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Beckstone was about to dodge, but he clenched his teeth and resisted the instinct to dodge.

Standing on the spot, he stretched his right palm outwards, his eyes flashing silver. A twisting silver whirlpool appeared out of nowhere onto his palm.

The whirlpool was as tall as half a man, sparkling with a faint silver light, as though it was forged out of infinite silver.


The first Deep Swamp Croc crashed hard into the whirlpool. And then it straight up disappeared inside, vanishing without a trace.

It was closely followed by the second, the third…

Beckstone spun the whirlpool on his hand quickly, trying to block off all the Deep Swamp Crocs coming from all directions. But in the end, he couldn’t possibly block them all.



A shot of black thread slammed into his back, making his whole body jolt.

From far away, Garen gazed at the silver whirlpool in Beckstone’s hand. His expression wasn’t all that pretty either. The Deep Swamp Crocs that got engulfed in the whirlpool were being torn apart by an intense twisting energy. Although it was slow, they were losing contact with him.

He watched Beckstone, who had swept up five Deep Swamp Crocs, one after the other before the silver whirlpool finally broke down and scattered. Beckstone’s complexion looked slightly greenish as well, as though he just went through a terrible sickness.

The silver Totem Light on his body was being continuously assaulted by the black threads. The Deep Swamp Crocs imitated Angel’s strategy, attacking and biting the opponent non-stop and at high speeds. They meant to tire the opponent out, fully expressing the specialty of group battles.

But as soon as the whirlpool on his right hand vanished, Beckstone actually started releasing a whirlpool on his left hand instead. And his Totem Light didn’t show any signs of faltering despite the assault.

"Hmph!" Garen harrumphed coldly. The Dual Headed Salamander at his feet abruptly struck out a head, its bloody jaws lunging at Beckstone. The head was huge, the sharp teeth alone as tall as half a person, and one bite was enough to bite Beckstone into pieces. A few chews would turn him into scraps.

The shadow of the huge maw enveloped Beckstone completely.


The huge winds swept towards Beckstone fiercely, he was just about to raise the whirlpool and aim it at the huge mouth.


In an instant, an enormous roar sprayed from the large jaws, jolting his whole body until he went numb. The whirlpool in his hands scattered away in an instant, and he became disorientated and dizzy, his body weak. His ears couldn’t hear anything at all.

One of the Dual Headed Salamander’s abilities, Dragon’s Roar. It enabled them to easily catch prey despite their slow speeds, rendering all the prey’s senses useless after the tremor, so that the prey couldn’t sense danger approaching.

This terrifying ability allowed the Dual Headed Salamanders to conquer the skies since ancient times, even if they couldn’t fly. There simply weren’t any flying creatures that dared to fly past their skies.

The huge bloody maw aimed straight for Beckstone. The large open mouth was as tall as he was, and he could clearly see the countless sharp teeth inside. There were even scraps of blood and flesh on them.

Beckstone could almost smell the pungent odor.

Finally, two beams of silver light shot out of his eyes, and gathered into a cloud of silver light, blocking in front of the huge jaws.

The huge jaws collided with the silver light cloud, as tall as a man.


As though it had crashed into something hard, the Dual Headed Salamander wailed and took two steps back.

The silver light also dimmed slightly, having evidently taken some damage. But the silver light rapidly melted, quickly revealing the contents inside.

A large silver hunting hound-like creature appeared in front of Beckstone’s eyes. The strangest part about it was that it didn’t have a hunting hound’s face. Instead, it was a fluid silver whirlpool, spinning continuously, as though its whole body only contained this silver fluid.

The silver whirlpool kept extending inwards, as though the deepest parts of its body could be seen through the head.

The whirlpool hound was as tall as a man, blocking in front of Beckstone, silver fur all over its body.

"A Whirlpool Beast?!" Beside them, Vanderman instantly recognized this creature. "To think he even created this sort of theoretical totem, who is this Beckstone?!"

"What’s a Whirlpool Beast? Can Cia win?" While he was unaware, Andel and Hathaway had walked up to Vanderman’s side, standing next to Maxilan and Edney.

Hathaway asked worriedly.

"The Whirlpool Beast is a unique high-level totem among the Animal Totems. It was a theoretical model made by Luminarist forgers in order to achieve manmade Spiritualization. It is known as the Animal Totem closest to Spiritualization. A normal Form Three totem is no match for it." Vanderman explained solemnly, "Its ability is to distort energy fields, it can swallow all creatures into its gut, digest them and then turn them into distortive power. Cia may have many Form Two totems, but once they go face to face, the power of the Whirlpool Beast isn’t something these Form Twos can compare to. Now it’s up to that Dual Headed Salamander to fight it."

"In that case, when it comes to actual ability, Cia is still weaker than that Beckstone?" Hathaway asked carefully.

"That’s right." Vanderman nodded.

"Then can anyone else interfere and help?"

Vanderman smiled futilely.

