slowly in the light veil.

Like a silver clock.

And Garen was locked in this clock, the silk threads around his body disappearing, The clock needle brushed past his body, looking illusory but vaguely taking a wisp of black air away from him.

"This is the heirloom, Primal Needle." Antherella laughed daintily, "Eight Headed Cloud Crow, this heirloom is activated by the combined power of five of Obscuro’s carefully chosen Elemental Generals, it’s not something the forgery in your hands can imitate."

"You really did luck into the number one position, don’t tell me you think you’ve won already?" Garen’s expression didn’t change.

"Are you saying I’m wrong?"

"I think I know now, why you’re still scared of ice to this day." Garen’s expression was contemptuous again.


Large clouds of black mist surged out of the pocket watch in his hand, about to gather into the form of a black crow.

But strangely, before the black crow could form, the silver needle brushed past it, and took away most of the black mist.

The silver needle was like a vacuum, rapidly absorbing most of the black mist.

Garen was shocked, and quickly pulled back the watch’s black mist, but he was still rather late by now, the watch looked slightly dimmer. This forgery heirloom had a constant amount of black mist inside, and could only be refilled using certain special methods, but now that so much has been absorbed away, the power of the pocket watch would have instantly fallen by a large chunk.

"Do you still think something that had come out of our hands like that would work?" Demetrius said coldly from the side.

"Do you think you can keep me contained just like this? How ignorant!" Garen’s expression was cold.

He raised his hand and pointed forward.


Two invisible dragon jaws rammed mercilessly into the purple membrane.


The light membrane shook a little, but didn’t move.

Four dragon jaws rammed into the same direction again.

Bang! ...Bzzz…

The sound of the impact kept reverberating throughout the light barrier.

Garen’s expression didn’t change, and was about to bring in more dragon jaws. But he suddenly felt weaker.

"Don’t waste your strength, in order to capture you, we’ve set up large-scale tactic formations all over this area, almost a thousand meters in all. There are even about a hundred General-level and Field-level Obscuro members outside. With so many people working together, even you can’t possibly get away so easily. Now we just need to wait for our Commander to settle matters on the other side, and then come destroy you with his own hands!"

Garen’s expression was beginning to waver. The poison had taken away half of his dragon heads, and now there were so many people gathering their power in this tactic formation.

"One more time!"

A flame of fury was burning in his heart. A neon red light lit up on his brow.

The four dragon heads instantly appeared from the void, bringing with them the four other drastically weakened dragon heads, and the huge body of the Eight Headed Dragon was suddenly squeezed into the purple light barrier.

It climbed out of the void, as though about to burst the small purple membrane open at the seams.


The Eight Headed Dragon raised its heads and roared, the huge sound spreading out in all directions, but it was reflected back in full upon hitting the purple membrane. Reverberating back and forth within the light membrane.

The whole light membrane began buzzing and vibrating intensely, emitting unnatural cracking sounds.

The five Elemental Generals were beginning to grow impatient, turning their gazes on Antherella.

Antherella’s expression changed slightly, throwing a glance at Demetrius’ direction beside her.

The latter immediately understood, and held a strangely black dagger in his hand, tossing it lightly towards Garen’s direction.

The dagger flew in a beautiful arc, spinning as it landed on the purple light barrier, and actually sank into the light in an instant, vanishing completely.

The light barrier had initially shown cracks, but now it stabilized rapidly.

But just then, the sound vibration in the light barrier had already become several crests and valleys of waves.

Just then, Garen sneered contemptuously, the red light on his brow growing brighter.

He bent his finger, and slowly flicked it against the light barrier.


This sound just happened to be on the highest wave crest.

Ker-chack… Bwah!

With a crisp sound, the whole light barrier collapsed and shattered, a red figure shooting out in an instant, headed straight for Antherella.

Garen’s eyes glowed with a crimson light, his left hand darting out straight like a snake, biting the opponent’s neck with unnatural speed!


