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In the golden light, countless thin and long golden whips flew out from the center of the many golden flowers. Each whip was covered with sharp thorns, and they got thicker as they came, emitting a shocking heat. Some of the stones nearby melted rapidly, and the wood simply grew charred and began to burn. The grass quickly wilted, turning into ash.

"Sunflower…!!!" Angel hid in the shadows, her face a mask of dazed shock as she looked at the giant golden tree. "A Plant type totem!! It’s actually the three strongest Plant type totems!! It’s over… we’re done for…"

On the border of the estate, the two Masters who had just run out of the lab, Barr and Baphje, had also glimpsed this giant huge tree in the distance.

"This… this is… the Sunflower Tree!!?? Wasn’t it extinguished by the Royal Alliance a long time ago? Why is there still one now!?" Barr’s wrinkled old face was completely stunned.

Next to him, Baphje’s expression wasn’t any better. "As soon as the Sunflower Tree blooms, the area within three kilometers of it becomes restricted entry. It will only naturally open up again when the Sunflower Tree has destroyed all enemy creatures inside. This is one of the strongest abilities among the Form Three Spiritualizations. Which Master is playing the fool around here?"

Vanderman looked up at the golden tree, his gaze calm. Thinking back to everything that had happened in the past, he only had an unprecedented sense of fulfillment and quietude here in the face of death.

Du Qian quietly appeared beside him, her eyes full of gentleness as she leaned slightly on him.


"All these years, it’s been hard on you." Vanderman hugged Du Qian lightly. "You made many mistakes with me."

"I have no regrets." Du Qian said softly.

Vanderman laughed and looked at his son in the middle of the field.

"Cia, Du Qian and I will create an opening for you, you make sure to grasp the timing properly."

By then, the countless golden whips had finished growing and were headed for the two giant beasts.

Garen stood on the ground quietly, the surface of the earth charred pitch black underneath his feet. His expression didn’t change upon hearing Vanderman’s words.

"An opening? Not necessary. One of the strongest Plant Totems? Haha…"

He raised his hand slowly, and waved towards the sky.

Roar!!! Roar!!!

Two loud dragon roars came from the sky.

Everyone raised their heads unconsciously, looking at the air above the estate.

In the sky directly above them, two huge and graceful white dragons rapidly descended, surrounded by a grey-white light all over their bodies.

Their bodies, more than ten meters long, pressed down like two enormous boulders.

"Destroy him, White Dragon!" Garen’s cold voice sounded suddenly.

Before his words finished echoing, four huge beasts attacked simultaneously outside the golden light.

The grey-white Petrifying Spirit Light and the breaths crashed mercilessly into the blindingly bright golden whips of light. The Dual Headed Salamander glowed with the red light of life, biting voraciously towards the giant golden tree.


They couldn't hear anything anymore. It was as though their ears had gone numb, the enormous sound waves making everyone go deaf.

The white beasts looked as though they were sprawling in the air above the estate, stopped in their tracks by the golden light as they continuously spewed out vast grey-white breaths.

The whole estate had utterly descended into a chaos of light, grey-white and golden light scattering everywhere, everything fell into reckless destruction.

Some people couldn't avoid it in time, turning directly into stone statues thanks to the Petrifying Breath, while others were brushed by the golden whips, and burst into flames until there was nothing left.

Explosions, buzzing and crashing, the tower collapsing, the screams and wails of the crowd, the roars and struggles of the totem beasts. Everything wove together.

The white estate utterly morphed into a sea of grey-white and gold. The huge fires burned, only to be utterly petrified in the next second.

Garen remained on the spot coolly, the Deep Swamp Crocs protecting Vanderman, Hathaway and the others. The Dual Headed Salamander was also guarding them closely, but since it had the red-armored woman Berlina in its mouth, it was attacked the least.

The three Petrifying White Dragons had already utterly destroyed the golden light whips’ defense, directly bringing the line of war to the golden Sunflower Tree. In the air, bunches of golden whips were constantly covered and dimmed by the Petrifying Breaths. It had grievously hurt two White Dragons as well, but there were too many Spiritualized Totems, three in total, and there was even a Dual-Headed Salamander with them. The four Form Three totems attacked him at once, and there was someone in charge of directing them. Even Beckstone couldn't hold them down any longer.

In the trunk of the tree, all the veins on Beckstone's body were bulging, and he was almost at his limit. His eyes, nose and ears were all bleeding, an indication that he had pushed his totem power to the maximum.

"It's over." Garen lowered his eyelids.

"It is indeed over." Beckstone raised his head, smiling eerily.

Just then, a black shadow appeared behind Garen.

It was Darian!

He was covered in blood, two grey-white hawk wings on his back. He raised both hands into blades and pierced for the back of Garen's head!

His palms had serrated white edges, and a faint white spirit light spread from it, as though it had a terrifying sharpness that could penetrate everything.

It was also Spiritualized!

"Assassination Secret Spell!!" Darian roared, and with a whoosh, his palms actually pierced right through Garen's protective Totem Light.

