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Kaw Kaw!!

Shrieking Cloud Crow cries came from the sky abovee the mountain valley. The whole mountain valley was shrouded in darkness, only a tiny bit of sunlight could be seen in between the wings of the cloud crows.

The three parties were preparing to defend themselves.

The people from the Black Sky were the most anxious, as the main target of the Eight Cloud Crow had always been Black Sky. The Eight Cloud Crow was angry at Black Sky, as he was being hunted by the them and had been taking his revenge all over the area.


A Cloud Crow dived as a black streak was drawn in the sky and landed on a member of Black Sky.

His left chest was filled with yellow totem light, but under the attack of the Cloud Crow, it was being torn apart like paper.

As the crows continued shrieking in the sky, no one could hear his scream of pain.

All members of the Black Sky were under attack by the Cloud Sky.

In a blink of an eye, multiple members of the Black Sky had died, leaving only White Ghost and two of the recently arrived members standing firm on their ground.

They effortlessly defended against the attacks of the Cloud Crows. After an attack, whether it be a success or a failure, the Cloud Crow would always turn into black fog, and morph into the Cloud Crow again once it gained enough altitude.

What was strange was that the majority of the Black Cloud Crow didn’t come after them, but flew past them and went deeper into the Mountain Valley.

There were two human figures being covered within the Cloud Crows as they went deeper into the Mountain Valley.

One of the silhouettes looked down at the three groups, but none of them dared to return his cold gaze..

That man above had three brightly lit dots on his forehead, and eyes that were dyed blood red. He was surrounded by countless Cloud Crows, and looked like a demon among the clouds.

Within minutes, the Cloud Crows disappeared, and like a stormy cloud, moved deeper into the mountain valley.

It was only then that the three parties noticed that the Golden Staff in the middle had been broken into two pieces during the Cloud Crow’s attack. Silver liquid leaked out from the staff as if it were bleeding.

The Heirloom had been accidentally destroyed by the Cloud Crows.

Both the Ice Castle and Black Tiger King’s men felt happy as they looked at the Black Sky.

There were only three members left in the Black Sky, and the green haired woman was in lead. She looked at the mountain valley’s deeper areas with a pale face.

"Bring the corpses along, and let’s go!" She finally made a decision.

The Heirloom hidden deep inside could be found at any time, but it was pointless once your life was gone.

"Eight Cloud Crow…!" She stared at the black clouds with rage. "Sooner or later someone would kill you! Your arrogance won’t last forever!"

The three of them immediately release a Four-armed Giant Mantis, and each of them placed the corpses on it and left the mountain valley with great haste.

The ponytail woman from the Ice Castle looked at the black cloud.

"We should make our move too. We’re lucky to encounter the Eight Cloud Crow, but we won’t be this lucky next time. The Eight Cloud Crow kills anyone he fancies and without mercy. We need to tell the Fort Master about this and Inform all the clan members to be cautious when they’re out."

"Big sister, who do you think is stronger, this Eight Cloud Crow or the fort master?" A youngster who had recently grew a moustache asked curiously.

"They’re both strong, but the fort master is on our side, and a leader who will protect us from any creature. The Eight Cloud Crow is a very powerful individual, but he killed people without mercy, so he definitely isn’t someone good." The ponytail woman explained softly.

"Bring the remains of the Golden Staff and let’s head out. Although the material was a waste, it still possesses some value."

The people from the Ice Castle gathered the remains of the staff with indiscernable feelings. Their long term training had shown their fruits, as none of them really made any noise. However, they would unconsciously looked deep into the mountain valley every once in a while.

That overwhelming power was deeply etched into everyone’s minds.

The old men were in awe, whereas the youngsters’ hearts were burning with motivation. Perhaps one day they would possess such power! Such strength!

To be able to make your enemy panic and retreat by just hearing your name!

No one noticed that the subordinates of the Black Tiger King had already left the scene.

Similar to the Ice Castle, the legendary Eight Cloud Crow’s power had definitely left an impression.

That man, with three red dots on his forehead, standing among the black clouds was carved deep into the recesses of their minds.

At the very bottom of the mountain valley.

In between the big field of dark green ferns was an empty land filled with black stones. There was not a single blade of grass on it; it was completely barren.

The largest levitating stone was floating among the black land.

This giant stone was at least ten meters wide, and even had a small yellow-green forest on top of it. In addition, there were even small flocks of birds dancing about around the giant stone, chirping happily.