A white Totem Light appeared around Antherella, and she had no time to react at all, rapidly retreating by instinct alone.


Garen’s left hand pierced through her neck in an instant. The Totem Light couldn’t withstand that pierce at all, that bloody red light completely unstoppable, like a tragedy.

Just then, Antherella’s body actually began to disappear slowly, vanishing into nothing.

His attack didn’t hit, so Garen retreated hastily. He hit a tree beside him with a backhanded fist.


The tree trunk exploded from the middle, countless wooden shards flying backwards like bullets.


There was a groan from behind him.

The huge shadow of the huge Eight Headed Dragon appeared behind Garen again, opening its four jaws and biting towards the four Elemental Generals around him.

Strangely, the dragon jaws closed with a clatter, and had bitten down into nothing, not reaching the Elemental Generals at all.

"Illusionists…" Garen didn’t turn around, merely cocking his head slightly.

Behind him, a man in similar black robes was slowly appearing behind him. He was also wearing a red mask, but his hand was on his chest, as he coughed lowly. There were actually several wooden shards embedded in his chest.

The people around him looked at Garen in shock. He could break the purple light barrier with only his body, and even the wooden shards he broke out could injure the illusionist!!

Antherella imperceptibly took a slight step back. Looking at the blonde man standing in the center, there was a feeling of dread in her heart.

A small black bat appeared on her shoulder, soundlessly, completely unmoving as though it was dead.

"Second Form!"

She roared loudly and suddenly.

Instantly, the countless shards of purple light gathered in her hands, like the whirlpool in a purple ocean, sucking everything around her inside.

In the blink of an eye, there was a purple-black scimitar in Antherella’s hand, its blade embedded with countless thorns of purple crystal, while the sword’s handle was like a living thing, squirming constantly, as though it was four spiders tangled together in a hug.

"Demonic Blade Kunta!!" A general gasped from somewhere. But Antherella couldn’t bother with all this now, the moment the Demonic Blade appeared, and the purple light faded, she was shocked to see Garen’s face appear in front of her. His demonic and bloody left hand was about to touch her nose. No! That was not a hand! That was a sort of incomparably sharp claw, Antherella could even smell the blood and odor from it.

Without any thinking whatsoever, she swung the Demonic Blade hurriedly.


A circle of purple waves rapidly spread from the center, and it was everything slowed down.

The trees instantly became shards, and the rocks also became powder. The snowy ground, the black soil, everything instantly shattered into pieces.

The waves moved extremely quickly, not giving anyone any time to react.

But someone was even faster than that!

Garen somersaulted a few times in the air, the black light formation appearing for only an instant underneath his feet so he could use the momentum to land steadily on a shard of tree bark nearby.

As soon as he steadied his footing, and intense vibration of soundwaves spread out with him at the center.


It was the Dragon Roar!

Demetrius and the others, who were about to give chase, suddenly felt their eyes blur, and were instantly shocked to see Garen appear before their eyes.


Three dull sounds, and the three Elemental Generals were instantly hit. They were sent flying far, and no one knew if they were dead or alive.

Demetrius was extremely shocked, and started retreating rapidly. But she saw Garen’s face appear in front of her again.

"Blackhorn!!" She yelled out of instinct.

A Black-horned Unicorn rushed out from behind her, going through her as though an illusion, and crashed towards Garen mercilessly.


The Unicorn’s cry mingled with the sound of Garen’s claw tearing through the air.


A huge tremor spread out, and the Black-horned Unicorn cried out tragically, instantly becoming dots of black light that scattered and vanished.

Demetrius watched in despair as the red claw reached for her brow.

"No!!" Antherella’s scream of terror came from nearby, but it still seemed so, so very far away.

"Save me… Big Sister…" Demetrius wanted to speak, but couldn’t make a sound. In that instant, it was as though time was stretched and stretched, infinitely.

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