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Sitting in the wagon, Garen carefully arranged all the conditions that he knew. The core totem, Black-Striped White Tiger, had been repaired.

He intended to take advantage of the team’s lull period to upgrade the Black-Striped White Tiger into form 2 properly. He might seem surrounded by totems, but in the event of an ambush, or if he wanted more room for improvements down the road, nothing was as good as his core totem to upgrade.

Be it the Petrifying White Dragon or the Dual-headed Salamander, they had no way to be further upgraded, as they had reached the end of their genetic lineage.

The only proper direction of upgrade now was the core totem. Perhaps he would be able to collect all sorts of creatures and to test their evolutionary limits, but the time wasn't now.

As he was deep in thought, a faint signal suddenly got pinged in his brain.

"Found it?" He stood up. "You go along, I'm going out for a while, I'll catch up to you soon."

Angel nodded. "Be careful."

Gallon nodded, and jumped out of the carriage after opening the door.

The beetles’ reaction indicated that the target was not far away, and he should be able to reach it soon.

Once Garen got off the carriage, he suddenly turned into a gray shadow and went into the woods quickly, climbing along the towering trees up to the canopy before breaching the treeline.

Jiii! !

A Petrifying White Dragon was gliding low, just low enough to grab hold of Garen firmly.

Aquarius was standing on a hillside from afar, looking at Trejons Manor completely destroyed by the gorillas. Her heart expressed a kind of unspeakable pleasure.

She stood and was surrounded by a group of people, including both men and women, old and young, but they all had the same kind of smile.

These were the men whom she gathered amidst these troubled times. Five Type II Totem Users, all of whom were the best of the elites. Some of them are desperados from foreign enemies, some had been loyal servants of Aquarius for many years. There were also Obscuro Society members who weren't able to return after seceding.

One of them, the leader of the Green Share, knelt on one knee and reported to Aquarius.

"After the great apes left, we searched the vicinity of the manor for some time, and sure enough we captured some of the Kovitan noblemen who escaped from the manor, we found out some pretty good things from them."

"That's good, send it all to the warehouse." Aquarius was feeling good. "Vanderman is finally dead. Fighting him covertly and overtly for so many years, he was finally able to lay to rest. Fasa."

"Here," A man donning red hunting attire near her stood up.

"Send the news to the branch right away. Sequoia, how many people do we have now?"

Another woman in red stood up. "Fifteen form 2 totem users, thirty-two ordinary guards, most of them from Green Shade. Lieutenant Colonel Wen Rui has also arrived, and is now resting in the manor."

"Lieutenant Colonel Wen Rui, he has got quite a force behind him, just in time to support us." Aquarius nodded. "Unfortunately, our elite division is here, otherwise we could have looted more good items if we had left earlier."

"It's just that we were unclear of the situation; it felt like a war broke out in the manor previously, the specific situation is yet unknown." The girl in red whispered. "Maybe the elite division knows more about the situation, but the elite people always look down upon other departments, even us. They have also previously had some conflicts with Lieutenant Colonel Farr."

"They actually dared to go against the mighty Lieutenant Colonel Farr, do these people have water for brains?" Rose's face reveals a trace of disgust. "All these kids who never grew up!"

"Unfortunately, there aren't any influential people in our military to preside over the overall situation." Speaking of this, there was a sliver of hope on Aquarius’ face. "I hope that the sir isn't just a passerby ..."

Du ...

Suddenly, something in her arms vibrated slightly.

Aquarius hurriedly took out the derivator from the pocket inside her, which was a pale red, transparent crystal ball the size of the fist.

A line of Kovitan words slowly appeared on the crystal ball.

‘Your request has been approved. '

Aquarius' face suddenly looked ecstatic.

She was just bolstering a tryout attitude when she contacted for a request.

"It actually ... !!"

An unprecedented excitement gushed from the bottom of her heart, she, Aquarius Sembenita, was about to get rich! !

"Everyone! Bow down in unison !!"

She took a deep breath and shouted.


Including her, they all knelt on one knee.

The reddish crystal ball was placed in front of her on a tree branch. Flashing on it were words establishing a connection.

Garen rode on the white dragon's back, watching the woods’ carriage lanes quickly receding below. He looked up and looked toward the direction of the beetles.

He thought about it for a moment, then fished out the derivator.

The derivator was restored to its original pink color after the activation from Lala’s empowerment.

As it was taken out, the crystal ball glowed with a slight red fluorescence.

On top of it were some continuous patterns of ripples.

'Communication requests: 3 found.'

"Three communication requests?" Garen was slightly surprised. The crystal’s latency situation had been completely resolved after empowering Lala. Now he can even maintain contact with other crystal balls.

He hesitated slightly. Then click on the option to allow the request.

Jiiii ...

Like the chime of a television signal. Three threads appeared simultaneously on the crystal ball screen.

