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Eight long, ferocious dragon heads appeared from the sky like red strands, lunging fiercely towards the Obscuro Society’s men below.


After a subtle hiss, the golden air flows condensed into eight gold dots in mid-air, blocking the dragon heads head-on.

The red and gold collided.


The eight dragon heads let out loud howls in the air. The surrounding forest appeared as though it was swept by a hurricane. The sound waves blew the leaves off trees and created a huge ripple that spread through the surroundings.


As the main head of the eight headed dragon roared to the sky, two of its strong limbs apparated ominously from thin air and took form.

With two bangs, its two giant limbs landed on the ground.

The eight headed dragon seemed to crawl out from thin air. The back part of its body was slowly forming. It’s over twenty-metre long frightening body chilled the souls of every bystander.

This terrifying creature seemed to have crawled out from a legend, but this time there was no hero to defeat it.

Garen’s three red dot-birthmark on his brow glowed dark red, as if blood was about to burst out.

He quietly floated in mid-air as the giant eight headed dragon was ferociously attacking the golden air flows.


Suddenly there was a loud, clear noise.

A crack was appearing on one of the golden dots, which was made up of condensed air flow. Subsequently, the crack quickly grew and enlarged and overwhelmed the whole gold dot.

There as a crash.

One of the gold dots shattered.

Then the second one and the third one.

The long, ferocious heads lunged forward and headed directly to the Obscuro Society’s men below.

The group in the black circle instantly panicked and ran. Several red lights flashed, which seemed like a unique escape tactic.

This tactic only increased their speed for a brief period of time. Before they could react in time, the nimbler eight headed dragon had caught up, and lunged at them.

Pitiful cries and screams filled the area. The black-robed men instantly scattered and fled in all directions.

A few of the black-robed men were protecting the old man as they fled towards the northwest direction. They were far quicker than the rest of the group. They seemed to be forming a black-red round tactic formation, which drastically increased their speed.

The old man in the circular formation glanced at Garen. He looked abnormally calm, without any sense of panic. From his eyes, it seemed that he was in deep thought, thinking about something.

Garen looked into the old man’s eyes from a distance and was surprised by his lack of fear. From afar, he saw the old man open his lips, as if he was mouthing words.

"We...will meet again.."

Garen let out an intrigued smile.


As there were many Obscuro Society members and the giant Dog Humanoid Statue present, it wouldn’t be wise for him to give chase.

The eight headed dragon went on a rampage against the Obscuro Society members on the ground. It seemed as though every bite created another casualty. Some of them released their totems to defend, but they were snapped into two without putting up a fight.

It was complete annihilation.

As some of them tried to escape, the eight headed dragon once again roared towards the sky.


The fury of the sound waves spread out in the widest range. It was like a wave of white waves, spreading out a huge white ring.

In the distant forest, Anselm and the group of three hurried towards the division.

As they continued to run, there was a dim black light beneath their feet. They were moving with astonishing feet.

"We have to move faster! Once the golden defence circle is activated, there would be no way for us to return!" A man with a hoarse voice urgently called.

"We can also stay out here. The crows will certainly be pushed back. We might not be in time even if we return now." Another man muttered.

"Not necessarily. This could be our chance to earn merit!"

As Anselm stared at the two people in front, the idea in his heart grew stronger.

The three of them quiet down and continued hurrying.


Suddenly, a ferocious howl came from the front.


The tree leaves were crushed, and from the sound waves came a powerful hurricane, blowing some of the trees askew.

A white sound wave collided with the three men.


Anselm couldn’t hear anything in that instant. His brain and ears were filled with humming noises due to the sound waves crossing the limit. His brain was in a mess, and his eyes were disoriented. Everything turned blurry and tears were dripped down the corners of the eyes.

The three of them were like tiny worms in a storm. They were heavily suppressed by the huge sound waves, as if a huge rock was on each of their bodies.

The three men were completely deafened. Their vision blurred and all they could do was cling to the trees tightly.

The strong wind and sound waves came from the front, messing up their clothes. It was as if they would be carried away by the huge sound waves with a lapse in concentration.

Large rocks and weaker tree trunks were lifted by the huge sound waves and blew backwards. Huge amounts of grass, barks and mutated bugs, and even a small group of white deers were swept up by the wind. They were blown backwards and on and off, they would knock against big trees, letting out eerie sounds of the breaking of bones.

The three of them bowed their bodies and proceeded with much difficulty, withstanding the sound waves and wind.

