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Garen understood well that no matter how strong the headquarters’ Red Team was, they were not the Black Sky’s Elemental Generals, and didn’t possess as much powerful empowered totems as they did.

A typical totem user’s strongest totem was his core totem, and there were very rare totem users that were able to nurture a second spiritualized totem. The difference between the Generals of the Black Sky and the others was that they possessed a special nurturing technique where the aberrated creatures would be devolved and cause a major loss. However, they themselves did have the strength that far surpassed a typical spiritualized totem user.

Each of them had the strength of at least two spiritualized totems. One was their own core totem, and the other was the empowered totem they possessed.

Each of them were of the same level as Beckstone, whom Garen faced in the manor. Since they had four of them, it meant that they had the strength of four Beckstones.

This was the true strength of the Black Sky, unlike Ann-Rue who was actually just a flower in the living room!

Garen squinted his eyes as he noticed the leader had an additional exquisite, black pocket watch with him.

"You people are from the Black Sky!" The Old Man seemed to recognize their identity.

"Hehe." The Silver Masked Man laughed coldly. "Communication Imprisonment!"

A large amount of air suddenly appeared behind the four of them and they were surprisingly spiritualized air. The four of them had ten spiritualized totems!

All of the Spiritualized Air merged together and formed into one body.

Garen looked at his surrounding and found out that none of the Red Team members planned to leave at all. They stood still as they stared at the four formidable foes.

"You guys go ahead. I’m the one they’re after." He knew that these people had yet to reveal their trump card for escape purposes.

It was at this moment that Red Umbrella recognized this new team leader.

"Since we have recognized you, you are now one of us. We, the read team are never the type who would leave their team members behind."

The remaining four of them didn’t utter a word as they silently prepared for battle. They even brought out weird and strange looking battle equipment.

"Kitten, stand behind me." Red Umbrella ordered.

Kitten glanced at Garen with a complicated looked and obediently stood behind Red Umbrella. She knew that the situation was dire and it was not the time to be wilful.

The four silver masked men had finished setting up their strange formation and a faintly glowing white membrane cylindrical in shape had engulfed everyone.

The two nobles had been scared to the point where they couldn’t stand and didn’t even dare to hyperventilate.

"Accept your punishment!"

Four of their totem powers merged into one.

In an instant, countless of black smoke gathered above everyone and formed into the black Crow that they encountered earlier.

These small Crows gathered together, forming a black stream as they kept revolving in the sky. As it chirped, a waterfall was formed as the water gushed towards the crowd.

Countless of small Crows cornered Garen and the team from all directions.

Each of these small Crows were half transparent and half intangible. They could even overlap against each other.

The scream of these Crows covered the whole surrounding, causing annoyance to everyone hearing it.

"I can’t move my totem!!!" The Old Man shouted in surprise.

"Me too!" Kitten shouted along.

Red Umbrella felt that his totem was being locked by some shackle and it wouldn’t budge at all. Panicked, he looked up at the herd of crows that were fast approaching them. He had just experienced the prowess of these Crows recently and he knew that it could penetrate his totem light. Hence they were definitely Spiritualized class totems, and there were so many of them!

Suddenly, Fox pulled his shirts from behind as she shook her head.

"Look over there."

Red Umbrella looked where she pointed.

What he saw was the four silver masked men behaving in such a way as if they never had the chance to win at all. In fact, they looked like they were facing a formidable foe and were looking anxiously at them.

"This is…?" He was stunned as he looked at where the enemies were looking.

It was where Nine Head was standing.

Nine Head’s birthmarks was brightly lighted in blood red and he looked demonic as it shone.

Countless of Black Crows ignored the rest and flew directly towards Garen.

Garen raised his right hand and his five fingers were lit up in red.

A strange and terrifying aura emerged from his body.

"Dragon’s Roar!!"


A solid, continuous roar instantly spread throughout the area.

The upper body of the Eight Headed Dragon appeared behind Garen’s back and eight of its heads were continuously roaring towards the sky.

With Garen as the epicenter, a deep crater was formed around him in a ten meters radius. Countless dust and pebbles flew everywhere as it spreaded in all directions.

Large amount of Black Crows turned back into black smoke and disappeared before they even reached Garen. Cracks were constantly forming and healing simultaneously on the light membrane trapping them. The cracks and their recovery clashed into each other, and they barely found a balance in between.

The four Silver Masked Men were trembling, as fresh blood could be seen dripping out of their mouths as they tried to maintain the Imprisonment Tactical Formation.

This Tactical Formation was made by combining all ten spiritualized totem’s totem powers and totem light together to form a Formation on par with a form four totem.

However, everyone had underestimated the enemies as they were not a typical Upper Class Elemental General. They had the strength of a Commander-level!

The leader of the Silver Masked Men was stunned as the Dragon Roar’s reverberated. He had brought four Generals with him and even a heirloom to produce a formation. He was so sure that he could eliminate the opponent, but unfortunately it was still not enough.

