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As Garen sat cross-legged on the ground, mild black gas dissipated from his whole body. It was like fog spreading throughout his surroundings.

He quietly sensed the ninth head of the eight headed dragon. The blood tumor was growing bigger and redder, as if it was about the explode any minute.

Unconsciously, Windling noticed his unusual behaviour. Without saying a word, he kept his distance.

As this situation had happened multiple times over the journey, he was used to it. It was not just once or twice, but multiple times. It was as if he was examining the state of his body, similar to the masters among commoners.

But it seemed to be different this time.

Windling carefully observed the black smoke surrounding Garen. It smelt good. It was incredibly rich, like fragrance released by burning various spices together. The smell could not be identified, but it was not pungent; a little like incense.

Suddenly he was stunned as he felt the skin of his body stiffening. As he pinched his skin on the back of his hand, there was totally no feeling.

Windling panicked and retreated more than 10 metres. Only then did his senses returned.

"What's this smell. It can unknowingly numb the senses!" Windling fearfully glanced at the nearby Garen.

At this point of time, Garen's body was surrounded by a faint-black fog. Even his face was a little blurry

"Again...Always doing dangerous things without telling me, don’t you know this could lead to death!" Windling complained softly. "My beloved Weiwei, when can Papa see you again...and my cute Bartow."

His mood was tinged with sorrow. With a long sigh, he ignored the dirt and sat on a green rock in the distance.

Seconds and minutes passed by. The midday sun gradually rose, throwing red tinged sunbeams across the forest.

The forest breeze carried a gentle warmth.

Windling sat on the green rock and yawned. The best thing about travelling with Garen was that being beside him, there wouldn't be any dangerous creature within a 1-2 metre radius. Whether it was mutated beings or monsters from experiments, there was completely no sign of them.

It was as though the monsters could detect Garen’s dangerous aura and fled. Therefore he was able to rest in complete peace every time.

As Windling was drowsily sleeping, he faintly heard a weak cry for help.

"……" Between the sounds of fleeing and panting, came an immature child's voice from the distance.

This forest wasn't far from human population. It was probably some kid who couldn’t survive and came out to look for a living, but fell into some danger.

Windling thought to himself. He was different from Garen. He was familiar with the life of a commoner in this chaos.

Both of his children were normal humans. They were not qualified to become Luminarists. If it wasn’t for him, both of his children would have died of hunger much earlier.

"Who cares." Windling didn’t want to bother. They had met multiple situations like this throughout the journey. There were adults, elderly, strong men and beautiful girls. But both Garen and himself were lazy to bother.

In this chaos, commoners had no fields to farm. Without any special abilities, all they could was risks their lives to gather rare herbs to be used as raw materials for various potions.

In the areas that have been preliminarily cleared, the danger was relatively lower. Many rich commoners would hire one or two totem users to gather herbs. It wasn’t often that they met dangers.

Only at the first line of defense were there daily intense battles between life and death.

It was extremely difficult for commoners in times like this.

As the voice drew closer, it seemed more and more like his own child’s voice. Windling was becoming more and more irritated. A thought of his own children flitted through his mind; what if it was them who met this situation...

He finally stood up and headed towards the direction of the voice.

Garen usually took some time to finish anyway.

Garen slowly opened his eyes. There was a flash of red light in his eyes. He had failed once again.

The ninth head couldn’t successfully emerge. His agility was already at the limit. The only attribute left was intelligence.

"I have to completely upgrade my body to the limit?" This thought flashed through Garen’s mind.

He regained awareness.

"Windling?" He was taken aback when he did not see Windling around.

As the wind blew through the forest, there was the sound of rustling leaves.

Other than that, there were no other noises.

A non-mutated scorpion slowly crawled past the side of his foot and fled into a hole in the ground.

On a branch far away, the three-tailed squirrel was carrying some jam that was filled with crushed leaves. Its bottom was sticking out as it attempted to stuff the jam into a nutshell.

Garen refocussed his gaze and looked around.

"Boss, there could be something over here." Windling shouted from afar.

Garen stood up and headed over, crossing through a small portion of forest. He saw Windling crouching down in front of a deep hole investigating something. He looked serious.

"What happened?"

Garen furrowed his brows as he walked over.

"There’s something strange about this hole."Windling whispered. Although he wasn’t a match for Garen, he was at least an Elemental General of the Obscuro Society with decent abilities. Even without his precious heirloom, normal spiritualized forms were no match for him. But now, with a nasty look on his face, the situation might be troublesome.

