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A sharp, ear-piercing siren exploded through the sky, as a white pillar of light materialised behind.

"It’s the warning signal from the branch!!" The three Obscuro Society members were alerted at the same time.

"The branch has been raided!" Anselm reacted immediately. "What do we do now?"

"Don’t panic…" The man with the hoarse voice was thinking of what to say.

Suddenly, ear-piercing cawing noises echoed from behind them, as a large flock of crows gathered there in an exceptionally noisy manner.

The man suddenly remembered the warning he received from his cousin. He also remembered the characteristics of the Cloud Crows that the Headquarters had reported.

"F*ck! This area is close to the Ender Headquarters base!! Are the people in the Headquarters just eating shit? How did the Cloud Crows get here suddenly??!!" He scolded them in a foul mood.

"Fall back!" He growled softly. He was the first person to turn around and run away.

The other two people followed closely behind.

While they ran, a strange glow began to glimmer in Anselm’s eyes dimly, but no one noticed it.

The three people’s informational records were all kept at the branch, and if they did not return them after the warning signal, they would be persecuted by the Headquarters. Thus, although they were helpless, the three of them decided to go back and take a look.

On the way, the trio removed their black robes quickly and exposed the normal clothes they wore within, storing all of their specialized Obscuro Society accesories at the same time. They plastered fake surprised expressions on their faces as they rushed towards the source of the noise.

In the middle of a thick birch forest, there was a large platform that resembled a gigantic black biscuit, where around thirty figures in black robes stood sparsely.

On top of the black platform, a light gold air current was suspended in mid air, spiralling downwards like a ribbon as it circled around the black circular area. The air current turned circles in the air, as if it was dancing.

Golden rays of sunshine beamed downwards, and the ribbon became an even more beautiful and eye catching sight.

However, no one was appreciating this sight before them right now, as the gazes of all of the black robed people were directed past the ribbon in the sky.

There was a little cloud of black fog floating there, and on top of the cloud stood a tall man who was clad in full-bodied black armor. The man’s long blonde hair was blown around his handsome face, and he had three red birthmarks on his forehead.

"Cloud Crow Garen! Do you really wish to start a war with the Obscuro Society?" From the crowd shielded beneath the golden air current, an old man stood up slowly. He was not wearing a hood, and his face was covered in wrinkles like the bark of an old tree. He held a white wooden walking stick that was taller than him in his hand.

"Before you made the decision to ambush me, you should’ve thought of the consequences of your actions." Garen stared at the light gold air current in the air with interest, as this ribbon-like translucent air current had a slight threatening presence.

He had only recently discovered the precise controls for the Cloud Crows, and now he had complete control over using them to allow himself to float in mid air. When he used them with the Black Light Array tools that the Royal Family had given him, he could move around freely in the air.

Once he had discovered this method, he’d used it immediately. However, this method required strong and precise control abilities. They were powerful to the extent that Windling gaped at him as if he’d just seen a deviant monster.

But Garen fully understood the convenience of this method. Thus, he became more interested in allowing his power to flow within so that he could experiment with the methods of using the Cloud Crow front.

Regarding this, Windling was completely speechless. He watched Garen control every one of thousands of Cloud Crows in an extremely orderly manner, and noticed that they bent to his will completely. This was not an ability that an ordinary human could acquire.

Light was a consumable energy, and in the blink of an eye, it was enough to make a regular Totem user exhausted to the point of collapsion.

Once he had come to his senses, Garen carefully observed the Obscuro Society members that had appeared below him. During this mission where they travelled deep into the the hinterlands of Ender, through Windling’s directions, they had finally found a large-scale base.

It was within their expectations as there were almost thirty Obscuro Society members, but none of them had planned to release their Totems to fight yet. This way, their strength was not gathered in one area, and it was easier for them to separate themselves to attack.

They used the Totem Light from their bodies and the Totem Light from their Totems to saturate both areas.

The formation was still suspended in mid air, as the golden air current continued to circle around the black circular base. It was unusually beautiful, as it loomed in the air.

The other important thing stood on the ground of the black circle; a large white stone statue.

Only the top half of the stone statue could be seen above ground, as the bottom half of its body had been buried by the black soil.

The sculpture appeared to be of a monster with a dog’s head and a human body. There was even a crooked horn growing out of the top of the dog’s head, while a goat-like beard grew below its chin. Its body was strong and muscular, and a toga was wrapped around its chest, covering the left side. One corner of the toga was fastened to his left shoulder with a round, gold button. It gave onlookers a rough, ancient and mysterious feeling.

"Not done yet?" Garen looked at the stone statue that was vibrating quickly now.

"Arrogant!" exclaimed the old man coldly. "You will pay a price for your arrogant ignorance!"

He struck his walking stick against the ground angrily at once.


The dog-headed statue on the ground opened its eyes immediately.

Its eyes were jet-black with no white sclera, and were merely two empty jet-black holes.

A crashing noise could be heard, as the black soil on the ground flipped over suddenly.

The large dog-headed statue began to remove itself from the ground slowly. It braced both of its palms against the ground, as it lifted out of the ground slowly.

The crowd of black robed people moved out of the way quickly to give it space.

The dog-headed human statue finally stood on the ground in one piece.

It was apparently over a hundred meters tall!!

Its large body was perfectly muscular, and its body was covered in a white stone toga. Both of its black eyes glared towards Garen who was still suspended in mid air.

A moment passed.

The dog-headed man stretched his big mouth open immediately, and rushed towards Garen, while howling silently.