"I tried to connect to my power, but it’s not working. My two old friends are also only Form Two, they can’t step in. That’s Form Three power… and Du Qian…

"Master…" Hearing his words from where she sat in the shadows, Du Qian looked at her own grievous injuries and didn’t say anything for the moment.


Garen’s expression was cold as he looked at the Whirlpool Beast in front of Beckstone.

"A Whirlpool Beast… Very well, it's rare to meet a powerful, legendary totem."

In the dozen or so seconds since then, seven or eight Deep Swamp Crocs had been swallowed by the whirlpool on the Whirlpool Beast’s face. The remaining Deep Swamp Crocs only dared to surround it from the outside, too afraid to approach it any longer.

If a Form One totem was just a normal creature with Totem Light, then a Form Two totem was an even stronger, faster creature with some special abilities. And a Form Three totem was something that utterly used these special abilities as their main power. The larger ones could already replace physical fighting completely and had overwhelming power.

The Whirlpool Beast was one such existence, and the Dual Headed Salamander was only strong in itself. When it came to their height of evolution, the Salamander was still lower than the Whirlpool Beast.

Garen stood on the Dual Headed Salamander’s back, his thoughts whirring quickly.

"This is the last blow, if you can withstand it, then I'll return Berlina to you," he said loudly.

"Do you keep your word?" Beckstone asked coldly.

"Of course." Garen nodded calmly.

"Then come at me." Beckstone straightened up, but he couldn't stop himself from cupping his hand over his mouth. With a gagging sound, blood began leaking out through his fingers.

Garen narrowed his eyes, and the Dual Headed Salamander raised its head to the sky, roaring.


The huge snake-like necks cast two black shadows under the sunlight.

The huge jaws on the right abruptly lunged down. There was a layer of faint red light on the edges of the giant teeth.


With a rustle of wind, the snake head moved at lightning speed, darting in front of Beckstone in an instant. The terrifying jaws stretched open immediately, chomping down instantly like a beast trap.

Beckstone was utterly focused, both hands gathering together to form a silver whirlpool. At the same time, the Whirlpool Beast also shot a silver fluid from its face, which was integrated into the silver whirlpool.

With all his power, he thrust the whirlpool upwards.


A crisp sound abruptly reverberated across the whole area.

There were faint shrieks coming from beside the area, many exclamations of disbelief.

A huge white flying dragon had appeared soundlessly behind Beckstone. The white dragon gracefully lowered its long neck, its huge mouth biting Beckstone’s back from behind. The grey-white air kept emanating from its mouth, going against the silver fluid on Beckstone’s back.

He lowered his head to look at his waist in disbelief. He had evidently sensed the threat behind him beforehand, and had set a tactic there to protect himself, but the defense was nothing against this huge mouth and was instantly destroyed by something.

The silver light in his eyes trembled uncontrollably. Beckstone seemed to suffer an unbelievably intense pain.

The huge Dual Headed Salamander was directly in front of him, biting down onto the silver whirlpool with its huge mouth. Behind him was the equally huge white dragon, biting his waist.


The Totem Light at his waist emitted tiny cracking sounds.

"It's over." Garen said mildly. "Unfortunately, you didn't manage to withstand this attack."

The whole field was quiet. No one had expected to see another huge Form Three totem hiding behind Beckstone, and judging by the light around it, it was even a Spiritualized totem creature.

Some people even started wondering if there was a Form Three totem user hiding somewhere. How else could one person control so many powerful totems?

Two giant creatures, each over ten meters long, one in front and one behind, one black and one white, dominated the field, like a horrific scene from a legend.

Garen leaped down lightly from the dragon's back, looking straight at Beckstone in front of him. Right now his face looks like a demon to everyone else, carrying a natural intimidation and terror. Surrounded by the beasts, his whole person had a vast, indescribable aura.

Nobody dared to make a sound, and they even tried to breathe softly, terrified of attracting the beasts’ attraction.

Just then, Beckstone suddenly began to laugh coldly.

"Hahahaha…" He lowered his face, obscuring his expression. Only his whole body was shaking with the laughter.

"I swear in my name, Beckstone Monalito, that everyone in this mansion, everyone present here, must die!!" At the last part, he raised his head abruptly, black veins crawling all over his face, like tiny snakes sprawled over his face.



A flash of blinding gold light suddenly appeared from his body.

"Secret Spell of the Aurora!!" Beckstone’s fingers madly drew out glyphs in the air before him, each of different sizes and each rapidly vanishing after completion.

The air surrounding his body explosively gathered into a huge silhouette of a towering golden tree.

The golden tree was more than thirty meters tall, and amidst the lush golden leaves, there were tiny golden flowers, emitting a blinding golden light like the Sun.

Beckstone was like the roots of the tree, his body transparent to reveal the insides of the bark. His hands continuously drew out countless golden glyphs and tactics. Each faded golden tactic glyph seemed to be the tree's power source. The speed of his drawing had already clearly exceeded fifty per second. This had basically surpassed Master-level writing speeds, achieving an unprecedented level of speed.

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