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Suddenly, Garen looked the bottom of the mountain valley.

His eyes were glowing red and blood was about to flow out from his triangular birthmark.

From afar, the white armored leader felt a shiver up her spine.

"Damn it!" He scolded.

"Did this kid just spot us? The Stealth effect from the Light Tree should be flawless." The female leader felt skeptical.

"It shouldn’t be possible. Although he’s a form four, he is too inexperienced and shouldn’t be able to master everything. It’s impossible for him to notice us… Fuck! You can’t be serious…" As the male leader hadn’t finished his sentence, he saw Garen pointing his fingers towards him.

In an instant, a huge columns of black fog came out from Garen’s body and morphed into a giant black cloud crow.

Kaw Kaw!!

The Black Crow spread its wings. Its forty meter wings created huge vortices that were directed straight towards them that brought along with it the black fog.

The male leader’s face turned pale as he knew that Garen had indeed noticed them. Through the black fog, he could faintly see Garen’s mouth moving.

"Looking forward… to meet… Officially."

"Fuck me… This fellow is this strong?!!"

Before the male leader could finish his sentence, he saw a giant black crow flying towards him, drawing a clear line of black lines in the middle of the sky.


The whole red fern forest was covered in black fog. The tip of the mountain which spanned a few hundred meters was bent over by the impact and started to slide down to the other side.


Huge boulders rolled downwards, disturbing huge amounts of dust and pebbles as they made their descent.

Garen wasn’t trying to provoke them when he sent the black crow towards them. He wanted them to pay the price for peeping at them for such a long time.

"Let’s go." He turned around and walked towards the entrance of the mountain valley.

"Why did you hit that mountain?" Windling couldn’t understand his actions.

"I was bored."

"Fuck you!" Windling looked at the peak of the mountain, as he left together with Garen, none the wiser.

"Cough cough… cough!!" Within the broken summit, a group of burning green flames covered the white armored men, who were smack in the middle of ground zero.

The male leader’s face was caked with dust as he tried his best to cough them out from his throat.

"Even the Light tree couldn’t defend it, and I had to activate my totem light. Fuck me!"

"You deserve it!" The female leader said so as if she was completely fine. "You have underestimated this handsome boy so you have to pay the price."

The remaining white armored men were completely silent. Those who were caught in it quickly got themselves up without any change in their expression, as if they were used to this.

"What are the old fools from the society thinking! This crazy fellow is only in his early twenties! And they pushed him to the Royal Alliance." The male leader was scolding in rage. "Are you sure he noticed us?"

"He most likely didn’t see us but felt our presence." The female leader tensed up and didn’t dare to joke any further. "We may have gone too far this time. To be honest, that is most likely a warning from him. If we were to really go against him, what are the chances do you think we can win against him?"

The male leader deactivated his green flame and recovered his composure.

"He definitely has something up in his sleeves. The Eight Cloud Crow. The Cloud Crow is most likely his sleight of hand, and the rumored Eight heads have yet to be presented in front of us. Rumor has it that his eight head is used in close combat and his cloud crows are used for long range battles. However, as a strong character, he definitely has more than one or two trump cards. I am sure, just from his gaze! He definitely has a huge trump card that he has yet to reveal to the world. With that confidence, he is definitely on par with the old fellows in the Society."

He had stopped calling Garen fellow and started using his name as a proper word.

The female leader knew that this meant that he had obtained his respect. To be able to notice them when they were under the protection of the Light Tree, this meant that he was qualified to be in the middle class of form four. As partners of countless of years, these both of them understood one another very well.

"Next up…"

"With Emin around, we better not provoke him. That fellow has already provoked the Obscuro Society and those monsters from the Black Sky will definitely go after him. We will let them fight against each other and we will just expand our territory in the dark." The male leader said.

"The Black Sky…" The female leader sighed as she heard this term. "They were once the strongest academy in the Tactic world. I didn’t expect them to form the Obscuro Society. What are they trying to achieve?"

"Who knows. The academy, nobles, royals and even those immortals had their own plans. They are the ones who control the board, we are merely the slightly stronger pieces." The male leader explained hopelessly.

"Don’t say that or else your father may be angry if he finds it. To be called an immortal by his own son…"

"Fuck him. The society is willing to send out only the both of us. Although they have a lot of trump cards up their sleeves, they never really dared to use them at all. In the end they will only rely on us. I will stop my involvement if they piss me off!"

The female leader covered her mouth as she laughed.

Outside of the Mountain Valley, two blobs of black fog passed through the green field at an incredible speed.

The scorching hot golden sunlight could barely penetrated the black fog, and two human figures could be seen covered within it.

The white clouds passed them by and the strong winds blew against their oval shaped totem lights.