These white and red birds were very active and adorable, as they chased each other around under the sunlight.

Within the forest at the top of the levitating stone.

Two groups stood quietly in front of an old tree.

On one side, there were two groups, in black robes and red masks. They had an eye of the black sun emblem on their chests, indicating that they were members of the Black Sky.

On the other hand, they was a young, fair skinned man, who was their leader. There were a total of four of them, three male and one female. The male leader was in a white robe, and his expression, although rather pale, was calm. The most eye catching feature of his was his eyes; a faint gray.

Both the red masked person and the silver eyed youngster were both very quiet, as if they were lost in thought.

The only thing that moved between them was time.

However, something seemed to be coming from the sky beyond the forest, similar to a huge murder of crows, coming closer and closer.

The leader in red masked finally spoke up.

"Looks like we have a new person arriving soon. We may have to retreat without obtaining our objective again." Her voice was of a gentlewoman, where it gave off a soothing and relaxing vibe.

"Do your stuff." The silver eyed man nodded his head and didn’t speak further as he stared at the wilted old tree trunk.

The old tree was very sturdy, its circumference was about the girth of two people. However, what was strange was that a clear human face could be seen at the center of the black tree. It had two eyes, a nose, a mouth and even had a beard underneath its chin. The beard was the tree’s black roots.

This tree’s face had its eyes closed, as if it were sound asleep.

The red masked person smiled slightly and looked at the sky afar.

"Let’s go. That man had a deep misunderstanding towards the Black Sky."

The other people bowed slightly and followed the red masked person into the shades of the forest at great speed. Two wisps of black fog appeared and covered both of their bodies. As the fog disappeared, it took the two of them with it.

"How is it? Do you have any idea, Beckstone?" A woman in a fiery red armor asked. The armor revealed her perfect body as she stood beside the silver eyed man’s side, suggesting that she relied entirely on his decision.

"If only Darian was still around." Beckstone sighed. "He’s best at guessing riddles. We would definitely be able to solve this if he were."

The red armored woman kept quiet as the atmosphere became rather dense.

"Sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned the incident." Beckstone apologised softly.

"No, it’s all my fault. If only I wasn’t being held hostage by that fellow, Darian wouldn’t have died." The red armored woman was Berlina. She was held hostage by Garen, and forced Beckstone to fight ‘squarely’ with him.

The cries of the crows grew louder as they approached.

Soon, two black armored figures came into the forest. Both of them were male, and the one in front was a man with golden, shawled hair, with a handsome face and three red dots on his forehead. His expression was cold, his body surrounded by the black fog that had yet to disperse.

As he entered the forest, Beckstone turned around and looked at them.

In a blink of an eye, Beckstone was filled with rage.

"It’s you!!"

Garen smiled at him.

"Beckstone, I sensed you and the Black Sky bastards from afar. Once I knew you were here, I immediately came over." His gaze was calm as he was very confident in himself.

"The days we had in the manor were rather peaceful. Who knew it had been so long. How nostalgic."

"Garen Trejons!!!"

The red armored Berlina who was standing beside Beckstone grit her teeth as she stared at Garen.

"It’s nice to see you again, my lady." Garen’s smile was even brighter.


A sharp red light was pointed towards Garen.


The red light was blocked by a cloud of black fog, dispersing and disappearing once they collided. To be precise, as the red light fired, its speed was strangely reduced.

That streak of red line could be seen hanging in the air. Besides that, the ground was burnt black, as if a line of fire had razed it.

Soon, the burnt ground reverted back to its usual green state.

Berlina retracted her right hand in rage.

"I will kill you eventually! I will avenge Darian!!"

"Whenever you like." Garen smiled gently. "That is, if you can leave this place alive."

"Do you want to fight!?" Beckstone replied coldly. "This is the territory of the old tree, whoever has bad intentions will be restricted. As long as one harbours the intent of destruction, their strength would be sapped, and they wouldn’t be able to lift a finger at all."

Garen was surprised, and suddenly felt something was wrong. He had an urge to not want to destroy the peaceful surroundings.

It was a strange feeling, similar to of someone who wanted to keep sleeping when they were half awake. All intentions towards destruction was diminished, and could no longer be brought upon.

As he carefully basked in this strange vibe, Beckstone and Berlina were seemingly under its influence, too, and didn’t speak a word afterwards.

The situation had come to a standstill.

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