One of its large hands came swinging towards Garen, as if it was an adult swatting a fly or a mosquito. Its broad palm cast a dark shadow over Garen’s entire body.

It stretched over the defensive range of the gold air currents, and seized Garen directly.

Garen narrowed both of his eyes, as the black pocket watch in his hand began to release large clouds of black fog.

The large amounts of black fog continuously transformed into Cloud Crows, as the flock of black crows rushed in all four directions and spread out everywhere.

From far away, the large torrent of black crows flew out from Garen’s position continuously looked like a black stream flowing from him.

An entire kilometer-long range within the sky was now covered in flocks of black crows. They attacked every living thing within their range, causing the once golden sky to darken as it was covered up completely. They looked like black clouds that floated along continuously.

A gust of black fog transformed into a large black crow that was over ten meters long, which then rushed over in the direction of the dog-headed man’s hand.

The large black crow had an incomparably sharp beak, and when it outstretched its wings, it was shaped like a shuttle. It pierced through the air violently, as it jetted towards the giant stone statue of the dog-headed man.


A sharp, ear-piercing screech rang through the air.

The large black crow and the large hand of the dog-headed man statue began clashing with each other violently.


Both of them were of similar sizes, and between the large white hand and the black coloured Cloud Crows, an explosion of black fog and white gravel erupted. It formed a midair sphere and unleashed white circular shockwaves.

The dog-headed man’s statue began to move slightly before it continued to claw at Garen.

"Is this the strongest formation this branch has to offer? It’s very impressive!" Garen chortled. Black light lit up below his feet suddenly.

A cracking sound was heard before his figure moved backwards quickly and turned into a black line as he left the range of the dog-headed statue’s hand instantly, and floated back up into the sky again.


The gigantic hand smashed down on the forest, crushing a cluster of birch trees and leaving a deep hand print on the ground as well.

The dog-headed man’s statue used its other hand to swing across the area silently in a fan-like motion towards Garen.

This time, its large hand brought a dim layer of black light with it.

The old man holding a walking stick in the middle of the area sneered.

"If the ancestral god statue was such an easy opponent, why would we waste so much energy on it?"

"Master, if this drags on for too long, I’m afraid that the people in the Royal Alliance of Luminarists will…" Beside him, a girl in a black robe reminded him softly.

"It doesn’t matter, once we get rid of the Cloud Crows, we’ll have a way to fix that. The governing lord of this area is one of us, and in order to resist terrorists, awakening the ancestral god statue was the logical thing to do. When the time comes, we’ll just have to change our clothes and everything will be settled right?" The old man replied distractedly.

"But if we do that, our plan will…"

"What plans are you thinking about now?! He’s arrived to kill us!" The old man glared at her with both eyes. He was not interested in paying any attention to this woman.

Midair, the large white hand with its black aura began swiping towards Garen furiously, forming gusts of strong wind. This strong wind surrounded Garen on all four sides, trapping and immobilising him in one spot.

"Hnngh!" Garen’s face became cold. Unable to shield himself with anything else, he used his hand with the pocket watch to push forward.


At the same time, clouds of black fog surrounded the area where Garen stood and formed a large black torrent, as the strange cawing noises of the Cloud Crows filled the air, as if the non stop humming noises had been enveloped, causing the whole sky to become noisy and chaotic.

The black torrent transformed into a black spike suddenly, as it charged towards the large hand violently.


An incomparably violent fight broke out suddenly.

The sound waves spread everywhere quickly, but the noises could not be heard by anyone. They could only feel pain in both of their ears, as their vision started to blur because of the violent soundquakes.

Large clouds of black smoke spread out in all four corners of the sky, and continued to flow out endlessly from the large hand of the giant stone statue.

The Cloud Crows and the giant statue were caught in a fierce standstill.

Garen continued to float in midair and stood behind the black coloured Cloud Crows as he watched the black smoke diffuse out from his body and spread everywhere. His face was devoid of even the slightest movement.

The dog-headed man’s statue was truly powerful. It possessed immense strength but it was obvious that its sources were insufficient, as he could feel that this stone statue was not really using all of its true strength right now.

But he was different. Although he had already used the Cloud Crow front to its limit, his Secret Technique training allowed him to have a strong body, and once he had given himself a dragon’s heart, his vigour now surpassed that of an average person greatly, allowing him to reach a terrifying stage.

Moreover, his Master-level Precision Blueprint made it extremely easy for him to control the Cloud Crow front. He was able to release all of its strength completely.

Most of the black fog dispersed in mid air, and transformed into chirping black crows again as they flew towards the statue’s large hand, as its energy sources circulated continuously while it confronted the large stone statue.

Garen did not go back to observe the standstill between the giant statue and the Cloud Crow front. Instead, he bowed his head and stared at the crowd of Obscuro Society members that were protected by the golden air currents.

According to Garen who had now possessed a dragon’s heart, the consumption of the Cloud Crow front only used one third of his Totem Light. Next, he was going to get rid of the golden air currents that were blocking his path.

"He still has strength left??!!"

The people inside the black circle began to make soft, frightened noises.

Garen smiled slightly, as the three red dots on his forehead began to be illuminated with red light.

He raised his hand slowly, as eight shapeless swirls that were a meter long began to float up beside him slowly.


Both his eyes lit up suddenly.


As the roars of the dragon reverberated through the air, eight snake-like red dragon heads snapped downwards from the sky suddenly. They came down from different angles and directions and bit at the crowds of Obscuro Society members. They glided down in a straight line like a waterfall.

While Garen watched from afar at the center, the eight red long dragon necks hurtled downwards from the sky, and attacked the black circle below it violently.

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