"He’s not even 23!" He was stunned as he had such a strength at that age. Imagine when he fully matured…

"No! Since we had started a feud with him, we must deal with him now! If we wait for him to fully mature…" The leader of the Silver Mask shivered as the though reached his mind and took out an exquisite white pyramidal shaped item.

The pyramid gave off a white light and the intense white light flowed into the Silver Masked Man’s palm.

The recovery rate of the Tactical Formation instantly increased.

The Dragon Roar had finally stopped.

The Eight Headed Dragon’s body gradually disappeared.

Garen frowned as he stared at the solid cylindrical imprisonment. The massive black fog once again condensed into Black Crows and charged towards him.

He was the only one who could freely use his totem in this formation. Red Umbrella and the others were shackled, showing that this Tactical Formation was extraordinarily powerful.

"Today’s the day you die!" The leader of the Silver Masked Man laughed as the white light from the pyramid in his hand grew more intense.

"That depends." Garen smirked.

The shadow of the Eight Headed Dragon appeared behind Garen once again and all eight heads came down and took a deep breath.

Large amount of Black Crows were sucked into the mouth, forming 8 black vortices in the air.

Every Black Crow in the Formation were completely sucked into the Eight Headed Dragon’s stomach within ten seconds.


As it roared, the cylindrical light membrane cracked once again.

All four Silver Masked Men were shocked.

"Damn it! It’s a form four! Retreat!!" The leader of the Silver Masked Man put down his hand and ran away.

However, two of the Silver Masked Men slowly disappeared. They had obviously ran away a long time ago, leaving two illusions in the formation.

The last Silver Masked Man attempted to run away but was blocked by one of the dragon’s heads.

"Don’t kill me! I am!!" Crack!!

The dragon’s mouth took a bite and chomped this person into half. It took a few bites before swallowing him.

The gigantic dragon head returned to behind Garen. All eight dragon heads looked around as it started searching for something edible.

In the eyes of these dragon heads, it was either edible food or not.

They soon gave their full attention towards the members of the Red Team.

Garen immediately restricted its will.

As the eight dragon head stared at them, they members of the Red Team felt a shiver down their spine. They gave out a sigh of relief and felt slightly worried at the same time.

Since his strength had been exposed, Garen didn’t bother to treat them nicely anymore. His expression gradually calmed down and gave off a cold, emotionless vibe.

"I need to deal with these future troubles. This is my personal matter, I hope you guys have no comment on heading back first?"

Kitten, who was rebellious in nature, wanted to refute but she lowered her head as she felt a shiver down her spine when she looked at Garen.

"Nine Head, since you have some actual strength, why didn’t you reveal it earlier?" Red Umbrella asked calmly.

"Does that mean you acknowledge me as your captain?" Garen looked at Kitten with interest as he asked them.

"Do you think it’s easy to be the captain? Do you think you can become one by just having overwhelming strength?!" Kitten couldn’t resist but to ridicule him.

Garen was surprised that this fellow was still unsatisfied even after revealing his true strength.

"Then what do you think a captain should have other than strength?" He asked as he laughed.

Kitten thought for a while. "A captain must fulfill two criteria. If you do, I will be the first to support you!"

"Which two?"

Kitten said with a serious face: "First, he must be able to push forward, and retreat together with his other team members. Our team has lived together on the edge for many times"

"The incident we had just now is one of them right?"

"I guess so." Kitten then pulled out her second finger. "Secondly, he must be broad-minded and not care about the little things."

Suddenly, she felt something touching her butt from the back.

She turned around and saw that a gigantic dragon head had its mouth pointed at her revealing its set of teeth. The teeth that were as sharp as a sawblades still had some meat and bones hanging in between them.

Kitten was sweating cold sweat and started to tremble. The worst way to die to her was to be eaten by a creature, and there was a gigantic creature currently behind her with its mouth open.

"Do you think I have fulfilled both of these criteria?" Garen asked gentle. "Oh right, I remember our team has a death index every month, right?"

Kitten’s face turned pale as she tried to swallow her saliva.

"Yes… You have.. Fulfilled them!" He nodded aggressively. "I support you as the team leader!! Without a doubt!! I will be the first one to punch whoever rejects this motion!!"

Garen clapped as he smiled.

"See, isn’t that easy?" He touched his chin. "I personally think I am rather broad-minded, right?"

"Broad-minded! Very broad-minded!" Kitten immediately pulled out her thumb. You were literally threatening me in broad daylight!" She tried to weep and had goosebumps all over her body as she felt the gigantic dragon head behind her.

The remaining members knew that Garen meant to harm to Kitten, and decided to watch everything unfold. This incident had revealed Ninehead’s true strength, and this inhuman strength had everyone recognizing him as the team leader.

Afterall, strength is the only thing that could ensure your safety during this chaotic era.

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