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"Aren’t those people from the secret service? Why don’t you go meet them?" Windling whispered to Garen, who was beside him. As he seemed to be a good mood, hopefully his temper would not flare up.

"I do not want to meet my colleagues yet. The Three Departments should have noticed something when I took action. Or they might have known for long that this is an Obscuro’s division, but they chose not to act." Garen smiled as he explained.

"You do know a fair bit." Windling smiled bitterly. "The Three Departments are indeed strong, but their ground forces are only a few people. The strongest of them are only a handful, and some of them had joined our Obscuro Society. No, I can no longer say our Obscuro Society. After doing so much, I can no longer be considered as an Obscuro Society’s member. I think my bounty is almost ten million dollars in the society."

"Do you know the origin of this generation’s president of Obscuro?" Garen suddenly asked.

"You noticed." Windling didn’t seem surprised. he sat on the black mist behind, which was soft like a sofa. Crossing his legs, he was surrounded by the black mist and they were moving forward at astonishing speed.

"President Hellgate, one of Daniela’s major nobles. Instead of looking at Obscuro as an independent society, think of it as a portion that left the group of nobles. The elite members of Obscuro are all outstanding elite noblemen. Being unsatisfied with the Royal Alliance’s stagnant ruling system, some of the elite noblemen left, forming Obscuro. Some of them formed The Three Departments because of differing philosophies, under the support of the council of elders. In other words, nobles are the cause of everything."

"Only the nobles have such rich deposits of knowledge." Garen nodded and agreed. "A normal person wouldn’t be able and qualified to access such elite knowledge."

"What should we do next?" Windling look at Garen on his left.

"How many strongholds have we destroyed?"

"Including this, nine. Whether it is Obscuro or other forces, most probably information on you would definitely be on the desk of their intelligence department. Can this be considered as the fastest way to fame?" Windling was getting increasingly confused by Garen’s motives.

"That giant statue is a pity. If we can bring it along it would be useful." Garen abruptly changed the topic as he stroked his chin.

In the following four days, Garen and Windling continuously attacked Obscuro’s strongholds all over the Ender Kingdom. However, many of them were empty. It was obvious that Obscuro had urgently withdrew their men.

Other than the few major strongholds in Ender, there were not many people in the other divisions.

Eight Headed Cloud Crow replaced Garen’s old Cloud Crow nickname. The rumor was widely spread by bystanders and people who have seen his battles.

Eight Headed represented the eight headed dragon, while Cloud Crow represented the flock of black cloud crows. These were the two strongest characteristics of Garen’s abilities.

His track record was dug out and sent to the intelligence departments of major forces.

It was because of his incredible speed. He attacked two countries within a couple of days. Furthermore, he destroyed an Obscuro division within ten minutes in Ender Kingdom, before their headquarters could even send back-up.

Due to his strength and track record, Garen gained fame overnight.

At this time, Garen received a call from the nearby Secret Service.

Garen and Windling sat in the lush forest, on a thick layer of fallen leaves. They set up a piece of white cloth between them and placed some food on it.

Jam and bread, lamb jerky and two bottles of apple cider. That was their lunch of the day.

As the faint golden sunlight shone through the leaves above onto the two people, there appeared to be patterns on their bodies.

A brown and furry squirrel with three big tails was crouching beside the white picnic cloth. It wagged its three tails like a wheel with all its might, sweeping leaves all over the place.

The squirrel was gulping down a small pile of jam that Garen threw away, looking very satisfied. As it tucked its butt, it's tail wagging became more rounded.

"So relaxing.." Windling, with a palm on the floor, rubbed his stomach lightly and swallowed the last piece of bread. "Oh no..I might have eaten too much.."

He spied at Garen who was opposite him.

The handsome man was nibbling on a piece of jerky. His eating speed remained consistent and there was no expression on his face. His actions were elegant. As he tore off each piece and put it into his mouth, not a single crumb fell. The picnic cloth in front of him was clean, as if it had been completely wiped clean. There was no food remaining.

They’d split the food portion into half. While Windling had a huge portion left, only a smile bite remained on Garen’s side...

"Your really...spectacular.." Windling thought for a moment, before using a more proper description.

"It's your appetite that is small." Garen replied softly.

Windling was speechless.


Suddenly, a soft patting sound came from the small black box on Garen's collar.

Garen slowed down, put down the food he held and wiped his hand with a napkin.