At the same time, a pitch black figure darted out of Garen's shadow, two pitch black scimitars in its hands aiming for Garen's lower body, ruthless and cruel.


The Totem Light shattered.

Garen's expression was stunned.

Vanderman and the others beside the arena were also terrified, reaching out their hands and trying to yell, but they were already far too late.

In the tree trunk, Beckstone's expression was mild, his gaze on Garen like that of a dead person.


The enormous white spirit light was mixed with a hint of black stripes, and they exploded. Forming a cloud of white light more than ten meters in radius.

The white light scattered rapidly. Revealing the situation inside.

"How foolish, did you think you could beat me like that?"

Garen stretched out his right hand, chopping Darian’s neck with one hand and lifting him into the air. There was a cynical smile on his face.

There was also a middle-aged man dressed all in black lying on the ground before him. The man spat out blood and saliva, staring at Garen in disbelief.

"Impossible… you've revealed all your trump cards! How can you still have such strength!??"

"Who sent you?" Garen casually tossed away the unconscious and dying Darian, looking at the man in black in front of him.

There was a huge and terrifying power in his right hand. In that split second just now, he had turned around to meet their sneak attack. Powerful secret techniques mixed with that terrifying power disintegrated their attack the moment they made contact. Before the white light faded, each of them even took a palm hit, sending them straight to Death's door.

"My mission is to obtain Vanderman’s creature technique, I don't know anything else!" The man quickly revealed everything at once. He didn’t even have enough time to summon his totem before his Totem Light was utterly destroyed. This Form Three totem user seemed to be slightly strange, he felt weaker than regular Form Three totems users, as though he didn’t reach this level on his own.

This reminded Garen of a special force within the Obscuro Society’s inner circle -- the elite division.

The elite division was filled entirely with the best members, and like the military, it was an independent department. Jess was part of the military, and other than the marshalls as well as President Hellgate, he was the strongest in his level.

The power of the elite division was even weaker than the military, but it couldn’t be underestimated either. There was also a marshall overseeing everything, and apparently there were even two Elemental Generals like Jess. There were also many lieutenants and brigadiers, more than twice those in the military.

"Are you from the elite division?" Garen asked suddenly.

The man was instantly stunned.

"How did you know!?"

Garen smiled, reaching out his right hand suddenly and bending his finger to flick the center of the man’s brow.


An arrow of blood shot out. The man collapsed backward, no longer any light in his eyes.

The golden light in the sky was slowly conquered by the grey-white breaths. This petrifying air was like a mist, mixed with the Petrifying White Dragon’s grey-white spirit light, vaguely covering most of the places where the estate was burning.

The fire was quickly extinguished, the burnt coal turning to grey-white stone.

Two Petrifying White Dragons flew circles over the estate, crying out piercingly.

On the ground, a White Dragon whose wing had been broken crouched next to the Dual Headed Salamander, quietly licking its wounds.

The whole estate fell silent.

Vanderman and the others also heaved a complete sigh of relief. The powerful sneak attack still couldn’t hurt Garen, nobody could see what on earth happened in the white light. But Garen evidently had some final trump card that he didn’t reveal, and he still won in the end.

Garen stood alone, surrounded by the beasts, his gaze looking at the gradually fading golden tree.

The countless golden light whips had utterly scattered away. Beckstone was vomiting blood, half kneeling on the ground, the silver light in his eyes blinking uncertainly.

Clap… clap… clap…

Garen walked towards Beckstone slowly.

"You’re still not coming out?" His gaze moved to Stone’s right. A bunch of specially protected totem users from the estate was standing there.

Those people looked stunned, as though completely lost as to why he would look their way. As they felt the huge beasts move their gazes to them at the same time, the totem users began to grow pale.

Garen lightly caressed the Petrifying White Dragon that was lowering its head.

He wasn’t affected by these people’s performance, merely looking in their direction calmly.

After a long time, a man in white walked out slowly from among them.

It was a very old middle-aged man, with an elderly face, at least in his fifties. He had a short white beard, his gaze complicated as he looked at Garen.

"Young man, there’s no need to start any conflicts between us, you have even more potential than Stone. Why don’t you join the noble Revolution? I can tell, you’re not on the Royal Alliance’s side."

He didn’t attempt to hide his words at all, making them rather toxic. Many people here were from the Royal Alliance, and all their gazes changed when they heard that.

Garen laughed coldly. The reason he didn’t kill Beckstone was because of this man. Now two of the Petrifying White Dragons were injured, both rather seriously. One of them had a damaged wing, and the other lost its limbs into a mess of blood and flesh. At battles of this level, Deep Swamp Crocs had no effect at all.

The middle-aged man here was evidently the secret protector of Beckstone and gang this whole time, Garen wasn’t sure if he could hold him back.

But Garen had achieved his motive. This battle had reduced Terraflor’s expectations for Beckstone. He might still be trained as before, but he will definitely not be as strong as he was in history.

This is the era of many heroes, the ones who couldn’t laugh to the end were all just passersby in history. A tiny decrease could bring even more changes.

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