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The voice instantly dimmed down.


Suddenly, a huge red cloud exploded from Hellfire’s direction.

The red cloud expanded first, and then quickly shrunk and was compressed, becoming a huge red bird more than thirty meters long.

"Those who dare defy we the Geometry Service, face the wrath of Hellfire!!" The enormous voice reverberated in the sky over the whole west side of the snowy peak.


The red bird flapped its wings, screeching loudly.

Instantly, large swathes of red clouds starting emanating from its body, shooting away in all directions, like so many red threads, almost lifelike in the sky above the snowy peak.

It was as though these lines of fire had a mind of their own, searching everywhere for enemies who didn’t belong with the three departments.

Soon enough, there were irrepressible screams and shrieks of shock.

Every time these lines of fire touched anything living, they would be completely enveloped and ignited into flames, becoming so many torches of fire.

The sky above the snowy peak was mostly covered by the red clouds, like the fiery clouds of twilight!

"Hellfire Monchetto!! Don’t think we from Obscuro are afraid of you!!"

A furious old voice came from somewhere else.

Garen saw his subordinates from the Secret Service looking at him expectantly.

Although the three departments were forbidden from infighting, there was evidently some competition between them, and neither side wanted to lose to the other in terms of presence.

He smiled slightly, stretching out his right hand, the black pocket watch twined around his wrist hanging down.


A large gust of black air rushed into the sky. It rapidly scattered into countless black cloud crows, flying into the air in flocks and making piercing squawks.

The large flocks of black crows rapidly scattered together with the black mist, quickly dominating the entire west side of the sky, forming a stark contrast against the bright red clouds in the east. One black and one red, the two sides were like two huge and tightly neighboring screens, neither giving way to the other.

"The Secret Service is clearing out here, if you don’t want to die then leave these snowy peaks!"

The Secret Service members at the side stared, mouths gaping.

The elite fighters from the Secret Service were never this showy and arrogant, to the point of challenging the enemy head-on.

The Secret Service dealt mainly with assassinations, and not a single one of them had been as open as Garen was being now, releasing his energy and letting the enemy see his exact location.

At first they thought Garen would lead them to secretly get rid of these damned pursuers. But now…

For some reason, though, this feeling wasn’t too bad either…

There were the flames of excitement in everyone’s eyes.

The sky full of black crows, a huge presence of power, this was all from their very own leader/ This was the legendary peak-level fighter, who had a title of his own!!

Just then, all of the people from the Secret Service had a new and fresh emotion, one they never felt before.

The huge red cloud bird in the distance looked towards the flocks of black crows, a hint of surprise in its eyes.

"Eight Headed Clouded Crow? I think I kinda like this guy now. To think the Secret Service has someone who likes to fight face-on as well."

"What an attitude."

Somewhere in the snow on the peaks, several people in black robes and red masks looked up to see the red clouds and black crows.

One of them had a hoarse voice underneath that mask.

"How pretty, I like huge scenes like this." One of the other voices was very gentle, like a rather young woman.

"Don’t bother with all that, hurry up with the arrangements, don’t delay the plan."

Another person reminded softly, with also a woman’s voice, but hers sounded deeper and raspier.

The three didn’t say any more, hurriedly walking towards a secret place amidst the snowy peaks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Huge explosions kept coming from the area covered by the red clouds.

Some completely blackened survivors stumbled out under the protection of their totems, running down towards the foot of the hill. Some even had limbs blasted off. They didn’t even dare to turn around, running directly down the peak. Looks like there were several dozens of them.

In comparison, from the area covered by the black crows, there were only a handful of escapees. The rest vanished without a trace.

The squawking of the cloud crows was drowned in the sound of the explosions, until all that could be heard was the vague screaming from inside.

In the following two days.

Garen and Hellfire used their respective large-scale attacks, clearing up most of the weaker guys around, and then they reined in their power again. The remaining groups were not people that could be easily destroyed by large-scale attacks.

These remaining groups had tactics that could gather everyone’s power, enough to hide and avoid the highly diluted spread of attacks.

Somewhere on the west side of the snowy peaks.

Several black lines blasted into the snowy ground in front of them.

Soon enough, the black lines threaded out, flying back into Garen’s hands.

Fresh and gory blood oozed slowly out of the snowy ground.

"How’s it like on Windling’s side?" Garen raised his leg and walked slowly ahead. This was how he had destroyed several hiding spots over these past few days.

"Lord Windling’s side has settled four hiding spots." There were two people following beside Garen, both subordinates from the Secret Service and in charge of the operation this time.

They were one man and one woman, both rather young. Looks like they were just raised to this position recently.

Garen nodded. "Let’s go to the next spot. These people won’t give up until the end."

"Yes, sir."

Both of them were vaguely excited. They were actually siblings, the older brother and his younger sister.

