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Garen stroked this set of armor as he daydreamed one that was even more advanced.

The technology of the Secret Service was so advanced that it already had such an armor set. If that was the case, then they should have even better armor which had an even stronger Solidifying Tactics engraved onto it. It would collect the emission of totem power and release it when it was needed.

Garen was stunned. Totem users who possessed this armor would be much stronger than the typical totem users. If one were to have very powerful armor…

He stopped his train of thought.

He reached out his hand and pulled the thread beside his bed.

Ring ring.

A clear and crisp bell was rung, and footsteps could clearly be heard coming from outside.

The restless Lala soon appeared outside the room. Her face was filled with joy as she saw Garen.

"You finally came out! There are a few letters for you recently, all of them want you to be there as soon as possible. Even the messenger kept reminding me multiple times."

She felt relief as he saw Garen came out as her main support had returned.

Garen adjusted his collar and walked out of the room to the wooden sofa in the living room, sitting down.

"Where’re the letters? Bring them to me. Didn’t they say that I should be there 2 months later? Why are they rushing now?"

Lala walked towards a vase which was placed at a corner of the living room and poured out all the letters contained inside it. All of these letters were yellow and square in shape.

"The messenger said that there was an emergency and they needed a helping hand." Lala arranged the stack of letters by the date and placed them in front of Garen before she stood at one side waiting for more orders.

Occasionally, she would give Garen a strange look as she compared Garen’s thick armor and her sleeveless white dress.

Garen picked up the first envelope and took out the letter.

There was merely a line written on the white piece of paper.

‘The reporting date has been brought forward due to an emergency. Vice Captain Garen Trejons, kindly report into the Wells Castle as soon as possible.’

The date written was: Sun Calendar 3568 11th of May.

There was also a red circular stamp where the word Confidential was faintly inked. It was the word confidential made out of three alphabets.

Garen opened the remaining letters and all of them were basically urging his earliest arrival. The most recent one was three days ago, which was on the 14th.

"I wonder what does this Vice Captain position His Majesty has assigned me does. It doesn’t sound too bad but it doesn’t look good either." Garen placed down the letter. "Are there any more?’

He looked at Lala.

"Yes, and they are invitations to the ball from the Noble households." Lala answered immediately as she ran out of the room and returned in a short while with a box of invitations. These invitations were crafted delicately.

Garen glanced at the names on the letter and they were all relative households of the Trejons Household. He picked out the invitations from Earl Baxy and Viscount Lavel and was about to throw the remaining to the side.

Suddenly he saw a familiar name, Prynne.

Prynne Acivis.

His name was printed black on a golden surface, with an image of two blades crossing each other.

Garen picked up the envelope and opened the letter.

‘My best friend, Dear Acacia:

Oh wait, I should be calling you Garen. Alright. How are you Garen? I heard the incident of the Trejons Household and your current situation seems dire. Just let me know if you need a helping hand. You should know very well of my grandfather’s networking.

Furthermore, your cousin has sent Andel to my place and I will arrange everything nicely, so don’t worry about it. Malin is here as well. She doesn’t seem to be in a good mood as Baron Delt has passed away, and mistress Callaway is missing. I have sent a few people to track her down but to no avail.

The kingdom’s situation is rather complicated. I have told my grandfather about your situation and he also know that you have given an item called the Green Vine Sphere to His Majesty and that you also join the Secret Service. He suggest you to enroll in it so that you can avoid the complicated situation in the Kingdom. It’s best for you to stay low profile. Although you’re very strong, the Kingdom has many strong people as wel,l so please be careful.’

Garen reread the last part of the message where he told him to be careful. It was obvious that Prynne knew much more than him due to his Household’s connections.

He placed down the envelope, placed both of his hands together and crumpled the letter into white dust as he threw them into the dustbin nearby.

He had already memorised the address written in it.

Prynne’s grandfather was one of the two people with the most authority in the kingdom, excluding His Majesty.

These two were originally the high class nobles in their respective area and both of them hold the title of Grand Duke. However, as the area deteriorated, both of them moved to the kingdom and became the new dividends in power. The Grand Duke of the Iron Tank City was not comparable to these ones as these stood on the top of the country. They were the upper class nobles who had been around for thousands of years with deep backgrounds and incredible strength. They had at least form three totem users, or else they wouldn’t be able to migrate a huge amount of people to the Kingdom. They definitely had Spritualized totem users, maybe even more than one too.

These superior nobles hold a great portion of the whole kingdom’s power, and the remaining portions were held by the remaining nobles, which formed the entire strength of the Kovitan Empire.