"What’s going on?" Garen hurried over and stared into the hole. Suddenly, there was a horrible stench coming from the hole. He held his breath and frowned.

He abruptly sensed weakness in the eight headed dragon totem, which seemed to be caused by the horrible stench.

"What in the world is this?!" Garen was about to retreat when a force suddenly shoved him from behind.

The force wasn’t malicious. It was just a simple push.

"You!!" Garen turned and saw a weird smile on Windling’s face.

Strangely, although Garen was strongly pushed, his body only slightly leaned forward. His feet did not move at all.

Both of them were stunned for a moment.

Garen was shocked by Windling’s weirdness.

Windling couldn’t understand how Garen only leaned slightly after he pushed Garen with all his might.

"How..How can this be!?? The swamp night lizard’s poisonous gas has no effect on you?!" Shock was all over Windling’s face, as if he couldn’t believe it. "This gas can weaken five spiritualized totems instantly..!"

"Poisonous gas?" Garen looked grim.

An invisible whirlpool suddenly appeared behind Windling.


The giant dragon missed.

Windling’s figure was like an illusion. It started to disappear slowly, lighter and lighter, fainter and fainter.

"Idiot! You thought I would stay still and wait for your attack? Are you an imbecile? Do you have muscles for a brain?"

A secretive smile appeared once again on Windling’s face.

"You’re not Windling, who are you?" Garen looked at his quickly disappearing opponent. His five senses were carefully surveying the surroundings, trying to find out the location of his opponent.

"The Obscuro Society’s second Elemental General. You can call me the Enchanter." His figure completely disappeared and only a faint voice remained.

"Enchanter?" Garen snorted. There was a flash of bloodlust in his eyes. He glanced at the black hole on the ground. The odor quickly dissipated, as if it had never been there.

His brows emitted a red light.

The eight headed dragon’s eight head slowly appeared behind him.


The ferocious roar became a circle of white sound waves and spreaded to the surroundings.

The big maple tree leaves were shaken.

There was no movement in the vicinity.

A black light formation lit up beneath Garen’s feet. He leapt into the air and released black fog midair, holding his parcel.


A huge amount of black fog flooded out, forming over a few thousand crows. They were like ink, flying all over to search for something.

Garen looked grim. He had thoroughly searched in a ten-metre radius. As he couldn’t find anything, his expression turned cold.

At this moment, the surrounding environment had been slightly distorted. The surroundings seemed to have changed.

A flurry of dull crashing sounds came from the distance.

Then only Garen realized, he had always been in the Enchanter’s illusion. He didn’t even notice!

His opponent’s illusions had reached a incredibly frightening level. The simulated environment was exactly the same as the forest in reality.

He quickly suppressed the panic in his heart.

Between the crashing sounds in the distance, Garen faintly heard Windling cursing.

He crossed a portion of forest and walked over. He saw Windling stuck in a triangular, semi-permeable tactic formation. The tactic formation was glowing in faint yellow. It was built on the base of the three white rocks below..

There were slight cracks on the three stones.


The triangular tactic formation finally cracked.

Windling was furious as he walked out.

"That Enchanter bitch!!" He was more enraged than usual. "He dares to toy with my feelings!"

He saw Garen’s displeased expression, quickly shuddered and stop speaking.

"This Enchanter is a hassle." Garen felt the lingering poison gas in his body. He was extremely unhappy.

Even the eight headed dragon, a supreme poisonous being, couldn’t completely resist the poison gas. If that was the case, it was conceivable that the Obscuro Society was starting to use their most precious items.

The purpose of the Enchanter’s appearance was most likely to poison him and weaken his abilities.

The next wave that would come should be ruthless hunts and attacks.

He carefully sensed his body’s condition.

Garen was slightly relieved.

Although the eight headed dragon wasn’t immune to the poison, its resistance dramatically weakened the effects of the poison.

Of the eight headed dragon’s heads, two fell into deep slumber; unable to move. It’s skin had been mildly corroded, weakening the defense of dragon skin. With this, the Dragon’s Roar power had also been weakened to three quarters of its original strength. It was currently only three times the level of the dual headed salamander. Only six of its heads were functioning.

"Boss. He got you?" Windling carefully analyzed Garen’s expression.

"There are some complications" Garen faintly replied. "The Enchanter said it was the poison gas of something called the swamp night lizard."

"Swamp night lizard!!?? My God!" Windling opened his eyes and scratched his head fervently with his two hands.

"It’s over it’s over… This toxin is rumored to last for ages! Without the antidote, you’ll be unable to remove it for the rest of your life! It will permanently weaken the core totem’s condition by half!!

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