Windling placed his hands on his head, as if he was sitting on a sofa within the black mist as he looked at Garen, who is at the front, with much boredom.

"Boss, is it true that that old man is your teacher? How can your teacher be so weak? Are you the legendary weird kid who learnt everything himself?"

The guy’s face had become really thick as he could call out someone who was younger than him his boss without any change in facial expression.

Garen ignored him as he knew that he possessed no threat to him after interacting with him for so long. He was a man who would complained if he had nothing to do.

"It’s unforgivable that your junior would use the pity tactic to attack you." He was slightly unsatisfied. "What a pity. I really wanted that Life’s Dew since it’s an item that can make me live longer… If only I could get it on my hands and do some research on it… for just a little while."

He felt even more bored as Garen didn’t even respond to him.

"Where are we going next?’

"We will go for some raiding, so we’re going to the mission’s location now." Garen replied coldly.

"Where’s our objective? Is it that mission from the Headquarters director?" Windling was surprised.

He sighed as he saw Garen ignoring him, suggesting that it was what they were going to next.

"Oh my god! Why do we constantly go into these dangerous places… I feel like I’ve fought more battles than I have for the past ten years within these few days! Aren’t we looking for trouble?"

As he droned through the magic mirror, Garen was too lazy to respond to him, choosing to arrange his thoughts instead.

This accidental encounter with his teacher had raised a problem that he had never thought about before.

His current stance had been determined. He could only be with the Royal Alliance, but the Royal Alliance would eventually collapse. By then, both Terraflor Society and Obscuro Society would definitely not welcome him. What should he do then?

Judging from the current situation, the Royal Alliance was still the strongest player in the world, but its internal structure was rife with spies. The Royal Alliance would soon slowly crumble from the inside out. What seemed to be a powerful force was actually just a wooden house; one push could cause some real havoc.

This push would not be from the Obscuro Society or Terraflor Society, but the Royal Alliance themselves.

The assassination of the Kovitan’s kingdom was just a setback. There were still other incidents that could be a huge impact to them. The Royal Alliance would eventually anger the commoners and they would start a rebellion.

"Szz szz…" A sound could faintly be heard from the black box.

"This is the Kovitan’s Headquarters with an important news broadcast. This is the Kovitan’s Headquarters with an important news broadcast."

A clear young woman voice came out of the black box.

"Yesterday, Daniela has announced its intentions to build the largest commoner’s castle -- to be named the Heart of Life, for citizens seeking refuge. Interested parties are instructed to contact your respective branches. There will be specialised doctors guiding you throughout the moving process."

The voice repeated its announcement once more, then again in different languages.

As Garen listened to the voice, his face was filled with an inexplicable look.

"The Heart of Life… This is also one of the major turning points." He remembered the original history where a civil war broke out in Daniela after a massive genocide in the Heart of Life. This occurred after the assassination in the Kovitan Empire, and the same assassination happened in Daniela, where its most pampered princess was assassinated. Hence a major investigation became a massacre. The Obscuro Society took this opportunity to butt in and Daniela finally fell in March.

On the other hand, the Ender Kingdom was slightly different as its king itself was the strongest totem user. The King of the Ender Kingdom played himself into his own hands as he was searching for greater strength. In the end, he merged with the strongest Giant Divine Statue and attempted to become a God! As he tried to become the strongest player in the world, he had declared war against all its inhabitants.

It would be ideal to call the king of Ender Kingdom a madman who was after the pinnacle of strength instead of a Sovereign power. He betted the whole kingdom against the road to become a God. In the end the three heroes who had always supported him gave up on him.

The original history suggested that the Royal Alliance had killed themselves during the whole process.

Garen was lost deep in his thoughts.

"What if I could change the history of these major incidents?" He understood that these huge incidents were hard to twist as it was the combined wish of countless citizens. Even if he could delay the path of this history, he could only give some time to the Royal Alliance before their eventual collapse.

Then where would his escape route be?

At this point in time, Garen didn’t have the time to think of an impractical way to go back to his original world. If he could not ensure his own safety, then it would be pointless to consider anything else.

In this world, the mysterious phenomena of the Ancient Endor had started to become obvious as its number increased. The hidden secrets hidden here couldn’t be solved within such a short amount of time.

As the large amount of information kept flowing in his mind, Garen’s gaze started to become clearer and clearer.

"The strongest player in this history is the Hellgate of the Obscuro Society. Once they wake up from hibernation, they would soon surpass the Royal Alliance. Since I have already made an enemy out of the Obscuro Society, I would need to achieve the hellgate’s level if I want to survive and uncover the secret in the future… This is the first thing I should be doing.

Secondly, I need to find the real reason why I transmigrated to this world. The legendary Tactics most likely exist. As this world is changing its pace, perhaps I could find out some hidden secret from within."

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