As Prynne’s grandfather, his intel would most likely be accurate as no one had no reason to lie to him.

"Looks like the strength I have revealed back in the manor has travelled to the Kingdom." Garen noted on this as he had reveal the strength of a form three spiritualized back in the manor to oppress Beckstone and the people from Obscuro Society.

This news was most likely got there through the word of mouth from Andel, Hathaway and the people who had escaped to the Kingdom. There were also those two old instructors, Barr and Baphje, who were also likely to the ones who spread the news.

"I’ll head out for a while so you guys can go and make yourselves some dinner without me." Garen pondered for a while before he stood up and told her.

"I’ll prepare a carriage for you." Lala immediately ran out.

Garen placed the verification document and verification ID given by His Majesty into a black file and brought it along with him.

As he walked out of the manor’s entrance inside the cliff, a black wheeled horse carriage was already waiting for him. The carriage’s wheels were massive, and the driver was a middle aged man with a small moustache in a black suit. He took off his hat and greeted Garen.

"I am Josephine, your newly hired driver."

Garen nodded as he got up the carriage.

"Towards Wells Castle, please"

"Alright, please sit tight." The driver Josephine responded as he took out a whip and made a noise in the air.

Two strong aberrated horses started moving. These two horses were brought by Garen to the manor. Their strength and endurance was commendable, and were considered the good ones among the aberrated horses.

"Your horses are very powerful." The driver praised. "There are little aberrated horses that can run like that."

"Oh?" Garen laughed. "Aren’t all aberrated horses excellent?"

"Of course not. There are a lot of aberrated animals that are bad. Some aberrated horses are weaker than before." The driver laughed as he replied. "It’s very easy to be your driver. These horses are very docile, and they will be full for a few days if you feed them meat. I get paid with such a high salary and I don’t even needed to go out for half a month."

Garen smiled and didn’t say a word afterwards.

The talkative Josephine wanted to talk more but he suddenly recalled the rumors of the owner. After some hesitation, he decided to keep his mouth shut and didn’t utter another word.

As they went up the hills, other carriages would occasionally passed by them and as they intersected, he could faintly hear the girl’s mourn.

Garen suddenly realized that these scenarios were fairly common, as most nobles had sought refuge in the kingdom. Along the way, they had most likely lost a lot of their relatives, parents, siblings or offsprings. Almost all families had lost some of their members, many of them were like Vanderman, where not even bones were left for them to perform a proper burial.

As the carriages moved forward, small buildings started to appear beside the white lanes. These were all black double storey or triple storey buildings, busy with people going going in and out of the houses.

Garen looked out of the window and saw a young lady in a white head scarf placing a pot of fresh purple flower by the window on the second floor of a double storey building opposite the street.

There were a few men quarreling and shoving each other, on the ground floor, incessantly shouting at each other.

After the carriaged passed through the buildings, they arrived at a black cemetery.

The cemetery was densely packed with white tombs and there were rituals being performed right in front of two new tombs. A Priest in white robes stood together with the family members in black attires as they mourned.

After passing by the cemetery, they arrived at the place with buildings of three storeys. It looked like a shopping district as the buildings were densely packed together.

The majority of the shops were closed. There was a long queue among the shops still open, lining eagerly in old and ragged clothes. Among the queue, some of them were women with a child in their arms, very thin youngsters and even pale old men.

As Garen’s carriages passed by, some of them looked towards his direction and immediately lowered their heads in fear.


There were a flew clangs.

The carriage was immediately put to a halt.

The driver Josephine’s voice could be heard in the front as the carriage shook before coming to a stop.

"Damn it! Which household’s driver are you from? Didn’t you see us passing through from the right?!" A high and mighty tone came from the front.

"It was obviously you who didn’t notice us!" Josephine shouted in disatisfaction.

"You dare to talk back to me! How dare a broken piece of carriage crash into Viscount Duncan’s carriage! I will…"

"Bob! Shut up!"

A man’s cold voice came within the opponent’s carriage.

The driver was silent as he turned around and smiled. As he turned his head back, he stared fiercely at Josephine.

Garen pulled up the curtain and saw the man in the white carriage doing the same as well. The other party looked gentle but had a rather sharp gaze.

The other party’s blue eyes were filled with fear and alertness as he saw Garen’s black armor.

Both of them smiled towards each other politely, wind down the curtain and both of the driver continued driving in their respective directions.

"Looks like this Secret Agent armor provides a good deterrence…" He started to feel excited towards the legendary Three Departments. Perhaps he could be able to get more in touch with this world’s secrets when he joined this strong organization.

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