"What.. What is this!!??"

The hoarse-voiced man shouted with all his might.

As the trees in front fell to the ground, the situation in the distant could roughly be seen.

Anselm forced his head upwards to look forward.

Finally, the sound waves came to a halt, and everything calmed down.

The whole woods were in a mess.

The three of them gathered together with their remaining strength.

"What in the world was that just now!? Was that the howl of a monster?"

"I don’t know.. Could it be the division’s special weapon?"

As Anselm was about to speak, his expression changed.

"Its coming again! Duck!!"

He couldn’t even finish his sentence.


Another huge white sound wave headed towards them. The three of them crouched on the ground to prevent being injured by the huge sound wave.

A strong wind came with the frightening sound wave. It ignored totem light and collided with their bodies.

This time it was much shorter. Within a few seconds, everything resumed calmness.

The three men did not dare to proceed further. They stood still and entered into a state of hesitation instantly.

"We are not far from the division. We have to find a high place to see what is going on." Anselm suggested.

"True. We can’t go any further." The hoarse-voiced man agreed immediately.

The three of them retreated and quickly found a black hill and swiftly climbed up. They stood on top of the hill and looked in the direction of the division.

"My God! What is that!!??"

As Anselm move forward to look into the distance, his expression changed.

Both of them also stood up and looked at the sky above the division. They couldn’t utter a single word, and could only gape at the sight before them.

"Division….What happened?" After a while, the hoarse-voiced man whispered bitterly.

The three of them glanced into the distant sky. They sky above the division was utterly dyed black. The big black cloud hovering over was made up of countless groups of crows.

Below the black clouds, a red, gigantic eight headed salamander was twisting its eight heads. Its long snake-like necks dived down from time to time. Every time it raised its head again, there will be a couple of black-robed men in its mouth. Blood continuously flowed down the sides of his giant mouth.

The eight headed dragon was surrounded by countless murders of crows, looking more ferocious than a mutated creature.

At this point of time, the division was completely still. Only the eight headed dragon was letting out roars of victory.

Then the three of them noticed a black-gowned figure hovering on top of the eight headed dragon.

Even with the distant of a few kilometres, a red glare could be clearly seen on the figure’s forehead.

"Could that be Cloud Crow?" Anselm uttered.

From time to time, the eight headed salamander let out roars of joy, signaling that Garen was in a good mood.

Although the complete situation on the ground could not be seen, most of the Obscuro Society’s members had been eaten by the eight headed dragon.

Possibly because of the eight headed dragon’s overeating, Garen faintly felt that the eight headed dragon was releasing a form of poisonous mist. It seemed like the eight headed dragon’s waste after digesting, yet it was extremely corrosive.

As long as the eight headed dragon was summoned, the gas would naturally be released, severely corroding everything in the area.

It was even around his own body. The gas had a faint fragrance, inducing living beings to relax. They would then unknowingly fall into the danger of being corroded, unable to get themselves out.

Garen suspected that this could be the final and ninth head’s ability that comes with its imminent evolution.

Shortly, the chaos below quietened.

The Dog Humanoid Statue was surrounded by the crow formation. As the Obscuro Society was being defeated, it also lost its power. It had laid on the ground since, unable to move.

Garen looked towards two directions in the distant.

There was a group of people from another force which had been hiding there for some time. From their aura, it should be people from the Royal Alliance of Luminarist. Or maybe it was some commoners, or normal totem users from noble families.

They hid in the forest where they thought it was safe, then looked at the commotion.

As Garen gazed over, all of them held their breaths, afraid that he would notice them. The whole forest went totally silent, not even the sound of a bug could be heard.

Garen let out a faint smile. He did not want to relate with Ender’s Royal Alliance of Luminarist. They were from a different system.

The opposition seemed to have no intention on coming over to greet him as well.

Suddenly, Garen raised his head towards the right sky. There was a group of black eagles in the distant, seemed to be swiftly heading over here.

On the back of the giant eagles were black-robed figures, obviously someone from the secret service.

Their auras on their bodies were murky. They seemed weak, but were actually strong.

Garen mildly closed his eyes.

"Let’s go, Windling."

As a ray of black light flashed beneath his feet, he dived down like a rocket into the forest.

In that instant, the gigantic eight headed dragon became a ray of red light, disappearing in the forest. The countless hovering black crows retreated and disappeared into the forest below.

Both Garen and the helpless Windling were surrounded by a ball of black mist. They sped through the forest into the distance.

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