'- Elite Division Lieutenant Colonel Charles. '

'- Lush Forest District, Brigadier General Canberra. '

'- Lush Forest District, Colonel Aquarius. '

"Aquarius?" Garen smiled oddly.

He tapped on Rose's contact request.

With a subtle click, the contact soon connected.

"I'm Jess, Colonel Aquarius, please immediately report your location."

A small hill in the woods

Aquarius’ group looked over the moon as they knelt on one knee, facing the crystal ball.

Not only her, but the others got unusually excited when they learned that there was actually an elemental general in the Lush Forest District.

Elemental Generals!

They possess innate strength, with a wave of a hand, they could summon high combat power units. Being a commander was only one step away. Every elemental general was extremely powerful people. Their combat power was much higher than the luminescence.

To be an elemental general, they were all geniuses among geniuses, the elite among the elite!

Being a Brigadier General was once Aquarius’ biggest wish, and now she had actually met a real elemental general! This made her feel restless from excitement.

"I'm Jess, Colonel Aquarius, please report your location immediately." A low, hoarse voice came from inside the crystal ball.

"Dear General Jess, I am in a manor in the Trejons Territory. You can locate me directly from the crystal ball, not far from here." Aquarius’ voice trembled. Originally, someone at her level, who had not reached a general, would have had no way to come into contact with such a big shot. Unexpectedly, such opportunity had finally emerged.

"Fine. I'm consolidating resources, list it all that you have and report in." General Jess's voice sank indifferently, with a sense of oppression.

"Yes! Consider it done!" Immediately afterwards, she hesitated, "Please tell me, your Excellencies, we originally belonged to the Lieutenant Colonel Grely , but now the Lieutenant colonel is missing in action, the whole Lush Forest District is in a disarray. There is no unification or leadership. I plead that Your Excellency integrate the strengths within the Lush Forest to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the power vacuum. "

She paused, then continued. "In addition, about resources, I have unexpectedly come across a phantom workshop of some secret surgery, would you be interested ..."

She knew, however, that now that the heroes of the masses had lost their prominence, each province resembled headless flies, pushed around by swarming monsters everywhere. The lieutenants only cared to manage their own areas of jurisdiction, no one cared much about the remote areas of the province. The original lieutenant-general here was also killed in an assassination ordered by the king of Kovitan, during their siege on RAL.

Even the lieutenants are despised here, let alone the generals.

Several nearby generals ignored the situation here. Each had its own jurisdiction, problems were left unsolved, no one had the mood to care about these trivialities.

The Obscuro Society in Lush Forest District could barely protect themselves in each battle; the side division only had one brigadier-general holding on. As Kovitan Empire became more powerful, they had been longing for a strong leader to lead them. Unfortunately, this wish was too difficult to achieve.

No one was willing to pressure Kovitan for a Lush Forest that was so drained of resources.

Aquarius’ pressure was also growing. Now, finally, finally somebody cared about the entire Lush Forest District.

This finally made her feel a sense of relief.

"Secret Tactics? Phantom workshop?" Colonel Jess seemed to have never heard of them.

"This tactic is a curing technique that allows all the totem under you to be attached with a layer of bone defense. It is said that a special hard bone was found in the archaeological site by someone from the phantom workshop, " Aquarius hurriedly explained. "Phantom Workshop is Lush Forest's best workshop union."

"Understood, You shall look into it. Send the maximum resources you can manage to this location." The crystal ball suddenly showed a line of words. Impressively, it was the Black Swan Lake near the shore.

"Understood!" Rose hurriedly nodded.

"Well, I look forward to your performance. Colonel Aquarius. " General Jess's voice disappeared from the crystal ball shortly after.

Aquarius and others kneeling on the ground on one knee, took a long time before they slowly stood up.

She kept the crystal ball, and Aquarius turned back delightfully.

"Gentlemen, it is time for us to perform, although General Jess will not govern us as our direct superior, but as long as we seize this opportunity, we will be able to come under James and gain the protection of the general! We will not be repressed by the disgusting rubbish of the royal family!

"What are some of the resources that General Jess said he wanted? He did not give a conclusion." Sequoia could not help but speak out.

"This should be a test given to us. To only speak about a resource and not specify specifics, it would be to test our sincerity and loyalty. How many rare evolutionary crystals do we have now, Ravanu."

"Three ... ma’m, that's the treasure that you’ve got after so much trouble, it could catalyze the evolution of most totems and prepare to be used in your evolutionary totem. Giving it all away.... Do you ..." Ravanu was a black, dark-skinned man who stood out in distress.

"This is a crucial moment to show your determination!" Aquarius hurled her hand upwards energetically. "Send them all to the designated location, if there are spare unactivated totems of high quality, send two-thirds of them. Just leaving some for emergencies will do, the two sets of tactical formation and all the energy crystals in the store are to be sent to him."

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