There was a voice coming from the black box.

"Cloud Crow? You are the eight headed cloud crow Garen?" It was a guy’s voice. It was clear yet slightly reserved. "This is the Secret Service, Kovitan’s Headquarter. My name is McCain, the current director, and also the leader of the strongest White Silver Group . I am currently communicating with you through a long distance signal. We only have three secure minutes, where we won't be snooped on by other forces."

"Ah it's the director." A smile quirked the edge of Garen's mouth. "May I know the reason you're contacting me?"

"You should be currently in the Ender division right? I have a mission here. I was wondering whether you would be willing to accept it?" Director McCain spoke in an extremely polite tone.

"Just say it."

"Alright. In the Ender Kingdom, the Geometry Service’s elite, Dark Bell and the masters from the Obscuro Society are fighting for a unique precious heirloom. The majority of elites from both their forces have been mobilized over. I hope you can represent the Secret Service and participate on the battle for a chance to obtain the precious heirloom, since you are currently nearby. The mission will be within five days."

"No problem. What's the reward?" Garen asked without hesitation. After experiencing the power of the precious heirloom, it was dear to his heart. He also understood why various forces placed high value on it.

In simple terms, a precious heirloom was the combination of countless complicated tactics. It could inject totem light and totem strength at any time to activate a large or multipurposed strength. An imitation precious heirloom like the cloud crow formation only needed sufficient totem strength or totem light. Without the need for tactics, a mediocre totem user could elevate into an elite spiritualized master in the blink of an eye.

"Naturally, the reward won't be bad. There will be a satisfactory tactic formation. Furthermore, considering your father and the loyalty of the Trejon Household towards the Royal Alliance, I have resubmitted a request to the higher ups for a fief. As long as you complete this mission, Trejon Household will regain a satisfactory fief in the new housing area." There was a tone of rich laughter in McCain’s voice. A fief and a strong and complete tactic formation would be surely sufficient in this chaos.

Garen got slightly excited. With a fief like that, he could move the whole Trejon Household there to protect them. His underlings, family, friends and relatives. There was also teacher Emin, whose current status was unknown.

Garen searched his memory for the location. He planned to visit his teacher first.

As he regained focus, he quickly expressed sincere thanks.

"Then director, let me express my gratitude first. With such generous rewards, it seems like this precious heirloom isn’t simple."

"Naturally. The Geometry Service initially wanted to keep it for themselves, but they did not succeed. Now, we and the rest of the organizations stand a chance." McCain smiled as he answered. "The Geometry Service are a bunch of cocky guys. Now that they’ve gotten entangled with the Obscuro Society, they must have been humiliated. Let’s see how they solve this, haha."

He paused for a moment. "Besides, aren’t you sweeping the Obscuro’s strongholds? Let me send you a more detailed map, which is a treasure we have just obtained."

"Send? How are you going to send?" Garen was surprised.

"I’ll say and you memorise."

"Alright." Garen was initially worried about Windling’s limited knowledge on the location of strongholds. As he was too thorough during his killings, the sweep was coming to an end. Now it was as if someone brought him a pillow just as he was about to sleep.

This time he was addicted to the killings. Although most of them were first form and second form low level totem users, the numbers were huge. It was similar to when the Petrifying White Dragon was around.

One first form totem or creature could provide around 25% of potential points. One second form could provide two points, while one third form could provide five points. For spiritualized form, the value jumped to fifteen points.

After memorising the information that McCain gave on the strongholds, Garen glanced at his potential points.

After killing over hundreds of Obscuro Society members, his potential points had surpasses two hundred without him realizing.

After careful thought, Garen decided to increase his agility to its limit.

His fixated his gaze on the agility pane.

The potential points quickly depleted.

Agility swiftly increased from 6.00. After increasing it by 5 points, every increase required 20 potential points. Very quickly, 40 potential points disappeared and his agility was raised to 8.00.

From 8.00 onwards, 60 potential points were needed to increase one attribute. Very quickly, from 160 points, only about 40 points remained.

As his agility finally reached 10.00, it completely stopped moving.

Garen clenched his fist in satisfaction. It was as though his body was surrounded by invisible wind. He only had to move lightly. It felt like his body weight had disappeared, and he could float around without sluggishness.

He sensed the state of the eight headed dragon. Sure enough, the ninth head on the back of the eight headed dragon was rapidly expanding. The huge lump of flesh grew bigger and redder.

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