The man was Bell, and the woman was Belanie. They had joined the Secret Service together, because their home had been destroyed. In order to get revenge, they had no choice but to join the three departments, that fought the monsters and Obscuro.

And right now, they were full of sincere admiration and respect for Garen. This feeling of sweeping over everything was too awesome, they just bulldozed through, and killed every living thing that wasn’t on their side.

If they had this power as well, when their home was destroyed, when their country was destroyed… perhaps there wouldn’t have been so much tragedy…

"Wait!! We surrender!! We’ll pay the price to pay for our lives!"

Several people in grey walked out of a huge black boulder, yelling loudly.


Two black threads went through them, piercing right through their chests and splattering fountains of blood onto the snowy ground.

"Next one!"

Garen walked over the bodies calmly, leaving behind a person in white to deal with the bodies. The one man and one woman from the Secret Service kept following behind him.

In the pine forest, two people in white were looking at their surroundings in surprise.

"We had just discovered traces of the other parties here… sir…"

Garen raised his hand and stopped their report.

His gaze glanced instantly at the left of the pine forest.



A black crow turned into a black thread and shot out.

There was a distortion in the air, and a woman in white armor appeared out of mid-air.

A layer of white Totem Light appeared around the woman, but was instantly penetrated by the cloud crows.

"Have mercy!!" She yelled loudly.


A circular, bloody hole was instantly opened up in the woman’s chest. She looked down blankly, staring at the bloody hole in her chest, before she fell to her knees with a whumph, and falling flat on her face.

"Sir, we just discovered a new hiding spot…" A person in white ran up to Garen and reported quietly in his ear.

After listening to the report, Garen didn’t even look at the woman’s corpse.

"Let’s go."

He turned around and walked down the direction they had come.


A huge black lion was running quickly in the snowy land. His speed was surprisingly fast, and covered over a hundred meters in the blink of an eye, sending a trail of white snow up in his wake.

There was a knight in black armor riding on the lion. He was panting, his face bloodless, and he turned around occasionally to glance behind him.

Behind him, a large flock of black could crows was chasing him rapidly. Black mist wrapped around Garen as he followed behind.

Looking at the escaping black lion in front, Garen raised his hand, ready to finish the opponent in one hit. Now, opponents who weren’t at least Spiritualized didn’t pose any threat to him at all, and were basically like ants to him.

Raising his right hand, the black mist slowly gathered into a black crow in his hands.

Suddenly, Garen’s movements stopped.

His whole body suddenly stopped on the spot, and he landed onto the ground. His eyes narrowed, his long golden hair flying slightly to the left.

"Come out, all of you."

Garen said calmly.


The sound of crisp clapping came from behind Garen.

With the sound of the clapping, five shadows in black robes and red masks slowly appeared around Garen at the same time.

Each of them was holding a purple crystal, a smidge of silver liquid shining inside.

"Garen Trejons, how long has it been since we met?" A familiar woman’s voice came from directly in front of Garen.

It was the two red-masked, black-robed people who walked out slowly, both women by the looks of their figures.

The one on the left took off her mask lightly, revealing a seductive and fair face, a black eyepatch over one of her eyes, with a head of short purple hair.

"Demetrius…" Garen immediately recognized the woman’s voice.

"Looks like, you’re doing pretty well as an illusionist, huh?" The other woman took her mask off as well, revealing a beautiful and delicate face. Her long hair was pitch black, woven into many cylindrical curls, making her look especially graceful and noble. Most obviously, there was a purple-black diamond pattern on her right cheek, like a short dagger, entwined with snakes and tree leaves.

"Nice to meet you, I’m Antherella. I am now the NO.1 Elemental General with Black Sky."

Garen’s heart gave a jolt.

On the east side of the snowy peaks.


Hellfire waved his hand, his expression calm, as he blasted the snowy ground underneath him into a charred black, bloody water and fresh blood mixing together to form currents of water that were quickly frozen into red ice.

"Monnie… It’s been a while, you’re still as impatient as ever."

Suddenly, there was a deep man’s voice from behind him.

Hellfire suddenly stiffened, floating in mid-air.

This voice…

"I still remember, back then when I personally helped you edit your tactic formation design, you were still only as tall as my waist." The person behind him reminisced calmly.

Hellfire’s whole body was stiff as he stood, and he turned around with great difficulty. A silhouette made of countless black clouds floated behind him. The countless black clouds were still distorting and gathering, and even rapidly gathered into a body like that of flesh and blood.

That was a man who had a hole in each shoulder, and black chains going through those holes. The chains in his shoulders seemed to extend into the unknown, connecting to an unknown space. It was as though he was chained to the abyss.

"Teacher… God Cloud…" Hellfire squeezed out those words through an unbelievably dry throat.

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